Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


14. Chapter Fourteen

"Lillian! Could you come down here please?" I heard Master call as I lift my head up quickly from my pillow, staring out the window. it's rather boring, don't do it unless you've nothing to do.

Leaping from my bed, I transform to be my half cat self and leap down the stairs happily, screeching to a stop when I see another shifter standing by the door way next to a woman. The tail on his black tail bristles as I hiss and run behind Masters' legs, growling at the visitors. "Oh shush Lillian, my friend has brought you a friend to play with while I'm away along with Daren, why not meet him-Lillian doesn't like him."

A small laugh escapes the woman as I blush softly, connecting my gaze with the boy standing next to her. Black hair with pretty grey eyes, his arms flexed as I sat next to Master's feet, until the feeling gave way and he moved to the kitchen with the Mistress visitor. "Like what you see?"

I blush softly and growl lowly as he stepped closer, his collar gleaming from the light falling through the windows. He steps closer and squats, I sit up and strait. He won't intimidate me. "No. Lillian doesn't like what she sees." I run over to Master and hide behind him, watching the boy stand up strait and coming over to be next to his Mistress.

"Why are they here... Lillian doesn't like them here," He spits as I hiss and growl, feeling a familiar grip on the back of my only shirt. I watch him smirk as I'm dragged off to the living room and sat down.

"Behave Lillian, she needs to leave him with us for just today and I trust you two can watch over the house while everyone is away. Daren will be home first. If you don't behave, I'll give you something to hiss about." His finger pointed at me sternly as I huffed and laid on my side.

"Fine.. Lillian will get along with him," He lets out a breath before going back to the kitchen, talking of different things with the visiting Mistress.

"Lillian, give Xavier a tour of the house so he'll know where to go to the bathroom and not make a mess." I huff and sit up from the couch, standing and already locking gazes with Xavier. I nod and start walking towards him as I shiver from the coldness I didn't realize was there.

"So you're actually giving me a tour? How nice of you," A small tap came to my ass, releasing a small squeak from my lips. I growled softly and pointed to each of the rooms I could see from my position.

"That's the living room," I pointed right, "That's the kitchen," I turned left, "That hall way is Daren's, don't go down it, upstairs has a bathroom, guest room, Lillian's room, Master's room, and a closet. Down that hallway, "I pointed to the left of the staircase," s Master's study, a game room, library, and another bathroom. Daren's hallway has his room and the washing room." I turned and looked to see Xavier already climbing the stairs but not before his Mistress called him. I smirked and stuck out a tongue.

"I will be leaving you here today Xavier so I expect you to behave, make friends with Lillian and Daren and even Jake as well. You will address him as Sir, when he is around that is." She smiled at him and soon walked towards the door, my master following as well.

I jogged forward and grabbed Master's hand gently, looking up at his blue eyes, "I'll be out for a bit with her, it's about business so it may take a while. I won't be home till late but you always know what to do." His lips pecked my forehead before he disappeared out the door, leaving me with a shifter who I don't know.

"Get me some juice will yah?" I watched as he kept climbing the steps. Wait what?!

"Hey! Where are you going!" I chased up after him, seeing him head for Master's room, "No!" I gripped the knob and hissed at him loudly, "No one is allowed in here except for Master!"

With a sharp and calculated move, I was trapped between him, his arms and the door I was guarding. "Do you always do what Master tells you? Are you truly the best little submissive he could get? I bet he's just wasting his money." I sucked in a sharp breath, ready to retaliate until he spoke again,"My Mistress has taught me a few things that I'm very sure, your master would enjoy and love, more than you guarding his room and cleaning his house like the maid that you are. Want to know what they are?"

I can't believe it. I stared into his grey piercing eyes that had a strange luring sensation to them. My grip on the knob soon disappeared and fell to my side, studying him importantly. Master left me with this horrible thing and expects me to deal with his crap?! "Master loves Lillian! He's not wasting his money either," I practically whispered, unconfident in my answer, "L-Lillian do what he says and, and..."

"and what? No reward? No late nights? No delicious treats? What?" I lowered my head, defeated. I-I don't get any of those things though, how can I be so greedy as to ask him for them. I got, what they called, a great sale at Victoria's Secret so now I don't have to worry about panties, but, that's not truly what I want. I sniffed, wiping my nose and whimpering.

"Seems as if you don't get anything at all. How does the roommate treat you?" I bit my lip and covered my eyes, bringing forth to be held by Xavier, of all people. Though, he understands a bit more than Daren, or even Master... "I could ask my Mistress if I could come back here at times, and a few other things."

I looked up at him, smelling an intoxicating scent drift from him, "You can smell that too?" I nodded.

"What is it?"

"Arousal." A deep scarlet inched over my cheeks, setting them a flame as I pushed him away. His smirk only tugged at the thoughts that dominated my mind, spreading like wildfire for the questions of, what, how, when, where, and why.

"H-How do you know-You reek of it as well, now that I've mentioned it at least. Small but there." My thighs clasped together tightly as I averted my gaze from his, "and you know what?" I shouldn't have looked back at him.

"I can teach you, help you to grow enough to please any man, and especially, your Master." A strong clenching of my lower muscles sent a pleasurable feeling through my lower regions. Oh god.

"You're so easy, I'm going to get my juice now." He chuckled and left, going back down to the kitchen as I slumped to the floor. Was I just played? I-I am so easy... "Also," I looked up, dashing downstairs to the trouble maker, "I was being serious."

His grey gaze made my muscles clench and my thighs squeeze together, knowing exactly what he was talking about. The thoughts raced through my mind and stayed there like a frozen screen. Clothes scattering the floor, sounds from behind closed doors, dark rooms of the unknown, and a weapon only a certain specimen could use; I spoke out softly with uncertainty lacing my words, "Teach me,"

His grey eyes widened. I guess you weren't expecting that, were you? "I have your consent, though, do you really want to go through with this? I can keep a secret but, can you?" His frame leaned against the counter as he finished his juice, squishing it easily and putting it on the counter.

Do I really want to do this? Is this betraying Master? I-I should ask him first.. A ring broke the silence, making me jump hurdles in the air, I dashed over and took a deep breath, answering the phone, "Hello, this is the Acker residence, how may Lillian help you today?"

A laugh erupted from the other side, "Lillian, it's me, Jake. I didn't know that you would actually answer the phone that way," I blushed at his words, embarrassed, "How are you two getting along?"

I sighed but smiled softly, "We're actually getting along just fine. A-Although," I glanced over at the empty kitchen, seeing Xavier wandering again, upstairs once more too, "L-Lillian needs to ask you something..."

"Are you okay? Did anything happen?" His questions shot like bullets, making me smile at the concern, "He didn't try anything did he?" Oh, that-that doesn't sound good.

"W-well, he proposed something to Lillian. L-Lillian would rather talk to you in person about it, though, Lillian thinks she'll be too shy to actually say it." I nervous fidgeted in my spot, hearing silence on the other line, a woman's voice very softly in the background.

"Well, I have something to talk to you too about as well. Maybe when I get home, we could talk about it in the morning. Miss.Taylor and Xavier are staying the night, and it involves them as well. Have you eaten anything today?" As if on cue, my stomach growls and I sigh with a shy smile.

"No but Lillian will get right on that. Lillian will also prepare the rooms and a meal for your return home. W-Would you like a bath as well?" I hate baths. I sniff my arm and bite my lip, though I need one.

"Thank you Lillian, yes please. We'll be home around nine though, and Daren should be getting home soon now. I'll talk to you later Lillian, keep up the good work."

"Of course! T-Thank you Master!" I nodded and smiled, hearing the line end after a few seconds.

"Master loves Lillian! He's not wasting his money either, L-Lillian does what he says and, and..."

"and what? No reward? No late nights? No delicious treats? What?"

"Ready for your first lesson?" I could feel him behind me, close and warm, a hand lightly placing itself on my shoulders and pulling me back to his, indeed, warm and, now confirmed, solid chest.

I nodded slowly, feeling a spank come to my rear suddenly, I yelped softly. What have I gotten myself into? I hope it was the right thing. I glanced at the door and wished for Daren to come home faster, to snap me out of the present and watch T.V.

He didn't, and the night continued on with my first lesson.

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