Without a person to understand you in the fullest of your deepest desires and thinking, only the right person must come to show her that she's wrong. Jake Acker takes in this shifter as his own personal property. Will he get her to open up and see him for himself, or will she only bite him and hide away until her own guilt leads her back to him for more.


11. Chapter Eleven

"Lillian, you put the dishes in the wrong cabinet! Come here!" I pattered over, stumbling over my feet but regaining my balance to stand next to Daren as he pointed out my error. "and the plates go over here okay- Did you lick this and call it clean?" He held up a spoon inside of the dish drainer with an arched brow staring down at me.

I nodded, "It's the spoon Lillian used for last night's dinner, L-Lillian didn't want to use any more dishes so I thought- Just clean it and put it away, what if I had used it hm?"

"Well, Lillian would have told you- after or before I used it?" My mouth opened and closed, feeling the frustration and sadness overwhelm me. I look down, hearing a sigh escape his lips as I bite my lip. Don't sigh at me! I-I'm trying! I-I... I don't know what to do, to make either of you happy... "Just clean the spoon and then it's the bathrooms next, then you can have lunch," then you can have lunch. I must just be a pet to them who can work and do chores for them like a slave.

I watched as Daren left the room to his own, closing the door and leaving me in silence. A pet. A slave. Though, the master wouldn't kiss a pet or a slave right? U-Unless I'm being used for such things and more to come.

My throat tightened as my lip trembled, feeling the tears fall and seeing them blur my vision. I-I don't want to be used, b-but I'm nothing more than a tool and j-just a thing! Snatching the cleaning products for the bathrooms, I hurried into one and closed the door, locking it.


"Here you go," I sat motionless on the stool and stared into my bowl of corn and minced chicken, "go on and eat already. You're been staring at it for minutes and I'm sure it's cold now. Yeesh, can't even fucking say thank you?" With my lips sealed and my throat choking itself, the tears fell.

"H-hey are you Oka- where are you going?" Pushing myself out from the small kitchen island, I took the food and went upstairs quickly, "Hey! Lillian!" I don't want to be here anymore! Chores chores chores! No fun! No play time! N-No Jake. No Master...

Master Jake.... The tears streamed my cheeks the more I though about him. His touch, the days where we spent together while I was still in my room being a cat. I-I miss him so much though.... I've caused too much trouble for him a-and his room mate... I-I think I sh-should leave... Yea, leave! That's- that's what I'll do...

"Let's go home, to our home now,"

Jake... I-I'll repay you, for every penny that you spent on me, I swear, though I can't take your clothes, they're yours, with your money. "Lillian, are you okay in there?" I jumped at the voice, Daren. You make me want to leave the most! Horrible man!

"I'm fine! Lillian doesn't need your help." I said grumpily, grabbing he bowl and stuffing my face with the delicious semi-warm food. I hate that he's a good cook.... Dammit.

"Well fine, be that way and you won't get what Jake told me to give you," I felt myself perk and look at the door, hearing silence on the other side. He better not be playing around...

"W-What is it?"

"Well, he got it as a little reward for your hard work around the house and wanted me to tell you to be in his room however you deem comfortable and wait for him." I-In his room? Comfortable? I like these clothes, I love them but, I like being a cat the most, or better yet, naked. Though, they hate that. I think..

With an empty bowl in hand, a full stomach, and too many thoughts to only pick out one, I opened the door to see Daren standing there before me. "Are you lying to Lillian?"

He sighed and shrugged his shoulders, "Belive me if you want, though," He leaned in closely, holding my non-bowl-holding wrist, and whispered closely to my ear, "I personally think he'll want you bare and in his room before he gets home, which will be late Kitten." I flushed from the thought, thinking of the hands I care about and the man using them, the man whom I call Master and obey because I have to.

"I-If you say so," I handed him the bowl quickly before he pulled me closer, staring into my eyes closely which made me want to shrink and disappear from the mysterious and peculiar stare he gave me.

"I do say so Kitten. Go on now," and with that, my wrist was free and I was once again in my room. Master wants to see me in his room, comfortable, and preferably, bare? I-I guess... I-If that's what it takes to be back to normal, instead of working like a slave and not spending any time with him!


"He should be home soon Lillian, good luck," I say him yawn and wave up to me from downstairs, disappearing into his room after the sound of a door closed. I-I hope this works. Sprinting back into my room, I changed slowly and looked at myself in the mirror. I-I'm not that bad am I? My breasts are perky and I think I've got, what they call, an ass. I-I hope Daren was right about this.

The soft roar of an engine soon stopped in front of the house. It's him! Oh god it's him! Grabbing my blanket, I dashed into Jakes room and looked around, a few papers here and there while his bed was made, due to me making it. Alright I hope this works. The front door opened and closed. Footsteps, quiet which he thinks, stepped slowly and up the stairs and down the hall towards his room.

Comfortable, be comfortable. I sat on his bed and drew in a nervous breath. Wait. What if he doesn't want me here in his room, though Daren said so- the door clicked and opened, revealing a black shape which reached it's hand it and turned on dim lights, making it easy on my eyes instead of a bright light. "Lillian?! What are you doing in here a-and l-like that!"

Standing from his bed, he turned and groaned, "L-Lillian came here because you told Daren, to tell Lillian, to. D-Did Lillian not get it right o-or L-is it because- That damned Daren," He said with a tight sound, I winced and whimpered, seeing a glimpse of me in his mirror, bare and rejected, fooled too. H-He never asked for me at all! I'm leaving, and this time for certain! "What did he tell you Lillian,"

"H-He told me that you had a-a reward for my hard work," his fist slammed against the door way as his shoulders raised and his head sunk, his knuckles turning white slowly, "a-and said that you wanted Lillian to wait in your room however Lillian deemed comfortable and so here Lillian is..." I was fooled. I'm so stupid!

"Put on a shirt for fucking sake, I'm tired of this shit!" I jumped, whimpering but keeping quiet, I was taught that in my last house. A few scars still remain though. "That Daren! Don't do anything I'll be right back after I finish that asshole room mate of mine- Master!" I leapt and clutched his lonely looking back, feeling the anger seep out of him.

"What?!" I stared into his dark stormy eyes and froze, my lips trembling as I felt so scared in that moment, "P-Please don't leave Lillian, Don't go down there, it's fine, Lillian can learn!" The tears streamed my face as I held him tighter, "Please don't leave Lillian! I-I-I," My voice got higher and higher until my vision was blackened by dots, black dots.

"Lillian!" was the last thing I heard him say before I fell into a deep slumber, feeling my body become light and gravity pulling me down quickly. He looked so scared at that moment too. I wonder what happened to me. I wonder why he made that face of fear. I'm so sorry Master...

I-I tried...

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