Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


9. Chapter Nine

Jake's POV

I woke up to the loud sound of a thump and the thundering steps of someone coming up the stairs. I reached for the nearest thing and chucked it at the door as it opened. "What the hell man! Jake what the hell!" It was dork Daren. 

"Why are you so loud this morning?! You never wake up before me and make so much noise- Your cat thing girl, is on my bed!" I snapped my attention to him and his words that practically hit me hard in the chest. His bed? Why is she in his bed?

"You're not just trying to get rid of her by saying she's a whore are you?" I threw off my covers and stormed passed him after a harsh knock against his shoulder. His bed, why his bed? "Cause I know you hate it due to more living expenses, there's a girl in the house and you don't want any girls in the house cause they're noisy."

"No! S-She, well, the thing is, hey Jake wait!-" His hand gripped my shoulder tightly as a dangerous thought crossed my mind. Did they have sex? Opening his door quickly, she laid there motionless as the sun crept over her skin, making it glow a soft cream. "Do not freak out okay? Can I trust you not to do that?" Her Carmel highlighted hair was slapped over the messy sheets and, wait a minute, why is his room clean?

"Merow~!" I glanced over my shoulder to see Daren holding up his hands for mercy. "Why is everyone so loud in the morning?" Daren sucked up a quick breath before covering my eyes.

"What the hell are you doing? Freaking let go-" though after I pried his hands off my eyes, I could see why he had to breathe in. She stole my breath away. Unembarrassed by her bareness, she stretched like a cat while showing off her gifts a bit too much.

"I-I'm sorry, L-Lillian didn't mean to fall asleep on your bed... Lillian got tired from cleaning and this was the closest resting place-You cleaned my room. Oh my god, you did." She moved from the bed to stand as it was my turn to cover his eyes with a slap to the face, hearing him yelp and groan "What the hell!"

"Oh my, d-did- is Lillian in the wrong...?" She whimpered and all I could do was stroll quickly and take a stranded shirt on his chair and cover her quickly. Now that that is settled. A strange smell fanned my face as I held her closely. She needs a bath.

"No, you're not in the wrong, though you need a bath, or a shower, which ever you prefer- No!" Her sudden raise of a voice physically made me jump from her closeness as I watched her back away and as if in a daze, slowly came to realize what she had said.

"Are you okay?- Yes I-I'm sorry... Lilian will go do that now..." Her small not-so-bare-anymore frame soon left Daren's room quickly and up the stairs, a door closing and the faint click of a lock. I wonder if her past owner had done something to her while she was bathing.

"Why the fuck did you hit me in the eye man?! Ugh, I feel like I have dirt in it now! I have work to go to, I'm taking a shower and then leaving." Luckily there were two showers or else he'd have to wait. I laughed lightly as a punch came to my arm, a pulsing sting leaving itself; there afterwards. Well, he's strong, I'll give em' that.


I sat at my desk and signed some paperwork, approving a few things that needed approving and vice versa. "Jake, you're doing it again." I looked next to me to see Chasity sighing with a look I've seen multiple times before.

"What am I doing? Again?" I asked her, tilting my head.

"You're too busy thinking about your new Shifter to even work properly at work! Look, you've signed the wrong thing and even signed a blank sheet of paper. I don't think that someone wants your autograph." I grumbled and snatched the 'blank sheet' from her hand and balled it up, throwing it in the trash can under my desk.

Putting my head in my hands I loudly groaned, "Not here Jake they might suspect you and I are a thing- hey!" I pushed her lightly before slumping back in my chair, swiveling to face her.

"I'm just worried about her. She seems to have troubles from her past 'home' and I just woke up to find that she was naked in my room mates bed! That can be pretty troubling," Her jaw had dropped, forming a perfect 'O' before a small smirk played onto her lips, "No she's not a who- Be very careful with her kind."

She snickered and turned back to her work as I scooted closer, "What do you mean?"

Her side glance gave me no hint and not a good feeling in the slightest. What if she is a whore... Laying in men's bed for money and then giving it to her Master, her owner as payment for her living and staying there, or even worse that he made her do it or- "It's not what you're thinking, which is probably the worst possible things you can think of, I just mean, to be careful about where her true loyalties lie. I don't know her personally, but I've had a friend who screwed up big time."

My head dropped and hung as I let out a groan, "Just be careful?"

"Yup, now get back to work mister." She slapped my neck hard before grabbing papers and actually doing her work now. I just hope she's okay at home by herself, or when Daren is there too, in his bed, with her...

"You're worrying again."


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