Ash Ketchum has been determined to become the best since he was a toddler. He has his eyes set on a charmander, but a twist of fate led him to the humble Nidoran. Note: Mix between anime and the games.


43. The Genesis Part 1

Life is wonderful.

But why?

The slumbering creature awoke. Two eyes slowly slid open and for the first time saw the tiny world it inhabited.

Amber liquid surrounded it. Bubbles gently floated up. It felt panic. This was not familiar. What had happened to the abyss? What was this?

Strange shapes, so familiar but so alien, were visible through the thick cushion of the liquid. Who were they? What were they? Why was it separated from them?

Had its previous reality been naught but a dream, figments of thought manifested in its own mind?

What was going on?

The liquid suddenly grew thick. Its eyes slowly closed as heavy fluid entered its body, wrapped in this mock womb. It silently struggled, but its mind was sluggish and weak. In moments its vision dimmed and blurred before its consciousness once more retreated into the abyss.


"Doctor, look at this!"

Its mind stirred. It had slept for so long, suspended in this gentle liquid. Words that it should not have understood but could fathom with perfect clarity penetrated the liquid.


Another dim voice, barely audible. It stirred further. Its mind sluggishly awoke from its induced slumber. Confusion ran rampant but an odd calm kept it from awakening.

"It's brain waves! They're growing stronger" The voice cried again.

It stirred. More voices. It wanted silence. Its mind slowly rose from the darkness. The last flashes of its dream, so vivid that it had to be real – but what is real? – slid through its mind as its eyes opened. A huge pyramid of stone – mountain, it somehow knew – reflected above a huge pool of water with a warm sky above contrasted to the cold reality its eyes saw. The amber liquid pressed against him. Bubbles floated gently.

More voices. They grew louder. More annoying. Too loud. Its head ached.

Its eyes fully opened. The strange shapes moved outside. They were huddled together. Too loud.

But they were outside. They were not in the prison. They were not separated from the world by some invisible layer of…something. They were not in the liquid, suspended in time and space.

It must leave. It must be outside. The voices hurt but they were outside. It wanted to be outside.

A shape in dark blue liquid flashed in its mind, a tiny image of something it could not understand. Its mind suddenly snapped away.

It must leave.

Icy blue light suddenly appeared in its vision. Flames of the same color danced as power flooded its body. It could finally feel its body. But it was trapped. Strange feelings were in its lower half.

The invisible barrier disappeared. It was destroyed. The liquid that imprisoned it disappeared as well. The strange hooks burnt to nothing.

It was free.

The voices were loud now. They panicked. It felt the power fade. It wanted it back.

It looked up. The strange creatures in front of it, so different than it was but so similar, crowded around it. They clamored until One stepped forward.

"Quiet! Let us hear its psychic powers!" The One exclaimed. Its words held no meaning.

It wanted to respond. The one could tell it why it was here. Why they had imprisoned it in the amber liquid. What it was. Why they didn't free it.

It looked up. The One looked at it with a strange look. It could not place it.

It wanted to respond. It wanted to know what it had used to escape the prison.

Psychic powers?

The One screamed and clutched its head. The other creatures collapsed to the floor and did the same.

It cocked its head. Why were they screaming?

It closed its eyes. A new world was revealed to it.

Small sparks were where the creatures had been. They were erratic. They danced and flickered in and out of existence. Slowly they became stable again.

It cocked its head as the One stood up. It did not know how it knew the tiny sparks identity but it did. It felt right.

The One stood up. Its voice was weak. Just like the One was. "For years we have struggled to clone a pokemon to prove our theories. But you're the first specimen to survive!"

It was an experiment? What did that mean? Was it put here as nothing more than a way to satisfy the One's curiosity? What was a clone? What were the one's theories? Why had the others died? Why had the One continued when others had died?

"Look." The One said. It opened its eyes and followed the one's motion. It was reflexive. Instinctive. Its eyes, so weak and blind compared to the strange world it had entered, found a strange slab. Lines were carved into it. They formed a shape. A small creature danced through its mind again. Reality replaced it. "That is Mew, the rarest of all pokemon. From its DNA we created you, Mewtwo!"

It blinked. Mewtwo. That was its name. It was not an it. Mewtwo was a name. Mewtwo had a purpose. Mewtwo had a reason for existing.

Mewtwo closed its eyes. Another world took vision's place. The sparks danced. They were worried. The world around it was sharper. It was clear in a way that it wasn't before. Mewtwo could feel every detail of the world. Every line, every bump, every shape of the room.

Mewtwo expanded. It took in everything. The rock they were on that went down for so long, the unnatural work of the one atop it, the liquid it had seen in its vision.

There was another spark in the room? Mewtwo focused and looked at the spark. It came from the slab. It was hidden in the lines. It was dim and weak, but there. It should not be there. It did not react to Mewtwo's touch.

That was Mew's representation.

The words of the One hit it. Mewtwo was only a copy? It was nothing more than a shadow of the original? Why had it been made? Was it not meant to exist? Was it wrong?

I am only a copy?

The sparks writhed. Mewtwo did not know how it communicated to the sparks, or the bodies the sparks lived within. It simply wanted to. It wanted the answers that the One had to hold. The One had created it. It had been brought back from nothing.

So many questions. The sparks continued to flicker in and out of existence. Mewtwo felt a strange feeling. It burned in its body and its head pounded.

Some of the sparks that inhabited the creatures winked out. Mewtwo stopped being so angry. Confusion replaced it. What had happened to them? Why did they disappear?

The sparks stabilized. Mewtwo opened its eyes. It could still see the sparks, but not with its eyes. Its mind had a vision of its own.

"No! You are superior!" The One cried out. The other sparks were less bright. They stayed on the ground. Mewtwo did not want them to be on the ground. It was annoying. "You have been improved by human ingenuity! The most advanced technology was used to develop your powers! Humans made you the greatest of all pokemon."

It could feel detachment from the One. The One did not care about Mewtwo. It only cared about the technology and the results of the One's experiment. What did that mean for it? Would the One teach it? Would the one care for it?

What shall become of me now that your experiment is complete?

The One fell to the ground like the other creatures. Humans, the One had called them. They were weak. So fragile. They could not bear its words. Why had they created Mewtwo if it was stronger? It did not understand.

"Oh no, our experiment is only beginning! You will teach us much, Mewtwo!" The One said with a raised voice. It had taken longer to recover than before. The spark was dimmer.

Mewtwo was silent.

The Humans began to speak to each other. The noise hurt its ears. It was not used to noise. They did not pay attention to it. They did not speak to it or ask it what it wanted. They simply spoke of their experiment.

Mewtwo looked down. It made its first true movement. Its hands – how had it known that? How had it known many things it had seen since it emerged from the prison? – opened and closed.

Power was in its body. It danced at the edge of its consciousness. Mewtwo closed its eyes. It could see everything. The Humans had not noticed those whose sparks had vanished. The others were fragile. They could be snuffed out in an instant.

It opened and closed its fingers. The Humans cared nothing for it, not even the One. It could feel what they felt. They only felt glee for their experiment. There was no concern for it. They did not want to help it. They did not want to help it learn.


These insignificant creatures had created it but would not even help it understand its reasons for existing. It was more than an experiment!

It wanted answers!

Was its purpose to be nothing but an experiment to these pathetic Humans? They claimed that it was the greatest. It was the most powerful of all!

Blue fire danced in front of its eyes.

That was not its destiny! It was more than a laboratory specimen!

Screams as its thought ran through the Humans' minds. Mewtwo realized that they felt pain. It did not care. They deserved it. They should have helped it. They were not worthy of life!

Power surrounded it in an aura of icy blue energy. The laboratory crumpled around it. Metal was torn and bent, machines were crushed into heaps of scrap metal, humans were crushed to the ground.

It sensed that the One crawled away. Mewtwo did not care.

Machines tried to stop it. Hundreds of thin hooked arms launched at it. A single thought tore them out of the ceiling and hurled them to the ground. It was tiring for Mewtwo. Its powers were new and its body was weak from inactivity.

A sphere of force surrounded Mewtwo, formed from nothingness by a thought. It exploded. Humans screamed as they were torn apart by the wave. Bone and flesh were rent and ripped and Mewtwo simply watched.

Fires erupted from Mewtwo's wrath. Where it looked explosions tore the walls apart. What humans remained were slaughtered, their puny, fragile bodies unable to withstand its wrath.

More and more of the humans, the arrogant "creators" that brought Mewtwo into being for no reason other than their insipid curiosity, were slaughtered as Mewtwo's mind ran red with anger just as the floor ran red with blood.

Mewtwo was not aware of what happened after that. Its mind expanded through no effort of its own. It was aware of everything. The last spark of the human amidst the blaze that had enveloped this island, the crumpled ruins that had replaced the massive laboratory, the waves that lapped against this rock.

It knew everything. Its mind was far superior to its feeble senses.

Mewtwo turned to the last of the Humans, the One. It laid against one of the few walls that hadn't been shattered into millions of pieces of rubble. The One stared at it with horror in its eyes, the realization that its creation had led to its own destruction too much for the One to bear.

The red haze dimmed. Mewtwo realized that it hovered several feet above the ground. Fire was everywhere. Smoke was everywhere. It was irritating. His eyes and skin hurt.

It wanted the fire and smoke to go away. It waved its arm. That was what humans did to get rid of annoyances.

The One said something. Mewtwo did not care what it was. It looked at the One. Its creator. Its victim.

It would have justice. The One was arrogant to create it. Mewtwo would not be controlled by its whims. It would not be a test subject.

Mewtwo felt angry when it thought of being a test subject. That was not what it wanted.

Its eyes glowed as it got angrier. Mewtwo did not care. The One screamed something. Its creator's cries only made it more annoyed.

Mewtwo released everything. All its anger. All its fear. All its confusion. All its curiosity.

A pillar of energy exploded from him. It briefly shot high into the air before it grew more powerful. The energy expanded.

The laboratory was no more and Mewtwo was tired. It collapsed to the ground. Everything was gone. The One was gone. Its creators were gone. Its legacy was gone.

Mewtwo rose high into the air. It wanted to be away from the destruction. Just for a few moments. It wanted to rest. Using its power was tiring but it was easier now. Mewtwo knew how to use it.


Minutes later Mewtwo lowered itself to the ground. It choked out the flames with an offhand thought. The power it wielded was simple to control now.

Mewtwo stared around at the destruction it had wreaked. Twisted heaps of metal heated by small clusters of flame replaced the once proud laboratory that Mewtwo could remember vividly. It knew what the laboratory once looked like, gleaned from thoughts harvested from the scientists responsible for its birth. The dual images were irreconcilable. A huge column of smoke drifted high into the sky, so clear and blue.

An image from its mind overlaid its eyes. Mewtwo flinched as the mountain reflected in a lake of crystal appeared again. It did not like the strange image. It had never encountered such a thing apart from its dreams.

It stared again at its work. Mewtwo felt satisfied. The creators had reaped what they had sown – what an odd expression. Why had it learned that, of all the thoughts it had unconsciously picked out of its creators' minds?

Mewtwo looked at its hands. It felt tired, but secure. Nothing else could have done what it had done. Only it could destroy such a large structure with mere thoughts and…emotion?

It was much more than its creators had ever envisioned. It was more than an experiment. It was the most powerful being in the world.

Nothing could stand against it.

Mewtwo's awareness detected something. Its immediate reaction was to destroy the intruder, but it could feel more sparks within the strange flying machine. Nothing it had learned in the tank showed it what the machine was.

Out of curiosity it let the machine grow closer until even its feeble eyes could make out the faint outline of the flying machine. Mewtwo watched and waited as it slowly began to descend. Should the machine prove to be a threat Mewtwo would simply destroy it. It was tired but it was no less deadly. Now it knew how to use its psychic powers.

It was too tired to try and glean thoughts from the spark within. Mewtwo's head still ached and its mind was disordered from the information torn from its creator's mind. The information was already beginning to settle, however. Soon its thoughts would return to normal and it would not feel so confused.

Mewtwo suddenly detected another spark, another mind. It extended its awareness and focused it upon the mind that had somehow escaped its wrath.

It felt anger as it realized the spark emanated from a slab of stone. Even now Mew mocked its shadow. But it would rise above its progenitor. The humans had engineered it to be superior to the original. Mew could not compare to it.

The flying machine reached the ground and Mewtwo calmed. Icy energy that shined from its body slowly dimmed. The world returned to its ordinary state as stone and rubble collapsed back to the ground, the power that levitated it absent.

A spark, brighter than any other Mewtwo had felt, left the confines of the machine. Mewtwo could feel that it was a human, taller and built more powerfully than those it had done justice to. But there was something else about this human. Its mind was strong in a way that the others weren't. Mewtwo would need to rest before it could crack open the secrets this human's mind held.

Mewtwo did not fear this human. It was stronger than those before and there were several more humans and a strange mind that was alien to the others but so similar, but Mewtwo could destroy them with an errant thought.

"Those fools thought you were a science experiment. But I see you as a valuable partner." A voice declared. The human stepped out of the smoke and fire. It was just as Mewtwo had detected. Tall and strong for a human. No other features mattered. Mewtwo could feel no emotions from its mind.


Mewtwo's head ached. It was tired. Its voice lacked the power it had. The human did not fall to the ground screaming in pain.

Why did the human want it as a partner? Was it responsible for its creation? Had the human given incentive to the creators?

"With your formidable psychic powers and my resources, together we could control the world!" The human proposed. There was an odd note in its voice but Mewtwo could not feel an emotion that would explain it. How did humans distinguish emotion without feeling each other's minds?

I don't need your help for that!

Mewtwo's anger restored its power. The human was arrogant! Mewtwo did not need the help of a human! It was the ultimate psychic. Nothing could oppose it! If it wished to control the world it would. If it wished to raze it to the ground it would.

The human smiled. Mewtwo felt confusion. How did it know that term? It was not something the creators would have tried to explain to it.

Why did the human not collapse from its voice? Was it truly stronger than the others?

"A wildfire destroys everything in its path. It will be the same with your powers unless you learn to control them." The human said. Mewtwo paused. Its eyes widened as the truth of the human's words struck it. "I can help you do that."

The human spoke the truth. Mewtwo could feel its power returning. A moment of anger had destroyed the facility. It did not regret its actions, but it needed to control its power. Mewtwo would only become more effective if it could use its psychic abilities properly.

"Trust me and I'll show you a way to focus your powers that will make you invincible." The human proposed. It still smiled.

Mewtwo considered. It needed to learn control. The human offered a way to attain invincibility. After that the world would fall before it. Should it be necessary the human would be obliterated just as the creators had been.

Show me.


Mewtwo stood still with its eyes closed. It had gone with the human. Time would show if its choice would bear fruit.

It could feel the entire facility that the human had lead it to. Mewtwo had been shown a single large room with machinery that was still inactive. The human had told it to wait here.

The facility was large. There were underground sections and a large surface compound. Hundreds of minds – humans – moved erratically throughout. Other minds, all slightly different from the human minds, simpler but just as intelligent, were placed tightly around the humans or trailed behind them. Some rooms were filled with nothing but the minds. Their emotions were naught but despair and hatred.

Mewtwo supposed that the strange minds were pokemon. It was odd. Their feeble minds were brighter than those of humans but it did not feel any kinship with them. Pokemon were just as alien as humans. Neither could compare to its own power.

It felt two sparks, one human and one pokemon, draw near. In a few seconds they would step into its chamber.

"I am afraid that I never introduced myself properly." The human said calmly as it stepped close to the railing. Mewtwo looked up at it. "My name is Giovanni, Commander of Team Rocket."

It didn't say anything. Mewtwo was still too tired to try and break into its mind. "Are these quarters to your liking?"

They are sufficient.

The human smiled. It scratched the pokemon that sat beside it, a large feline whose mind radiated cold cruelty. Despite that it was fiercely attached to the human beside it.

"Do you have any questions?" The human asked. Its voice was still amneable. Mewtwo wondered if its emotions would reveal another side to the human once Mewtwo regained its strength. "I will return to speak to you tomorrow if you do not."

Mewtwo's mind fired back up. This was its chance to get answers. So much was still unknown to it.

What am I? Who am I? Why was I created and why am I here?

The human didn't bow to the overwhelming power that wracked its mind. It simply stayed put for a moment. There was no expression of pain or shock on its face, although the feline that sat beside it flinched away.

"You are a clone of Mew, formerly the most powerful pokemon in the world. You are Mewtwo. You were created to assist Team Rocket in gaining control of the world and creating a utopia. You are here so that we may assist you in developing your powers and make you the most powerful you can be."

Mewtwo felt disappointed. The human pretended to want to help Mewtwo, but it did not. It wanted to harness its power for the human's own end. Mewtwo was a tool, a weapon to the human. Nothing more.

It would use this human to learn, but it would not be manipulated. Mewtwo would destroy it one day.

How will you help me?

"There is much that I can help you with." The human said. "Your powers are crude now. You wield a hammer instead of a knife. I saw what you did. Impressive, but it exhausted you. You used all of your energy to accomplish little."

Mewtwo's annoyance rose. It had accomplished little? It had accomplished everything! Justice had been served. Its creators, so smug in their own arrogance, were dead. Their hubris would never touch the world again.

It was too weak to lash out. Its body recoiled at the thought of its power. Mewtwo would have to wait. One day the human would be at its mercy, only to find that Mewtwo had none.

"Your training shall begin tomorrow." The human told it. Its eyes glinted in the darkness. The pokemon beside it purred and stared at Mewtwo. Mewtwo fought down the urge to destroy both of them. "Food and water shall be brought down shortly. Goodbye, Mewtwo."

Mewtwo was silent as the two left its new home. It silently followed their sparks as it spread its awareness throughout the facility. It knew everything.

It looked around at the large room of metal and machinery. Was this home? Could this be a sanctuary once the business with the humans was complete?

Mewtwo shut its eyes and silently expanded its mind to encompass miles around. There were countless sparks, not all human or pokemon. Everything alive was a beacon.

It was beautiful, even if Mewtwo did not know why. Mewtwo did not let its mind focus on any of the sparks for long. They were too weak to withstand its own mind.

That was confusing. The weak did not deserve life. Why did it not want to uphold that mandate?

Mewtwo was troubled as it suddenly snapped back to its immediate surroundings. The countless minds disappeared and it was left only with cold, unfeeling metal.

It did not understand this world. It needed answers. What was its purpose? Why was it here? Who was it?

Giovanni's answers were unsatisfactory, but perhaps Mewtwo would learn them itself through experience. For now it would stay with the humans. Perhaps they would be able to teach it meaning.


Mewtwo was no longer weak as it stood amidst a battlefield. A strange mind was in front of it. The shell that encased it was meaningless. This mind was brighter than the others it had encountered. More powerful.

It did not compare to Mewtwo.

The mind bled fear and awe and curiosity. It went against every desire Mewtwo had to not consume it and wrench the knowledge from it.

You are Mewtwo?

Mewtwo's eyes snapped open. It felt shock. Something else could speak through the mind?

Yes. Many of us that wield psychic power can. It is called telepathy.

The voice was loud. It echoed slightly in the confines of Mewtwo's mind. It was higher than the humans Mewtwo had heard. Female, it believed the term was.

Yes. I am female.

The voice was amused. Mewtwo felt something strange. It felt curious but it did not want to speak to the other mind itself. The other was so fragile in comparison. A brighter beacon than most but still little more than a spark.

Mewtwo finally spoke.

What can you teach me?

The other's physical shell suddenly collapsed to the ground and flailed wildly. Mewtwo stopped and opened its eyes again. The other – Alakazam, or so the fractured mind of its teacher cried out – did not stop moving. Blood leaked from its ears, nose, and mouth.

Mewtwo unconsciously levitated closer. It felt as though it should have tried to assist its teacher, but could not bring itself to. Alakazam should have been stronger. Giovanni could withstand its voice. There was no reason a mind brighter than the human could not.

Alakazam was filled with Mewtwo's own power as it exerted influence upon the world. Icy energy covered the world as Mewtwo's confusion increased. The other Psychic writhed even more uncontrollably and its eyes began to glow even brighter.

Mewtwo froze when it saw that Alakazam's eyes glowed with the same light as its own.

"Mewtwo, calm down. Do not try to speak!" Giovanni was suddenly there, mind cool and calm despite the odd expression on its face. The human was smiling. Mewtwo did not understand why. Alakazam was weak, but she was more powerful than the rest.

It slowly touched back to the ground. Mewtwo gave a lingering glance to Alakazam. She had stopped moving. Her spark was beginning to fade, just like its creators had. Mewtwo felt an odd pulse of…something that it didn't like before it looked up to Giovanni.

"You are more powerful than I had thought." The human mused. Mewtwo felt the minds of the other humans in the room relax. Giovanni looked at it. "Return to your quarters, please. I have a solution, although I had not expected to use it so quickly."

Mewtwo did not show any sign of having heard Giovanni's statement. It simply levitated slightly and hovered away. The minds of the humans watching from the balconies recoiled as pain wracked their bodies. It simply felt slight amusement before it left the weak ones behind.

Only Giovanni remained standing and strong.


"This armor will protect your body. You will be invulnerable while you wear it. It is designed to not only protect your body, but to restrain your powers." Giovanni told Mewtwo as pieces of smooth black metal were fitted onto its body. "You will no longer have to worry about destroying those you must communicate with.

Mewtwo did not like the armor. It was cold and heavy. The visor was uncomfortable and restricted his vision, although its truest sense remained perfect.

Then it activated. Mewtwo felt the urge to tear the armor off and reduce it to scraps. It felt as though a tremendous weight had been placed atop its body and it could only feel a tiny fraction of the power it once commanded. The rest was somehow locked away by the armor. Its potential was fragmented.

It weakens me too much.

Mewtwo could feel that not even its voice held the power it once did. The armor had cut it down to nothing. It did not like that. Giovanni claimed to want to help him but Mewtwo did not trust the human yet. This could only be a part of its scheme.

It closed its eyes behind the visor and expanded its awareness. Mewtwo could still feel for miles around but everything seemed muted. Its awareness did not encompass the same distance and it could only feel humans and pokemon. The beautiful light had been cut down to small beacons and sparks.

Mewtwo felt a brief flash of anger at the loss but controlled itself. It needed to wait. Giovanni still had to teach it.

"You will grow to accept it." Giovanni replied with a strange lilt. Mewtwo tried to hone in upon Giovanni's bright spark but could not glean the human's thoughts. It had no emotion. Just cold rationality. "By learning to work with less power you will be far more efficient. When the armor is taken off you will be far more powerful. Control must always come before raw power. When you have control you may use the power to accomplish your purpose."

The human had a point. Mewtwo could not feel any deception in its words. Perhaps Giovanni was trying to manipulate it, but Mewtwo would gain just as much. If Giovanni proved to see it as nothing more than a weapon it would simply kill the human once it had learned everything it could.

But there was something Mewtwo did not understand.

What is my purpose?

Giovanni reached for a strange orb on its waist. It released a large serpent made of steel. The creature's mind was rather dull, but Mewtwo could detect a maelstrom of hatred within. It was savage. Thoughts of bloodlust consumed it.

"Levitate the Steelix." Giovanni commanded. "Steelix, Body Slam."

Mewtwo had to focus to summon its power. It proved simpler than expected, but more difficult all the same. Two seconds after the commands had been given it instinctually surrounded Steelix with the energy that allowed it to alter reality itself and levitated the Steelix that reared up to attack high in the air.

"Crush it." Giovanni commanded. Mewtwo paused at that. The Steelix had given it no reason to do so. The human seemed annoyed. "Crush it!"

It did as commanded, although it felt another pulse of that strange feeling. The feeling was annoying. It needed to go away.

Mewtwo simply thought. The Steelix's mind was frantic and screamed in a way that its roars could never hope to mimic. Steelix could not flail in Mewtwo's grip but it could scream and radiate all the emotions it felt. It bothered Mewtwo for a moment, but then it applied more power and the Steelix was compacted into a square of stone. Its spark went out and the annoying emotions vanished.

"That is your purpose." Giovanni said loudly. Mewtwo could finally feel an emotion coming from the man. Pride. "You are the most powerful psychic to ever exist! I am teaching you to use it in combat, but when you have learned to control your power you will be able to do whatever you wish!"

It wasn't sure it liked that. Surely it had a greater purpose beyond its powers? Mewtwo was not merely a vessel for great power. It was intelligent. It could do so much more than merely destroy. Perhaps Giovanni could be dissuaded from its short-sighted views. If not, Mewtwo would simply kill the human.

There was silence as Giovanni watched and assessed Mewtwo. The human didn't seem to care about the corpse of the Steelix.

"You did well." Giovanni said at last. Mewtwo could detect an inflection in its tone. Without being able to access Giovanni's mind it didn't know what the inflection meant. "Soon that feat will be no more spectacular to you than falling asleep."

It believed Giovanni spoke the truth. Crushing the Steelix was tiring. Wearing the armor made Mewtwo feel as it had after it wreaked vengeance upon its creators. Perhaps Giovanni was right. Using the armor would force it to conserve energy. It could not afford to waste energy.

"Another Alakazam will be waiting for you tomorrow." Giovanni said as the human scratched the Persian's ears. No emotions came from it. "I expect you to use what you have learned to defeat it after the lesson. Take its knowledge for your own."

Mewtwo did not want to do that, but it would if it meant more knowledge. Knowledge was power.

"Remember, Mewtwo, only the strong have the right to live. The weak are only useful as pawns and slaves." Giovanni said to Mewtwo as it stepped away. The Persian followed it. "Goodbye, my friend. We shall meet again tomorrow."

Mewtwo was silent as Giovanni left. When the human had left the area Mewtwo finally spoke.



Do I have a gender?

Giovanni looked at Mewtwo oddly. Mewtwo simply returned with a frozen stare behind the black visor.

Gender was something Mewtwo had become truly aware of through watching others' thoughts. The humans that wandered the facility had many pointless thoughts but some humans had raised important questions such as the one it had just asked.

It had known of male and female. Vague thoughts it had snatched from its creators had taught it of that. But Mewtwo did not know where it stood. It was unique. The only example of its kind. Mew was different from its shadow. Did gender matter? Could Mewtwo's gender be defined through scientific terms?

"Only the scientists that created you could answer that for sure." Giovanni finally answered. Mewtwo felt disappointed. Humans believed that gender was important to one's identity. Perhaps Giovanni would not be able to save itse – himself, Mewtwo thought. Humans did not seem to like being referred to as an it. "But I believe you can be identified as a male. Your voice is masculine."

Mewtwo felt the urge to…smile? Why did it – no, he, Mewtwo corrected – want to smile? Giovanni had surprised Mewtwo through his acceptance, but he hadn't done anything particularly impressive. All Giovanni had proved was that Mewtwo might wait longer to kill him.

I understand.

Giovanni smiled and reclined in his chair. Persian's head was in his lap and the feline pokemon purred contentedly as Giovanni absentmindedly stroked Persian's ears. He did not say anything more for several seconds.

Mewtwo's feeble eyes never left Giovanni. Its, no his, mind, however, took in everything. In the month since Giovanni had given him the restricting armor he had learned to maximize his power. What would have exhausted him when he had his full potential at his command now only winded him with the armor on.

Giovanni had been correct. Soon he would be invincible. Mewtwo had torn its – his – Alakazam mentor's mind apart and learned everything he could. The Alakazam was useless in comparison to Mewtwo. Giovanni was impressed with Mewtwo's efficiency, although Mewtwo had that strange feeling appear again. He quashed it whenever he came across it. Those that were not strong enough to protect themselves did not deserve life.

The strong preyed upon the weak. Mewtwo was the strongest. He should not feel for lesser beings.

His awareness fell back to the room. Mewtwo did not need to know what went on in the forests around the facility. He was stronger now but the fields of life still lacked the luster of what they were. It was only a disappointment for his mind to find naught but scattered minds. He wanted to be able to feel all life again, not only humans and pokemon.

As he waited for Giovanni, a strong human, a respectable human that towered above the rest of its weak species, to speak he couldn't resist to expand his awareness again. It was addictive. Even the mere beacons were better than the bland, lifeless metal of the facility.

In less than a second he took in everything for miles around. A settlement to the southwest. Small. Less than a thousand human minds but many more pokemon. One of the minds that that he recognized as an Alakazam, although far stronger than any he had met, seemed to sense his presence. It recoiled and most of the settlement dimmed from his awareness.

That piqued his curiosity. Mewtwo could not expend the energy to tear the mysterious Alakazam's mind apart at the moment but it would be something to look forward to. It was powerful for a lesser psychic.

Mewtwo took in the rest of the world.

Thousands of pokemon. Most boring, simple, content and happy in their useless existence. Hundreds were located in the facility. They screamed with bloodlust, fear, and hatred. Their minds screamed in a way that no physical noise could equal.

Mewtwo did not care. They were weak. They had been mastered by humans. They were fit to be slaves, not like Mewtwo. Perhaps he had begun that way but Giovanni saw him as a true partner now. An equal.

Dozens of humans in the forests and on the road. Their emotions were just as simple as the pokemon's. So many were useless. None possessed the strength of Giovanni.

"You have made exceptional progress." Giovanni said. Mewtwo thought that he sounded proud. He had begun to learn what the strange inflections and different tones of Giovanni meant. Soon he would be able to understand Giovanni as well as if he could actually feel the human's thoughts and emotions.

Persian purred. Satisfaction radiated from it. Giovanni smiled.

"I believe that you need experience battling real pokemon, however. Your psychic abilities are potent and the knowledge you have gained will teach you to apply it." Giovanni continued. His mind was still impenetrable. No emotions were revealed, although Mewtwo had stopped trying to discern his thoughts. An Alakazam had explained that it was rude. Giovanni was respectable enough for Mewtwo to take that into consideration.

"Recently I told you that I operate a League gym." Giovanni spat the word League with distaste. It was one of the few times Giovanni had shown true emotion around Mewtwo. Mewtwo watched Giovanni. "My challengers are the best of the best. I will pit you against challengers I deem worthy."

I understand.

Giovanni looked at him. His face was calm. Mewtwo needed to learn to decipher human facial expressions. "Do you? This is an exercise in control, my friend. You must not kill these pokemon. I do not need the League breathing down my neck."

Mewtwo did not understand why Giovanni feared the League. He knew that Giovanni possessed many resources. Thoughts captured from other high-ranking Rockets had told him that much. If Mewtwo's armor was taken off he could destroy anything that threatened Team Rocket.

Why put yourself at risk? There are many other pokemon I can practice on.

Giovanni smiled. Mewtwo still found it to be a strange facial expression. It applied to so many different situations. According to the thoughts of humans around the facility humans smiled when they were happy or pleased, when they experienced pleasure, amusement. Some humans smiled when they needed a way to misdirect other humans. It was strange to realize that humans could fake an expression.

Mewtwo was glad he was psychic. Emotions and thoughts never lied.

"You will not assist me at the gym for at least another month. As you said, that would put me at risk. You need to be able to keep trainers from remembering you clearly before I will allow you into my gym." Giovanni explained. Persian adjusted its head in Giovanni's lap. "For now you will use leftover pokemon from our experiments."

Will I need to kill them?

"They're disposable. They have served their purpose in the world and are of no other use to us." Giovanni said casually, or so Mewtwo thought. "To be killed is the best way they can serve us now. You would be more merciful than my scientists."

Mewtwo was troubled. He had enough information to understand that he was a product of Giovanni's scientists. He was an experiment. A test subject. What made him any different from the other pokemon other than his power?

Why am I different from the other pokemon? Your scientists created me. I am a product of their experiments.

Giovanni was surprised. It was one of the only times Mewtwo had seen his expression change.

"Wha – you simply are." Giovanni said. Mewtwo could actually detect some hesitance and worry from the human. It vanished quickly. "You were created to be an equal for humans. You are different than other pokemon."

But why?

"Tell me, my friend, would you ever be content wandering in the wilderness looking for food? Can you see yourself happy struggling to survive every day? Can you picture yourself as anything else than the pinnacle of the universe?" Giovanni said after several seconds.

Mewtwo thought.


Giovanni smiled. He was animated. Passionate. "Exactly! That is what separates you from a pokemon. Humans have a lust to be at the very top. We cannot accept inferiority! It is that drive that separates us – and you, Mewtwo – from mere beasts!"

Mewtwo was silent as he digested the information. It made sense. Giovanni was not yet done with his tirade.

"Have you ever wondered how humanity survived in this world? Why we became the apex species instead of powerful psychics like Alakazam?" Giovanni continued. His eyes were no longer cold. They were manic. "It is because of our drive! Our ancestors were defenseless except for intelligence and simple tools. But we carved out our place in the world! Pokemon are content to merely exist. Humans dominate and control."

Giovanni's voice had awoken Persian. The great feline yawned and looked at the Commander with a bored expression. Annoyance radiated from its mind.

"You have inherited our legacy, Mewtwo." Giovanni said. His voice was lower now. Calmer. Mewtwo watched him from behind the visor. He latched onto every word Giovanni said. "You are humanity's equal. You are beyond any other pokemon."

Mewtwo nodded but didn't say anything as he thought over what Giovanni had said.

Giovanni returned to his former position. He was completely calm now.

"That is the difference." Giovanni said at last. He stroked Persian's fur. Mewtwo wondered if he should attempt to communicate with the pokemon one day. Perhaps it would be the key to understanding Giovanni. "You are human. They are beasts. You are strong. They are weak. That is all that matters."

Mewtwo slowly nodded. It was a human gesture he had picked up. It was important to use body language, even if it felt unnatural. Humans could not understand his thoughts and feelings as he could theirs.

I understand.

"Good." Giovanni said. He smiled. "Now, we have much to speak of. Your training will continue at an accelerated pace. I have something very special in mind for your first appearance. The world will learn to fear you."

Mewtwo was interested. This was worth hearing.


"Mewtwo, please come to my office." Giovanni's voice said through the microphone in his armor. It was tight. Controlled. Mewtwo thought he could hear an emotion in it but hadn't advanced his understanding enough to figure out what.

Mewtwo opened his eyes. Icy fire shined through his visor as he deftly unhooked the cables connected to his armor. Unhooking the cables that supplied his armor with the vast amounts of energy it required to restrain his power was an exercise in control. He had mastered it.

When the cables were unhooked he disappeared. He was not yet adept at teleportation. Mewtwo could detect a bright flash of light as he vanished. When he reappeared in Giovanni's office his weak ears could hear a thunderclap.

Most of the minds in the facility grew panicked. They were not used to his attempts to teleportation yet. Even if they were they did not know the source. Giovanni did not allow many Rockets to know of Mewtwo.

Mewtwo was silent as he watched Giovanni pace and mutter. Anger and fear emanated from the human's mind. It was stronger emotion than Mewtwo had ever felt from Giovanni. Even Persian kept its distance from its human.

Giovanni didn't comment on Mewtwo's attempt at teleportation. That was a bad sign.

He didn't like being unable to teleport perfectly. Every other psychic ability was simple. Mewtwo simply had to avoid using too much power. Teleportation required far too much fine control. He had improved but he was not yet perfect.

Mewtwo didn't say anything. It was better to watch and listen. Giovanni would not hold back for long.

He strained to hear what Giovanni said. It was difficult. The helmet didn't assist him in that regard and he could not hear Giovanni's thoughts.

"…that idiot! How…I'm going to –" Giovanni suddenly stopped and looked at Mewtwo. His face was strained. "I apologize, my friend, but Executive Pierce and his teams have been captured."

Mewtwo nodded.

I understand. What do you want me to do?

"Wait. Another Executive is joining us." Giovanni said. Mewtwo waited. Anger still pulsed from Giovanni. The human was good at hiding it but he couldn't hide such emotion from Mewtwo.

Mewtwo expanded his awareness as he waited. He could feel much more life in the world now. Not as much as he could without the armor but close to it. He could only imagine how much and how far he would be able to see once Giovanni deemed him ready to take the armor off. In just two months he had almost grown to his strength without the armor.

A strong mind accompanied by two sparks walked through the halls. Mewtwo could easily detect its purpose. It was Executive Archer. He had been called by Giovanni. It wasn't surprising. Executive Archer was Giovanni's second in command.

He is near.

Giovanni didn't react. He simply turned to the door. Seconds later Executive Archer entered.

Mewtwo did not look at the human. He knew what the human looked like down to the most minute details. His mind was his greatest sense.

"Commander Giovanni, you requested my presence?" Executive Archer asked. Mewtwo could feel the human's curiosity at Mewtwo's presence and the situation. He was not as strong as Giovanni. The human was afraid of him.


"Yes." Giovanni said. His voice was strong. Devoid of emotion. "Executive Pierce has been captured. He is being held in the Roost."

Executive Archer did not flinch. Mewtwo could feel the fear in his mind. Curiosity, confusion. "What of his Metagross? Only one of the Elite Four could have defeated it."

"It's safe, as are his other pokemon." Giovanni said. "They are being held in Indigo Plateau. Send word to Petrel that I need one of his infiltration teams."

Executive Archer bowed his head. "I understand."

"Mobilize your men. Pierce is too valuable to let the League sink their claws into." Giovanni said. He remained perfectly calm on the exterior. Cold rage was replaced with excitement and a sense of finality. "It's time that we destroy the Roost."

Archer was surprised. Mewtwo couldn't decipher his facial expressions but he could feel several conflicting emotions. Glee. Fear. Happiness. Worry.

"How?" The human asked Giovanni. Giovanni smiled. He pointed to Mewtwo.

"Mewtwo. He will break the Roost." Giovanni said. Mewtwo could detect satisfaction.

He did not like not knowing what this Roost was. It was obviously a prison of some sort but Mewtwo needed to know more. Mewtwo almost reached out for Executive Archer's mind but stopped himself. Executive Archer was too valuable. His control was still too unpredictable to risk any sort of mental contact. Most lesser creatures turned into drooling vegetables when he did that.

What is the Roost?

"It speaks?!" Executive Archer said loudly. Mewtwo could feel fear as waves of pain wracked the human's body. The human withstood the power of his words. Mewtwo was somewhat impressed by that. Archer's lack of respect more than balanced it out, however. He fought down the urge to simply devour the human's mind. It would be simple. A spark could be easily assimilated into a forest fire.

"He speaks, Executive." Giovanni said. The human nodded and recomposed itself once more. Mewtwo stared at it from beneath his visor. Archer was afraid and weak. Not worthy of respect.

Giovanni looked at Mewtwo. "The Roost is the most secure League prison in Kanto. It is built into Mt. Gold and is only accessible from the air. It is impossible to escape and impossible to assault. Ghosts and dark-types are in place to prevent teleportation and Dragon Tamers from Blackthorn City man defend the entrance. The Roost is a natural fortress. It would take an army to break into."

"But we don't need an army." Giovanni smiled. He looked at Mewtwo's visor. "We have you, my friend."

Mewtwo felt…he didn't know. It was warm. Happiness? He'd felt both satisfaction and excitement and had plucked the same emotions from others' minds but this was different.

"Executive Archer, prepare your men and the helicopters." Giovanni said. "You and Mewtwo will leave tomorrow."

"Yes, sir." Executive Archer said back. He lowered his head in submission to the stronger human and walked out. The two Rockets that waited by the door left with him. Mewtwo was not disappointed to see them go. They were weak.

Giovanni picked up a piece of paper from his desk. He walked over to Mewtwo. Persian followed.

"We have much to discuss, Mewtwo." Giovanni smiled. His emotions had faded away. He was perfectly calm again. He was strong now.

Mewtwo listened carefully to Giovanni's instructions even as he felt excited. He would like to leave the facility. It would be interesting to see the world again.


He hovered high in the air. Mewtwo wished he could breathe it. His mind could detect everything within miles but it could not emulate the sensation of the wind.

Five helicopters were roughly four hundred meters behind him. Mewtwo did not like them. They were loud and hurt his ears. If he did not respect Giovanni he would destroy them. They were unnatural.

As the helicopters moved into position Mewtwo expanded his awareness to cover the mountain that he faced.

Thousands of Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat. Most asleep in the catacombs of the mountain. Mewtwo could feel their simple minds huddled together. They were so weak. All they wanted was shelter, warmth, and food. They had no higher expectations.

It wasn't the Zubat that interested him.

Inside of the mountain he could easily trace his mind over the hollowed out core. Hundreds of human minds that were dull from hypnosis were easily detectable. Only a dozen were in an ordinary state. Mewtwo assumed they were the wardens.

Mewtwo could detect twenty two Hypno in the prison. Most were congregated in a large room where most of the inmates resided. Their minds brightened as his awareness passed over them.

Several dozen flying-type pokemon roosted around the prison's single entrance. It was a large platform large enough for several of the helicopters to land on. Mewtwo could easily dispatch them. Wings were fragile.

He was impressed by the scope of the prison. It extended hundreds of feet into the side of the mountain. There was only one entrance. The humans inside must be particularly dangerous. Most likely they were members of Giovanni's organization.

There were forty five minds outside the Roost. Ten Jolteon. Five Raichu. Five Electivire. Eight Pidgeot. Five Charizard. Three Butterfree. Three Fearow. One Magneton. Five humans.

The humans were cunning. Nothing could approach the Roost except for Mewtwo. He was hidden from sight by an Alakazam in one of the helicopters. It manipulated the air to make it appear as though Mewtwo was invisible. Mewtwo would learn it one day. He didn't have the control yet.

He would like to hurl the helicopters at the Roost. It would be interesting to see how efficient the Roost's defenses were. Each of the defenders were disciplined. Giovanni had told them they were the League's best.

They were nothing compared to him.

It was an efficient system, however. The electric-types could strike most flying-types out of the sky with little trouble. Helicopters would be simple for the Pidgeot, Fearow, and Charizard to eliminate. Butterfree were capable of incapacitating any attackers foolish enough to climb the mountain. A single Magneton could destroy technology with a blast of electromagnetic radiation. The humans could command and could add thirty more pokemon to the battle.

Only a second had passed as he made his assessment. His mental awareness allowed him to be more efficient than any human. They were inferior.

Mewtwo suddenly felt something strange. It was a mind, but it was disturbing. Alien. Unnatural to this universe. He tried to focus on it. The strange mind eluded his grasp. It felt as though he grew weaker whenever he tried to latch onto it. Mewtwo wanted to dissect its strange thoughts and assimilate it.

"Attack. We don't have much time left." Executive Archer's irritating voice said into his helmet. Mewtwo resisted the urge to find Archer's frail body and crush it into pulp. Giovanni wouldn't like that.

He closed his eyes. For a single moment he became one with the universe. A portion of his power was harnessed. The air around him trembled. Trees thousands of feet below shuddered. The minds – more of them appeared – grew frantic.

A small orb of psychic energy hovered in front of Mewtwo. He was pleased. The last time he had attempted this it had exploded. He was growing into his power.

Mewtwo found the minds of the Roost's guards and shot beams of psychic energy at them with cold precision. Human and pokemon alike were killed by his attack. His awareness detected their bodies as they fell to the ground. Each had a small hole burned through its chest. Their insides were roasted.

The helicopters drifted forward. Mewtwo almost flinched as they drew closer. He didn't like being around them. The cold machines were odd to feel with his mind. They were humanity's attempt to make up for one of their many shortcomings.

They were so weak. It was strange to think that Giovanni had come from such a blind species.

Mewtwo stopped thinking. He could feel strange shadows moving throughout the prison. They seemed alive. His awareness could detect a small spark within the shadows but it seemed muted. Dim.

Some of the strange minds appeared as well. Mewtwo wondered if he would be allowed to keep one. He was curious about them.

They appeared on the platform. Mewtwo opened his eyes. The wind did not bother him through his visor. His awareness swallowed the lesser beings whole. Beams of energy shot through most of them and reduced them to shells filled with ash. Even the strange shadows died.

That was good. Giovanni had told him to kill the dark-types. Once enough were killed it would be possible for many Alakazam to teleport inside and take the prisoners back to the facility. Teleportation was too delicate a technique for there to be interference. Warping space and time wasn't something to take lightly.

"Be prepared to leave. Protect us from any League reinforcements while we perform our duties."

Mewtwo wanted to crush Executive Archer's mind. It was simple to extinguish a spark. He had done it many times. Humans were no more special than pokemon in that regard.

He felt several Alakazam appear in the holding chamber. It was interesting to observe teleportation through his awareness. The energy released radiated everywhere.

Mewtwo grew bored as the helicopters landed. He took in the minds within. Each held twenty Rockets. A Charizard or Pidgeot protected each of the defenseless flying shells. They would have been useless against the Roost's sentries. It would take a significant portion of Team Rocket's resources to assault the Roost without him.

Perhaps any of Giovanni's remaining doubts about Mewtwo would come to an end with this display. He was loyal. Not to Team Rocket, but to his partner.

He hovered in the air for several minutes as Executive Archer completed its orders. Mewtwo felt any remaining minds in the fortress snuff out whenever Archer and its weak men met them. More than half of Archer's team was killed as well. The League was strong. Far stronger than Executive Archer's teams.

Mewtwo could have done something but he preferred not to. Executive Archer and its humans were useless. Weak. Undeserving of life. They were slaughtered by the few remaining humans that survived the initial attack. Those that weren't killed by the Alakazam as they teleported in were putting up a fight.

The strange minds that he assumed were ghosts were interesting to observe. Their physical forms frequently disappeared from existence. Not even he could detect them. It was amusing to watch as they appeared behind a team of humans and systematically destroyed them.

When the last of the prisoners were teleported out only Executive Archer and a handful of his humans remained. Mewtwo could detect satisfaction from the human's mind as it raced back to the helicopters. He considered destroying the helicopters. It would be amusing to leave Executive Archer to the League. Mewtwo could take the data he had stolen back to Giovanni.

He did not indulge in his fantasy. Willpower and self-control were two of the tenets impressed on him by the Alakazam tutors. Without those qualities he would destroy everything around him when his armor came off. The last time he'd had it off he had destroyed a laboratory with little difficulty. He was exhausted then. Mewtwo could imagine the power he would wield when he was at full strength.

The helicopters lifted off as the tattered remains of the Rockets raced back to the helicopters. They took off a few seconds later. Their pokemon guards flew nearby.

Mewtwo didn't try to feel the guards' minds. He carefully avoided them. Rocket pokemon were broken, for lack of a better term. Most radiated pain and confusion. Some were void of any feeling. Like machines. Like Giovanni. Some constantly exuded pleasure. They were the most warped.

Emotions didn't affect him much, but Mewtwo didn't like feeling Rocket pokemon. They felt wrong. Their weakness cost them their identity.

"Creature, the Roost is useless to us now." Executive Archer's voice sounded through his helmet's microphones. "Destroy it and accompany us on our way back. Move quickly."

Creature. Mewtwo hated that term. It made him less than what he was. Less…human. He felt momentary rage. Icy fire dominated his vision. It didn't matter. Only his awareness mattered. His eyes were weak.

He stopped himself. Giovanni would be disappointed if he killed Archer. Right now it carried important information. Mewtwo's control wasn't good enough to teleport inside the helicopter. There were many more variables to consider with a moving target.

Mewtwo looked at the Roost. It was empty and silent. Corpses littered its interior. Not even the strange minds he had felt before, the ghosts, remained. They had either left or their physical forms were eliminated.

He harnessed his power. Even in its weakened state it made the world ripple. It was strange to observe with his awareness. He could see it, but it wasn't like it appeared in the physical world. His energy was brighter than any star but at the same time dim. Everything warped and changed as energy coursed through his body.

Mewtwo raised his arm. The armor made his physical movements tiring but he didn't mind. It would make him stronger.

An orb of ice blue energy appeared in front of his hand. It pulsed as he held it securely in place. Mewtwo liked his power. Nothing could challenge him when he was like this.

He let his awareness drift over the Roost. His previous assessment was incorrect. There were still living things in the prison. Several humans and shadows wandered aimlessly.

Executive Archer was inefficient.

Mewtwo telekinetically hurled the orb of energy at the Roost. He traced its progress with his awareness. His eyes could not detect it, but his mind could feel the invisible effects on the world as the compressed psychic energy moved. Ripples in the stagnant firmness that was reality.

He could feel the explosion when the orb made contact. With his body, not just his mind. It was odd to feel heat. Mewtwo knew it was there with his awareness but it was different to actually feel it.

Mewtwo steadied himself with a pulse of psychic power. He would not show weakness. Executive Archer had not gone far enough to do so.

The Roost was no more. He could feel the gaping hole in the side of the mountain. Nothing was alive in the former prison. The Zubat and other inhabitants of the mountain were afraid. Panicked. Weak.

He felt warm. Not from the explosion, but from within.

This was his power. This was his power untrained. This was a mere fraction of his power with the armor.

Mewtwo was unstoppable. Giovanni had told him that and he'd believed it before. Now he knew.

When the time came he would not falter. He would show the world his greatness, his natural superiority. Mewtwo would show the world his strength even as the lesser creatures showed him their weakness.

One day he would be in his rightful position.


Mewtwo did not look at the strange human that stood beside him in Giovanni's office. He could feel every rise of the human's chest and every emotion that ran through the human's mind.

Executive Pierce.

He was a strange human. His mind wasn't a void like Giovanni's or somewhat strong like Executive Archer's. Executive Pierce's mind was strong and exuded little emotion, if any. There was something wrong with him. It was subtle but he didn't feel like a human. He was vicious. Terrifying to other lesser beings. The Rockets that escorted him to the office were afraid of him.

"You failed me, Pierce." Giovanni said quietly. He sat behind his desk. Persian laid its head on his lap. Mewtwo could feel satisfaction from the large feline. "The Mt. Moon assignment was a simple one. Abduct travelers and take their pokemon. Kill any who resist. What went wrong?"

Executive Pierce was afraid. Mewtwo could feel it. The human felt awe and fear for his superior. He knew his place.

"My esteemed cousin made an appearance, I'm afraid. He brought quite a few Rangers with him." The human said casually. Mewtwo was impressed at his control. The words did not bleed the fear the man felt. They were casual. Flippant. "There was little I could do. My cousin, loath as I am to admit it, is far stronger than I."

"That is obvious." Giovanni snapped. Mewtwo could feel that it was an act. There was no anger from Giovanni. His pulse and blood pressure did not elevate. "But it does not excuse you from the consequences of failure."

Executive Pierce's fear was strong now. Mewtwo relished in it. The human wasn't as strong as he thought he was.

"But," Giovanni said, "in light of your other successes I am giving you another opportunity. We have begun our expansion in the Sevii Islands. Within a month you will travel there and subjugate the islands."

The Executive smiled. Mewtwo could feel a kind of hollow satisfaction. Executive Pierce didn't seem capable of feeling strong emotions.

He tried to edge away from Executive Pierce's mind. It was disturbing. Twisted. Hollow.

"Thank you, sir." The Executive bowed. Mewtwo didn't like his proximity. "I will not disappoint you. Has my team been recovered?"

Giovanni nodded. Persian quietly nuzzled the human's hand to get more attention. "Petrel's team will return shortly. Their report indicated that they successfully regained many of the pokemon you lost."

"Very well."

Mewtwo wasn't sure why he was here. Giovanni hadn't acknowledged him other than a nod. His time would be better spent training. It was simple for him to spread his awareness to this room if Giovanni desired security of some sort. He could teleport in later if Giovanni needed to speak to him.

"I have a mission for you before you leave. I expect that it will be to your liking." Giovanni said. Mewtwo could feel his amusement. That was interesting.

Executive Pierce watched. He was focused.

Giovanni tapped something on his computer. An orb on the back glowed. It suddenly projected a picture of a large ship. The hologram slowly spun in the air. Mewtwo wondered if he would be able to affect it with his powers.

"This is the St. Anne, a luxury liner that travels around the Regions. It caters to the rich and powerful trainers." Giovanni explained. "It can hold up to four thousand people, all of whom are prime targets."

Executive Pierce was excited. His pulse pounded. His eyes were dilated. He enjoyed what he did.

"The St. Anne will leave Vermilion in roughly two week's time." Giovanni said. He smiled. "You will strike the night it leaves. I don't want Lt. Surge interfering. Take everything you can: pokemon, valuables, humans we can ransom. Everything."

Mewtwo could feel glee from Pierce. The human was practically salivating at the thought of the attack. Pierce was sophisticated and strong. He was also dangerous. Immature. Brutal.

"Do we care what happens to unimportant passengers?" Pierce asked. Mewtwo didn't like feeling his mind. Everything about the human was wrong. He looked forward to death. Not the demonstration of power or testing limits, but the act of killing itself. Mewtwo did not like the human.

"Do not harm them. My friend here will take care of the St. Anne. Mewtwo is more than capable." Giovanni smiled. Persian yawned and bared its fangs before it demanded more attention from its human.

Mewtwo did not move. He simply tried to glean Giovanni's intentions. It was impossible. Giovanni's mind was strangely resistant to his efforts and he couldn't understand human facial expressions well enough.

"Ah, yes. I saw your work at the Roost. I was most impressed." Pierce smiled widely. Its mind showed no fear of Mewtwo. Only curiosity and excitement. "It will be a pleasure to work with you, Mewtwo."

He nodded. Mewtwo could not say the same about Pierce. Its mind was too disturbing. Mewtwo did not trust it. Only its loyalty to Giovanni kept Mewtwo from killing Pierce where he stood.

"Good." Giovanni said. Mewtwo could actually feel emotion. He was pleased. "Mewtwo, after the raid is over and our men are out of the area you will destroy the St. Anne."

Mewtwo looked at Giovanni. It was a reaction he'd learned from humans.

He wasn't sure he believed what he had heard. Mewtwo would do it. Giovanni had asked it of him. But he didn't see the point. It wasn't a tactical vessel. The League wasn't associated with it.


Giovanni frowned. Mewtwo could feel anger. He didn't know if it was directed at him or not. "It is time to show our hand. The League has stepped too far onto our territory. We need them to fear us again. They need to know that Team Rocket is unstoppable."

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