Safe Haven |Cashton|

**Please note that I've never written a boyxboy story before, I wanted to try something new**

Ashton Irwin originally from America, moves to Australia with his family. Being thrown into a place, country and school, he has a tough time adjusting, and of course he becomes a victim of almost everybody in the school. After awhile Calum realizes what the bullying is doing to him, when he steps in to help will Calum be too late?


2. Blue


[ Ashton's POV ]


Moving. I hate everything about it and I hate the word. No matter if it meant a friend of mine was moving away or moving on from something. I always hated it. But now, moving has a whole new meaning to it. I, myself is moving, away from friends, the home I'm so used to, moving away from the favorite places that I've called 'my own', moving away from everything that I've grown accustom to and grown to love. Now with the news saying me and my family will be moving to a whole new country, much farther away from here than I originally thought, so the fact that I'm not excited is obvious.


"Mom, do we really have to move?" I complain for the hundredth time since she broke the news to us. I linger in our living room, trying to avoid the task of packing altogether.


Mom heavily sighs from her spot on the couch, looking at her laptop on the low coffee table. "Ashton, stop complaining please. Yes, we're moving, I'm sorry but I'm afraid we have no other choice."


"But mom, couldn't you have tried looking for a new job here?" I asked. I knew I was pushing it because she was clearly getting agitated with me. Apparently the reason we're move is because that my mom's previous job isn't paying her enough, making getting by tough enough and she's been searching for months trying to find a new one after she had been 'forced' to quit hers, so we're just barely getting by with what she's earned at the job she had. I mean understand why we're moving but I just don't get why we have to move across the whole damn Earth just to find a new one. Especially with me trying to finish high school ​and ​work at a job, that I had to quit that just because of this moving thing.


"Because a company over there offered me a job with the field I'm in. Now would you get out of my hair for a bit and at least help your brother pack? Thanks." Mom explained once again, not taking her eyes of the screen.


She's clearly annoyed with my complaining so I granted her, her wish and went to do what she asked. I turned on my heels without another word and made my way to the stairs towards the bedrooms. I walked towards his room noticing his door already open and stopped briefly in the doorway. Glancing in and watched him mind his own business as he slowly makes progress in packing his things. After a moment I make my presence known, "Hey kiddo." I walk in and over to Harry.


Harry stops what he's doing and glances at me, "Hi Ashton!" He grins, then goes to goes back to putting a couple badly folded shirts in his case.


"I'll help you out a bit here if you'd like." I smile back at him. Already heading towards his open dresser drawers and taking out items of clothing I'd assume he would want to take.


"Thank you, Ashy." Harry nods, moving over to his closet next. I smile at the nickname he used to call me when he was just learning to say everyone's name. It made me happy knowing that he still wants to call me that.


The room was then relatively quiet for a good five, ten minutes as the both of us worked on getting him ready to go. All was quiet except for the occasional exchanging of words from me as I ask him if he wanted to take a certain item I would show him, he'd only reply with a yes, no, or an I don't know. Sure the room was quiet but my head wasn't. Ever since that day, my mind has been buzzing about it and I've been getting little sleep because of it.


"Hey Harry?" I call to get his attention.


"Yeah?" He turns to look at me from his place at his closet.


"What do you think about us moving?" I ask him. I was curious because this is a new situation for him and wanted to know if he was ok with it, was he not okay with it.


Harry stops for a moment to think about what I asked him, then he smiles. "I like it." He looks up at me, "Do you like it, Ashy?"


I didn't expect that, to be honest. "You want the true answer?" Harry nods and awaits for my answer. "No, not really. What do you like about it Harry? What are you looking forward to?"


"I get to make new friends." He tells me while looking me in the eyes. "You will to Ashy, so don't be blue." He gives me a quick hug and goes to finish packing.


I smile and couldn't help but take that in because even though this is a new change for him, he's taking it as it is. He's finding something good in it and keeping that in focus and he's happy about it. Makes me ask myself why can't I do the same? If my little brother can be okay with it, why shouldn't I be able to do it too?


​Don't be blue Ash, it'll all be okay.



Hi! I know it's been awhile since I've updated something, but I hope you all like this chapter it was kinda cute, I think. Let me know if ya like it please! :) Anyway, see ya!

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