Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


10. Chapter Ten

Lillian's POV

"Come on out Lillian! I have to feed you before he comes home, I don't want him to yell at me anymore than that one time alright? Where the hell could you be?" Hiding under the couch, I smirked and chuckled quietly. Stupid Daren. The sis what you get for not treating me right- "Found you." Crap!

Dashing out from under my hiding spot, I was immediately pinned down and held there forcefully. I have a trick up my own sleeve too- well paw, well-I have my own trick too! Changing half way, his hands now gripped my waist tightly before they flew off. My chance! "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Ha sucker! I scrambled up to run away but not before spotting a mouse on the floor. Hey! Diving for it, the front door opened, "I'm ho-o-ome..." Look I caught the mouse!


Sitting up in my room didn't help with my sensitive hearing while Daren and Master were arguing down stairs. Placing my ear to the ground I listened closely. "Why the hell was she under the couch in the first place?! Were you chasing her like a five year old?"

"Maybe! She wouldn't eat and I was trying to find her before you got home! I didn't expect her to half change and be naked! Why am I getting in trouble?! She shouldn't change like that at random or just to have the advantage! Lay some fucking ground rules down with her alright?!" I could hear Daren defend as my tail drooped and he began to stomp away, "I'm going to work now, thanks for the lecture dumb ass."

A door slammed as I shifted to human and put on my only outfit without the stockings. A-Am I really that bad? Crawling out of my room slowly, I laid down low to the floor and watched as Jake came into view, catching my gaze and holding it. A small flutter danced in my chest before he turned and went to sit on the couch in the living room. I-Is he mad at me? I-I'm sorry.

"You better behave next time you stupid feline," and with that statement, Daren had walked through the living room and out of the door, storming angrily to his car before driving off. I growled lowly, "Come on down Lillian, he's gone." I balled up my hands and shook my head, even though I knew he couldn't see me. I don't wanna go down there.. It's scary..

"Lillian, Come." His raised voice echoed off the walls, sending a shiver down my spine in a bad way. The cold feeling it gave me as well as the stressed feeling it gave off, I didn't want to go down there. "If you don't, I'm coming up there."

I remember those words. O-Oh god. I covered my ears as my body shook lightly. Please no! In a flash, I was down the stairs and crouched low by the side of the couch where he knew I was, but not within sight, "Here, Now."

"Felicity! Did I not tell you to come over here?" The choked feeling came over me, feeling as if I couldn't breathe before the painful abuse started not long after, "Lillian, what's wrong-" I felt a touch, graze my neck before I snapped my head around to fiercely bite the hand, growling lowly as a cry pierced the quiet air.

"Lillian!!" A harsh movement, shook off my defensive bite as I realized, I was no where in my old home. I was here in my new home with- Jake! A tight grip on the back of my neck made me tense and wince in pain as it pulled me up and from the floor, "Listen to me when I am talking and you will not behave like this!"

His blue eyes conjured up a storm as they turned darker than their beautiful semi-light color. His lips in a firm line as I could practically feel the anger radiate off of him, "I-I'm sorry! P-Please d-don't hurt m- Enough!" I winced as my vision blurred. I've messed it up, all of it! Closing my eyes to prevent seeing the slap coming, a tight embrace warmed my cold and scared self. W-What?

"Lillian, shush. I'd never hurt you." The smell of pine drifted and intoxicated my senses, the small stumble of his grazing my neck as he held me tightly and close. His hand no longer held my neck roughly, but slid down to my low back and pulled me closer, "Not like they did, I will never, ever, hurt you Lillian."

His embrace loosened while my eyes fluttered open, seeing his blue one's calm and stare deeply into mine, "You're so beautiful Lillian, especially with your yellowish-gold eyes. Please let me kiss you," His voice softened into a whisper whilst drawing closer and closer to me. I felt my cheeks heat up at the sound of his words. "T-That's so embarrass-mmff!" Without a moment's hesitation and my permission, his lips were firmly planted on mine.

I whimpered, letting my eyes close slowly as I practically melted in his arms. His arms tightened around my waist, holding me closely as if I were to disappear any second. Sliding over and smoothly, our lips danced before he gripped my hair and tugged, yanking my head back as a small yelp escaped my lips; his tongue and mouth tasting the skin of my neck while I blushed deeply.

I opened my mouth to call out his name, but no sound could escape. W-What is he doing! S-Stop! No! A firm bite but soft enough not to hurt, clamped down on a certain spot, earning a whimpering mewl. I reached up and grabbed his hair tightly as a groan escaped his throat. "Lillian,"

"Y-yes Jake-um Master?" I whispered quietly before I was gently let go by his addictive hold. His blue eyes bore into mine as another blush crept it's way over my cheeks. I-Is s-somthing else going to happen? D-Did I do something wrong?

"Why did you- I can't do this. Not right now. Your meal has been prepared and the list of chores is right next to it as well. Complete them and then off to bed." He what. He can't do this? He can't- no, he doesn't want to, he never wanted to! I-I! I nodded before stepping from his grasp and going to eat my semi-warm meal, seeing a list beside it. H-He doesn't like me!


I stared out the window and cried softly, seeing a waning moon which gave the only light it could give. "What did I do?" Laying down on the floor, I grabbed a small pillow and blanket, covering myself up as tears caressed my face till slumber took over. I don't deserve any of this. None of this. I-I don't deserve him... Jake... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...

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