In this World and the Next

Not for Weasley fans, dark beginning and rating is for safety. A Re-do with payback on the menu H/Hr Complete


9. Chapter 9

Emma was pacing up and down inside the Leaky Cauldron, Sirius had assured her they were fine and Hedwig had also delivered a note from the pair confirming the same, as well as giving her a time when they would be home. While Emma believed the evidence, the mother in her still needed to see Hermione and Harry with her own eyes before she could relax.

The pair exited the floo to find themselves tightly engulfed in Emma's arms. All those times Harry stepped off the express and watched as the other children received hugs from their parents flashed through his mind, now he had someone who love and hugged him.

"I know it seems silly but I just had to see for myself that you were ok, I couldn't wait until you came home."

Harry was revelling in the experience of a mother's love, the fact that it was Emma Granger and she loved him as 'just Harry' made it all the sweeter for him.

Emma began to notice her surroundings, "Eh Hermione, Why is everyone staring? Surely parents hug their children in the magical world?"

Hermione was struggling not to laugh, "It's not you mum, rather the person you're hugging. People stare at my husband all the time, you'll get used to it."

Emma wasn't sure how to feel about this, of course she'd heard Harry was famous in the magical world though this was her first time encountering the phenomenon. After the fourth person had approached them her mind was made up, Emma didn't like it!

She experienced more of the adulation as they entered Diagon Alley, Hermione wanted a 'quick look' in Flourish and Blotts. Emma gave her daughter a time limit of an hour, they still had to drive home.

Harry cornered Emma for a private word, "I'm going to disappear for a few minutes, I need to get something for Hermione. This will be her first birthday as Mrs Potter and I might just be able to find the perfect gift for my wife."

Hermione didn't notice he was gone. Fourteen books later she was ready to leave but couldn't fail to notice the large smile on her husband's face, it was also hard to miss the way his arms were hiding something behind his back.

"I know it's not your birthday until Wednesday but this couldn't wait." From behind his back Harry produced a pet carrying basket that contained a kitten, a kitten that from first glance was unmistakable.


"I didn't know if he would be there yet, the little guy ambled straight over to me. He appeared to understand I was there to buy him."

Hermione now had the carrier in her hands and was talking through the bars to a clearly delighted kitten. "Oh he's such a clever boy, even as a baby he's the smartest cat in the country. Aren't you Crookshanks? Not as clever as your daddy though."

A happy, if somewhat bemused Harry was kissed in thanks. "Eh Hermione, Daddy?"

"Well Harry you have to get some practice in before the real thing comes along."

Harry thought his face couldn't get any redder, or his smile any wider until Emma hugged them both. "That sounds great, just not for a good few years yet. I'm thirty five and don't want to be a grandmother before becoming forty!"

Hermione's eyes practically glazed over, "That would make me seventeen, I can live with that."

Harry was sure he was going to do an impression of Marge Dursley, floating right out of the shop and off into the sky. He felt lighter than he did when flying his broom earlier.

Dinner that night was fun, Dan kept making disparaging remarks about Crookshanks. His claim that he had been hoping to miss out on the bloody cat this time wasn't fooling anyone, he was just as likely to slip the ginger ball of fur some food as anyone else at the table.

Hermione was ignoring her father's comments and instead asked Sirius a question, "Did you invite the Tonks' over for dinner on Sunday?"

"Yes they're coming, it was good to see Andi again. I'd only met Ted a handful of times and their daughter has grown into a beautiful young woman, who just happens to hate her first name. She insists everyone calls her Tonks."

That brought a smile to Harry's face, "Yeah we know, Remus was also invited and definitely coming."

This puzzled the marauder for a minute, "Why did you bloody way! I'm her head of house and won't allow it."

Sirius found himself thrown from his chair and pinned to the wall by an invisible, yet very powerful force, Harry's expression as he faced his godfather was one of pure fury. "You will do nothing and say nothing, this doesn't concern you. You were dead by the time they got together and will not interfere this time either."

Harry felt a pair of arms go comfortingly around him, they were not his wife's. "Harry this is not the way. Sirius doesn't know what's going on yet you are expecting him to make decisions based only on you saying it needs to be so. You both told me that was the way Dumbledore treated you and Hermione, you have to give him the relevant information."

Harry settled into Emma's embrace, her words had knocked all the fight out of him. To Harry, being compared to Dumbledore was nearly as bad as being likened to Voldemort. One bastard had sent him into the forbidden forest to die while the other had done his best to accomplish the deed.

As her mother hugged Harry, Hermione approached Sirius. "Sirius, what would you do to save your godson's life?"

He looked directly into Harry's green eyes before answering, "Anything!"

Hermione had expected no other answer, "And if you could give him back his parents?"

Sirius was now struggling to speak as his emotions swam very near the surface, "Hermione I would gladly give my life to bring back either of them. James was like a brother to me while Lily was a wonderful witch who we all adored."

Hermione knew this was painful but the point had to be made, "Before his first birthday, Teddy Lupin had lost his mother, father, grandfather and godfather. Harry had made arrangements so he would be financially taken care of but we all know how well that worked out for my husband. Andi was a broken woman who clung to that baby like a security blanket, apart from Teddy her entire world had been destroyed."

Harry started speaking, drawing strength from still being held in Emma's arms. "Tonks was in the room of requirements, even though she was a fully trained auror, Remus refused to let her fight in case anything happened to him. I asked her to leave the room so it could be changed into something else, she joined the battle and her aunt Bellatrix killed her."

Harry was struggling to keep his emotions under control as he gave voice to one of his greatest fears. "Coming back in time has probably killed my godson, the changes we've made and continue to make see the chances of him ever being born decrease almost daily. The war made it possible for his parents to connect so, as we have no intention of letting things get to that stage, we are trying desperate measures. It's highly unlikely that we will ever be using Grimmaud Place as a hideout and Dumbledore can stick his order of the phoenix right up his wrinkly old arse."

Godson and godfather had tears streaming down their cheeks now, "We love both Tonks and Remus, our intention is to have them in our company as often as possible. It may have been the war that brought them together but the spark had to be there or it never would have worked. We're just going to have to do the best we can with what we've got. Tonks was the one who chased after Remus, he thought she was too young, too beautiful and way too good for someone with his furry little problem. He loved her with all his heart though and she gradually wore him down, forcing the stubborn bugger to accept he could be happy."

Harry was now openly sobbing and struggling to remain coherent, "I held my godson in my arms the day before Hermione and me were killed, we invited Andi over here for Christmas dinner with the intention of coaxing her to return to Australia with us. There was nothing left for any of us in Britain."

Emma passed Harry to Sirius as both of them were now openly crying, "Sirius, it was the best feeling in the world to hold my godson. He changed his hair and eyes to match mine, he looked like my son. When Hermione held him, Teddy did the same with her and everything I ever wanted in life was standing right in front of me. Teddy Lupin was the reason I finally pulled my finger out and asked my Hermione to be my wife."

Hermione joined their embrace as Harry continued, he needed to get this off his chest. "By coming back in time I might have killed my godson and it's eating me away. I can't do a Dumbledore and console myself this is a greater good scenario because I don't think it is."

Hermione was holding Harry tightly as she continued the explanation for her husband. "What you need to understand is that Teddy was a symbol of hope, a beacon to the light side of what we were fighting for. We wanted a world where an auror and a werewolf could marry and be allowed to raise beautiful children in peace, we fought with everything we had yet ended up with a society more bigoted and perverted than we have now."

Harry was trying to regain control of himself, "I'm sorry I attacked you Sirius but Teddy is one of the most important people for us to help. Unfortunately he's also the only one I'm powerless to do anything about."

Sirius also apologised, "I'm sorry to Harry, I was reacting again without engaging my brain. Moony will make a good husband and a wonderful father."

Harry was drying his eyes with a hanky Emma had quietly slipped him, "He does Sirius but both of them are very clever and sharp as tacks. Neither of us has the subtlety needed for this situation so please don't say anything. If any sparks between them become apparent, you can then use that famous Black charm to let Remus know you approve."

Sirius held his godson at arm's length, "I keep forgetting you're really eighteen, though don't think for a second I'm letting that subtlety comment pass me by."

Hermione followed her mother's example and slipped Sirius a hanky, "It's not the years Sirius, its the millage. We packed an awful lot into every one of those seven and a half years we were together."

Sirius kissed Hermione on the forehead before turning to Dan, "How did you manage to get two such wonderful women in your family?"

Dan had deliberately stayed out of the argument, he could tell there was something really bothering Harry and it was now out in the open. In Australia they had grown quiet close, Harry had needed someone to unload all the shit he'd been carrying around with him for years and Dan had become that someone.

Hermione had done the same with her mother and between the two of them, the parents began to see the whole picture. The revelation of what had happened to his girl had almost broke Dan, by this time he knew Harry well enough to know his reaction would have been exactly the same as Dan's, a redhead would have to die.

Both Emma and Dan had detected a change in Harry when he came back from visiting the Tonks, they now understood he was trying to find the courage to ask Hermione to be his wife. Both parents would have been ecstatic with that news, heading back to Australia with the Tonks for company and a wedding to plan. Instead, almost seven and a half years was wiped out, Dan and Emma had been so fixated on the kids they'd hardly given a thought to the likelihood of Teddy not being born.

Harry Potter was an extremely deep young man, Dan was glad that he at least now appeared to be opening up to Hermione. It was blatantly obvious she knew exactly why he reacted the way he did. Before she would have known what he was feeling but not necessarily why, Harry did exactly the same with Hermione. They supported one another unconditionally, understanding that they would be told what the problem was sooner or later. That they could talk things through had really moved their relationship to a whole new level of support, though Dan would bet their house that Emma was already working on ways to get Tonks and Remus together.

Dan answered Sirius as truthfully as he could, "Pure luck Sirius, I'm the luckiest guy in the world."


Harry awoke to find his wife entwined with him, their limbs interlocking as she attempted to hug every part of him simultaneously. Last night had been emotionally draining but strangely cleansing as well, there were now four people who knew his greatest fear with each of them pledging their help and support. Harry hadn't realised how much he'd enjoyed and needed his chats with Dan until they were no longer there, he intended to reinstate them as soon as possible and may even include Sirius.

Due to his physical age they no longer had the option of disappearing down the pub for a pint and a few games of pool, this didn't mean they couldn't head off to a river bank for a spot of fishing or take in a Quidditch / football match. Harry was learning that he had trusted people he could air his problems with and receive helpful advice, before unconditional support had only come from the girl he currently held in his arms.

The knowledge that he would wake up like this with Hermione in his arms for the rest of his life had started Harry's day with a smile since their return. Truth be told, after the emotional rollercoaster of last night, he could quite happily spend the full day lying here snuggling with his wife.

The thought of having to spend time with Ginny Weasley was no encouragement to get out of bed but Luna was expecting them, and it would be a cold day in hell before Harry or Hermione deliberately let down Luna Lovegood.

Hermione had been watching her husband as the thoughts ran through her mind, she gave him a kiss that focused his attention on the here and now. "You looked a little lost there love, thinking about last night?"

"Actually, I was thinking that if we didn't have to meet Luna today I could have happily spent the day like this. Just lying here holding my beautiful new wife might be my new patronus memory."

Hermione rested her forehead on his, "Harry you shouldn't say things like that, it'll go straight to my head."

"Hermione, the only person I know whose worse at telling lies than me is you, I love my beautiful wife with all that I am. When I saw you holding Teddy it was the most moving experience of my life, next morning I was at Gringotts for that ring you like so much."

She snuggled in for another kiss before emitting a sigh, "I would love to lie here all morning cuddling you but a couple of young ladies are looking forward to going on a picnic with Harry Potter. Mum told me last night, she's checked the weather forecast and is packing a basket full of muggle treats."

Harry couldn't help but smile, "Introducing young witches to the delights of sugar free snacks is one way to control Ginny's ardour."

"You let me worry about Ginny's crush, I'm more worried that you're corrupting my mother. She's bought all normal snacks and drinks, mum now claims there are more important things in life than the risk of a few cavities. She still reminded me to floss though so you haven't totally corrupted her yet."

Harry was stunned into silence, it was just beginning to dawn on him that perhaps he had impacted on the Grangers as much as they had changed his life beyond all recognition.


Ginny was pacing up and down the Lovegood's living room, glancing at the fireplace every few seconds in a fair imitation of Emma Granger at the Leaky Cauldron the day before.

"Ginny, could you please stop getting your knickers in a twist over this. You've met them before and they're nice people."

"Yes I've met them before, the station, Hogwarts and then my dad having to petrify my mother so she wouldn't attack them in the pub. Hermione had her hand on her wand the entire time we were in the Leaky Cauldron, talk about making a good first impression."

Luna shook her head at her friend and now roommate, "Ginny just be yourself, stop worrying about what they'll think. Let them see the real Ginny Weasley, my best friend."

Ginny stopped her pacing and stared directly at Luna, "What if I don't know who the real Ginny is? What if I don't like her and want to change?"

Luna could see her friend was working herself into a state, "Ginny, we're ten, we change almost daily. I'm just concerned you're trying to be someone you're not. I like the idea of reading books and studying but it has to be because you want to do it, not to impress someone else."

"Luna, I am doing this for me! There is so much more to life than what my future was supposed to be. This Ginny Weasley will not be a stay at home wife who has a husband that gets sent out to earn the upkeep of an ever increasing family. I refuse to be another Molly Weasley."

Ginny then noticed that Luna wasn't looking at her, rather at a spot behind her. "The Potters are here, aren't they?"

Luna gave a big smile and enthusiastically nodded.

Ginny groaned, "How long have they been standing there, why didn't you tell me and will someone just kill me now?"

Ginny heard Hermione's voice from behind her, "Please excuse me for saying this Ginny but not wanting to become another Molly Weasley is a cause for celebration in my book. I know she's your mother and I'm grateful that even you think one of her is enough. Now how about showing us around?"

Luna sprang up and grabbed Harry by the arm before beginning to drag him out the house. "You'll have to excuse Ginny, she has a bad infestation of hero worship that has her acting all confounded."

Harry wanted to put an end to this quickly, before elbows ended up implanted in butter dishes. "I'm nothing special Luna!"

Luna was beaming a smile at him and ignoring all efforts of Ginny to get her to shut up. "Oh I agree Harry, but it's your wife she thinks is absolutely brilliant and holds up as a role model."

Ginny had both her hands covering her face, valiantly attempting to hide her embarrassment while wishing the ground would open up and swallow her. She missed the looks of utter amazement that were being worn by both the Potters. Ginny was too busy thinking that she had six brothers, why the hell did she ever want a sister?

Luna was giggling like mad as she led / dragged a confused Harry from the house, leaving Hermione with the decision of whether to just follow on or talk to the clearly mortified, face- hiding redhead. She decided to give the girl a chance, "So Ginny, are you enjoying staying with Luna?"

She removed her hands from her blushing face, "Up until a moment ago, I was. My other option was my Auntie Muriel, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy."

Hermione visibly winced at her memories of the woman, Ginny noticed though which forced Hermione to come up with an explanation. "Every family has one, mine is my Auntie Agnes, I think I would prefer an orphanage to staying with her. Shouldn't we be going? Luna has just made off with my husband."

"That's Luna," Ginny was smiling before becoming serious, "She can seem a little quirky but that's just who she is. Her mother died almost a year ago and it affected her greatly. The Weasleys and Diggorys were the only other magical families that lived in this area and she's been so lonely. Luna's been very excited by the thought that you are moving here and want to be her friends, please don't make fun of her if she says something strange."

Hermione took Ginny by the arm and started leading her toward the door, "Not a chance Ginny, not a chance."

Luna meanwhile was telling Harry why Ginny thought Hermione was such a good role model, and explaining that she'd dragged him out of there to give the two of them a chance to talk to each other. "It was either that or Ginny would spend the entire day following Hermione around like a little lost poppy, blushing like mad every time your wife looked in her direction."

Harry couldn't help but stare at the little blond in admiration, "Luna Lovegood, you are an extraordinary young witch and I hope we can be the very best of friends for many years to come."

Ginny and Hermione came across the pair to find Luna wrapped around Harry and hugging him for all she was worth. Ginny was concerned for her best friend's health until she spotted the huge grin Hermione was wearing.

"I have only one rule, if you hug my husband then you need to hug me as well." This was probably the wrong thing to say as Luna pounced on her.

"Harry said you wanted to be our friends?"

Hermione was positive Harry had said they wanted to be her friend but, in typical Luna fashion, she'd extended the offer to include Ginny as well. Both Potters were determined this version of Luna Lovegood would not grow up friendless.

"Of course we do, now can you lead us to the building site. My mum made us a picnic basket for later."

Ginny was understandably apprehensive about visiting the site of her former home, when they arrive she received quite the shock. Not only were all traces of her former home obliterated, the entire landscape had been changed. Trees had been magically uprooted and planted precisely where the Potter plans stipulated they should be, a Quidditch pitch was being constructed with seats for viewing being built up the hillside. The water hole was gone because the new house would have a pool and the orchard had also been moved to become part of a massive back garden. A real road now approached the building and ended at a triple garage that would have a self contained flat above it.

Harry and Hermione were explaining all this to their new friends but they were slightly overawed.

Ginny had stayed here her entire life yet didn't recognise the place, she wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad at that. Her life had changed so much and here was visual proof that it was permanent, there could be no going back because there was nothing but memories to go back to.

Harry and Hermione were delighted with the progress, they'd paid the builder extra to get the job completed faster. The fact that the customer was Harry Potter saw the builder's entire workforce concentrating on this one job, the prestige of being chosen to build the Potter home would see their order books swell. They wouldn't even have to advertise, there were only so many magical builders in Britain and the word had already spread.


Harry was walking back down Stoat Hill after having a wonderful day when he really looked at their new property laid out below them. This elevate view allowed him to see the extent of the land they'd bought as well as their new home beginning to rise out of the ground. This combined with a day like no other had Harry thinking this was worth fighting for.

The picnic had thrown up many firsts, Luna and Ginny had their first taste of pizza, Coke, Mars bars and other treats Emma had packed in their basket. The day had also contained firsts for both Potters, throwing a Frisbee with friends and just acting like kids was something neither had done the first time around.

Harry was aware that they would have to change attitudes if they wanted to bring positive changes to their world in Britain. Luna and even Ginny were always likely to come down on their side in any battle of hearts and minds, but that wasn't going to be enough. He had an idea how to start making changes though and from a small acorn a giant oak tree grows, he could only hope to provide the right conditions for the seed to germinate.

"Luna and Ginny, its Hermione's birthday next week and I'm planning something rather special. I would like to invite both of you along for the weekend. We could meet in the Leaky Cauldron and you can stay with us in Crawley, do you want to go?"

Harry found himself wearing two witches before Luna then went and hugged Hermione, "I've never been to a party before, thanks for inviting us."

Ginny followed her friend's example before gushing, "We used to have tea and cake when it was one of our birthdays but we never actually had a party!"

Hermione could only shake her head and smile, "I'm sorry girls but you know as much as I do, this is the first I've heard of a party as well." All three girls then turned to face Harry.

"Well since I've just thought of it, that's perfectly understandable. I was thinking of speaking to mum and dad to arrange a surprise party and then my plans just got a lot grander. We'll have a party on Friday night and then spend all day Saturday at a theme park. I also wanted to get all our Hogwarts friends out the castle for the day as well. If we talk to the muggle studies professor we might be able to swing it as an educational trip." Harry could see the excitement build with the three witches. "With mum, dad, Sirius, Remus and maybe even Tonks, there should be more than enough adults to cover the group."

Ginny was almost hyperventilating from anticipation, a party, a sleepover and a visit to... "What's a theme park?"

Hermione understood what her husband was trying to achieve, a crash course in muggle studies for youngsters who'd no idea what they were letting themselves in for. Purebloods and roller coasters should be an interesting combination. "Think of it like a giant fairground Ginny, roundabouts, swings and rollercoaster's. The only problem might be some of the more exciting rides have a height restriction, you have to be a certain height to board them."

This would probably exclude Ginny from most of them though she didn't really care, just being there would be good enough for her.

"We can book to have a party with food and cake as part of the day, once you're in the park all the rides are free. With lunch provided we can stop somewhere for fish and chips on the way home."

Hermione loved how thoughtful her husband was and just had to kiss him in thanks.

Luna watched as the couple kissed with their under construction home as a backdrop. She had a feeling that being friend's with the Potters was going to be life changing, Luna couldn't wait!


Fudge was reading another confession that Amelia had just presented him with, if anything this one was harder to read than Pettigrew's. How did they let things become so bad? Here was an individual who, by any criteria you wished to use, should have spent time in Azkaban. Instead, he was spared and even allowed to work with children, all on the word of one man, Albus Dumbledore. There was no defence put forward, no 'I was under the Imperius Curse', just Dumbledore saying he wasn't a death eater made him a free man.

Cornelius couldn't help but conclude that the prophecy mentioned was at the core of everything Albus had done. How could he not only protect Snape, but employ him while little Harry Potter was living in a cupboard was the question the minister needed answered.

The list of names that followed was also disturbing, that it was almost identical to the list they received from Pettigrew added credence to the claim they were all death eaters. Amelia was standing waiting on her orders and Cornelius realised this was the moment that would define his time as minister. The decisions taken here and now would reflect on how history would remember him. Deciding to be as honest and open as possible Cornelius asked Amelia to sit as he laid out his orders.

"Ok we have to temper our response to this and withhold action that might tear our world apart, here's what I'm thinking. Let Snape stand trial in front of the Wizengamot, his crimes will be made public and they can decide his fate. That's the way the system is supposed to work."

Amelia was nodding her agreement which was always encouraging, "I want you to deal with Lord Potter personally regarding this prophecy, preferably before the trial to give him an opportunity to collect it before the matter becomes public knowledge. I also want him informed it was Snape who pointed you-know-who in his direction, this action led directly to the murder of his parents. I feel the Wizengamot would allow him to lead in what punishment should be meted out to Snape. This will also air more of Dumbledore's dirty laundry, he was directly involved with all the major players that night. Snape was his spy, Pettigrew was in his order, as were the Potters and Sirius Black. I also can't help wondering why he sent Hagrid, if he suspected an attack why send a gamekeeper who can't perform magic? It's time we learned what the old goat thinks only Albus Bloody Dumbledore is smart enough to know."

Amelia Bones was astonished, all this good publicity about taking a tough stance seemed to go straight to the minister's head. The head of the DMLE was wise enough to know she was never going to get everything she wanted but was already way ahead of where she thought she would be. It was the list of names that was going to be the sticking point.

Fudge was expecting arguments about those named so decided to explain his reasoning, "Were we to go after every name on those lists it would create havoc in our society, causing a rift that we may never recover from. For all intents and purposes, those named have behaved like upstanding members of the magical community for the last decade. What I will say is that if any of those named are arrested for anything, your department can question them under truth serum. As long as they behave themselves we'll live and let live, they step over the line and you have my permission to bring the full weight of the ministry down upon their heads."

This was a lot more than Amelia expected to get, to be fair to the minister this was a problem he had inherited. While she wasn't happy about the situation, she could see some merit in his explanation. "Letting sleeping dragons lie is one thing minister, what about those named who work for the ministry? Were these facts ever to become known, there is no fall-back position from having death eaters working for us."

Fudge pondered for a moment before proposing a solution, "What if all employees were required to take a loyalty oath? We can introduce the new initiative in your department before rolling it out to encompass the entire ministry. We can word it in such a way that it would be impossible to belong to an organisation that intended to overthrow the ministry." He was becoming more enthusiastic as the thoughts solidified into a plan in his head, "This would also deny any future dark lords a foothold in the government. After the ministry we can take on the Wizengamot, they would have a hard time refusing when every ministry employee had already complied."

Amelia left the minister's office with a large smile on her face, if Fudge kept this up she might even vote for the arse. She didn't know whether it was the absence of Umbridge, Malfoy being on both lists or the ringing endorsement from Lord Potter. Whatever the reason Cornelius had grown a backbone and was finally acting like a minister for magic. There was something Amelia Bones never thought she would see.


Sunday night's dinner was going splendidly, Sirius and Remus were keeping the entire company entertained with stories that were becoming more outlandish with the amount of wine they consumed. Nymphadora was laughing so hard her hair was changing colours, the Granger parents had heard stories of this phenomenon but viewing it live was another matter.

Harry floated his theme park idea, both Remus and Tonks were very happy to come along. Hermione had been taken to Thorpe Park by her parents when she was older and had loved it, Harry had based his whole idea on his wife's description of how much she'd enjoyed her day there. The Dursleys had also visited the park though as usual Harry hadn't been invited.

Emma headed into the kitchen to fetch more wine and was delighted when Tonks followed her in to see if she needed a hand. "Actually I could use some help but not with this. Dan and I were talking to Sirius the other night and he let slip he felt ready to settle down with the right woman. The problem is he's terrified of dating, claims he's been out of the game so long he wouldn't know where to start. Normally I would introduce him to one of my single friends though, while Sirius is in no way prejudice, I think he would be more comfortable with a witch to start with."

Tonks wasn't expecting that but could see the logic behind it, having to spend the last decade in Azkaban would severely dent anyone's self confidence. "I know a couple of girls who are single and one of them might be just his type. Should I see if she's interested?"

"Oh yes, but don't say anything to Sirius yet, let me handle that part. He'll probably just try to talk his way out of it though that man just loves company." The sound of laughter from the other room proved Emma's point far better than anything she could say.

Tonks was now giggling like a conspiratorial schoolgirl, "Ok, I'll ask my friend but won't say a word to Sirius. He won't know what hit him!"

Tonks had no way of knowing that the broad smile Emma sported was because phase one of her 'Operation Teddy' was under way.

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