Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


1. Chapter One

I never knew, that today would be different. Though if I did, I wouldn't be here right now. I laid in my bed and waited, for a sound, for something to happen other than people passing by and looking at me as a thing of property, not for who I really am, or what I could be.

The little slot under the door opened as a bowl was pushed through with a Y-stick. My lunch is here, disgusting processed food. Though it keeps me alive. Standing and stretching, I made my way over before sitting in front of it, staring. Smells of chicken and gravy today. Out of all of the other flavors, this is my least favorite. I don't even remember what real food taste like anymore, the treats I used to get were bad for you, but they tasted great.

The slot opened once again with a bowl of water coming through. At least they didn't forget. I've heard that sometimes, the care-takers forget to properly feed us, making us starve or suffer headaches from the lack of water and food. "She's a beauty." Who? My ears directed me to the back of my room, glass. I'm surrounded by almost all glass. I'm being held till someone will take me, or, if no one does for a long while, probably killed or sold to a different place.

Oh, a Russian Blue breed. A lovely one indeed. I'm just a mutt. Not a proper or pure bred like some of the others.  Glancing over to a window, I could see a small reflection of me. Sitting all alone with no one to love or be loved by. I watched as the soon-to-be owner negotiated with the owner of this place, overing hearing that she'll soon be leaving and living at her new house.

I ate the rest of my food before going back to my bed and curled tightly to sleep, though not after letting a few tears slip from the memories reviving themselves. I can deal with this. It's not as bad as it seems, though I'd rather be in a warm home curled up with my very own owner.

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