Beauty and The Diva

"Why does she looks so beautiful?" Everyone in the village says so much when she passed by.

Her name is Ella Swan.

She met her dream Prince Charming, Luke Hemmings but then he becomes, unexpected, Diva and treats her like it's his servant.

Outside of his house, they have to make a deal to go out for a date, but inside of his house, he had no temper and didn't know how to love a woman.

How did Ella get through the beast tell her what to do?

(Cover by Beautifully Music Nerd)


3. Chapter 2: Luke's Mansion?!

Beauty and The Diva

Chapter 2





In my dream, I could see Prince Charming, kind, Luke Hemmings but turns into my nightmare.

He has no heart to let me go by his firm grasp on my wrist, but I wonder if I tried to escape from his sights. 

I was awake enough to see the light, from the window, goes through the room and sit up to look around the unfamiliar room as I was confused.

I thought it's my room, not this room.

Who's this room?

It's red/amber colour on wallpapers, queen bed and desk. 

Then someone knocks the door gentle when I stand up, and I was shocked when someone beats its door repeat.

I was wondering if it's Luke.

But it wasn't.

I sigh in relief, and I can hear the throat of a woman to remove.

"It's me. You need to drink a cup of tea, Miss Swan." That was a woman say with her American high-pitch voice, trying to keep the English accent up. 

I was shocked to hear that woman knew my name.

How did she know me before I come here?

I close my mouth when I say something to her.

I was a fool, wasn't I? 


I bet you that is the one; Luke tell her all about me.

I sigh unhappily, and I look down on the red carpet.

I look around this room to find the window and found it; it's above the desk.

I walk toward it, and I place my hand on the curtain to pull it away.

There is a beach nearby this house, park next door by the beach and shopping centre nearby the beach.

I have no idea where am I?

Then the woman knocks again as it startled me to death and I sigh calmly.

"May I come in?" She asks, sounds like carefully speaking English.

She didn't have to talk!

I can understand English and American English accent, and I get it, it's too hard to get it. 

"Yes, come in!" I respond.

After I answer, I walk toward the door and place my hand on the doorknob, twist it around to open the door.

I was surprised to see the maid woman with set tea cart and she push the cart as she enters this room.

She has her light brown half ponytail with a little black bow and black-white little dress as it reaches on her high leg, that's how I know that she's a maid.

"Good evening, Miss Swan." She welcomes me with English accent.

She didn't turn around to see me and meet my bewildered face because she knows my name, and I don't know her name.

With that, she just turns around as she gives me a cup of tea on her hand and I accept to take it.

"Oh, my! My manner. My name is Mrs Daniel, but call me Aria if you feel comfortable." She introduces herself to me as she sits down on the floor like a girl.

I sit on my bed, and I take a sip of tea.

Is that mint tea?

How does she know that I like mint tea?

Oh, wait!

Luke told her.

I sigh sorrowfully, and I look away from her face to see the desk as I set the tea on the bureau.

Until then, I heard someone bang hard on the door, and it scares me to reply.

"I know you're in there, Ella! Open the door, now or I'll open the damn door to break it down!" That was Luke shouts.

I sigh grievously, and I walked toward the beautiful wooden door when I stand up, I open it.

Luke storms in the room as I was scared and he grips my arm harshly as pushes to hit me against the hall.

I groan in injury, and I look up at his bold face.


"Ouch! What the hell-" I was cut out by Luke.

He punches his fist on the wall as I close my eye and I can feel that he looks offended, but I can't open my eyes because I was prepared to get hurt.

But he didn't.

Then I open my eyes and look at him as his beautiful blue eyes lock on my brown eyes.

"I was expecting for you to come down by dinnertime! At seven in the evening!" He orders.

Oh, he shouldn't be angry by offering me to come down, how could he?!

I haven't done anything wrong!

I was about to say something, but someone stops me from saying something, and I close my mouth immediately.

"My master..." That was when a man enters this room.

He eyed down on the floor after he saw whatever this monster do this to me and he bows down as Luke turns fast to see him. 

"What is this, Butler?!" Luke yelled at him as he forces on me.

Has he a butler in this house?

I don't know where this place is and that why I want to ask him.

Then a lot of questions in my mind that I want to ask him.

Like why am I here, where is my stuff, where is this place or what..?

I eye down on the floor after I look at Luke Hemmings for long enough and he still forces on me.

"Excuse me... I'm sorry for interrupting something like this." Luke's Butler says with his thick British accent.

"I! say! What is it?!" He yelled as he repeats. 

I just stand here, and I  shake my head a little. 

I want to escape, and I just want to run away as I could once I get out.

How dare he shouts at his staff?

"Mr Hemmings, phone call for you. It's your mother." Luke's Bulter says as he looks up at Luke.

"We're not finishing this discussion. Did you hear me?!" He raises his voice.

With that, I nod with the startled face as I look up at him up close and he turns away from my face to see Aria as he took a look at me.

"Ah! Miss Daniel, would you give me a favour?" He pauses.

Luke just stared at Aria as he was waiting for her response and he waited.

Aria shouldn't be talking and bow down to her master, but she did.

"Yes, my master!" Aria calls out toward him.

"Get ready for this young lady, wouldn't you?" He asks.

With that, he turns around to see me for the last time after Aria nods and then he walks off.

How dare he do that?


Why am I here?

Aria started steps by steps toward where I stand here, and she took me toward the biggest closet after I feel fear to see Luke.

I was better than before I feel fear.

Now I don't feel fear because I was happier.

All I need to do is to be shocked around this closet.

"All of this..." Aria waves her both of hands toward everywhere of this clothes, shoes, jewellery and lot of makeup set.

"Is all your for now!" She shouts while she giggles and smiles at me.

We walk in the closet, and I look at the clothes while Aria picks the clothes for me.

Aria must be fashion senses because I have no idea what to wears these clothes.

Oh, well!

Go ahead!

Judge on me!

But I don't take offence...

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