Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


5. Chapter Five

A large warm hand brushed itself down my whole body, scratching behind my ears as my name was whispered softly, tempting me to wake form my warm and comfortable spot. Felicity, wake up little one, today is the start of your new life. New life? Oh yea the man!

I opened my eyes, expecting to see him looming over me with his smile and a bowl of milk in front of me. Only to see the very boring and familiar white room surrounding me. I blinked in the bright light which was shining right on my eyes. I purrposely placed my bed here anyway. Yes I know that it was a pun, wasn't it punny?

Stretching, I yawned to find that my breakfast was already slipped in and sitting ready for me. How purrfect~ Yup, another one again. I stretched once more before eating up the small serving of bland food that I've been served once too many times. I wonder when he'll come by. I better ready my stuff. Prancing over, I soon gathered my toys and a little reminder from the man, whose name I did not know.


With the mouse by my side and my own personal toys that I brought with me myself, I sat on the borrowed bed and waited for the man to return. A brown haired man stepped within view, making me jump and race only to see that it wasn't him. Oh well, my bad... Better to not look to excited or else someone else may want me. Though that'd never happen.

"Lunch time!" I watch as the little flap of a door opens, sliding in my food. I might as well eat. Hmm, today tastes great!! I actually look down at my food to see it being minced chicken, actual chicken! Diving in eagerly, the bowl was soon empty. That was delicious! I wonder why they changed my food. I laid on my stomach and stretched out, yawning softly. Maybe I'll take a tiny nap, and then he'll whisk me away to his house afterwards.


Though when I woke up after my 'supposedly' short nap, I found it to be dark outside and not a tap on the window, or a mouse to give me as a mercy gift under the door flap; he didn't come to take me away as he said he would. He lied to me... He never wanted me in the first place...

Casting a sad glance over my shoulder, I could see the little blanket of the stuff I would have taken over there, sitting and collecting dust. He left! He lied! I hate him! Swatting the bowls away angrily, I propelled myself over to the mouse which had been his gift and grabbed it with my mighty teeth.

How dare he lie to me! After he said he'll take me home, h-he... I sniffled as my shift gave way, leaving me to lay bare and naked cold on the floor with only my ears and tail to give somewhat warmth. They always leave.. Rubbing my eyes, after whimpers have escape my lips, I wince at the cut I've given myself across my cheek from my sharp claws. I pressed my finger tips to the cut, pulling them back to see that I had drawn blood indeed. Making a fist tightly, I whimpered at the sharpness that stung in my palm. That meanie!!

Turning back to my animalistic form, I attack the mouse and claw and bite at it fiercely. I'll tear this thing to shreds! It won't even be recognizable!

The night went on slowly, though sleep caught up to me, pulling me into a restful, dark sleep. How could you...

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