Ash Ketchum has been determined to become the best since he was a toddler. He has his eyes set on a charmander, but a twist of fate led him to the humble Nidoran. Note: Mix between anime and the games.


44. The Genesis Part 2

Have we not shown them our power with the Roost?

"No!" Giovanni said loudly. Mewtwo believed the humans would categorize the inflection as "fierce". "The League does not know our true strength! We must strike fear into their hearts. Their intrusions will not be tolerated!"

Mewtwo was silent. Giovanni would not change his mind. All Mewtwo could do was assist him. He had not learned enough to consider leaving.

Perhaps this would be a true test of his power.

"A wonderful plan, sir!" Executive Pierce said. He was happy, or at least what the shell considered happy. Glee was a more apt term. "The League will have to back down once they see what our friend here can do."

A spark of icy fire entered Mewtwo's vision. He was annoyed. Executive Pierce was not his friend. He would not be friends with a rabid animal.

Giovanni simply smiled and raised a hand. Persian was asleep and did not protest the loss of contact. "Indeed. Executive Pierce, Archer will begin the preparations. I will contact you with more information within the next few days. Your team will be delivered to you shortly."

"Thank you, sir." Executive Pierce smiled. Giovanni nodded and it left the room. Only Giovanni and Mewtwo remained.

Giovanni looked at him. Mewtwo moved his head to look at the human. His mind futilely grasped for any sort of thoughts from Giovanni. As expected there were none.

"I expect you to work with Executive Pierce. He is competent, if overly brutal at times. That is what makes him so valuable to me." Giovanni smiled. Mewtwo simply stared. "Simply do your job. This is a test. I want the world to know your power."

Why is this necessary? The League will not know of my presence. I will leave no survivors.

"I told you: The League must know fear. Team Rocket has hidden away in the shadows for too long. They have lost their fear of us. It needs to be returned." Giovanni said. He radiated cold anger. It had been held back for a long time.

Giovanni stroked Persian's fur. The great feline's jaws opened wide as it unconsciously purred. "Do not be so sure. Humanity is resilient, if nothing else. Some will survive. Pierce will destroy lifeboats and others that try to escape, but I trust that at least one passenger will make it back to safety. They will be our messenger."

Mewtwo did not like this. Too much was left to chance. Giovanni was driven by old anger and bitterness. He was being foolish.

But he did not say anything. He would not hold Giovanni back from his own destruction, even if he was the one worthy human. Mewtwo could leave at any time he desired. Should Giovanni lose everything Mewtwo would not stay. He was here to become invincible, nothing more.

"Even if you do kill every passenger the League will be terrified. They are not fools. The League will know that we did not use Voltorb or Electrode to destroy the St. Anne." Giovanni said. He had an expression that Mewtwo recognized as a scowl. "That is when we will make our next move."

I understand.

Mewtwo wasn't sure he did. He understood that Giovanni wanted to crush the League's morale. That was a simple and obvious tactic. It was one of the basic rules of war. The instincts his creators had given him told him that much.

But why didn't Giovanni attack something noteworthy? The League surely had a stronghold that would cripple them if he destroyed it. Why would Giovanni not strike at the League's strongest point? If it was destroyed Giovanni would be stronger.

He didn't understand.

Did Giovanni not place trust in his abilities? Did Giovanni doubt him?

Mewtwo wanted to smother Giovanni's bright spark with his own mind. It would be simple. Painless. Every answer would be his. Giovanni would be gone. Mewtwo would be alone.

He did not.

He still needed Giovanni. He needed to exercise control. He didn't want to be alone. Giovanni was the only human worthy of respect. Giovanni was more than the other lesser beings.

"I will contact you later. Specialized training for this mission shall begin tomorrow." Giovanni said. Persian had woken up and craved attention. "Goodbye, my friend."

Mewtwo gave a short nod before he teleported to his room.

He had much to think about.


Mewtwo didn't feel the cold rain or powerful wind. He didn't want to. His power followed his desire.

He was high in the air. Levitation and flight was a simple skill, if somewhat draining. Even Alakazam could do it for short times. Mewtwo could fly indefinitely.

"Go on, pillage to your heart's contents!" Executive Pierce laughed. Mewtwo wished he couldn't hear its voice. The microphones didn't always help. "Remember, kill anyone who resists! Don't be gentle, either. Bring back the targets I gave you. Try not to rough them up too much. That would be quite the shame for everyone involved."

Executive Pierce had twelve helicopters. Each had three Golbat and one Crobat as guards. The Executive's helicopter was guarded by a Dragonite and three Skarmory. The current storm was too powerful

Each helicopter carried ninety Rockets. There was room for hostages and cargo. Mewtwo knew that they would be full tonight.

He avoided the minds of Executive Pierce and the air guard. They all felt wrong. Mewtwo wasn't sure which he despised more. The pokemon were too weak to resist Team Rocket. Executive Pierce was simply disturbing.

Mewtwo was curious about the passengers. He would be killing the majority in a short time. They would be better to understand than the Rockets. He wasn't sure that the organization would work without Giovanno. Many Rockets were weak. Others were unstable.

As the Rockets flew closer he expanded his awareness. There were several dozen humans on the deck. Only a few had a pokemon out. Most were water-types. Weak but efficient.

The helicopters were close. The Rocket pokemon dived. Most of the sailors were killed. Their pokemon fell soon after. Executive Pierce was a skilled tactician if nothing else.

He only watched as the helicopters landed on the deck. Executive Pierce's air guard flew to the command section of the ship. Mewtwo could feel several panicked minds inside. They vanished several seconds of later.

Mewtwo ignored the Rockets as they exited the helicopters. They were quick. Not as weak and dull as normal Rockets. He wanted to feel the passengers.

There were so many. He had never felt so many minds at once since he first expanded his awareness. The ship was alive. It was beautiful.

He would destroy it.

Mewtwo could feel the passengers now. So many were weak, but they had the emotion of happiness pour off of them. He didn't know how to react.

Some were strong. Not as strong as Giovanni but they were strong. Trainers. Perhaps some would kill the Rockets before they were overwhelmed. It would be impossible for them to succeed. If the Rockets failed he would intervene early.

Perhaps he would kill a few Rockets himself.

Mewtwo watched and waited as the teams quickly spread throughout the St. Anne. They had trained for this.

"I suggest all of you hurry up." Executive Pierce said. He remained on his helicopter. Mewtwo knew he could observe the other Rockets from a computer inside. "You have thirty minutes to complete your objectives. Do try and make it back. I'd prefer to make this venture as successful as possible."

The Rockets' minds grew frantic. They began to enter rooms. Some passengers simply let them in. They did not realize who the Rockets were. Others refused. The Rockets broke down their doors.

Fights broke out across the ship. Mewtwo had never felt so much desperation. The passengers fought with everything. They were afraid. Some cowered but most proved that they were not as weak as their species would suggest. Minds flickered out of existence.

He did not watch any fights closely. They ended quickly. The Rockets moved in teams.

Quick. Savage pokemon. Alert. Awake.

All advantages the majority of passengers did not have. They fought back regardless. He was impressed. Humans were weak but they could be strong. They simply needed to be pushed.

That was an eye opener, as humans would put it. He didn't understand many of their expressions, but that expression made sense. Metaphor didn't translate well to his mind. Mewtwo wanted to change that. Humans were interesting in a way that most pokemon weren't: they wanted more. Their minds were fascinating.

He returned his focus to the individual battles. Whenever a Rocket's mind vanished his awareness grew more intent. The passengers didn't usually live long. Rockets were vengeful.

There were several isolated instances. One trainer had a Machamp. Mewtwo watched him intently. He fought well. Ruthlessly. All but a single Rocket of the team assigned to his hall were killed by the Machamp. An Arbok and Kadabra joined him. Mewtwo thought about making contact with the Kadabra. Giovanni didn't allow him near any more Alakazam. He'd killed most of the Alakazam at Team Rocket's disposal.

Two more teams on the hall left their targets. One kept a hostage. Mewtwo assumed it was one of the valuable individuals Giovanni sought.

He watched. The trainer fought well. It was not enough. He was too weak to resist for long. The trainer and his team were killed. Several more Rockets were brought down. All but three Zubat and Koffing were killed. A single Rocket Machop survived.

Mewtwo lost interest when the fight was over. The rest of the passengers were incapacitated or dead. Only a few were taken. The others were left to die.

There were only three other situations in which the passenger wasn't immediately killed. Both involved immature humans. Mewtwo supposed that the Rockets were too weak to simply kill the juveniles. For all their supposed freedom humans were as bound by their instincts as any wild pokemon. They were simply more subtle about it.

Only one other Rocket was killed by a human once the trainer with the Machamp was killed by an Ekans' Poison Sting. It was not at the command of a trainer. The human was weak. Juvenile. It was incapacitated. One of its pokemon killed the Rocket.

Mewtwo watched the rest of the raid. He felt excitement. His part was coming.

"Attention, my dear friends." Executive Pierce's voice intoned. He could hear the vibrations from the intercom system aboard the ship. His awareness had become more sensitive. His powers were growing. "This is Rocket Executive Pierce. To those who are currently resisting our acquisition of your pokemon and valuables, please desist or you will be killed. To my men and the rest, I suggest you hurry up. This ship will be destroyed in five minutes. Tick tock."

He was ready. Few passengers had proven their strength. The rest were weak. Unworthy of the gift of life.

Mewtwo contemplated what he was about to do for the remaining time. This would change everything. Giovanni would trust him completely. His power would never be doubted again.

The helicopters began preparation to lift off. Most Rockets had returned. Only a few remained inside the ship. Several passengers had gone to the deck. There was combat.

He was interested. The juvenile human had survived the Rocket attack. It had moved up to the deck with its pokemon. Mewtwo felt its pokemon kill a Golbat. One was a Drowzee. He was surprised that the immature psychic was capable of doing harm. Its powers were feeble.

"Mewtwo, it's time for you to perform your duty. A shame I won't be able to watch the spectacle." Executive Pierce laughed into the microphone. Mewtwo ignored him and waited for the helicopters to leave. They were valuable to Giovanni and carried important cargo. "Put on a good show."

Mewtwo didn't respond and held his annoyance in check. One day he would kill Executive Pierce. That was something to look forward to.

When the helicopters were a safe distance away he flew forward. Psychic powers were versatile. He surrounded himself in an orb of energy that eliminated air resistance. Little could keep up with him. Teleportation would be faster but it did not matter. Flight was more efficient at the moment and the St. Anne could not escape. Mewtwo could destroy it at his leisure.

He let his mind expand over the world. His power was no longer held in check. Mewtwo was a conduit for vast energies. The storm intensified. Lightning struck the ocean around him. Waves leapt at him.

The passengers suffered from his energy. Even the Rocket teams recoiled. Humans could not handle such power.

Mewtwo finally opened his eyes. His mind was far superior to the weak organs. Humans attached a symbolic meaning to sight, however. It was supposed to be more important than other senses. He should look at the St. Anne as it was destroyed. Give it validation.

His mind continued to let him know everything. His attention was simply divided.

He focused. Mewtwo wanted to hit the very center of the ship. He knew where to strike instantaneously.

Mewtwo drew energy from the sphere that protected him from the elements. There was no point in creating another psychic sphere to draw from. It would not take much of his energy to accomplish this task. His control had grown to the point where very little energy could go a long way, as humans said.

Before he destroyed the St. Anne he focused on those that had escaped. There were five life boats in the ocean. Together they carried two hundred passengers that were able to run from the Rockets. None were close to their capacity.

He felt several passengers escape on pokemon. Five passengers were on the back of a Gyarados. It was angry but protective. Newly evolved.

The other pokemon were Mantine and a Golduck. They were hidden in the waves. It was doubtful the Rockets would discover them. Rocket pokemon weren't disciplined and suffered many mental issues thanks to their own weakness. They were often only aware of their handlers' orders or potential targets.

Mewtwo could feel the Rocket Dragonite, Crobat, and Skarmory in the air. They had likely been ordered to attack life boats. Executive Pierce wouldn't let any survivors escape if he could help it.

It was time to fulfill his duty to Giovanni.

He did not have trouble. It was simple. He guided a Psybeam to the center of the ship and sent it upward. The energy beam cleanly cut through the ship. Several minds vanished from his awareness, although their remains didn't.

The passengers were afraid as the ship was cut in two. Mewtwo could feel their fear and desperation. Many tried to run from their cabins. Others were unconscious from the teams as they approached the end to their destiny.

He watched the ship begin to collapse into the sea. So many humans and pokemon were afraid. They cried. An odd reaction to death. Why did they not accept it? None mattered in the grand scheme of things. There was nothing they could do.

Mewtwo watched the ship die for a few more seconds. It grew boring. The minds remained in the state of fear. None could accept their inevitable death.

He flew away.

Mewtwo was not happy. He supposed that was odd. This would give him the full confidence of Giovanni. He would never be doubted again.

But it seemed so pointless. The St. Anne was an unimportant target. Perhaps it would make the League afraid. Perhaps it would make them angry. There was no amusement to be found in destroying such a weak target. Ordinary Rocket teams were capable of subjugating the passengers.

In the end it did not matter. He would have Giovanni's trust. That was all he wanted. Whatever the human's goals were did not matter. He would help Giovanni achieve them until he found his purpose.


"You did well, Mewtwo. The League is reeling." Giovanni said. He smiled as he stroked Persian. The feline purred and leaned its head into his hand. Mewtwo simply watched. "They have been informed of your actions. My fellows are afraid."

How many survived?

Giovanni didn't look at any of the papers on his desk. "As of now a hundred and three. Pierce did not hunt down as many survivors as I expected. I must confess to be disappointed. I expected better."

Mewtwo said nothing. He still didn't see the point of the attack. Demoralization was good. Pointless destruction was not. He didn't know which the attack was.

What have you gained from the attack?

Giovanni smiled and lightly stroked Persian. Mewtwo did not bother feeling for emotion. It rarely appeared.

"I have gained more than you can imagine, my friend." Giovanni said and smiled. "The public is afraid. The League has recoiled. Vermillion is a lost cause now, but with Lt. Surge we could never find a foothold. Kanto is mine."

"What's more, I found a lead into a rather personal matter of mine. When our goals have been accomplished perhaps I will follow it." Giovanni muttered. His face tensed. Mewtwo could feel tension. Old anger.

Mewtwo watched and felt. He wanted insight into Giovanni. He had done what Giovanni asked. This was an opportunity to discover what Giovanni felt about him now. Giovanni's control was slipping. The human had never discussed anything about himself. Only Mewtwo and Team Rocket.

But his opportunity vanished. Giovanni's mind was blank. Frayed emotion vanished.

He wanted to know why he couldn't feel Giovanni's mind. Mewtwo knew it wasn't because of the human's strength. Giovanni was strong but he was stronger. The strongest. Nothing could escape him.

Except for Giovanni.

One day he would discover Giovanni's secret. It was irritating to not know. All other knowledge came to him easily. He could know it by looking at another. Giovanni would offer no answers.

He was distracted. He did not need to be. Distraction was a weakness. He had no weaknesses.

"That is of no matter." Giovanni said. "It does not affect our plan."

What is our plan?

"Dominance." Giovanni said as he smiled. He snapped his fingers. Persian looked up at him. Annoyance bled from it. "I have dominated Team Rocket. I have dominated Kanto's underworld. Kanto itself is the last step of my experiment."

Mewtwo understood that. Control was a necessity. The strong preyed on the weak. It was the law of life. The strongest deserved to be in complete control.

But Mewtwo understood humans enough to know that they would not bow to Giovanni. He was human as well. Power taken was illegitimate in the eyes of the weak. Humans did would not accept his authority.


"Through you, my friend." Giovanni smiled. Mewtwo was tense. His muscles were rarely used. This was the exception. A natural reaction to a moment that could reveal Giovanni's true thoughts. "Team Rocket has the resources to wage a short war, but we cannot match the League. They have too many potential combatants. You are the great equalizer. They cannot harm you."

Mewtwo paid rapt attention. Giovanni was charismatic. That was what the humans called it. He could entrance with words as Mewtwo could with his mind. Even he was not immune.

His answers could lie in these words.

"I would never do something so bold as the destruction of the St. Anne without you." Giovanni said. His voice was low. Driven with an iron will and his own belief. "It would have been almost impossible, for one. I wouldn't waste my Voltorb supply on something of no value other than symbolic."

Giovanni laughed. Mewtwo didn't know enough of humans to know if it was real. Not real. It was real. He simply didn't know if the meaning and emotion behind it was genuine. What was the human term? Hollow?

"The League will implement measures against us, Mewtwo." Giovanni told him. "The Champion is already organizing task forces. Team Rocket has been contained by the police before now. No longer. You have made them fear. Even now the League fortifies their cities and strongholds."

"And that's what I want." Giovanni smiled. A human would recognize it as dangerous. Mewtwo thought of Executive Pierce. It was disconcerting. "A fortified League can't attack. My agents have disrupted their progress already. I have ordered attacks. Chaos will ensue. Team Rocket will show its might."

"This is a campaign of attrition. Hit and run. Guerilla warfare." Giovanni said. "I wear them down and strike."

What will I do? I do not run.

Giovanni was annoyed. Mewtwo was pleased. He could test Giovanni's shell. He could prompt emotion. Thoughts. There was a way without brute force.

"Of course not. I would not ask you to." Giovanni said to him. "You are too powerful to flee. You are far beyond any other ally I have. You are my partner for a reason."

Mewtwo didn't know what to think. Giovanni still seemed to see him as nothing more than a particularly useful fighter. Like one of his Executives. He was more than that. He was Giovanni's partner, not just a high-ranking servant.

He was stronger.

Bu there was progress. Giovanni spoke to him. He explained his thoughts and plans to him. In time he would see Mewtwo as an equal.

Perhaps he wouldn't have to kill him then.

"I said that the League would fortify themselves." Giovanni said. Mewtwo focused again. He could not let thoughts distract him. "That will be their undoing. In the future I will send you to destroy them. They will lose too much too fast."

I understand.

"Good." Giovanni said. He stroked Persian. The feline woke up. "Until then I would like for you to train. When the true tests come I would like for you to be at your most powerful."

I understand.

He did. Perhaps he would not be content with this forever. But for now he had a goal. A purpose.

He teleported to his chamber. Mewtwo's control was superior now. Teleportation was awkward but it was not as disruptive. Giovanni would not mind.

He found himself precisely where he desired. A sound similar to thunder announced his arrival. Mewtwo wasn't pleased. His control was still lacking. He needed to train.

That was in the future. For now he could think.

Mewtwo expanded his awareness further than ever before. He could feel everything. Life, definition, emotion. Everything.

It was beautiful.

One day it would all be his.


The next months were monotonous. His power grew exponentially. His armor became less and less of a hindrance. He mastered many psychic abilities and could truly control his power.

He was unstoppable, but there was more progress to make before he could leave Team Rocket. Mewtwo would stay with Giovanni until Team Rocket gained dominance.

For now he aided them. He captured powerful pokemon, hunted the most powerful League units outside of Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, broke League prisons to regain captured Rocket agents and a steady stream of recruits with nowhere else to go. He protected notable Rockets and took them from the League's clutches.

Giovanni taught him everything of war. It was a simple game and Mewtwo was the most powerful player.

Mewtwo learned more than war and power. He took an interest in his creation. Humans were intelligent, even if they were foolish in their application. It was simple to learn from the Rocket scientists. Their thoughts were open. He understood how he was created and Giovanni had let him see the blueprints for the cloning machinery used by the creators.

Knowledge was power. Mewtwo simply didn't know how to apply this knowledge yet. As of now it was little more than curiosity.

He was frustrated. Mewtwo still had no true direction. The war had not escalated. Giovanni's confrontations remained skirmishes. Mewtwo was only a specter to the League. They did not truly understand his power.

In between raids his life was boring. Mewtwo did not fulfilled fighting for Team Rocket. He only stayed for further training and because Giovanni was interesting.

Giovanni assured him that he would be used soon. He would no longer hide in the shadows. Mewtwo's full potential would be exposed. He would bring the world to its knees.

But for now he waited.

"Mewtwo, please teleport to the gym." Giovanni's cool voice said into his helmet. Mewtwo immediately teleported. There was only a small flash of light and a short crack. His control was sufficient to avoid most negative side effects.

He slipped seamlessly through space and time. Mewtwo appeared where Giovanni wished for him to. The battlefield was smooth and pristine. Giovanni had requested his presence early this time.

"You appear to be a skilled trainer, so I propose a deal." Giovanni said from his balcony. It normally intimidated challengers. Mewtwo could feel that this one was unaffected. Annoyed by the display. The challenger was an irritable one. "I will allow you to release all six of your pokemon at once. If you can defeat my friend here I will give you the badge."

Mewtwo restricted his awareness to the gym. He did not like cities. There were just too many minds and emotions conflicting at the same time. Tens of thousands sparks in their own routine and mundane existence. It was overwhelming at first.

In the gym he was aware of the sheer scale of the city's life but he did not understand it. It was much more efficient. He could process the information of thousands of buildings and minds but it was draining and made it more difficult to focus his power.

He didn't listen to the Challenger's words. That was a necessity when dealing with Giovanni. Other humans were simple to read. Their minds were his playthings.

Mewtwo's awareness took in the Challenger. He was an immature human. A young trainer. Potent, however. One had to be in order to challenge Giovanni. In time he would be a force to be reckoned with.

For now he was a toy to be discarded.

The Challenger was emotional. Pride, fear, anger. All conflicting. It was common to Giovanni's challengers. Giovanni was their ultimate test, or so he had come to learn.

His thoughts and arrogant emotions screamed his answer. I accept!

Giovanni was pleased. Mewtwo prepared himself. He restrained his powers as best he could. Although the armor held back the majority of his potential he could not afford to use more power than necessary.

These matches were an exercise in control. He'd failed the first time. Giovanni had been unhappy with the mess. It was easy to deal with the trainer before word could let out, however. The trainer's pokemon served Team Rocket now.

Now he was far more disciplined. He just had to watch himself.

The Challenger released its pokemon. Mewtwo identified them before they materialized. Blastoise. Arcanine. Alakazam. Nidoqueen. Umbreon. Scizor.

Powerful for their species. The Challenger was surprisingly powerful for its age. Few of the experienced challengers were as strong.

Giovanni snapped his fingers. Mewtwo did nothing. He patiently waited. The Challenger was not patient.

"Blastoise, Nidoqueen, Hyper Beam! Arcanine, Overheat! Alakazam, Shadow Ball! Umbreon, Faint Attack! Scizor, wait and hit it with X-Scissor!"

The Challenger said it all very quickly. Mewtwo knew what would occur before it gave the commands. They were fairly standard. Powerful for their type.

Simple to shield against.

Icy fire filled his vision. A layer of energy barely existent but practically invincible appeared around him. It easily neutralized every attack. Mewtwo allowed it to pulse outward. Most of the opposing pokemon were hurtled into the psychic barriers he maintained around the battlefield. The Umbreon disappeared and the Alakazam held its ground.

Impressive. The Alakazam fed off of his power. It allowed it to perform feats otherwise impossible. Cunning of it. Most psychics only took in the latent power he released. Alakazam harvested some of the power he used for his own shield.

Umbreon was simply resistant to the energy. It would harm it but not do much. Dark-types were annoying in that way. Mewtwo enjoyed defeating them.

The others were unconscious. Alakazam threw Shadow Ball. It dissipated against his shield. Mewtwo could feel the Alakazam. It was somewhat notable for its creativity. Otherwise it was as ineffectual as the rest.

He was interested in the Umbreon. Other psychics could feel the void they left in reality if they were skilled enough. Mewtwo could feel them as any other creature. They were simply muted. Faded, dull, out of focus. It was a similar effect to Giovanni's mind.

It moved quickly. Mewtwo felt it appear behind him. It was painfully slow to his awareness.

A thought threw Umbreon away. It was surprised before it hit the psychic barriers and fell unconscious. Mewtwo wished he could do more. He disliked dark-types. But Giovanni didn't like it when he killed challengers' pokemon. A pity.

Alakazam was all that was left. Its mind lit up as it tried to attack. Mewtwo focused what was left of the thin shield into a beam of energy that shot at Alakazam. It tried to create its own shield but it could not resist his power, minor as it may be.

Mewtwo traced the flight of its body as it flew into the psychic barriers next to its trainer. He could feel the Challenger's horror and fear.

Eighteen seconds. Somewhat slower than usual. He would work quicker next time.

"What, you – you cheated somehow!" The Challenger accused. Mewtwo always listened to their reaction. It was satisfying and amusing. "What is that thing?! Some kind of drugged up Alakazam?!"

"No, the future." Giovanni said. Mewtwo could feel his body smile. Persian watched with interest. The feline liked watching battles. "He is my partner, Mr. Oak. Now, be on your way. I have no more time for children."

The Challenger radiated fury. It shouted something and ran out. Mewtwo didn't bother feeling its mind. Its reaction was similar to many others. He was more concerned with the presence of another challenger outside the gym.

There is another Challenger.

"Thank you, Mewtwo." Giovanni replied. "Please deal with the challenger and restore the field before you go to the back room. I will call you if necessary."

Very well.

Mewtwo exercised a more subtle psychic ability as the Challenger raced toward the exit. He edited the Challenger's memories. It would lose everything from this but the barest details. Mewtwo's existence could not be widely known. Trainers talked. Editing their memories kept it from being an issue.

The battles rarely had much to clean up. Mewtwo didn't let them drag on. He simply smoothed it over with a wave before he levitated away. Mewtwo didn't like walking. It was so mundane. So jerky and pointless. Flight was freedom.

He floated through an open doorway. Perhaps he would get to battle this challenger as well. There were no raids or other activities planned for the day. He did not wish to train. Mewtwo desired action.

Mewtwo felt the former Challenger say something to the new Challenger. It was angry. The new Challenger was concerned. Perhaps it would be more cautious.

There was something familiar about the new Challenger. It had felt its mind before. Somewhere important. Mewtwo could not think of where. That was annoying. He would have to wait to investigate the new Challenger's mind. Brushing too close would alert it.

He was interested in Giovanni's reaction. The human actually released emotion. His thoughts were available in small scraps. Giovanni recognized the Challenger. He was afraid, confused. Those were not emotions Mewtwo associated with Giovanni. They were weaknesses. But he was more concerned that Giovanni was happy.

Mewtwo did not pay attention to the conversation. Giovanni's emotions and bare thoughts told so much more.

Giovanni had a weakness in this Challenger. He knew him from somewhere. He knew the Challenger's family. That was interesting. Giovanni was not as indomitable as he portrayed. Mewtwo had known it. Giovanni was merely human, not like Mewtwo.

It was something to keep in mind. Giovanni was still an enigma. Every bit of information was valuable. Weaknesses even more so.

Giovanni continued to radiate emotion as he began the battle. Mewtwo was content to watch and wait. This extended the time Giovanni would be open. He would take full advantage. He wouldn't enjoy defeating the Challenger, regardless. It would be boring. Petty.

The battle was longer than Mewtwo expected. What was more surprising was that Giovanni lost. That had never happened before. Even when Giovanni simply had Mewtwo watch he always won without real effort.

This Challenger was interesting. Mewtwo would remember him. He was skilled and important to Giovanni in some way Mewtwo did not yet know. The Challenger could be important to find in the future.

When the Challenger received his spoils Giovanni called for Mewtwo to repair the field. Mewtwo floated out into the open and was impressed. There was extensive damage.

He felt Giovanni's emotional weakness as he accessed his power to repair the battlefield. Mewtwo felt the Challenger's mind focus on him. He looked up. The Challenger met his eyes. The Challenger was afraid.

Mewtwo was concerned when the Challenger felt recognition and fear. That was disturbing. Giovanni needed to know of it. Perhaps the human had been on the St. Anne or one of his other targets. If he went to the League it could pose a unique problem.

He recognized me. Shall I correct that?

"No!" Giovanni said sharply. Mewtwo was surprised at the human's vehemence. It was out of character. Giovanni calmed. "No. I know that he recognized you. He was the one who alerted the League of your presence at the St. Anne."

Have you arranged for him to be intercepted?

"No." Giovanni responded. He was adamant. Mewtwo did not understand. "He is to go free."

Mewtwo was confused.

I do not understand. He will likely alert the League if he recognized me.

"He will, if the reports on him are anything to go by." Giovanni acknowledged. "I will allow it. It's time that we step out of the shadows. You are ready to topple the League and I shall support you. I will let the boy give the League our bait."

He understood more now. The Challenger was important. Mewtwo focused on him. He was afraid. Angry. He was putting thoughts together.

Mewtwo was interested. The Challenger had contact with the Champion. Unexpected.

He knows. He has called the Champion Lance.

"Good. Thank you, Ash Ketchum. You have proved to be quite helpful." Giovanni said quietly. He was smiling. The human looked at Mewtwo. "Well, the trap is set. Now we must prepare. I have no doubt that Lance will use every force at his disposal. He's aware of your presence."

Mewtwo was excited. This might be, if not a challenge, something to amuse himself with. It would be a test. He intended to pass.

"The League's most powerful forces will be concentrated in one place." Giovanni mused to Mewtwo. "I believe that they'll have quite a few ranks to fill tomorrow. Let's give them something to remember me by before I must leave Viridian."

It was a course of action Mewtwo agreed with. The world would finally know his power.


They are preparing to attack. The League has assembled ACE trainers. I feel the presence of the Elite Four. Elite Four Bruno is absent. Two unidentified trainers and the challenger from yesterday. Gym Leader Sabrina is present.

"Thank you, Mewtwo. It is as I expected. Lance is cautious." Giovanni said. Mewtwo could feel his smile. The human was excited. He had a right to be. Mewtwo had kept focus solely upon the camp and his immediate surroundings for two hours now. It was dull but important. The League had set up quickly. They wanted Giovanni.

Shall I destroy them now?

"No. I want the entire world to see this." Giovanni replied. He stood on the balcony. Persian was beside him. Mewtwo stayed on the battlefield. "I will allow them entrance. When the situation sours, teleport me to the Headquarters. I will give you further instruction from there."

Very well.

Giovanni waited. Mewtwo could feel the Challenger, Ash Ketchum Giovanni had named him, fly to the air above the gym. He didn't bother brushing against the human's mind. He was focused on the League forces that teleported into Viridian. They were subtle, barely noticeable in the chaos of the city.

He was excited. This was a battle to remember. It was climactic. He would break the League here. Giovanni would be pleased.

Mewtwo struggled to restrain his power as he felt the Elite Four representatives teleport into Viridian. They were seconds away from the gym's security checkpoint.

"Come behind me. I'd like for you to be a surprise." Giovanni told him. Mewtwo levitated to Giovanni's desired destination. The human returned Persian to its pokeball. It was the first time Giovanni had not had his companion present.

The Elite Four entered the gym. Mewtwo did not let his excitement subvert his control. Psychic abilities were tied to emotion. He needed to restrain himself.

He could feel each of the Elite Four as they stepped into Giovanni's gym. Their minds were powerful. Not as muted as Giovanni's but powerful. They would be his most powerful foes. Each could break Team Rocket's entirety in a fair fight.

They were nothing to him.

He felt their minds. Their emotions. Their identity.

Champion Lance. Strong. Stubborn. Brutal. Charismatic. Just as Giovanni had told him.

Elite Four Lorelei. Intelligent. Cunning. Cruel to her enemies. Powerful and analytic. Worthy of respect.

Elite Four Agatha. The only potential threat. Distortions in reality hovered around her. Each huddled around the human protectively. They were her most powerful pokemon. Mewtwo would kill them first. Ghosts were vulnerable but could prove troublesome.

"Champion Lance, Elite Four Agatha and Lorelei. What a surprise. I welcome you to my gym." Giovanni said grandiosely. Mewtwo had learned much of human speech patterns. It was useful for identifying moods in the inscrutable Giovanni. "I trust that you have a reason in coming here? You were certainly not invited."

"You know why we're here, Giovanni!" Champion Lance shouted. His mind was simple but effective. He was indignant and angry, but wary. "You are under arrest for association with Team Rocket! Surrender now and avoid bloodshed. You cannot win here!"

Giovanni frowned. "I'm afraid that's where our opinions differ. Mewtwo, please kill them."

Mewtwo floated forward. He no longer held back his power. His awareness washed over the entire city without restraint. Every human except for Giovanni was crippled by his power. It gave him time to act.

He teleported Giovanni back to the Team Rocket Headquarters. Giovanni could watch the slaughter of his enemies from there. Mewtwo turned to the Elite Four. A Gengar took them outside. No matter. They could not escape.

Another Gengar tried to attack him. He destroyed its corporeal form with a thought and beam of psychic power. It would reform soon enough. The ghost was quite powerful for a lesser being.

Mewtwo's heart beat faster. Icy fire veiled over the world. He was ready for this. This was what he had trained for.

Hundreds of new minds appeared. The League forces had released their pokemon. They were a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, he was superior. He was the strongest. They were his playthings.

He threw off the rest of his shackles. Psychic power flowed freely. Most of his power was still locked away by the armor.

The gym trembled as his power was unleashed. Mewtwo was surrounded in an aura of icy psychic energy. He concentrated it until it was a shield that clung to his armor. Nothing could hurt him now.

Mewtwo looked up at the ceiling. It was an obstacle to his conquest. He wanted it to go away. His power responded to his will and a pulse of force shot up and created a large explosion. Mewtwo floated higher in the midst of smoke and dust.

His eyes were useless. It was fortunate that he did not rely on something as unreliable as sight.

Everything was clear to him. He knew where every human and pokemon was. There was so much fear. This was the best the League could send at him? Mewtwo blew the smoke away. He wanted the League to see their destroyer.

Mewtwo heard Champion Lance order the attack. Good. Giovanni wanted him to display his power. It would be enjoyable to extend the battle. Their morale would break when they could not hurt him.

He could feel the energy released by hundreds of simultaneous attacks. It was beautiful to watch through his awareness. The energy was so bright. Mewtwo almost forgot that it was attack.

It might as well have not been. He flicked his wrist. The lesser creatures were blinded from the light. Their attacks washed helplessly off of the protective barrier that formed around him. He did not wish to rely on his backup shield.

Mewtwo could feel the League psychic pokemon feeding off of his power. They were well-trained. It would do them no good.

He looked at the ground directly in front of the gym. It exploded and released a large amount of energy. Dust filled the air. The lesser creatures were unable to penetrate the cloud.

As the League forces recuperated he raised his arm and created a sphere of psychic energy. He mentally traced every organisms' location and trajectory and aimed Psybeam at all of the exposed humans and pokemon.

Several minds vanished from his awareness. The others his Psybeam struck were crippled. They could not contribute much.

He prepared to destroy the rest of them. A sudden mental assault distracted him from his goal. Mewtwo reflexively shielded himself as he identified the source of the attack. It was simple to protect himself from the pitiful assault.

Gym Leader Sabrina and an Elite Four trainee focused upon him. They had joined together with their pokemon. Each was a potent psychic in their own right. Gym Leader Sabrina was a Master. Mewtwo could respect her. She was as worthy of respect as Giovanni. He did not wish to kill such a skilled human.

Mewtwo ignored the attacks that rained against his barrier. The team of psychics were a larger threat.

They wanted to possess him while he was distracted. They wanted to dominate his mind and leave him a shell. He was impressed by their cunning. The League was willing to stoop low to defeat him. That was respectable.

He let them make progress. Their power hung on the edge of his consciousness. The psychics were more difficult to hold back than he expected but could not match his power. Sabrina's skill was impressive. He had to focus to protect himself.

Mewtwo waited for his shield to finally weaken underneath the assault of the Elite Four and League forces before he began to respond. He focused his power and restored his shield. He focused on the psychics.

They were an annoyance.

He found their weakest link. A Mr. Mime. Mewtwo crushed it and extended his consciousness to fill the shell. He wouldn't kill it. He would like to face Sabrina again one day.

The psychics were afraid. He repeated the process with the rest of the pokemon within a second. The mind worked faster than any shell of flesh.

The Elite Four trainee fell next. He resisted, but he was only as strong as the Mr. Mime. It was simple to snuff out his consciousness.

Mewtwo turned his full might upon Sabrina. She was afraid. Good. Next time she would prepare herself.

He grew bored with her fear. Mewtwo extended his influence into her. She fell unconscious. Sabrina, the trainee, and their pokemon were in a coma. When they awoke they would have an idea of how to resist him. It would be interesting.

It was time to finish this. He would give the League another minute to try and defeat him. Mewtwo would shield himself and destroy ghosts. He needed some way to break the monotony.

Mewtwo felt his shields bend underneath a rather impressive amount of energy. The Champion Lance was powerful for a human. He was worthy of respect. No other had managed to put significant pressure on his barrier. The Hyper Beams were exceptional.

He let the battle go on for a while longer. Giovanni wanted him to make the finale impressive. He was surprised the human hadn't made contact with him yet.

When Elite Four Agatha's ghosts were unable to regenerate as effectively Mewtwo released the energy stored in his psychic barrier. It was sufficient to disable the full force he faced and lock them in place.

Mewtwo ensured that the human Ash Ketchum was not affected. He was on the back of a Dragonair. He would not kill the human. It was not a threat. Giovanni was interested in it.

He flicked his wrist. The first of Champion Lance's pokemon was sent to the ground. Mewtwo could feel the stone crack. There was a new crater. It was accompanied by the rest of the Champion Lance's team. They were strong but they could not resist him.

Mewtwo felt Ash Ketchum and the Dragonair fly toward him as he looked at the Champion Lance. He would give the human the honor of meeting his eyes before he died.

He felt no fear from the Champion. Only anger and grim determination. Mewtwo was impressed. Most humans feared death. The Champion Lance accepted it.

It would welcome him in turn.

Mewtwo flicked his wrist downward. Gestures made his powers more efficient. It guided them. He was slightly tired. He needed to train his endurance. Mewtwo would need it soon.

The Champion Lance was intercepted. Mewtwo was annoyed. He'd have to exert more energy to kill the human now. He felt Ash Ketchum and a Tangrowth. They were responsible.

He did not particularly desire to kill Ash Ketchum, but he had no such trepidations about the Dragonair. Giovanni had no use for the Dragonair.

Mewtwo felt where the Dragonair was located and its trajectory. He guided a beam of psychic energy into its spine. He knew that it would paralyze the pokemon. Mewtwo would kill it with Lance.

The humans were injured. Mewtwo felt them trying to escape. That would not do. He froze every living creature in the area. They would not interfere. They would watch while their Champion died.

The Champion Lance recalled the Dragonair to its pokeball. He was sad now. He realized the folly of his actions. There was no escape from Mewtwo. Champion Lance was injured, as was Ash Ketchum.

He teleported in front of the humans. They deserved to see their death. Ash Ketchum had annoyed him. The human recalled the Tangrowth.

Champion Lance met his eyes. Mewtwo could feel the pain emanate from Champion Lance's mind. He was strong willed. He would break it.

Ash Ketchum stared at him. He was afraid but determined. Admirable. He accepted his death. He did not want to die a coward.

He raised an arm. Psychic power formed into a ball. It was not a focused attack but a source of energy. Mewtwo didn't need so much energy. It was simply a luxury. He did not get to kill the Indigo Champion every day.

The Champion of Indigo and a Child. I had not expected the honor. This confrontation was not expected for a long time yet.

Mewtwo could feel the pain that radiated from them. Their will was strong but their mind was fragile. He did not ordinarily converse with humans other than Giovanni. It was difficult to remember how easy it was to hurt them.

He did not stop speaking. The Champion Lance was worthy of a few words before his destruction.

My partner believed that you and your Elite Four would be a proper test of my skills, Champion. He was right. This battle was amusing. It will be a shame that none of its participants save I shall be alive to remember it.

The humans did not look away. He prepared to kill them. They would not be annoyances any longer.

"Stop!" Giovanni's voiced echoed in his helmet. Mewtwo was annoyed. Why did he speak up now? "Do not kill the boy!"

Mewtwo expanded his awareness and hunted down Giovanni at the Headquarters. It was many miles away but his powers were strong now. He simply had to focus on the human.

He spoke only to Giovanni. The Champion did not need to hear this.

Why? He is a hindrance.

"Do not kill the boy!" Giovanni shouted. Mewtwo almost started. Giovanni never shouted. "He is valuable! Do not put him at risk."

Very well. I will not kill him.

Mewtwo was annoyed now. Giovanni was being a fool. The juvenile human hated Team Rocket. It was one of the strongest emotions he could feel from him.

But he would at least try. Giovanni was his partner.

Champion, step away from the child and it would live.

The Champion Lance moved. Mewtwo prepared to kill him and end this game. He wanted to destroy the rest of the League forces and leave.

He was further annoyed when Ash Ketchum grabbed the Champion. His patience was at its limit.

"Stand down." Giovanni ordered.

Mewtwo thought about killing both of the humans. Perhaps it would stop Giovanni from being so foolish. He was allowing some unknown emotion to control him. He was being weak.

I have precision. I can kill Champion Lance and spare the child. It will be simple.

Giovanni was silent. Mewtwo could hear Persian purr in the background. "No. Do not put the child at risk."

Mewtwo was angry now. He did not allow his power to spiral out of control. Control was everything. Control was necessary.

Why? I can end this. The League will be broken without its Champion.

"Leave. Their faith and morale will be broken." Giovanni said at last. His mind was frantic. Mewtwo's voice had hurt him. "The people of Kanto have seen their strongest defenders fall to you. The League will be slow to recover. My operations can be executed while they recover."

This is a mistake.

"Perhaps." Giovanni admitted. Mewtwo did not like this. Giovanni never showed weakness. He was strong. "But I have plans within plans. Return to the Headquarters. I have a new assignment for you."

Mewtwo wanted to refuse. He wanted to obliterate this entire city and stand in the ashes. He was angry. Giovanni was being a fool. Not pragmatic. Not rational.

Very well.

He looked at the Champion Lance. The human was almost unconscious. Ash Ketchum watched him with frightened eyes. Mewtwo wanted to kill them both. He would not forget them.

Consider yourselves lucky. My partner is acting irrationally. He will not allow you to be hurt, and unfortunately my power is too great to so much as touch you without crushing your body into a bloody pulp.

An exaggeration. A lie to protect his own pride. He would not let the humans think he was weak. He was not bowing to Giovanni's will. Giovanni was simply being foolish. Mewtwo still needed him. He was being rational.

He could feel hundreds of minds approach. They were filled with concern and fear. It was almost overbearing.

It is a mistake, but I will honor my partner's wishes. Besides, it looks like more of your misguided allies have arrived. Perhaps this is for the best. My message has been sent.

Mewtwo levitated from the ground. He looked down at the lesser creatures. They were strong but he would kill both of them one day. Ash Ketchum had interfered. Champion Lance was simply a threat. He was worthy enough for Mewtwo to kill him face to face.

I will meet you again, Champion. You will not be protected by the child forever. I will claim your life, and next not even my partner's protests will spare you.

He looked around in disgust. His mind told him what he would see. Mewtwo wanted to see the scene of his first true appearance with his eyes. Another human trait he had assimilated.

Shall I kill them?

"Leave." Giovanni told him. Mewtwo was annoyed. He let his mind take in everything once more. When he was done he teleported. There was nothing left for him here.


"You did well." Giovanni greeted him. "They are afraid. My agents have already begun to destabilize the League. Our goals will be met in a matter of months."

You restrained me. I could have ended it there. Champion Lance was at my mercy.

"The boy was too valuable to put at risk!" Giovanni shouted. He was angry and afraid. Weak. Mewtwo wanted to engulf his mind and assimilate his knowledge. The human was being annoying.


"It does not concern you." Giovanni spat. Mewtwo's eyes flashed. He would not be spoken to like that. Giovanni was strong for a human, but Mewtwo was the strongest in the world. He was Giovanni's superior in every way.

We are partners. I want to know why you sabotaged the mission. The plan was to kill them all.

"The boy is valuable. He has connections. He is a prodigy. I need a successor." Giovanni said. Mewtwo could feel that he was not giving the whole truth. It was enough. He would take it one day. "I cannot risk his death."

There was no point in continuing this conversation. Giovanni would not give him his answers and he could not take them yet. One day he would know just why the boy was such a weakness. For now he could only record Ash Ketchum to memory.

"I should tell you about your assignment." Giovanni said quietly. Persian was silent for once. Mewtwo realized that his power was being guided by his anger. He did not mind. It was nothing more than Giovanni deserved. "In a few days Kanto will be at war. You will be vital during that time. Until you are needed you will search Kanto."

For what?

"Anything the League might seek to turn to their advantage. They know your power. There is nothing they will not do to defeat you. I suspect that they will search for Legendaries. Therefore, your mission is to find and, if not eliminate them, alert me to their location."

Mewtwo's interest was raised. His anger dimmed. A Legendary would be a true test. Perhaps it would be a challenge.

"I have a potential lead." Giovanni told him. Mewtwo listened. He restricted his awareness to the room. "There is a storm going through Kanto. It cannot be natural. I know you can feel the world around you. Check the storm."

Very well.

He would enjoy this assignment. It would be a true test of his power.


His mind expanded throughout Kanto. Mewtwo had never been able to focus on nothing but his awareness before. Everything was indistinct in his mind, but he could feel so much life. So many bright lights and beautiful fields.

He did not have time for that. Mewtwo had a single target and he had just found it.

An awareness far different than any he had ever encountered flew in the middle of the storm. Mewtwo was hesitant to call it a mind. It was the storm. It was intelligent but in a different way than he understood. Alien but vaguely familiar.

Mewtwo brushed against its awareness.


Electricity filled him. It was a force, not a mind. It noticed him.

Mewtwo felt his own mind tremble against the monumental awareness that rushed inside of his own mind and body. He felt as though he would burst into ash. Large amounts of energy flooded his body. The force only increased its pressure.

It was fortunate that he was not connected to the machine. It would have been destroyed.

He suddenly stopped. He was Mewtwo, the most powerful entity in the world. He would not allow something that barely qualified as a recognizable mind to end him.

His eyes flashed. Power flooded his body. Not the Force's but his own. It purged him of the Force's power.

The Force withdrew. He would not let it escape. Mewtwo wanted its destruction. He would break it until it was his slave. Nothing was allowed to hurt him!

Mewtwo's power, restricted as it was, rushed into their tenuous connection. The Force recoiled. The storm that was a part of it fluctuated wildly. Mewtwo focused. He would not allow it to escape.

Feeling it was like nothing else. It was more than a mere mind. It was something…more.

The Force fought back. It was wary. It could not break his power. He had hurt it.

His mind was in pain. Electricity still crackled in his body. He was weakened more by a second of contact with the Force than the entire battle with the League. It was a worthy foe. All the better to break.

He could not make headway. The Force was too powerful. They were evenly matched. If his armor was gone he could win. Mewtwo used more power.

The Force responded in kind. Mewtwo's body crackled with electricity. He did not let the pain bother him. He wanted to win.

Mewtwo attacked one last time. The Force felt something akin to anger. It tried to allow its own power to wash over him but he would not allow it. Electricity suddenly ripped into his mind and body. Mewtwo was crippled but the Force was as well.

It was a stalemate. Mewtwo tried to attack, but the Force escaped. He was angry. He could have defeated it.

But the experience was valuable. That was beyond anything he had felt before. It was a Legendary. Mewtwo knew now he could face one. His power was still growing exponentially. Had he faced it in a physical battle he was certain he could have defeated it. Electricity was powerful but his psychic powers were more versatile.

He returned his awareness to his own body. The Force had been crippled. It would take time to recover. Mewtwo was not anxious to engage it soon. He needed to become more powerful. Perhaps Giovanni would allow him to remove his armor.

Mewtwo realized he was on the ground. His body failed to respond to his commands. He was annoyed and raised himself with his power. It would take time before he was strong enough to seek the Legendary again.

Next time he would be ready.


He enjoyed the next few months. Mewtwo was everywhere. Whenever the League attacked he destroyed them. Whenever the Rockets attacked he aided them. He gathered intelligence, killed civilian leaders of the League, controlled humans and assisted Team Rocket in catching powerful pokemon.

His power was undefeatable. Nothing was capable of standing against him.

War was fun. There was no other way to explain it. The greatest game of all.

Mewtwo knew his power now. He had advanced far. Only his control was lacking. When his power ceased to grow perhaps he would be able to master control. For now he valued the additional power.

He grew weary of the armor. It restricted him. With it he was unstoppable. Without it he would be beyond any other life form. The shadow of Mew would become the true power in the world. Legendaries would fall before him. He would no longer need Giovanni.

Even now he did not. He was beyond Giovanni. The human deserved respect but he was an inferior creature. Giovanni was bound by instinct. He could not identify his own failings.

But he was unsatisfied. As his mastery increased old questions were dredged up.

What was his destiny? What was his purpose?

Giovanni had told him that he was created to be the greatest psychic of all time. That had become reality. But Giovanni didn't teach him how to use his power in other ways. Mewtwo had to learn that himself. All Giovanni had used him for was battle. Death.

So much of it was pointless. There was amusement in overwhelming victory but no fulfillment.

He wanted answers. Giovanni had misdirected him for so long. Half-truths and postponing. Mewtwo had needed him before. No longer. He would have his answers.

Mewtwo would have them. He would have them today. He had no more patience.

He had called Giovanni to his quarters. Giovanni was uncomfortable here. His power permeated this chamber. Every human and pokemon could feel it.

Giovanni entered the room. Mewtwo had followed him for some time. There were twelve Rockets in the hall behind him. His bodyguard. They were unnecessary. Persian was sufficient for any ordinary threat. It was powerful for a lesser creature.

"What is it you want, my friend?"


"And what answers do you want? I have answered all of your other questions." Giovanni said. Mewtwo could feel nothing from the human. He stopped restraining all of his power. Even Giovanni could feel it now. His strange strength could not protect him.

I want the truth. Why was I created? What is my purpose?

"You were created to be the most powerful psychic of all time. I wanted a partner that could do things that I could not." Giovanni replied. There was still nothing. Mewtwo didn't believe it.

I want the truth!

Giovanni was brought to his knees. Mewtwo had not done anything. He simply allowed his power to reveal itself. Persian hissed and tried to jump at him. Mewtwo froze it in a shell of psychic energy. If Giovanni told him the truth he didn't want to create an irrevocable break in their partnership. Killing Persian would do that.

He let his mind wash over Giovanni's void. Mewtwo could sense it now. It was hidden. Protected with discipline and something else. Mewtwo did not understand it.

Giovanni would tell him the truth. He was only human. Humans could not resist him.

His influence forced the truth. Mewtwo was curious. He wanted answers. He did not need Giovanni's training anymore. He was ready.

"You were created by humans to obey humans!" Giovanni gasped. Mewtwo's eyes began to glow. He was angry. Metal crumpled beneath his feet. "You are a weapon, nothing more!"

You said I was your equal! We stood as partners! I am as much a human as you!

His influence crushed any of Giovanni's will to resist. His anger fuelled his power. The metal of the chamber was ripped up and levitated. Mewtwo did not care. He was angry.

"You are just a pokemon!" Giovanni spat. His face was red. Mewtwo did not know if it was anger or pain. "You are superior to other pokemon, but you are an abomination that dreams it can think! Humanity created you. You exist to be mine!"

Mewtwo did not say anything else. He would never be a slave. He was more than that! His creators had seen him as an experiment. Giovanni saw him as a tool. A weapon that needed to be controlled.

He had been a fool. He had wanted a partner. A companion. His weakness had cost him time.

Death had been his creators' fate. Giovanni deserved it far more.

He gave into the anger. Everything blurred. Mewtwo's body became a conduit.

Mewtwo was aware of nothing but the armor. A symbol of Giovanni's dominance. It had to go.

Power flooded his body. He wanted the armor gone. Immense energies ripped at it, but the armor fed off of his power. It resisted his attempts. His shackled strength fuelled it.

He wanted it gone.

Mewtwo felt horrible pain, then weakness, then freedom. The armor was vaporized. He was free in every way.

He felt everything. Nothing was hidden. Life was everywhere. It was wonderful. A miracle he could not match.

It was quenched in his vicinity. Everything died. Only Giovanni and Persian survived. They were protected.

Mewtwo's eyes glowed. Everything was blue fire.

His full power returned and he felt angry and then –

The world was blurred. Heat, light, force, energy. Everything was his to command and his anger released it. Mewtwo didn't realize what was happening. He didn't act. His anger did. His power bent to his emotion and he could only feel glee and hatred for Giovanni when the world exploded.

Mewtwo flew out of it. He didn't look back at the Rocket Headquarters. His awareness told him everything. It was devoid of life. Everything was twisted metal and molten slag. Human bodies were unrecognizable. Team Rocket's heart was dead.

He did not know where to go. Mewtwo let his instincts guide him and he flew.


Mewtwo was calm. He landed on the ruins of New Island. That was its name. This was where he was created. This was where he would live.

The world would not forget him. Team Rocket was dead but the League would hunt him. He was too powerful to let go.

Mewtwo would not let them. He was free now. Giovanni was gone. Team Rocket was gone. Only Mewtwo remained.

He was the strongest now. He was a child before. Nothing could oppose him.

The strong dominated the weak. It was their right. Giovanni had taught him that. It was true. The world would learn it soon enough. Nothing would escape his right.

This was his world. He only possessed New Island now. He would rebuild it. The world trembled at his every thought. Mewtwo knew what it had felt like before. His awareness had retained it.

He let his mind cover the ocean. Nothing was there but life. Pokemon. No humans. Beautiful.

Mewtwo did not know what he would do now. His life had been dictated by the whims of others. Freedom was strange. What could he do?


He had power now. He was free.

Mewtwo would find his own destiny.

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