In this World and the Next

Not for Weasley fans, dark beginning and rating is for safety. A Re-do with payback on the menu H/Hr Complete


24. Chapter 24

The spirit inside Hogwarts was approaching fever pitch as the trip to Australia had the entire school buzzing. A part of the world that was no more than a blob on a map before suddenly became very interesting to the first year students. The information they could find pointed to the Native Australian Magical culture mostly being swamped by the influx of muggles and wizards escaping poverty and prejudice in their own countries. Australia had developed its own form of magical society, they didn't care about how pure you thought your blood was. People were judged by their actions and deeds, not their ancestry.

The teaching staff were also riding this wave of enthusiasm for learning, everyone was incorporating a little Oz into their lessons. From having the first year's brew simple insect repelling potions to sunscreen charms for the hot Australian summer, all were eagerly absorbed by the willing students.

As Remus and Charity were travelling with the students, they began holding evening classes to explain about airports, planes and in-flight entertainment. These classes were not only heavily attended but very well received, muggle studies had never enjoyed such a high profile inside Hogwarts. If Charity had held these extra classes at this time last year there wouldn't have been three people there, including herself.

Minerva could feel the lift in her school's spirit and the pivotal point was that arrival by Hedwig. She had feared that having the two most popular students forced from the castle could have seen the raft of positive changes since September slip back to the old bigoted ways, Minerva was delighted that this proved not to be the case. She had also received a note from the Potters, personally inviting her to spend Christmas with them and the rest of their friends. She had completed the forms requested by the goblin delegation who dealt with all the students as well, she still hadn't decided whether she would travel or not.

Minerva wasn't convinced leaving Hogwarts for two weeks was a good idea and there was the other consideration to take into account. The children were all eagerly anticipating their holiday in Australia, having the headmistress along might just put a damper on their experience.

The laughter emanating from the Gryffindor table caused her eyes to track there automatically, quickly discovering the source. Harry was obviously talking to his friends again using that wonderful mirror. After ten minutes or so, students from that table moved to talk with friends from the other house tables. Within minutes, Minerva had a large, multi-house delegation facing her in front of the staff table. Minerva couldn't help but think this was a sign of how much Hogwarts had changed, there were students from every house and Mr Longbottom was the spokesperson.

"Headmistress McGonagall, Harry has told us you have yet to decide whether you will be travelling to Australia with us, he and Hermione asked us to help you make up your mind."

Miss Bones spoke next, "Headmistress, without your support, most of what we've achieved this year wouldn't have happened. We really do want you to come with us."

Millie chipped in her two knut's worth, "Besides headmistress, who else can make the Weasley twins behave? I'm not nervous about getting on a plane and flying half way around the world. Two weeks with Fred and George terrifies me." This drew a lot of laughter as Millie feigned fear as the twins pretended to be hurt by her remark.

Minerva was touched by their genuine concern for her, she couldn't imagine them doing this for Albus. They were all waiting patiently on her saying something, "Mr Longbottom, the next time you are speaking to Mr or Mrs Potter, tell them I'll be there!"

The cheering only stopped when the warning bell sounded, informing the students it was time to head toward their first lesson of the day. It was a happy bunch of students who made their way out the great hall.

Draco had studied the entire incident while sitting by himself, even Vin and Greg had distanced themselves from him now. Watching Pansy be part of that group was hard for the blond Slytherin to take. As Pansy was spending Christmas in Australia, he was going to be stuck alone inside this castle.

His letter to the Tonks had less than stellar results. Andromeda Tonks may be a pureblood by birth but her reply to his letter contained none of the niceties Draco had expected. It was brutally blunt and left no room for any ambiguity. The Tonks had already raised a child and were in no hurry to repeat the experience, especially with a boy who'd been raised since birth to despise them. There was also the serious issue of him not having a family name. Since the Tonks were now affiliated to the Blacks, Draco would need to see the head of that family before he could be admitted to theirs. There was more chance of Draco piloting the muggle machine that was taking them all to Australia than Sirius Black doing him any favours.

While Crabbe and Goyle could at least return home to their mothers for Christmas, Draco had only a half-hearted promise that his 'aunt' would try to meet him for a chat one afternoon during the holidays. While the rest of the first years were enjoying Australian blue sky, that was the only bright spot on Draco No-Name's horizon.


Harry had just finished talking with Neville on the mirror when he noticed Luna was upset about something He sat beside her on the sofa and put his arm comfortingly around her shoulders. "What's the matter Luna? Feeling homesick?"

"Oh no Harry, I love it here. I'm just worried that Dumbledore will find you because of everyone coming here for Christmas."

Harry tried to reassure their friend, "Luna, everyone knew we were building another home in Australia, where else would we go? What you need to remember is that Australia is over thirty times the size of Britain with less than a third of the population. This is a very big country. Without specific information they will never find us and the only people outside this room who know where we live are the goblins. All anyone in Hogwarts knows is that they're coming to Australia and they won't know anymore until they're in the airport. Tonks is picking up all the travel documents from Gringotts and meeting the group at the airport."

Luna wasn't convinced, "What about when they go back to Britain? All it takes is for one person to let something slip…"

Hermione sat on Luna's other side and also wrapped her arm around the little blond. "The wards around this house are pretty special. When our friends leave here, they will remember everything about this holiday except where this house is. They could walk right past and not know we were here. The wards will be altered to allow them entrance only for the period of the holidays. The people who built this house couldn't even find it again."

She was beginning to understand, "So they will remember they had a brilliant time but not where they spent it?"

Harry smiled at her, "Oh, they'll remember they spent their time in Australia at the Potters, they'll remember the house and the grounds but they won't be able to find it again or tell anyone else how to. I just love magic!"

Luna had another thought that scared her, "So when I leave here to go home, I won't be able to find this house again?"

Harry's smile never waivered, "Luna, you're considered family. You will always be able to find us and always be welcome."

Luna was determined not to cry at that, "It sounds as if Christmas is going to be a lot of fun. I'm sorry I'm going home now but I couldn't leave my dad to spend the holidays alone."

He was still smiling as he revealed her surprise. "Luna, you won't be going back to Britain for Christmas and your dad won't be alone. He's flying out with the Hogwarts mob to spend the holidays here with us."

Luna couldn't help it, the tears came as she managed to hug both of them at the same time. Harry's comment about family had started her filling up, flying her father over here just overloaded the dam. "I don't know how to thank you."

It was Harry's turn to be amazed, "You'll never have to Luna. You're our best friend, that's thanks enough for us."

Ginny was sitting sniffing as well, "I'll get to spend Christmas with you guys and the twins, that's brilliant!"

Hermione decided to raise the mood, "Ok girls, our mission is to ensure my husband here has the best Christmas ever."

Harry shook his head, "Girls, sitting with you three beside the pool today and that lovely dinner Dobby made means today is already better than any Christmas I can remember. This year's being my best is already a given. I have a beautiful wife, wonderful friends, parents and my godfather, it can't get any better than that."

Hermione leaned over Luna and whispered in his ear. Harry's jaw dropped open, his face flushed while his eyes developed a thousand yards stare.

Ginny was now giggling, "I don't know what you said to him Hermione but I think you broke your husband."

It was a smiling Luna who answered, having heard what Hermione whispered to him. "She told him that in a few years they would have children of their own and then Christmas would be really special."

The adults were sitting quietly listening and now wished they hadn't. Even Hestia was fighting back the tears at those last few comments, all silently swore to make this the best Christmas ever.

Sirius was amazed at how deeply Hermione's comment had resonated within him, he regarded his life as being better now than it had ever been. The only thing he could think of that could make it any better would be having children of his own, he was also sure he'd found the person he wanted to have them with. He wasn't sure whether it was his extensive stay in Azkaban or simply that he was that bit older but that thought didn't scare him in the slightest. The idea of becoming a father was one that used to terrify him and had to be avoided at all costs, now he remembered how it felt to hold baby Harry as Prong asked if he would be godfather to his son.

The idea of getting married to Hestia filled his entire being with joy, it was now a question of timing and whether they needed more room on that plane. It may require a talk with Emma to see if they could accommodate more people staying over the holidays, getting married at that time on this beautiful property was suddenly very appealing. Asking Hestia seemed like the best idea in the world, it was just a case of how to go about it. He was after all Sirius Black, there had to be a touch of drama in there somewhere to make it memorable.


Hestia had picked-up on the change in her man very quickly, she could think of no reason for this change though. She climbed into bed beside him and rested her head on his bare chest. Sirius immediately had his arm around her and holding her close but still not speaking. This quietness was so alien to his character that it had her worried. It was time to ask, "Sirius love, I don't know what's going on in that head of yours but you're scaring me here."

Sirius lifted her face carefully toward his and gently kissed her on the lips. "Sorry honey, that's the last thing I want to do. I've been wondering about something and I guess the only way to find the answer is to ask the question. Do you think us getting married here at Christmas would be too soon?"

Hestia locked her lips on his while sliding on top of her man, it was quite a while before any meaningful conversation was heard or needed.

A very happy and sated Sirius was the one who finally spoke. "I take it that was a yes? This will be a hell of a story to tell our kids when they ask you - how did daddy propose mummy?"

That 'mummy' comment nearly earned Sirius another round before the practical side of Hestia's brain managed to get a word in and the reality of his proposal hit home. "Sirius, I need to get my family over here, I haven't a dress or bridesmaid and …"

Sirius stopped her panic by gently kissing her again. "Harry's idea of using the old coot's gold to do some good appeals to me. We'll put it toward giving you the wedding of your dreams, anything you want is yours. I think we should fly your parents out early and then the wedding guests with the Hogwarts crowd. Your mum and Emma can help you with the organisation and us men will stay out your way and agree with anything and everything you say."

Hestia kissed the top of his nose, "What am I going to do with you?"

"Well, since you've already agreed to marry me, I vote for a repeat of what you did earlier. That, my future wife, was bloody amazing!"

This had both of them giggling but the twinkling in Hestia's beautiful eyes told him he was going to get his wish, all of them. For Hestia, having children with Sirius was her deepest desire. Practicing the making of them was pretty up-there as well.


The following morning Sirius called his fellow marauder on their set of mirrors, it would be after seven p.m. in Scotland but that should be fine. He couldn't help but smile in greeting at the sight of his best friend, since Hestia entered his life he'd found himself smiling rather a lot.

"Hey Moony, I need you to do me a favour."

When Remus heard the details, he was only too pleased to agree. He also couldn't help but think of the person Sirius had said he could share this secret with. His best friend's news had set his own thoughts off in the same direction. He was a Hogwarts professor now that had found a special someone who accepted him for the man he was. Warts and all or should that be wolf and all? It was time to call on his Gryffindor courage. "Lord Black, I formally seek your permission to ask for a member of your house's hand in marriage."

Sirius was desperate to let out a loud whoop of delight but was forced to answer formally since that was the way Remus had phrased his request. "I, Lord Black will happily give my permission but with one proviso. This condition is non-negotiable."

Remus was now really worried, he would do anything for the right to marry Tonks and couldn't believe his friend was doing this to him. He nodded his head in agreement and waited on the bad news. He could only hope Padfoot wouldn't have him running around Hogwarts naked or some prank that was even worse. With Sirius, you just never knew.

"I want you to ask Lord Harry James Potter to be your son or daughter's godfather when your first child is born. You must also swear to never tell him we had this conversation."

Moony had braced himself for the axe falling and was looking for the hidden pain in Padfoot's request. "Is that it?"

"Of course that's it. What were you expecting, public nudity?"

Both simultaneously burst out laughing at opportunities lost and bullets dodged. It was Sirius who recovered first. "Naw, I couldn't do anything like that. Tonks and Hestia would kill me. So what is your answer?"

"I'm all in favour of it but obviously I can't answer for the both of us. Can I ask why?"

"I want to give those two some experience before they dive into having little ones of their own. They will be godparents to any Black children and I can't think of anyone better suited to the roles."

The more Remus thought about it, the more he liked the idea and agreed with Sirius. He couldn't think of anyone better either. He was a few conversations away from asking his girlfriend about godparents to any children they might have. Sirius then came back with an offer that had Remus reeling.

"Moony, most of the people needed for your wedding will already be here for the holidays. When Tonks says yes, tell her there's an option of making this a double ceremony. The girls will have the mirrors to make any arrangements they need and money is no problem. I was going to ask you to be my best man but Harry could fill that role for both of us."

Remus tried to object that he wouldn't take charity until Sirius told him where the money was coming from and pointed out he got a raw deal that Halloween too. The truth of his friend's words killed any arguments and anyone who Remus was going to invite would already be in Australia. It was a certainty that Sirius would be inviting Andromeda and Ted and with Hestia having the same group of friends as Tonks, most of them were going to be there too. It really did make sense from all the angles except the most important ones. Tonks had still to say yes and then not think it was too soon.


The eight made it a point to all get together for breakfast. With the Potters searching for a new school in Australia, preparations for the arrival of the Hogwarts contingent and now a wedding too, this meant that everyone's schedules were unpredictable. Breakfast was the one time of the day when they could all be together and they looked forward to it.

Sirius got a mirror call while buttering his toast, he found an exuberant Moony on the other end.

"She said yes to everything!"

Sirius never got to say another word as, with a squeal of delight, Hestia had the mirror out his hand in a flash. Tonks must have done the same to Remus because both witches were now talking a mile a minute to each other.

Sirius turned to his godson, "Harry, will you be my best man at our wedding?"

This caught Harry out, what was going on here? "What about Remus?"

"Oh he wants you to be his best man as well. We're now holding a double wedding as Tonks apparently said yes!"

Hermione had Harry wrapped in a hug before he could answer, this was better than they could ever have hoped for. Not only were Teddy's parents getting married but Sirius was too.

Emma Granger was ecstatic, project Teddy was not just bearing fruit, they could end up with a whole crop of new marauders.

Hestia interrupted all their thoughts, "Hermione, both Tonks and I would like you to be our maid of honour. Will you please?"

Hermione knew how much this meant to her husband, both these men had been father figures to him and been cruelly snatched away. The thought of her and Harry standing beside both of them as they got married had her tearing up. "That really is an honour, are you sure you want me?"

"Oh yes, neither Tonks nor me are the type to have fourteen bridesmaids. I had originally intended to ask her but this is even better as she'll be standing next to me too. You and Harry are people we admire, respect and think of as family already. This would mean a lot to all of us."

Both Potters agreed, this led to more squeals from around the table and even Tonks could be heard from Britain. Harry then introduced the only sour note of the morning. "Please don't tell me I have to make two best man speeches?"

The laughter this was greeted with was due more to Harry's look of abject horror than the actual comment itself.


The four kids were making their way along the path that led to the beach, yes they had a fabulous pool at home but it didn't have waves. Harry was determined to master riding the waves before all their friends arrived from Hogwarts, the girls just enjoyed watching Harry wipe out.

Luna asked about their visit yesterday, "You've been very quiet about your trip to look over the Victoria, was the school that bad?"

Hermione quickly answered, "Oh no Luna, the school was really nice. We got to meet loads of the professors and some of the students who would be our classmates. The whole thing just felt strange and I hate the thought of starting all over again. They didn't give two hoots that we were a lord and lady which was good but the whole boy who lived thing is rife even down here. That and the fact we're married had them staring at us like bugs under a microscope. In Hogwarts all our friends see us as just Harry and Hermione."

Ginny may have been thinking it but of course it was Luna who said it. "Guys, don't take this the wrong way but you could never be just Harry and Hermione. You know I don't buy into that other rubbish but you two are special people even without any of that. You stand up for what you believe in and are ready to fight to defend those beliefs if need be. You chose your friends by no other means than them being people you like. Best of all, you don't realise just how special that makes you."

Ginny had to agree, "You didn't judge me by the actions of my family but gave me a chance to get to know you because Luna was my friend. I can't tell you how special that makes you to me."

Luna was nodding enthusiastically, "You make people want to change for the better just by being yourselves, if that isn't special then I don't know what is!"

Harry was flabbergasted at those remarks but Hermione understood. While she didn't consider herself to be special, she had no problem considering her husband as such. "It wasn't just being stared at though, the actual facility was excellent but it's the people who make the school. Enrol all our friends there and I would have talked your ears off all night about how good the Victoria was. I really miss Monday nights with all our friends in our room, Quidditch practice where the chasers and beaters compete to see who can make Harry blush the most, defence lessons with Remus and Tonks, watching Neville and Millie getting together and I really hate the idea of not seeing you guys every weekend."

Luna grabbed Harry by the arm and began to drag him away, "This is too heavy and depressing for a sunny Saturday morning with a beach less than five minutes away. Lets all head down there and Harry will entertain us with his attempts to swallow half the ocean."

Harry was manfully attempting to ignore the laughter coming from the three girls, he concentrated his mind on staying on that bloody board. Surfing shouldn't be this hard?

Harry was correct though totally unaware his lovely wife had jinxed his board to throw him off when he least expected it. Hermione decided to leave the jinx there for another week at least. Once Harry mastered surfing, there would be no more quiet days spent relaxing by the pool. Hermione also found herself agreeing with something Sirius said, the best pranks were the ones that didn't seem like a prank at all. Of course, that only held true if you didn't get caught but it was just so funny to watch Harry come tumbling off the board. She was certainly making sure that this Hermione wasn't a learning obsessed bookworm and made time to have some fun.


Sirius had arranged for a small private room at a very exclusive restaurant and was currently a worried man. Hestia had of course picked-up on this but surmised correctly that her future husband was about to perform a proposal they could tell their children about. Hestia had insisted on this but had no idea how far Sirius intended to take her request. The now ever-present mirror went off in Hestia's bag, she answered it to find a mischievous looking Tonks grinning back at her. "Tonks, this is not a good time right now. Can I call you back later?"

"Well hello to you too Hestia. It's actually Sirius I need to speak with for a second."

She handed the mirror over the table before taking a sip of the superb wine, her future husband's next words almost caused Hestia to choke on it.

"Good morning Mr and Mrs Jones, sorry about this interruption to your breakfast but it is fairly important. Let me introduce myself, I am Lord Sirius Orion Black and am calling to ask for permission to marry your beautiful daughter who I love more than life. Again I apologise that we're meeting this way but it would be my intention to get you down here so we can get to know one another before the big day."

Robert Jones looked into this man's eyes and could see the love of his daughter reflected there, it only remained to discover how she felt about this. He was already pretty sure of that or he wouldn't have let her travel half way around the world. "Lord Black, may I speak with my daughter a moment before I answer your question."

"Of course sir." He handed the mirror to his intended.


"Yes love, it's me. I've been asked for your hand in marriage and need to know how you feel about this?"

Hestia took a steadying breath before answering, "Daddy, I want this more than anything in the whole world. Sirius is the one for me and I love him."

That was all he needed to hear, Hestia could also hear her mother crying buckets in the background before she passed the mirror back to Sirius.

"Lord Black, I gladly give my permission for you to ask for my daughter's hand."

Sirius cast a quick charm on the mirror that saw it floating at an angle that gave the viewers back in Britain a front row seat to what he was about to do. He got down on one knee beside the woman he wanted to marry. "Hestia, you make me happier than I've ever been just by walking into the room. I couldn't bear not to have you in my life for as long as we both shall live. I love you and hope you will do me the honour of becoming my wife?" Sirius opened a black velvet box to show her an exquisite diamond ring.

Her voice betrayed Hestia and she could only squeak 'yes'. Sirius placed the ring on her finger to much cheering from the floating mirror. The kiss that followed was quite chase as both were aware of the audience they had.

The Jones's quickly agreed to travel to Australia though Robert did baulk at the idea of flying as a muggle, he soon relented as the situation was explained to him. Robert thought it was the least he could do to keep 'the boy who saved them all' safe from Dumbledore. Andi and Ted would be travelling with them as Tonks was sticking with the original plan to travel with Remus and the Hogwarts crowd.

Tonks trusted their mothers, Hestia and Emma to have everything organised by the time she got there and there was always the mirrors for anything they needed to check. She would be content with that. All she needed to make her wedding day perfect was for Remus to turn up.


Robert and Carol Jones soon proved to be welcome additions to the house in Australia as they, along with Ted and Andi threw themselves wholeheartedly into the madness that Christmas was fast becoming. Both couples were staying in the main house despite Sirius offering the spare bedroom in their flat over the garages. There was a collective decision to reserve that room for Tonks and Remus. Since both would be here on what was effectively a working holiday, they wouldn't be able to have a conventional honeymoon. Sirius and Hestia would wait until everyone headed back to Britain before leaving to spend some alone time on Black Island, the Lupins would be offered its use for a few weeks during their summer break.

That left two bedrooms in the main house, earmarked for Xeno Lovegood and Minerva McGonagall. None of them were quite brave enough to ask the formidable headmistress of Hogwarts to sleep in a hut, no matter how luxurious they could make them.

With Ted here, they had not only a guest with a muggle background but another driver as well. Tonks had told them that every lucky auror who had managed to get themselves on the plane as part of the protection detail all had muggle backgrounds. Four of them had licences and with Tonks, her father, Dan and Emma it gave them quite a driver pool. They were hiring a fleet of Toyota eight seaters for the duration of the holidays.

Both Ted and Robert were drafted into the planning team for the other big event of the holidays, the arrival of the Hogwarts students. The four ladies would be organising the wedding while their other half's would be working with the four kids to ensure their friends had the time of their young lives. Dan was aiming for a real mixture, staying in magical accommodation but eating food outside on picnic benches. Food being barbecued or cooked over an open fire. Dan was drawing on his childhood experiences camping with the boy scouts. Everyone loved the ideas and added bits of their own, the plans were slowly cemented but the name was already cast in stone. The Hogwarts contingent would all be staying in camp Granger.

With the pool, Quidditch pitch, extensive grounds and the nearby beach, the idea was to spend alternate days on excursions. Even shopping and a hamburger or pizza was cause for excitement when you were doing it in the company of your friends. Sirius then chucked-in what was bound to be the highlight of their holiday. A day on a hired pirate ship that would take them all sailing for a day in search of dolphin sightings. With a double wedding now taking place on Boxing day, it was a varied and packed program that hopefully would contain something for everyone.


At the final get-together before they left for Australia, Remus was leading the meeting for those who were travelling in two days' time. Ginny had a batch of pictures that she was sending on to her parents but Remus had asked permission from the twins to show some of them to the group. A quick spell copied them before he transformed the pictures into slides, the ancient projector cast the coloured muggle images onto the wall.

The huts were now all brightly painted and had picnic benches outside, when the pictures showed the interiors then everyone was ready to leave right there and then. The house in its beautiful gardens was stunning but their friends at the pool took their breath away. By the time the beach photo's showed a bronzed Harry and a bikini wearing Hermione on their surf boards, they were ready to fly there by broom.

Hogwarts in December averaged less than eight hours of daylight per day with sunshine being nothing more than a distant pleasant memory. The thought of blue skies, beaches and bikinis had everyone even more excited. They would not be travelling by the Hogwarts express, they would be leaving shortly after their last class toward the Three Broomsticks floo. A muggle coach would once again be waiting on them outside the Leaky Cauldron to take them off to the airport. Just when they thought it was impossible to be any more excited, Remus managed to ratchet it up a notch.

"As you can see, Harry and Hermione have done their best to ensure that we all have a fabulous time. There is one additional event that I have still to tell you about, on Boxing Day everyone is invited to a wedding held on the grounds of the Potter / Granger home."

This drew Minerva's attention, pirate ships may be great for the youngsters but a good wedding was more her cup of tea. Even if she didn't know the participants too well, the occasion in itself almost always brought a tear to her eyes.

Remus had everyone's undivided attention now as they waited for more details, "Lord Sirius Black will be marrying Miss Hestia Jones." This led to cheers as nearly all of them had met Sirius. Minerva was delighted that her former cub was finally settling down. Remus just loved playing the crowd and was milking this for all it was worth. "To make the occasion even more special, it will be a double wedding. The delectable Miss Tonks here has amazingly agreed to be my wife and we will marry at the same time."

The cheering this time raised the roof. The first years loved Remus and Tonks while the twins were going to be at both their idol's weddings. Minerva was now certain she would be crying her eyes out as two of Gryffindor's former cubs had apparently found the happiness they deserved. The ring on Miss Tonks finger was now clearly visible for all to see as she wrapped her arms around Remus and gave him a chaste kiss.

They filed out of the meeting in great spirits, only two more nights and then they would be off on their adventure of a lifetime. Neville noticed his girlfriend was rather subdued as he walked her back to the Slytherin dorm. "Something bothering you Millie?"

When Millie started blushing and acting all shy Neville knew this was serious, his girlfriend just wasn't like that. "I'm just worried you'll be disappointed in me Neville. Hermione was beautiful in that bikini, I look nothing like that!"

Neville smiled shyly back at her, "Well since I look nothing like Harry in my trunks, I think we should be ok. You may not believe this but, whatever you are wearing at the pool or on that beach, my eyes won't be looking anywhere else. My main worries are that you'll either be disappointed when you see me in my trunks or slap my face for drooling all over the sight of you in your swimwear."

The shy and blushing girl disappeared as his Millie made an immediate return. Her first action was to drag her wonderful, caring boyfriend into the nearest broom cupboard.


The twins were sending Ginny's photographs to Charlie, he would then take them to Cairo for Christmas where their dad would flip at the sight of them. The muggle glossy colour prints showed Ginny having the time of her life and the twins couldn't wait to join her. They also couldn't wait to tease Oliver when he returned from his prefect rounds with a certain Miss Clearwater. Oliver had been practically hyperventilating at the meeting and the twins were determined to discover why. The betting was pretty even between the thought of Penelope in a bikini like Hermione's and the picture of them playing Quidditch in the sunshine. Either way, he was soon going to be teased mercilessly by the rest of the team.


Dumbledore's plans were almost complete, he would spend the next twenty-four hours meditating in preparation for his final battle. He still expected to kill the boy quickly but complacency could cost him his life and see the dark lord triumph, something Albus could not allow.

Once again the old wizard congratulated himself on having the foresight to place tracking charms on all the first year Gryffindor's trunks, inviting all his friends to his hidden home was foolishness taken to the extreme. Tom always did think he was smarter than everyone else, Albus had every intention of showing Riddle how wrong he was.

Dumbledore had used ancient magic and his great power to construct a portkey that should blast through any and all wards, it had taken weeks and left him very tired but the result would more than justify all the effort. The trunks would take him directly to the dark lord's unknowing recruits, the boy would be close by.

Unlike Tom, it wasn't fear but Surprise that was Dumbledore's greatest weapon. He needed to kill the boy quickly or there would be a battle to end all battles. Dumbledore against Voldemort with the only rule being whoever remained alive at the end would be remembered by history as the victor. Albus intended that to be him, nothing else mattered.

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