Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


6. Chapter Six

A rapid tapping came through the darkness. What is that awful tapping noise? Ugh just stop! Cracking open an eye, I was not only met with a bright smile, but the man who hadn't shown up when he said his portion of the unofficial promise he himself made. Growling lowly, I looked away, hearing the door open.

"Hey little one. How are you today?" Forcing myself to stand, I stretched and yawned, glancing at him angrily over my shoulder before padding over to my cat cave, partially safe from grabby hands without them getting a few good cuts and bites.

"Where are you going?" He followed me, kneeling by the cave, reaching his hand in stupidly. Swiping at his hand, a growl rips out of my throat, followed by a hiss as I watch him reel back his hand to his chest. I-I hate you!

"I guess you are pretty mad about yesterday, even when I had said it first. Do you really hate me precious?" P-Precious? If I were in my human or Neko form, I know that I would have blushed deeply to that. N-No one has ever called me that, or at least, not in a long while. "Will you please come out? Today is truly the day I can take you, honest. Everything is ready at home." home?

I-I guess I can look to see the pleading look on his face. I placed my paw outside of the cave only to have a hand grab it and yank me out. H-Hey!! L-Let me go! I wriggled and squirmed within his tight grip. W-Why won't you let go!! Unhand me!- "Please come home with me Felicity," his voice whispered into my ear softly, as if I were a child in need of a nap, slowly dozing off.

Come home? Home... I sniffled as my wiggling stopped and being practically limp in his arms, I shifted. I looked up to his blue eyes and whimpered softly, my lips trembling as tears made their way down my face. "H-Home...? With you? F-Felicity doesn't even know your name and you left Felicity yesterday!" I took a swing at his head, only to have his hadn't catch my wrist and hold me there, "W-Why should Felicity leave with you- Jake, my name is Jake Acker. I will take you home, no matter what you say, because I know you want to come home with me as well, don't you,"

He already knows the answer to that question, "O-of course- Mmff!!" Without a moments hesitation, his mouth was planted on mine, as if claiming that I belonged to him now. Which wasn't exactly a lie. "I brought you a few things Felicity, you might want to put them on, though I have something personal to put on you," Personal, what could it be?

"Put what on Felicity...?" I leaned back and scooted off his lap, sitting in front of him. He smiled and pointed at a bag back at the door. Presents? A small smile slipped onto my lips while he stood, walking over to bring the bag to me. "T-These?! T-These ar-are so embarrassing...." I hushed out with a deep blush, looking at him.

"You know what else is embarrassing?" I tilted my head.


"Already being a bit naked," He pointed and poked a finger to my collar bone, my eyes drifted south quickly to find that indeed, I was a bit naked. "NOO!!" I covered myself and turned around hurriedly with the bag. "No looking!!" H-He-He-HE-HE SAW ME NAKED! I am so embarrassed!! I stood to unpack the bag as quickly as possible, peeking over my shoulder to ensure that he listened when I told him no looking. At least he listens...


By the time I finished clothing myself, I was uncomfortable to be in such clean and nice looking clothes. I only got a single dress from my last master and had to sit around the house for at least two hours, waiting for it to be cleaned and dried. It was torture! Pure torture! "You look very nice Felicity, though I must ask you a question though," I blushed and gazed up at him, wondering what the question could be, "Do you wish to change your name before we leave here? I know that your current name must have different memories, but I'd like to start fresh with you, only me knowing your true name,"

He wants to change my name because of the previous m-memories...? Although, thinking back on those 'memories' I shuddered physically and moved closer to Jake, "I-I'd like for you to change Felicitys' name, M-Master..." I'm so nervous... It's been so long since I've called anyone that.

"You truly do," he questioned, gazing down into my eyes whilst I did the same, "Then, how about, Lillian?" I could feel my heart race as he said it. Lillian, my very own name, that he created for me! Shyly stepping closer, I nuzzled his neck and chest, purring deeply. "I knew you'd like it, let's get going Lillian, my kitten." I meowed happily and loud, gathering my toys within the old blanket of mine. Supposedly it had belonged to my mother when she gave birth to my sisters, brothers and I.

I held my personal belongings with me as I passed the rooms, taunting the other pussies and bitches who jeered at me for my loneliness. "Come on you," I felt his arm wrap around my waist, pulling me close to keep up with a playful smile on his lips. He knows it was funny too. "Let's go home, to our home now." I felt a swell in my chest form the hearing of those words. Our home. I've missed an our home saying.

A boy took hold of my wrist and clipped off the bracelet we were to wear at all times, turning me around to close unlock the collar around me in case the bracelet had fallen off or was forcefully taken off. "I hope you two have a wonderful life together. Thank you and have a nice day." His name was Markus, I remember him. He fed me a couple of times and played with me when I was all alone.

I held up my hand and waved with the widest smile I could ever make, "Bye bye Markus!" His smile was the last thing I saw of that place, and now, to home, my home, his home. Our home. We walked shortly to a black sleek car. Cars are expensive wether or not they're old or new. I wonder how much he spent on taking me. I could feel my ears and tail shift out slowly.

"Master?" He stopped beside me while I fiddled with my fingers and stared at the ground, "H-How much was Lillian paid for?" I could feel his grip tense and tighten around my waist. It must have been a lot. Though I'm not a purebred. I should have been within ten to fifty bucks, I'm useless anyway...

"Do you really want to know?" I nodded feeling regret swell in my breasts as quickly as I had asked, "Well over five hundred Lillian, and you have told yourself that you're not a purebred, but the funny thing is my dear," His hand lifted my chin to stare into his handsome blue eyes, "You are a purebred. You are a Maine coon. Not a mutt like you've said you were. Be proud now my Kitten, my Lillian."

Not a thought went through my head as I gripped him by his suit jacket and pulled him into me hard, slamming our lips together into a painful, but blissful kiss. "I'm proud to be your Kitten Master," I spoke softly as his wide eyes stared at me astonished. That-that was crossing the line, oh gosh. I blushed deeply and let go, willing the car for to open with a  hurried tug, only to find that it was locked. Darn it!

"You thought you were going to get away with that?" I could feel a source of heat behind me, seeing his hands on either side of me, he had trapped me to the car. Oh crap... This-this is so embarrassing! "Turn around Lillian." My tail swished lowly , brushing against his legs and soon the car as I turned around to face him.

His eyes were so blue and with a certain look that I couldn't pin-point. I-I'd really love to run my hands through his hair right now. "Lillian," He whispered softly before mashing his lips to mine, a knot tightening itself in my lower stomach as I arched myself into him. Oh god! I-I've never felt this way before.

Hesitantly lifting my arms reach for his hair, he grip wrapped around my wrist and placed my hands on his head, "Is it soft?" I gripped his hair and blushed, nodding. "I'm glad." His arms wrapped around my waist and hugged me close to him. I can hear his heartbeat. It's pounding, just like mine. "Shall we get going?"

I hugged him quickly before he had a chance to move away. "Now we can go," I said with a smile as we let go of each other.

By this time, I was only thinking of being in a warm cozy home, knowing I'd be loved. I know he'll- no, maybe he won't but, it's always hopeful to think he may, come to actually love me.. I looked over at him, seeing him have a concentrated face staring at the road. He- I don't know what it is but, I feel as if I'm drawn to him. I bet it sounds awfully stupid.

A small yawn escaped my lips. "Tired Lillian?" I nodded, sinking my body lower into the seat before leaning my head to the right comfortably. "Go to sleep, we'll be there soon, Good night Kitten Lillian," I purred softly before my shifting broke, having me as an animal once more, snoozing in the passenger seat of his car. I really like him, I like Jake.

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