Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


12. Chapter Twelve

I felt something warm cover my hand, rubbing over my knuckles as I desired to pull away my hand and curl up. "Kitten?" A soft voice whispered as one of my ears perked, panting softly I leaned my head din the direction of the voice and sniffed, soap and eggs. That's a weird combination.

"I'm sorry Kitten," There it is again. I swished my tail in response as my hand was gripped tighter. M-Master? I opened my eyes slowly, to see greasy and tousled brown hair with blue eyes staring at me. A hand reached and brushed away strands of hair gently, "How are you?"

The memories flooded back, but no tears came, "You hate Lillian, don't you." His blue eyes widened and a silence filled the room just as fast. I knew it, he does hate me. I turned my body away, seeing that I was in my own room with the window open, letting in a warm soft breeze time to time.

"Look at me Kitten," I-I don't want to listen to you anymore, just stop! I sunk deeper into the sheets before I was grasped and forced to stare into his eyes once more, but even closer than before. He's just going to kiss me and then use me. "I don't want you to turn away from me anymore you got- stop it."


"I don't want your kisses. I don't want your touches," I moved away from his grip, sitting up to evade him if needed, "not when you're only using me," my voice drifted off in a soft whisper, the tears resurfacing along with the painful feelings.

He sat beside my bed on a small chair of mine wearing a wrinkled suit, tired eyes with bags under neath of them and a surprised, as well as hurt expression. I'm so sorry Jake.

"How do you know?" He moved slowly from the chair and stood, his expression changing from surprised and hurt to a cold and almost angry look, "How do you know I'm using you? Huh Lillian?"

"Don't say that name either, and I do; because you never play with me anymore. You never eat with me, play with me, let me sleep on the edge of your bed, you've pushed me awa-ahmmf!!" His frame held my own down, forcing a brutal kiss upon my lips, with my free hands I pushed against his chest.

"Jake! Mmmff!!" His lips silenced my own, grasping my wrists and pinning them beside me before his kisses became slow and gentle, "I've missed you so much Kitten," His voice cracked out, "I-I'm new to this and, when I first met you, I wasn't planning to use you- so you were mmf!-" His lips smashed my own, letting me feel a small taste of iron.

"I was never going to use you, nor was I planning on it. Work starts to get in the way. I thought Daren could take care of you for a few measly days, but I was so wrong about that. Plus, when I saw you stretch on his bed, bare" He whispered the last word, sounding angered and hurt, terribly,"I couldn't stand it, and then when you stood in my room bare once more, I-I just wanted to kiss you and make you mine, then and there."

My lower muscles tightened, sending an odd yet pleasurable feeling to my core as I stared up at the tired, greasy-haired, man in a suit who still held his handsomeness during it all. H-He wanted me? That doesn't make sense though, "You already have Lillian Master, and if you don't think so, then make Lillian yours. Take Lillian," His blue eyes stared intently into mine as his hand slid from my wrist and to my head, brushing my cheek with his thumb and kissing me deeply which made me arch into him.

"I-I can't have you, not now. I think you need more rest and time to think it out, but I do hope you understand now that I was never mad at you. You just needed some discipline and I wasn't putting it down the right way," His arms wrapped under my back and legs before I was picked up and settled down once more on my bed correctly, "Get some rest and we'll discuss the serious stuff later after you've eaten okay?"

"L-Lillian can talk now if you want Master," I gripped his sleeve, watching him lean down and peck my forehead tenderly, "Lillian can, really!"

"Kitten, listen to Master and his words right now as he says them," He said while pulling the blankets up and over me, tucking me into my bed, "Rest, eat, and then we'll talk, all of us. Good night, and sweet dreams Kitten. Master will always be here for you from now on, I promise," He smiled and stood, leaving the room slowly.

"Master," He paused and pivoted slightly, meeting my gaze, "O-One more kiss?"

He smiled and sighed heavily before crossing the space between us and sealing my rest with a kiss upon my lips, "Good night and sweet dreams now Kitten, I mean it," and with that, he closed my window, smiled and waved before closing the door, leaving, and letting the afternoon settle into evening slowly. A small yawn escaped my lips as I looked out the window. Master wants me. He always did!

And with that, I slept with a smile on my face for the first time in a few weeks. Master Jake....

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