Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


7. Chapter Seven

Why is it so bright? That was the most comfortable sleep I've ever had. Stretching deeply, I yawned and looked around. This isn't the facility. A cream colored wall with a small designs of flowers surrounded me while a book case, a nightstand and a dresser accompanied me in the room. Is this my room? Sniffing deeply, I blushed and tensed as a stifled snore caught my attention from behind me.

Padding over slowly, I sat by his shoulder, peering down at my slumbering Master. I'm so glad to be here with you Master. A deep purr erupted from my chest as I leapt off the plaid bed with colors of red, brown, black and white. I'll just explore and surprise him by knowing the layout of his house. A small yawned escaped my lips.

Trotting out into the hallway, I chose to go downstairs, finding that the place was rather clean except for a different smell lingering downstairs in one of the other rooms. Hmm, I wonder whose scent that is. This place is rather big, I think I might get lost in here. Stopping at a cracked door, I nudged myself in, "Hey!" Jumping and scurrying out and back upstairs, my heart pounded in my chest heavily.

D-Did the person see me?! I-It sounded like a mans' voice back there. That was scary... Another yawned escaped my lips as I found a drawer of his dresser open right in front of his window. Perfect! Warm light and a soft place to sleep. Leaping up, I kneaded his shirts before nuzzling myself within them and falling asleep. I wonder what today will hold for me, after I wake up from my nap.

-Jake's P.O.V.-

She's so soft. I reached out to pet her, only to see her disappear and meow at me. Little devil, get back here! I chased her through the house before a bright light blinded me in my tracks, waking me up to reality. Wait, I do have her in reality! Rubbing my eyes open, I turned to sit up and yawn. Her small body had disappeared from on my bed where I placed her last night. Oh shit!

Scrambling downstairs after tossing off my blankets, I furiously looked on and around, over and under, though she didn't seem to be anywhere. You've got to be kidding me! Jogging over to my friends room, I stepped through his wide-open door to see that his window was open with a welcoming breeze. "Daren! Did you seriously leave your window open after what I told you yesterday?!" I tossed a fallen pillow at his head as he groaned.

"Yeah so what? I don't care about your stupid shifter cat. If she really wanted to stay, she would have. Paying all that money for nothing bro, What's for breakfast?" By this time, Daren had sat up and stretched with just a tank top and boxers on. I can't believe I allowed this to happen.I should have checked! Running my hands through my hair angrily, I stormed out and upstairs, I might as well just get dressed and earn that stupid money back. I can't believe she'd just leave. She looked so happy when I told her we were going home, to our home.

What in the world, a soft purr sounded along with a mewl. Is she still here? I stood still to listen for another sound, indicating where she could be. Purrrrmerow~! Stepping closer to my dresser, I finally saw that she was curled up and using my shirts as blankets while bathing in the sun, fast asleep. You little devil Lillian. Scooping her up with one of my shirts, I placed her on the end of my bed where the window allowed light to shine in. She stretched and pawed her face as a purr softly echoed from her.

"Little rascal," I mumbled with a smile before closing my door and changing into my daily suit. I don't like having to wear a suit all day every day but, for my job which is pretty high paying, I don't really care. I'll just strip when I get home. Well, at least change into something else now that Lillian is here with me. Guess I can't walk around in my boxers anymore in the morning. I better leave her a note for when Daren and I leave.


"I'm warning you Daren. Lock everything and leave nothing open when I leave," I ordered him as he scavenged the kitchen for food, "I don't want anything happening to her." I hopped on one foot while trying to put on my other shoe.

"If she can turn human, she can unlock anything you do realize that right?" Shit. Well, she won't. I know that for sure. She wouldn't, would she? I sighed, looking at the stair way leading to my sleeping Kitten. She's so pretty, I can't believe she was still there for that long while. No one took an interest in her, and no one visited her like I did.

"Take care of the house while I'm gone Lillian," I whispered softly before leaving the house behind to jump in my car and be off to work. I hope she'll be okay.



Hey guys, I know I started another story and you're probably thinking that it's bad so far. I can probably agree with you. I love to day dream of anything and everything but I'm not a professional writer to where I can capture your attention instantly with an interesting insight on the story. Sorry. Though I'm thinking of doing a time skip to a few months later where Lilian is familiar with the place and people. Should I? Tell me what you guys think and if I misspelled anything or could write it better. I hope you guys enjoy it so far.

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