Beauty and The Diva

"Why does she looks so beautiful?" Everyone in the village says so much when she passed by.

Her name is Ella Swan.

She met her dream Prince Charming, Luke Hemmings but then he becomes, unexpected, Diva and treats her like it's his servant.

Outside of his house, they have to make a deal to go out for a date, but inside of his house, he had no temper and didn't know how to love a woman.

How did Ella get through the beast tell her what to do?

(Cover by Beautifully Music Nerd)


1. Prologue: Just Beginning...

Beauty and The Diva






"Luke's always the diva, but no one could love him if he had a sweet side of the man." I heard the rumours of people say and they continue saying that.

"Yeah, you're kidding, right? Because I had to see him before he was fun."

As I walk around the university dorm and then I heard the people having gossip about me.

"Whoa! Did you see that? She looks through my eye! She's such beauty!"

I sigh out when I heard about that.

It's getting annoying, I know!

It wasn't my fault to look beauty!

I wear the winter purple wool top, skinny black Jeans, black Nike shoe with lip gloss and loose reddish curly hairs, that's all.

No mascaras or foundations.

I only wear it for events, and I like makeup stuff.

I'm only nineteen.

I once lived and raised in London, but I was moving to New York with my older brother, Adam, and Dad.

My parent's divorce when Adam and I were younger because of my mum, she cheats on Dad.

So, I lived in London until I was sixteen, I found out that she died in the middle of the February with cancer.

Worries or not, I live in New York with Dad until I was 18, I go to New York of the University and escape my father to live in Dorm.

It's a little far to my home, but I'm glad that my dad agrees with me to live in my dorm.

He understands my feeling over Mum's problem.

Many girls are jealous of my face, and many boys sent me a lot of love letters in my locker door, but now it's just getting less.

I was blankly in the mind of mine and bumped into someone else's back...

"I'm sorry!" I apologise, look down on the floor.

"It's okay..." That wasn't sound like the student that I met but with the strong accent.

What is this?


With that, I look up at this person who turns out to be my prince charming that I want to meet or The Diva that a lot of people call, Luke Hemmings... 

He gives me a friendly smile, and I was shocked as I show him my easily expression to make Luke worried.

"What? Oh, don't tell me you're my crazy fan!" He says so gently with a shout.

He speaks so softly and so temper.

I was confused, because of the rumours. 


I guess they're wrong, but maybe he hides it well.

Oh, well!

He's a nice man after all!

I was in shocked, stared at, behind his back, the wall and then I snap it off when he put his hand up in the air to wave his hands. 

"Hello." He holds his hand up in the air to shake my hand, but I take it with my shyly smile.


I turn around to see the people stared at us and I turn back to see his face when the people calls us.

"Beauty and The Diva, huh?"

I sigh sadly.

I hate this word...

Beauty, am I?

"I better to go."

I walk toward the lecture class, and I was shocked to hear this toward the soft voice.

"Good luck with the audition!"

What audition does he talking about?

Why does he sound so sweet, not everyone wants to stay by him and why do they look scared when he comes in?

With that, I can hear he was walking away by his big, annoyed, just like a child, footstep.

I sigh sadly, and I snap it off as I was still standing here.

What am I still standing here?

Then I hear the gossip by everyone say something stupid, and I start to continue to walk away.

"I listened to the audition is very soon that called Beauty and the Beast the musical that only involves the instruments. So... They need to find out who's the best and they need a girl who's beauty, so they give her room." A girl who's in my lecture class whispers/explain.

"True! That should've been me! We need to look such beauty than her, Eve." An another girl says on the other side.

I sigh sadly.

I wonder they accept me if I come in, but I don't want to be part of it, Beauty and The Beast the musical, besides I got an instrument.

I knew that you want to know what kind of I was playing...


It's just beginning of my story!





I was hoping you enjoy this story.


I was wondering if I kept to post the new stories and you'll be annoying, will you unfollow me? 

Comment below!

Anyway, I want to know if I am good enough to be a writer.

Thank you, love!

Meli out.

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