Beauty and The Diva

"Why does she looks so beautiful?" Everyone in the village says so much when she passed by.

Her name is Ella Swan.

She met her dream Prince Charming, Luke Hemmings but then he becomes, unexpected, Diva and treats her like it's his servant.

Outside of his house, they have to make a deal to go out for a date, but inside of his house, he had no temper and didn't know how to love a woman.

How did Ella get through the beast tell her what to do?

(Cover by Beautifully Music Nerd)


2. Chapter 1: The Winner?!

Beauty and The Diva

Chapter 1





As everyone looks at me with these disappointed look on their face and I was wandering around to hear this "Beauty and The Beast The Musical" by the people's mouths, and I listened to the winner. 

I sigh dramatically and shake my head as I roll my eye. 

The Winner is me, Ella Swan. 

I was wondering if I'm pretty enough then what everyone talks about me...

"Miss Swan," The voice call out around me.

Maybe it sounds like a person who needs me. 

I whirled and spun around to see no one call me out.

I just thought it was the reality, but I realised it's a dream. 

Just believing that the way I feel it..!

"Miss Swan! Woke up!" That sound like my teacher, Mr Lupin.

Why did he need me to wake- 


I woke up as I sit up quickly and look around to see his pupils giggle and laugh at the same time. 

Then I look back to see Mr Lupin stands in the front of me as his arms crossed with his long rule and I look up at his mid-30s angry face as I giggle nervously.

"The principal want to see you, Miss Swan..." He orders. 

He commands because I can see that Mr Lupin turns around to see the administrator, who stood outside of the Lecture class after I was more confused and I saw his eye locked on me.

"Wha-" I followed his eyes to the direction of the Principal.

I let the sigh out, and everyone looks at me with their confused faces as I whirled around slowly with my head. 

That's right! 

They know that I'm a good girl, but I don't think that they knew part of my life...

You'll find out soon. 


Am I in big trouble? 

With that, I start to walk toward the door when I fetch everything quickly with me, a bag, notebook, pencil case, textbook, reading books, and violin case with me. 

I was about to reach toward the doorknob, but I stop myself as I was shocked to see who's also stood outside of my lecture class, Luke Hemmings.

Stood next to the Principal as well!

I sigh sadly, and then I turn around to see everyone in the slow motion.


Is it me or the slow motion that shows me to say goodbye to them?


I have to get out of here or else. 

I sigh sadly, and I turn away to open the door harshly.

Then I walk outside of my lecture class and bump in Luke's chest, and I stomp his left foot while he walks toward my way.

"Ouch!" Luke whimpers plainly.

"I'm sorry." I apologise quickly.

After I apologise, he looks up at me with his; I didn't expect, angry look on his face as I was a little shocked and he then turns into a gentle face.

"It's okay... Come on." 

His temper is so softly.

You know, I wasn't expecting that...


What does he mean by 'Come on'?

"What? What are you talking-" Luke cuts me off.

He then turns around to see me with his scary, angry face to scare me rather than before..!

I never see him like this.

"Don't you see that?!" Luke says as he turns out to have no temple.

I was shocked by that, he was standing in the front of me, so close to hitting me but he stops himself to see me with my fear, tears look on my face because I was preparing to get hit.

Luke then breathe in and sigh out as he's calm down.

You know what, I'm not happy about that...

Honestly, I was scared!

I turn my head to see the Principal, and he walks toward where I stand here as he helps me to wipe the tears away from my face.

"Don't you dare to cry. Oh, my niece, Ella Swan, to see you all grown up enough for me!" The Principal murmurs as he rubbed his thumb on my cheek.

I know what are you thinking!

Then, yes, he's my uncle, Dad's brother.

After I look at Uncle Wayne with the more tear look, Luke drags me out of here hastily, and I whine.

"Hey, what are you doing?! You hurt me!" I yell while I struggle to try to pull my hand away from his firm grip hand.

With that, he stops to walk away and turn around to pull me close enough to look his angry eyes.

Don't you see it, Luke?

You're hurting me.

I want to say it aloud, but I'm terrified to see him furious.

I stay silent while I look up at him as I was more terrified and he just looks at me like he was my master but Luke wasn't, right?

"Don't you see it?! You're the winner! You're my treasure!" Luke sounded complaints but yelled at me.

I don't know what to say, but a small question escapes my lip.

"What?" I was confused.

He looks a bit of serious and gives me an "a fool" look as I look at him confusedly.

"Your uncle must give me a lot of money but he didn't have it, and he gives me a lot of information about you because I saw you on the photo, Ella Swan." He delivers me a little information.

After he explained, I turn my head to see Uncle Wayne to give him a betrayal look on my face and Luke drags me out of here but I refuse to walk away.

I still look at my betrayal uncle and shake my head as Luke tried to take me away with the tear face.

"I haven't been able to say goodbye to my uncle," I mutter.

"No! Come on!" He yelled.

He drags me while I still refuse and, he picked me up on his shoulder while Luke forced me but I kick and push his back.

I sob quietly, and I was ashamed to be a fool.

I thought I was in trouble and I was nothing to him but his servant.

He was a monster, no matter how much he hates me.

"You're a monster," I said quietly enough for him not to hear me.

But Luke ignore this comment.

He continued to walk away with me on his shoulder while I keep going to kick on his chest and push his back until I calm down as I was sleeping.

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