Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


13. Chapter Thirteen

"I can't believe I'm stuck with you," why, you may ask, am I stuck with Daren for the afternoon outside of the house? Master had some very important dead lines to meet; and with Daren and I being there, I guess it didn't help with the non-silence.

"Where are we going again...?" I looked up at Master as his faced looked strained and the guilt only flowed onto me more, knowing he was already stressed enough.

"To the market, we're running low on food and a few other things and I think it'll be good for you to get some fresh air, maybe bond with Daren a bit," I spat and growled rather loudly in my throat because the next thing I knew, he had patterns due on the head and laughed before pushing me out the door gently and shoving Daren out next. I even remember hearing him say through the door as he locked it, "Don't come back until you have all of it and make friends with each other!"

I held the list in my hand and read it off a couple more times, giving me something to do. Carrots, chicken, potatoes, rice, broccoli, apples- "Watch it!" I fell to the hard cement from a harsh pull, scraping my hands; "If you don't start paying attention, I'm gonna come home with roadkill in my hands! Then I have to pay him back for killing his precious cat." He began to reach for my bicep to pull me up until my hiss startled him and kept him away.

"Fine, be that way, stingy." He walked on which left me to sigh and brush myself off, chasing after him. I growled at him softly as he scoffed to himself. At least he knows who is more important here. Stupid Daren. He turned and opened a door, showing miles of rows and different-FOODS!! Oh this place is amazing!!

"Look! look! They have a pet isle, Lillian's isle!" Though without a quick snatch I was stuck beside Daren, "What?" I looked up at him and shrugged my arm away.

"If you're going to stay, in the isle and, stay only there. Give me the list and I'll make this fast." I sighed but smiled, putting my hand in my shirt pocket and feeling-nothing. Huh? I checked the rest of my pockets before I realized- I left it on the side walk!!

I whimpered and cautiously looked at him slowly, only to find he was already giving me his death glare, "You, lost, it?" I nodded, before realizing that I already knew the list.

"No Lillian remembers! Lillian has it in here!" I tapped my head as he groaned and sat on a nearby bench, a little cat following after him. "Lillian swears!"

"Then what do we need to get? and don't make it up cause I'l know." He squinted at me, there were exactly thirteen items on the list, last time I checked.

"Um, alright here, there were: Carrots, chicken, potatoes, rice, broccoli, apples, paper towels, toilet paper, milk, cereal, plums, and um..." I shifted under his softening gaze, "t-tam-p-pons.... a-and.... clothes..." I whispered softly. A soft clapping soon started after my finish.

"You stay in that isle and I'll be back with those things, except for the clothes, cause I know those weren't on the list," it was my turn now to grab him.

"Y-Yes it was! L-L- you what?" I whimpered and huffed angrily. I can't tell him that I ruined my panties from my accident and-and that I'm not wearing any!

"I'm not waiting all day for your answer, what?- Lillian needs panties!" His eyes widened as I retracted my hand from him quickly, blushing deeply as pass-byers stared or either stopped. "Okay, okay, just don't shout that again, alright?"

"I'll hurry up and get the rest of the items, stay in the pet isle okay?" I nodded an dashed happily, already seeing potential toys and I-is that cat nip? Oooo~ Cat nip! I sniffed the air and soon caught on to the amazing smell. This is amazing!

I purred and felt myself drool, crawling on my all fours to a pile on the ground. I purred and meowed happily. A hand slid over my head and rubbed, "Good kitty, you like that?" His hand placed itself over the small pile of cat-nip as I tried to smell through his fingers, feeling his hand run over my back. I purred loudly and drooled over his hand, flopping onto my side as the cat nip was stuffed into a bag and sealed away.

I looked up at him as a yell startled me, gaining back some of my senses. "What the hell are you doing?! Get the fuck away from her!" Daren? I looked up and smiled at him softly, stretching on the floor like, well, how a cat would. "Stop that Lillian!" Hands grasped my hips and pushed them down, a groan escaping my throat before growling came out. Why is he touching my hips! Dirty human! Swatting at him, I realized the guy left but a small gleam caught my sight.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" He whisper-yelled at me, his eyes wandering and searching me quickly. What's his deal?

"Um fine! Lillian has to get panties, now move!" I hissed at him, seeing him lean back and out of my swatting range. I growled and stood, brushing off my skirt and shirt. "Now where is that islesss...?" I turned as he squatting with his head in hands. I didn't mean to hurt his feelings... With a small yawn, I returned to my hands and knees, crawling over to him; I pawed his thigh and bit his sleeve.

"Are you okay?" I nodded and smiled, grabbing his wrists and pulling him up with me. He shook his wrists out of my hold, shivering before putting them in his pockets as his face deepened, "Let's hurry up and get the stupid clothes okay?" He walked on before I could make a comment, but I only smiled and followed, observing everything within the isle.


"Why are you so picky with everything?! It's just underwear!" He shouted as we drove down the road. I laid in the back and yawned, squinting at the angry driver.

"Lillian doesn't like that type of material. Nasty!" I flipped over facing away from the mean Daren when a slap came across my ass, startling me and making me yelp. "What was that for Nyan?!" I hissed and turned back around, making sure he couldn't do it again without some extreme measures.

"We're only going to this one store and then we're leaving okay? If you can't find something from there then we're screwed," He stopped and parked the car as I huffed and leapt out the opening door.

Though when I stepped inside that store, there were pantie and bras and really pretty other things and some strong perfume and yay!! "Lillian loves this place!" A woman stepped forward, making me scramble behind Daren. He can be used as a body guard.

"How may I help you at Victoria's Secret?" I gulped as I was grabbed by the scruff of the collar and pulled out from behind him.

"I need to have her measured and some clothes for her." Meanie... Why couldn't you just be a body guard not a show and tell person... The woman scanned over me and smiled, ushering me to all he different fabrics and types. Thongs are barely a cloth! I have cloths at home that has more surface area than these things! She led me to a small changing area and measured me.

"So what size is she and, does the bigger the size mean more the cost?" Daren asked warily while eyeing me. I stuck my tongue out at him and left to go gaze at the different types, styles, and patterns.

"Daren!! Come quick!" I yelled aloud, hearing stomping footsteps approach me quickly.

"What?!- look at these!!" I held up a pair with a cat on the front with the word pussy underneath of the cat face. I purred loudly as he groaned and sat on a stool near by mumbling to himself.

"We do have a sale for buy seven and pay twenty-eight dollars, is that helpful to know sir?" His head snapped up at the lady before nodding, giving me a glance.

"You heard her, find them and then let's go, I'm starving over here," I nodded and sighed.


I watched as Daren paid the lady, I caught a smell from his shirt, sniffling and purring loudly. "What in the world are you doing?" A bag pressed against my nose as I huffed, taking the bag and heading out.

"Smelling your shirt, I-it smells good to Lillian..." I blush softly and walk faster, feeling myself half shift and yawn as a harsh breeze blew. I squeaked and held down the front of my skirt. I hope he didn't see. With a small glance over my shoulder and the new scent in the calming air, I could sense something I was used to. Arousal.

Darn it! "Let's get going Lillian, Jake is waiting for these stupid groceries," His frame walked quickly and ahead. I gulped and nodded, jogging up to walk behind him, keeping my head down as my ears flattened and tail swished nervously. I hope I don't get in trouble. That breeze is horrible down there. Especially with no panties...

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