Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


15. Chapter FIfteen

I listen to the laughter and memories Miss Taylor and my Master exchange, remembering them while Xavier and I make breakfast. "Don't make a mess, and keep your eyes on the stove." I narrow my eyes at him until he does the same, only with a firm look that reminded me.

"Yes Xavier," I shifted over and moved the food to their plates and set the table quietly and efficiently. Though with a small glance over my shoulder, I watched Xavier prepare the last of the breakfast and saw the collar that he wore. Collar...

"...and your sleep Lillian?" I restrained myself from looking up from the finished task, plate, on the table.

"It was well. I hope the small meal I prepared was well for you two." A small grasp to my shoulder made me straiten my posture immediately, slowly looking up to see the two owners smiling back at me.

"Well of course, I know my Xavier cooks well, but you were indeed something else. I should steal you sometime." A small laughter escaped her and the others as I smiled. Don't give Xavier any ideas! At least my cooking was good enough for them. A small tug on my skirt drew my attention to the darting eyes of Xavier. I glanced over at our owners before dismissing myself quietly to follow him down a hallway and towards the library.

"You're doing well, and you're not saying 'Lillian is glad' or 'Lillian would..' whatever." I glowered up at him before huffing, a tight hold gripped my shirt and pulled me up and close to Xavier. I'm not sure if I can go through with all of this.

"Are you looking at me the wrong way? I'm sure you remember what happens when you do that, right?" I gripped his wrists and bit my lip, lowering my gaze from his before I was shaken like a doll, "Look at me." He hissed lowly. My heart is beating so fast. I-I'm scared..

His eyes are so serious and his lips are so enticing, I-I could lose myself on those. He stepped slowly until I was against a wall, surrounded by him and his scent, the scent that stirred up my arousal. "I'll teach you a few things later, your master is calling you." A savage kiss claimed my lips before I was pulled away from the wall and pushed towards the end of the hallway, "Go," I looked back at Xavier as he motioned his hand away and walked into the bathroom. I'm so confused.

"Lillian, what were you showing Xavier?" Showing Xavier? Well, we were drinking up our share of arousal from each other while we could. I padded over quietly and quickly to my Master's side, sitting on the floor to put my head in his lap while my hands rested on his thighs. "Was it the library?"

I smiled and nodded, purring and nuzzling his thighs, "Could you please kneel for this Lillian? It's rather important and I guess I was waiting for the right moment," The right moment? W-What's going to happen?

I scooted back and kneeled, looking up at him as my ears perked and my tail swept over the floor, "Lillian, you are so dear to me," I could feel my chest glow with warmth and a sweet feeling as well as pride. I purred and smiled up at him, my hands in fists on the floor like Xavier said.

He stood and pointed a finger at me and the floor, indicating I stay. I wonder what he's getting! Oh I hope it's a treat! I-I'd really love some salmon or a new cat toy, maybe it's a collar! No way... I could hear the faint sounds of his movement from upstairs as I shifted in anticipation. I'm so curious though! The temptation to look behind me and follow him!

I stretched within my position and yawned, "Alright Lillian, I kind of forgot about it for a while but, that was when I had doubts about your loyalties." Loyalties..? I looked up at him as he held his hands behind his back, hiding something from me, "I would be forever happy, if you officially became my kitten, Lillian." His arms came forth and held a collar. I sucked in a quick breath as I stared at the collar that would claim me as his own. My own collar! I-I'm going to have a collar!

It was a simple black fabric with a silver bell hanging from the center. I leapt up at him, knocking him back into his chair and purred, nuzzling him aggressively as I teared up. "Is that a yes Kitten?" I looked up at him, staring into his blue eyes as a blush dusted over my face. I nodded shyly and retracted myself back down to the floor, kneeling lowly as my hair was swept to one side. His fingers grazed my neck and touched my hair as I felt the cool fabric being placed around my throat.

"It's everything I thought it would be," I could feel his breath brushing against my ear as he whispered softly, "absolutely beautiful on my Kitten Lillian, I have another important thing to ask of you, but I can wait, stand for me, my Kitten." A crimson blush covered my face as I stood up slowly, dusting off my skirt.

Cool fingers guided my head up and past the submission point to where I was looking him strait in the eyes. "Close your eyes Lillian," he whispered softly, as I did just that. Flesh laid upon my own lips and slid. He was kissing me! His hands held my face gently as I kissed him back.

"That reminds me of when I collared Xavier! Although it got a lot heavier afterwards." Xavier! Crap! Wait, heavier? D-Did they d-do it a-after- o h m y g o d. Oh my god! I looked up at Master to see his face deepen in color. Is he blushing?

"Taylor! Oh my god!" He exclaimed loudly, making me jump as I saw her laugh loudly and Xavier smiling behind her. H-He is experienced...

"What?It was cold that night and when he-I don't want to hear it!" I couldn't help but blush at the thoughts. The thoughts... I looked down at my chest as I felt a small twinge in my chest. Xavier and Taylor. I shook my head and buried my face into Master's chest, inhaling his scent which helped me calm myself and that I've grown to love.


I yawned and leaned against Xaiver's shoulder as he played a video game in Master's game room. Master and Miss Taylor had to talk about work and stuff. Bleh. "Tired?" I watched him yawn as I giggled. He's tired too. I nodded as he finished his game and turned off the set, peering down at me with his grey eyes.

"I'll take you to bed then," Wait what? I leapt back and looked at him. He can't be serious. T-They're in the next room over and-and if we do it upstairs they'll definitely hear us! "Lillian, are you thinking about going to bed with me?" His eyes held amusement as a small smirk covered his lips slowly. I hate that smirk.

"N-No of course not. I wouldn't ever go to bed with you-oh really?" My ears perked at his comment as if it silently promised a hot night. He wouldn't. Not with me.

"You think I could change your mind?" He leapt at me as I squeaked, turning over to lay on my stomach while being towered over by his form. His hand felt up the back of my thigh. I can practically feel him smirking behind me! "You're so fun to mess with," He nipped my ear as I yelped. Ouch!

Sliding my legs up as far as I could, I pushed up to earn some space "I know you wanted me but Lillian, calm down." I felt him rub up against my end as I blushed profoundly. Rough hands gripped my wrists, keeping me from moving as he leaned over me, his breath tickling my neck as my bell rang softly. When is someone going to realize that it's too quiet in this room! The door clicked and swung open. Oh god! I didn't mean that!

"What the hell is going on." I saw Daren standing in the doorway in his working clothes, covered in dirt and other construction materials that could have gotten on him. My ears lowered and flattened themselves against my head as I felt Xaiver's body retract slowly. I shifted to my cat form and scampered behind Daren's legs. "I hope you have a good reason for getting excited, because that's all your ever going to get for a while."

Wait, is he going to tell? I-I don't want to get him in trouble. Crap! I clawed Daren's pants and heard him yelp in pain. Whoops. A rough hand picked me up by the scruff of my neck as I squirmed. "What is wrong with you? You, wait here." He pointed a finger at Xavier before cradling me in his arms and closing the door, walking away and to his own room. This has gotten way out of hand... "That got way out of hand. What happened Lillian?"

He placed me gently on his messed up bed before going over to his dresser and opening it, searching through his clothes. I shifted to my half self before lowering my head lowly. "I-I was tired a-and he said he'd take me to bed- my bed of course." He eyed me with an arched brow as I hurried on, "a-and I over thought it and h-he escalated the moment..." I trailed off nervously as he walked closer. O-Oh god is he going to hit me..?

I whimpered softly as I lowered my head, biting my lip. Just get it over with. Warm calloused hands cupped my face and made me look at him. He knelt in front of the bed with a concerned look as he seemed to study my face. "Are you hurt?" What? "Did he touch you in anyway that you didn't like?" I shook my head, being pulled into his chest and into a hug. He's so warm.

"I'm going to tell Jake," I froze in the hug, "I can't let him get away with that." He stood up quickly and towards the door.

"You can't!" I leapt and grabbed his shirt, pulling him hard enough to stop him.

"Why not?" His concerned gaze turned to fury, "Did that bastard threaten you?" I shook my head wildly.

"I asked him to teach me!" I bit my lip and let his shirt slip from my grip. Oh no. I told someone! Xavier's going to kill me!

"Teach you what, exactly?" Daren crossed his sun-darkened arms across his chest before glowering at me. His eyes look so angry and, I don't know if I can bring myself to say it. I don't know if I can tell Master either! H-He just collared me and-and if I lose this collar, I don't know what'll happen!

A small tear fell to the floor as I sniffled softly, "You didn't. Did you..?" I whimpered and squeaked softly before hands clutched my arms tightly. "Tell me you didn't."

"I didn't have sex with him," I choked out before staring into his eyes, "I asked him to teach me how to please Master."

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