Safe Haven |Cashton|

**Please note that I've never written a boyxboy story before, I wanted to try something new**

Ashton Irwin originally from America, moves to Australia with his family. Being thrown into a place, country and school, he has a tough time adjusting, and of course he becomes a victim of almost everybody in the school. After awhile Calum realizes what the bullying is doing to him, when he steps in to help will Calum be too late?


1. 1. Somewhere New




Changes. That was never one of Ashton's favorite things. In fact it's probably on the list of things that he'd rather not do or partake in. For him, changes meant starting over, erasing everything that has already happened. For some changes were something they looked forward to because of something that has happened and they longed for a fresh start. Ashton, never liked change. Change causes confusion, which sometimes leads to stress or feeling lost. Unfortunately for him he's experienced quite a bit of changes throughout his life already and of course what did that bring? A whole lot of stress, and confusion.


So when he got the news from his mum that he and his family are gonna be moving, he wasn't too thrilled. Being nearly halfway through the school year as a junior (11th grade/year 11) and now he's moving. If the fact of moving alone was bad enough, surprise, they're moving to a whole new country, with whole new people, and whole new school. Another reason to not be excited. But of course, he can't change what's happening, not matter how much he wishes he could.


His mum always says 'no matter how bad something may seems, always give it a chance', he always took that into consideration because it goes with the saying ​Never judge a book by its cover ​but in this case it's with the changes that happen and giving it a go before realizing that it'll be a tough one to get through.


Now with the 'deadline' of when he and his family moves, the more and more anxious he gets, which raises a bunch of questions for himself. ​What are the people like? Will he find friends easy? Will he be able to adjust easily? ​etc. All he hopes for with this new change is that it isn't a rough one because a quiet kid in a place somewhere new usually doesn't end well.


A.N. Hi, this is the first chapter. It was basically a prologue, it wasn't the greatest, but I wanted to get something down to, I know for a fact that this will be redone because I'm not happy with it but I hope this story will be at least semi decent because I've never done a boyxboy type of fanfic before and I wanted to try something new so take it easy on me with this story okay? Okay. Anyway, I'll try to update regularly. That's all for now, hope you liked this crappy intro! See ya!

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