In this World and the Next

Not for Weasley fans, dark beginning and rating is for safety. A Re-do with payback on the menu H/Hr Complete


3. Chapter 3

Neville looked on as the only two friends he'd ever made walked out of Hogwarts, at least they said they would stay in touch, his gaze swept round the hall at the devastation left in their wake.

Harry and Hermione had hardly stepped out the castle when bedlam erupted.

Molly Weasley had been released from Hermione's spell and was spitting mad, as well as spitting porridge over everyone within range as she ranted, "Where is the little bastard? I'm going to kill him! How dare he do this to me and my family, who does the little shit think he is…"

This was more than enough for the tabby cat that was Minerva McGonagall, two of her cubs had just been hounded out of the castle by this woman who had the audacity to stand there and complain! The head lioness of Gryffindor roared into action, ready to take on all comers in defence of her young lions, "That 'little shit' was sitting at his house table having breakfast when he was attacked by a madwoman who has no right to be here. Mr Potter has snapped his wand and left Hogwarts, when that news breaks I hope you have a deep hole to hide in because I for one will be ensuring the blame finds its way to the appropriate figures."

Minerva was looking directly at Snape when she made that last comment and the unconcerned smirk on his face was like a red rag to a bull. Years of biting her tongue and putting up with this shit had worn her down to the point where her temper final snapped beyond repair. Minerva now had her wand in her hand as she tried to make-up for letting down the son of her late friends so badly, "From now on I shall be using my position as deputy headmistress to investigate all points taken and detentions allocated against members of my house. Should I find any member of staff discriminating against Gryffindor they will receive an official reprimand, I would also like to remind staff that their contracts stipulate that three reprimands is an automatic one month unpaid suspension and a mandatory review by the board."

Dumbledore had left his seat at this and made his way down to where the students sat, "Professor McGonagall I hardy think this is the place to be holding such a discussion."

"On the contrary headmaster I think this is exactly the place to hold this discussion, you discourage heads of house from interfering in punishments handed out by other heads, to your mind this promotes staff unity, to my mind it just allows some to get away with reprehensible behaviour that will no longer be tolerated by me. This is not up for discussion as it clearly falls within the remit of deputy, should you wish to change this it would require my sacking, the choice is yours headmaster and I would appreciate your answer now before I begin teaching this year's classes."

Albus was seething with anger, all he'd asked the stupid woman to do was make sure Harry got on the train, how was it possible for her to muck that up so spectacularly? Now, not only had the boy left the castle but Minerva was rounding on Severus, something Albus would have to try to deflect. It was time for the all-knowing, all-powerful Dumbledore to make an appearance.

Albus picked up the broken wand and noticed that Fawkes feather still held the two parts together, taking out the elder wand he managed to repair the shattered holly in front of everyone, once more enhancing his reputation as a great wizard. Handing it towards Minerva he was using his most reassuring voice, "No one will be getting sacked and I am certain we will see young Mr Potter in these halls again, please look after this for him until that time."

Minerva wasn't about to be placated by a show of power and calming words, "Should the Potters decide to return I will be taking them under my wing, Mrs Potter was very clear in her words that she doesn't trust any of the staff here enough to protect her husband. I happen to agree with that assessment but will do my utmost to earn that trust, if that means putting myself between them and anyone wishing to do the young married couple wrong then so be it. I hope everyone here is proud of the way we welcomed the boy who rid us of you-know-who back to the magical world?"

She snatched the wand out of Dumbledore's hand before Molly started screeching again, "Married? How can he be married?"

Minerva once more turned her attention to the woman, who may have wiped her face but still had porridge in her hair, "That is none of your business, just like you have no business being in this hall. Kindly leave before I call the aurors and have you removed, you and your family have caused quite enough trouble for one day."

Albus now had two angry women on his hands so called for reinforcements, while he waved his wand over Ronald to stop the bleeding from his nose and vanish the bloody mess, he called for Fawkes to bring the sorting hat. "Let's get young Ronald sorted into Gryffindor before we hand him over to Poppy's gentle care, then Molly here can take little Ginevra back home."

Fawkes soothing song calmed tempers and amazed the students, Ron walked shakily to the Gryffindor table before sitting down, Albus popped the hat on the boys head only to discover that this morning had yet another shock in store for him.

"Slytherin!" screamed the hat after only seconds and Ronald Weasley immediately lost his breakfast all over the Gryffindor table, considering the amount he ate, everyone agreed it was the most impressive non-potions derived display of projectile vomiting seen in Hogwarts for many a year.

Severus Snape was delighted his barb had gotten that spawn of James Potter out of Hogwarts so easily, nothing Minerva said had managed to dampen that delight as he was certain Albus would somehow neuter all attempts to exercise her authority. He was having a wonderful morning until that tattered old hat had the nerve to place a Weasley in his house, was this some sick joke?

Ron's robes had already acquired their green trim with that hated badge over his heart, this was not the introduction to Hogwarts he'd looked forward to ever since he was old enough to say the word. His nose still hurt, his balls felt as if they'd been introduced to a bacon slicer and he had his own colour coordinating green vomit all down his robes, Ron had only one thing on his mind, "Mum, can I go back home with you and Ginny?"

Molly thought she must have gotten some of that porridge in her ears as she could have sworn that hat said Slytherin, Weasleys never went anywhere else but Gryffindor. Seeing her son in those detestable colours after the morning she was having, was just placing a cherry on top of the piles of shit. "Either my boy gets re-sorted or I'm taking him home with me!"

Minerva wasn't for budging an inch, "The sorting hat is an ancient magical artefact, not something you can order about just because you don't agree with it. The decision stands and you can take as many Weasleys home with you as you like, every one of them was drawing their wands on two first years, including a Gryffindor prefect."

"They were defending their mother who was under attack…" Dumbledore never got to finish as McGonagall chewed his argument to shreds.

"So it doesn't matter that Mrs Potter was protecting her husband from an intruder, they were going to be punished while the Weasleys escape? Not bloody likely, you all have a week's detention and I'll have that badge back Percy."

Minerva had wanted to give the position to Wood but Albus had convinced her that Percy deserved it more, there was just something about the boy that appeared too Slytherin for her liking, so Minerva twisted the knife. "Drawing your wand on a first year is inexcusable, losing to that same first year just confirms you're not prefect material."

Albus tried something to prevent the entire morning turning into a total dung-bomb, "Terrance could you be mistaken in your decision to place young Mr Weasley in Slytherin?"

The hat seemed to think for a minute before answering, "I could be mistaken," the occupants of the hall held their breath waiting on the hat's next words, "but I'm not. The lad has neither the smarts for Ravenclaw nor the loyalty demanded of Hufflepuff, by his own admission he'd rather go home than be in Slytherin, which hardly displays the courage required for Gryffindor. You let two of the bravest children I've ever sorted walk out the door because you refused to help them, I'm curious headmaster what's so special about this one?"

Albus had no answer, the Weasleys were part of his master plan to befriend Harry and keep the lad humble. With a wife now in the picture, Molly's recent deeds and Ronald in Slytherin, that plan was in tiny little pieces but perhaps the Weasleys leaving Hogwarts could be used to entice the Potters back? "I'm sorry young man but you must either join your housemates or return home."

"I shall be removing all my children from Hogwarts and rest assured, I shall be contacting the board of governors about the treatment I received here today."

McGonagall still refused to back down an inch, "Rest assured Mrs Weasley I shall be contacting the DMLE about your behaviour here today, should the Potters wish to press charges I would quite happily agree to be a witness against all involved in this travesty."

The twins fell on their mother, begging that she reconsider but their pleas were in vain, "You're all coming home now, your father can make the final decision tonight."

Percy had been publicly humiliated not once but twice, first an eleven-year-old with no magical training beat him in a fight, then his head of house took his badge and said he wasn't cut out to be a prefect. He couldn't wait to get out of here and wasn't sure if he wanted to come back.

Filius and Pomona had watched this morning's proceedings with great interest, the Potters leaving would be the front page of the Prophet for days to come, but it might actually be worth it to see their friend assert her authority. Both intended to insure she didn't slip back to just blindly following Albus, watching as the Weasley family also left Hogwarts gave them some idea what a hacked-off McGonagall was capable of.


Harry and Hermione were strolling hand-in-hand down to Hogsmead, neither quite believing what they'd just done. "You know someone will be coming after us, the old man won't let you walk away from his influence, you're too important to his plans."

Harry wore a wry smile, "I've had lots of time to ponder about this since the night Snape killed him and I think I finally understand Dumbledore. He's utterly convinced that, for the greater good of the magical world, I must walk up to Voldemort and let him kill me, so he managed my entire life towards achieving that goal."

"Bugger that Mr Potter, you have a wife to consider now!"

"I'm also pretty sure I don't have the horcrux inside my head, which renders the whole scenario obsolete, but my point is Dumbledore is not evil, he's delusional. He gave up his life for the greater good as he saw it and can't understand why someone else wouldn't do the same."

Hermione thought about this for a minute before replying, "Should we tell him?"

Harry was horrified, "Absolutely not! Dumbledore would think he was the only one who could possibly handle such information and obliviate the shit out of us, we'd be lucky to remember each other's names, far less that we were married. While I wouldn't class him as evil, that doesn't mean he hasn't made my life crap because it suited his vision of the greater good."

Hermione was sure Harry was correct and detested the idea of anyone messing with her head, "So how do we handle this?"

"Well I suspect the old man won't want to get personally involved, he likes to perform his manipulations through third parties or, if you prefer, get others to do his dirty work. We'll have time to figure out how to play this, I think we should return but on our terms. I would like to see my godfather free, ensure my godson not only gets born but keeps his parents around for many years, we should also help Neville and Luna become the people we know they can be. Watching Neville standing there alone brought back just how clueless we were, I've never made a friend right away like that, the whole Weasley situation must have been staged managed right from the start. I'm so glad you dealt with him today."

Hermione was quiet for a moment, "I so wanted to kill him Harry, you have no idea how hard it was not to."

Harry now had his arm around her, "Hermione, had he laid a finger on you, nothing could have stopped me from killing him. To hell with everything else, you are by far the most important consideration in my life."

She gave a weak smile, "Thanks Harry, although it was good to feel my foot connecting with his bits I think I'd still rather have killed him, does that mean I'm going dark?"

"No darker than me love, Molly and Percy are definitely on my hit list. I don't think I could take down Ginny as she's still a child but Ron is another matter entirely, we'll have to play it by ear with the twins."

"Do we have the right to make those decisions Harry?"

"If we don't then who does love, we've seen the future and it's not pleasant. If we start second-guessing we'll drive ourselves nuts, do you think Draco is saveable if given more chances? He was still trying to kill us in the final battle and only the Malfoy money saved him from Azkaban."

"Your right Harry, Malfoy had chance after chance and made no attempt to change his ways, he's a pureblood supremacist and, since it got him everything he ever wanted, sees no point in changing. If we try to alter the system, sooner or later we're going to have to deal with the Malfoys."

"We don't need to decide everything right now, I'm still not sure getting out the country isn't our best option. I think we need to head to Gringotts and find out what our marriage status does for us, face the goblins then the Grangers, oh what a lovely day in prospect."

"My parents loved you before and will fall in love with you all over again, how could they not?"

Harry tried to hold on to that thought as they entered the Three Broomsticks to floo into the Leaky Cauldron.


Over two hours later and Harry led a shaky Hermione out of Gringotts, deciding his wife cold use a seat he pointed the dazed witch in the direction of Fortescue's ice cream parlor.

Ordering a sundae for each of them, Harry waited until the waitress left before speaking. "The arrogance of Dumbledore strikes again, because he doesn't know how to deal with something he just assumes no one else does. The goblin method of forcing the horcrux into a pig, slaughtering the animal and then roasting the carcass for a feast is not only brilliant but poetic justice."

Hermione gave an involuntary shudder with the thought she might never eat a ham sandwich again as Harry continued, "I just wish we had thought to ask them for help the last time instead of having to break into that bitch's vault, the procedure doesn't harm the item so the cup will be returned to the Lestrange vault undamaged and we'll be able to save Ravenclaw's diadem."

Harry's next word was 'ouch!' as Hermione punched him none too gently on the upper arm, "What was that for?"

"Harry James Potter why the hell didn't you tell me you were at least ten times richer than the Malfoy's?"

"Hermione love I had no idea, I'd only been in Gringotts once since we rather hurriedly left it riding a dragon, and that day my only concern was hoping I had enough gold to buy the woman I loved a ring worthy of her. When I discovered what we now know is the Potter ring, the only other thing I was interested in was collecting the Black island portkey. The goblins advised I needed a will so I set up a trust fund like mine for Teddy and named you and him my main beneficiaries, Luna and Neville got a little but I just signed my name. They dealt with all the arrangements, I never once looked at the amounts as I was so bloody worried you were going to turn me down, if you had said no then all the gold in Gringotts would have been little compensation."

Hermione was staring at the new dragon skin wallet with tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry Hermione, but I know you never married me for my money since neither of us knew it was there?"

"It's not that Harry, my new Gringotts card has 'Hermione Jane Potter' printed on it and nothing can change that, you have no idea how many nights I lay in bed dreaming of this. We're legally married and neither the ministry nor the Wizengamot can alter that fact, I was sure there would be some loophole they could use to bring us back under their control."

The waitress returned with the ice cream and they quietly enjoyed the treat while still trying to digest all that had happened this morning, "How would my wife like to try out her new card in Flourish and Blotts?"

"I think my husband is either trying to spoil me or delay meeting his in-laws, which is it sir?"

Harry blushed at being so easily read, he should have expected Hermione to see right through him, "A little of both love." She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek for being so sweet before switching to her 'must dash to the library' expression as the idea hit home.

"Harry we know the Prophet is going to be all over us so why don't we march in there and give them the story we want printed, before anyone else has time to put their slant on it. Follow that up with a letter to the head of the DMLE…"

The look of dread on Harry's face had nothing to do with thoughts of the Daily Prophet, "Oh shit! Hermione I left Hedwig in Hogwarts, I released her in Kings Cross station yesterday so I could shrink her cage before racing off to find you. She's smart enough to find me at your parents but that's just what I don't need, her mad at me as well."

Hermione understood how much his owl meant to Harry and hadn't considered going back in time would save her as well, "Let's add a stop to the Eeylops Owl Emporium for a nice perch and some special owl treats, you know she'll forgive you, eventually."

"I only hope we can say the same about your mother, I love the woman but she can be downright scary."


The woman in question was sitting finishing off the Times crossword in their lounge, the Granger's dental practice was very successful, allowing them both the luxury of having Monday and Friday afternoon's off. When Hermione walked in, leading a very nervous bespectacled young boy by the hand, she felt as if a cricket bat had just whacked the back of her head.

Her scream had her husband racing from their home office to find his wife on her knees sobbing, with her arms around two children, one of whom they'd placed on a magical train to Scotland yesterday.

When the green eyes behind the glasses met Dan's, the dentist also found himself on his knees, his legs felt as if they'd turned to jelly and wouldn't support his weight. The emotions that kicked-in overwhelmed the father who thought he would never see his daughter and her young man again, Dan's voice was trembling nearly as much as he was, "I asked you to bring her home Harry and you did, I don't now how you did it son but I always believed you would."

Hermione broke away from her mum and raced into her father's open arms but Emma still had a death grip on Harry and could be heard mumbling 'thank you' between sobs.

"Dad you remember?"

He had his arms around his daughter with the intention of never letting her go again, "The second I saw Harry it was like you removing that memory charm in Australia, it all came flooding back. Your phone was still on and we heard everything as they led you away, I was trying to comfort your mother and convince her we needed to leave when two strangers appeared in the house. The last thing I remember is calling out the password Harry gave us and we disappeared, but how did we get back to here? That was Christmas Eve 1998, this is what, September 1991?"

"Yes dad and you have no idea how relieved Harry will be that you remember everything, he was terrified walking up the drive."

"Why were you terrified of us Harry?" asked Emma, who still had a tight hold of him meaning there was no escape.

"Eh well you see it's like this…" Harry decided just to blurt it out into the open, "Hermione and I are married!"

Laughter was not the response they expected but that died the second Emma recognised the diamond adorning her daughter's finger, "Right you two, sit down and start talking."

Because their memories were almost 'current' with their situation it was only the last twenty-four ours that they had to bring them up to date with.

When they finished Emma hugged them both, "Even death couldn't separate you two, I always knew Harry was the one for you darling and, although you physically appear to be eleven I couldn't be happier that you're together. We've seen the alternative and intend to make sure it never happens like that again."

"First thing tomorrow we're off down the travel agents, I think Australia beckons. Why the hell should you risk your lives for these bastards after the way they treated you both, we know your real ages but please listen to us on this." Dan pleaded.

"I think Australia is definitely in our future but we have a few things to do here first, knowing that Gringotts will destroy horcruxes, for a fee, takes an incredible amount of pressure off. We also know where another two are, just sitting waiting on us picking them up, combined with the cup and the one in my head already gone we're over half way there. The diary isn't available to us until next summer and I really would like some help to get the ring as it has traps surrounding it."

Harry was appealing to Dan who understandably wanted the four of them on the first plane out the country, "There are people who are important to us we can help, and in some cases save their lives. If we can destroy the horcruxes then that only leaves the snake, who knows if the prophecy is actually still valid since I've already killed him? I will quit the country as soon as those goals are met as I have no intention of making Hermione the youngest widow in Britain. We will be ruthless and take no chances, at the first sign of not being able to handle something I'll pay for first class tickets on the next available plane."

Dan looked at his new son-in-law as if he was joking.

"Trust me dad, Harry could buy the plane if he wanted. Mr Potter here conveniently forgot to mention that he's one of the richest wizard's in Britain."

"I think you'll find that's 'we' Mrs Potter, you have as much access to our vaults and properties as I do."

Hermione blushingly took out her new passport and bank card out the brand new bottomless bag they'd purchased in the alley, she also took out the document she'd been looking for, "We also hired ourselves a lawyer that the goblins recommended, he drew up these."

Emma took one glance at them before giving the order, "Dan, get the car keys!"


When the doorbell rang Petunia wondered who it was, she quickly pulled a cover over her Dudders who was laying face-down on the sofa, his surgeon said the poor little trooper wouldn't be able to sit for a few days yet.

She opened the door to find an immaculately dressed couple standing there, "Mrs Petunia Dursley? Hi I'm Dr Emma Granger and this is my husband Dr Daniel Granger, can we come in?"

"Oh yes please, we thought that your clinic was a bit on the expensive side but we never realised that you made house calls, my little darling is right in here."

Petunia led them straight into the lounge where the Dursley males were glued to the TV screen, she whipped the cover off Dudley. "We've been trying to make sure the wound remains clean but it's not an easy job, I can't tell you how pleased I am that you can change his bandages and…"

Petunia was interrupted by a hated voice, "Wow Dud, full moon tonight! Hermione love you might want to cover your eyes from this hideous sight, personally I think they cut off your best feature cousin, it was the only part of your body that could even remotely be considered cute."

Vernon attempted to spring out of his chair at Harry, it actually took three attempts before he managed to become vertical, though that didn't stop him yelling at the top of his voice. "Freak! What are you doing back here? Did they discover what a useless waste of space you really are and kick you out?"

Harry wandlessly pushed the astonished walrus back into his chair, "No uncle I was just missing my family so much I wanted to come home," the sarcasm in his voice was as unmistakable as the power he now appeared to wield. "Dan would you have a look in the cupboard under the stairs?"

If he thought this was a strange request, Dan didn't say but when he saw the panicked expressions on the Dudley's faces he went and looked anyway. When he came back, his fists were clenched and his eyes were boring into Vernon although it was to Harry he spoke, "How long?"

"All my life actually, it was only last month they moved me into Dudley's second bedroom, they were afraid the magic users would find out."

Emma was getting nothing but barely controlled rage from her husband so she went to see what the fuss was about, seconds later she came charging back in and smacked Petunia on the jaw. "How could any mother treat a child like that? Far less one as wonderful as your nephew, Harry let's get the police involved, I'm sure they would be arrested for child cruelty."

Harry shook his head, "That might still happen but I just want to be rid of them." Hermione took some documents out her bag before removing her camera and heading towards the cupboard.

"Right, here's the deal. Sign these papers and the Grangers will become my legal guardians, if you don't object it will be fast tracked through the courts and you'll never see or hear from me again. Fight it and I'll tell everyone the way you treated me, including the pictures of my 'bedroom' Hermione's now taking." To let that sink in Harry shouted through to her, "Be sure to get some of Dudley's bedroom for comparison love," before returning his attention to his relatives, "anyway the choice is yours."

Vernon snatched the paper out of Harry's hands, "Just show me where I sign boy, we have no intention of fighting this, we never wanted you here in the first place but were denied a choice in the matter."

Petunia was still rubbing her face and afraid to say anything in case she got hit again, the man appeared ready to rip them all limb from limb, she very quickly and happily signed the form.

Dudley lay face down with both hands covering the site of his very recent surgical procedure, the thought of another tail had him whimpering in fear. As they didn't know if this couple were magical or not, he just assumed the worst and kept very quiet.

The paper was signed before Hermione whipped her wand out and, to the absolute horror of the Dursleys, transfigured the coffee table into a live pig. "This is what I wanted to do with you but my Harry won't let me, how he learned compassion and morals while living with you disgusting people is an unexplainable wonder. Should we meet again nothing will stop me having my revenge on Harry's behalf, it will be the slaughterhouse for you pigs rather than surgery you'll be facing." With a casual flick of her wand the squealing stopped as the pig was once more a table, "Let's get out of here before I do something they'll regret."

As the four left their house the Dursleys didn't know whether to cheer, cringe or cry. If only they could believe they would never see the boy again the choice would be easy, as easy as deciding they definitely didn't want to lay eyes on that girl again. Pigs would fly before they would contest Harry leaving for good but when your table can change into a porker then flying hogs was a distinct possibility.

Back in the car heading out of Little Whining Harry had a suggestion, "Pick a restaurant and Hermione will buy us all dinner."

"Why Hermione?" her mother asked.

"Oh she just loves handing over her card and signing her name as Hermione Potter!"


It was a harassed Arthur Weasley who exited the fireplace at the Burrow, he started bemoaning his luck the second he left he floo, "What a day I've had, you've no idea the uproar your little spat in the station caused, I was getting dirty looks all day about the extra work you created but when word spread it was the-boy-who-lived, I'm lucky still to be in a job."

He'd walked from the living room into the kitchen while talking and got a shock to see four of his sons sitting there instead of being at Hogwarts, Arthur had a very bad feeling about this. "What happened?" he asked, though dreading the answer.

What happened was five people all started trying to tell him their version of events at the same time, making the noise unbearable, even for the Weasley kitchen.

"QUIET!" He shouted before Arthur noticed the apple of his eye sitting quietly with tears running down her cheeks, "Ginny tell me what happened please?" his whole demeanour warned the rest of his tribe not to interrupt.

Her voice was soft and she seemed far away but Ginny's words struck fear into her father's heart, "He was just sitting there quietly eating his porridge when she went tearing after him like a bear, his wife protected him and between the two of them put these four on the floor. He then snapped his wand and threw it at my feet before both Potters walked out of Hogwarts, I'll never get to go now dad or meet him, she's ruined everything!"

Arthur turned pleadingly to his wife, "Please tell me you didn't attack the-boy-who-lived in the middle of Hogwarts?"

"No I didn't," Arthur's relief was short lived, "That little bitch of his cursed me before I could get my hands on him and give the little shit a piece of my mind…"

Arthur roared at his wife, "What bloody right have you to go anywhere near that boy? Have you any idea what you've done or just how serious this is? Our world has waited nearly ten years for Harry Potter to return, now, because of your actions, he's snapped his wand and left Hogwarts." The repercussions of this were making Arthur feel sick, "It's probably just as well you lot got sent home because when I get fired tomorrow we wouldn't have been able to afford Hogwarts anyway."

George corrected his father, "We didn't get sent home, Ron got sorted into Slytherin and didn't want to go there, Mum demanded they change it or we were all coming home."

Fred filled in the rest of this expanding horror story, "McGonagall then took Percy's badge for getting beat-up by a firstie and told us we were welcome to leave."

His twin finished off the sorry tale, "We begged to stay but mum dragged us all home."

The picture being painted here was not a pretty one, Arthur was very disappointed in his family so started with his youngest son, "You didn't get the house you wanted so came crying home to mummy, is that it?" he then turned to his wife, "and you bloody encouraged him instead of telling him to suck it up and make the best of it, what kind of example does that set?" Finally his gaze turned to Percy, "You were a prefect, why were you fighting with a first year anyway?"

Arthur could see the storm coming but was unable to stop it, his wife would be portrayed as the wicked witch of the West Country and his family would be lucky if they didn't have to move to a far away land where they'd never heard of the name Weasley.


Albus sat in his office, drinking cocoa and wondering how the last twenty-four hours had gotten away from him so disastrously. His eyes cast a glance at the silver instruments that had monitored Harry Potter for the last decade, the only reading he could get now was that the wards at Privet Drive had totally collapsed. On Mr Potter's health or whereabouts there was nothing, it was as if the boy he cast them on didn't exist.

Albus could only assume that his marriage had negated all his monitoring charms as the boy would now be considered an adult, this did not bode well for his plans.

He would give the Potters and Minerva a couple of days to calm down before suggesting she make contact with them again, he didn't want to become personally involved unless absolutely necessary, Minerva's comment about them wishing to move to Australia struck fear into his heart.

If Harry Potter emigrated to the other side of the world he would be condemning Britain to Voldemort's rule, that could not be allowed to happen. Having been raised and treated they way he was now worked against his plans, Harry's current circumstances would also make telling him the prophesy at this time a disaster.

Not only would Harry have no reason to lay down his life, with his wealth and a new wife, the boy would in all likelihood tell him he owed the magical world nothing, probably getting out of the country as quickly as possible.

What Albus needed was some way to connect Harry to the wizarding community, at the moment his only positive experience was meeting the young Longbottom boy. He could only hope the events of today didn't become public knowledge before the couple could be enticed back to Hogwarts.

Albus had no idea that the next issue of the Prophet would blow the whole sorry scandal wide open, combined with letters from the Potters and McGonagall making their way to Amelia Bones would see him being asked questions he didn't really want to answer.


Back in Crawley four tired people were discussing their next move, "I don't think I can go to work every day as if nothing has changed, we've already lived the next seven years and I can't do that again, not without slipping up badly."

"Emma there are no financial reasons for you to continue working, we can clear the mortgage on your home and provide anything you want. Would you like to roam the world searching for a nice bolt hole for us? No problem, it's yours."

"Harry you're our son-in-law and we're also going to be your guardians, can we give mum a try? Your offer sounds fantastic but if Dan and I sell our practice we will be financially quite comfortable, and apparently we no longer have to worry about Hermione's future, I was really thinking more of a change of direction. Something like charity work appeals to me, nothing with a lot of ties in case it becomes necessary for us to leave at a moments notice."

"I think you're right sweetheart, I'll contact our lawyer in the morning to inform him we're interested in selling. The thought of living those years over the exact same way again does not appeal to me either, this time travel seriously messes with your head. I mean what's the point of going to the football when you already know the result?"

"It also messes with your energy levels, I'm knackered!" Hermione reached out her hand for Harry, "Time for bed love."

Harry's focus shifted immediately to his wife's parents but it was Emma who put his mind at rest, "Harry we trusted you with our girl when you were eighteen and she was nineteen, I think we can trust you now you're both eleven."

"You made one very serious mistake though Harry, you gave my daughter a credit card, I don't need a prophesy to predict a shopping trip in your future." Dan was failing valiantly in his attempt not to laugh at the looks his daughter was now dispatching in his direction.

"My husband and I will be going shopping tomorrow as he only owns the clothes he's currently standing in, it was my intention to buy some gifts for my fabulous parents but don't worry mum, we'll still get you something." Hermione couldn't hold her stern expression any longer as a smile kept breaking through. She hugged them both.

"Thanks for making this so easy for us, my husband was really dreading informing my parents he'd just married your eleven-year-old daughter. I'm so glad you have those memories and can help us plan for the future, or is it the past?"

Harry placed his arm around her, "Too tired to care love, let's get some sleep as I have a feeling tomorrows going to be a long day."

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