In this World and the Next

Not for Weasley fans, dark beginning and rating is for safety. A Re-do with payback on the menu H/Hr Complete


12. Chapter 12

Draco could only look on in despair as Slytherins sat at breakfast while dressed as muggles. Chatting away incessantly about the things they were going to see and do today. Adding acutely to the blond Slytherin's displeasure was the letter he received from his father. Draco had been ordered to stay out of trouble and go nowhere near the Potters, it was beginning to appear as if the Malfoy name no longer carried the authority it used to.

Unbelievably it was Ron Weasley who sympathised with him, "Know exactly how you feel mate, it turns my stomach to think the twins and Ginny are cozying up to those arses after what they did to our family. Dad also warned us not to cause any problems but if you're hatching any plans then I want in!"

Draco would have dearly loved to take Ron up on his offer but daren't, he didn't know how things worked in the Weasley family, with the Malfoy's his father's word was law. Getting back at the Potters was very desirable though his father's punishment for disobeying him certainly wouldn't be. Draco would just have to be a Slytherin and bide his time.

"Potter's not worth my time, it's just knowing this lot are going to be even more hyper tomorrow. I think I'll be taking a lay in and giving breakfast a miss."

Ron watched the rest of the first years leaving the hall as he pondered Draco's words. Not getting back at Potter was bad enough, missing a meal because of it was just plain mental. Ron decided to seek out Percy to ask his advice, after another helping of course.


Excitement was also running high in the Granger household, neither Harry, Sirius, Luna or Ginny had ever been to an amusement park before. All were getting ready to head off toward London, joining the coach there with the rest of the group.

Tonks was apparating straight to Hogsmead, allowing her to assist with the transfer to the Leaky Cauldron. They were as prepared as they could be.

Piling into the Granger's people carrier had Dan, ably abetted by Sirius, taking up the mantle of a big kid. He had the sing-song started before they left the drive. The party was in extremely good spirits as Emma drove toward London.


The five Slytherins found themselves being accepted by the rest of the group, this was an unusual but welcome experience.

Neville Longbottom summed up everyone's feelings very eloquently, "We're all just looking to enjoy ourselves today."

The Hogwarts contingent had just began appearing in the Leaky Cauldron when the Potters arrived with Luna and Ginny. Hermione was in her element issuing instructions. "My mum, dad and Sirius are waiting for everyone on the coach, it's parked about ten yards down the street. If you can start making your way there, we can soon be off."

Fred and George exited the floo to squeals of joy from Ginny, she'd known Ron wasn't going to be there and hadn't even considered that the twins might be. Ginny was attempting to describe the last twenty four hours in twenty seconds as the redheads laughingly made their way to the coach. Padfoot and Moony would be there!

Hannah Abbot sat beside her best friend Susan Bones and was in total awe at the luxury muggle coach. They were sitting in very comfortable seats, had adjustable air and electric lights above their heads while music played throughout the entire bus. She looked at a few faces and guessed the other purebloods were feeling the same as her, what did the rest of the day hold when the coach impressed the hell out of them.

Emma was sitting beside Professor Burbage, trying to convince the woman of the best way to organise the day. "The whole point of this outing is to let the kids experience this for themselves, that won't happen if we lead them around by the hand all day. I understand that you're the one with the responsibility here but these parks are very safe places. Once we're inside let them wander around with their friends, set up a meeting point and we'll have a presence there on the hour throughout the day. We'll meet them all for lunch and then collect everyone when it's time to head for home. None of them are carrying their wands and, as long as they don't leave the park will be perfectly safe."

Charity was unsure, she had imagined leading all the kids around in a group, stopping at attractions to see who wanted to go on. Letting them loose to make their own decisions was a radical concept, radical concepts were not something she was used to.

Emma pushed some more, "There will be thousands of people here, from all corners of the world, they won't stand out that much. They will make their way around the park in groups of friends, making their own choices and discovering things for themselves. This trip is supposed to be fun but we all want it to be educational as well. The park has hundreds of staff, all trained to offer assistance to anyone who needs it, they will call for us on the public address system if there's an emergency."

The thought of turning these kids loose was both terrifying and exhilarating to Charity. As a teacher it is her job to impart knowledge into growing minds, the problem with her subject is that without experience it's meaningless. She could describe muggle transport until she was blue in the face and not get the reaction that this morning's coach journey had provided.

As a muggle studies professor, she had often thought the few purebloods that took her class didn't believe a word she said. With her mind made up, Charity was wondering on the best way to inform the students when Emma handed her a microphone while the driver turned down the music.

"What do I … Oh My! Can the whole coach hear me?"

The question was directed at Emma though when the entire coach shouted 'YES' Charity had her answer.

"Ok, does everyone have their maps?" Another quick chorus of 'yes' had Charity convinced she was doing the right thing, even by talking to them using a microphone instead of a sonorus charm, the children were learning without realising it. That was the professor's entire reason for giving her enthusiastic support to the event, time to let them know what was in store for them.

"After we get inside the park you will be allowed to explore as you want with your friends." Loud cheering forced her to stop for a moment, clearly that was a popular decision. "We will determine a meeting point and show everyone where lunch will be served before you disperse. Most important rule, do not leave the park until it's time for us to return home."

This was greeted by blank stares of incredulity, why the hell would they want to leave this park of wonders? If all Hogwarts rules were like that one, they would never be in trouble because no one would ever break them.

Some more instructions, followed by a totally needless 'enjoy yourselves' had everyone cheering again.

Harry approached Dean and gave him a plain wallet containing cash in Sterling. "I know both you and Seamus are used to handling cash but the girls aren't, this is in case you want a hot dog, drink or even a souvenir of the day. The rides are free and lunch is provided."

Harry left some dumbstruck Gryffindors to repeat the scene with Justin from Hufflepuff and the Ravenclaws Terry and Mandy. He then approached Tracy, "I can give you guys a wallet or you can hang out with us? I know how scary it can be getting thrown head first into a different culture, without Neville's help Hermione and me would be lost."

After excitement, the next strongest emotion amongst the five Slytherins was fear, fear of the unknown. Harry had just offered them the chance to put an end to that so they quickly accepted his offer.

Fred and George were chatting animatedly with Sirius and Remus, the snorts of laughter would have some Hogwarts professors worried. After handing a wallet to the twins and Oliver, Harry sat down beside an excited Hermione. She was patiently attempting to describe why the log flume was her favourite ride to Neville. Their friend couldn't quite decide whether Hermione was teasing him or actually serious. The idea that you sat in a hollowed-out log, which then shot down a slide into cold water sounded scary enough. That you were then soaking wet and this was supposed to be fun left Neville almost convinced she was joking, almost!

It was with wide eyes they entered the park, the entrance really was beautiful and surrounded by enticing shops. After ensuring they knew what the schedule was and the location of the restaurant for lunch the kids were released, they disappeared so fast they could have apparated!

The six adults were all standing there and it was left to Sirius to ask the obvious, "Eh guys, what do we do now?"

Emma grabbed him by the arm and started leading him away toward the nearest ride, "We have some fun!" As the rest were having a good giggle at his expense, Emma used the opportunity to have a quiet word to Sirius, "Every ride we go on today, you sit beside Charity." The blank expression left Emma needing to explain further, "If you're sitting with Charity, Dan's sitting beside me, who does that leave?"

Sirius now wore a wry grin, "Emma, if I didn't require Moony's permission as well, you would be indoctrinated into the marauders today. That's brilliant, sneaky as hell but still brilliant!"

Neville was very nervous as the contraption closed down over his shoulders. The seats were aligned in pairs with Ginny and Luna in the front, Harry and Hermione behind them. Next came Neville who found himself sitting beside Millicent with Tracy and Daphne behind. Theo and Blaise were bringing up the rear. As it clicked shut, it was a now extremely nervous Neville Longbottom who spoke to his friend in front of him, "Hey Harry, is it supposed to make that noise?"

"No idea Neville, never been on one of these before."

"WHAT!" this was all Neville managed to say before a siren sounded and they shot out of there at great speed. Harry, and everyone else, heard Neville screaming the entire way around the ride. What they didn't know was that most of it was down to Millicent grabbing his hand and squeezing it in a death grip, almost breaking the poor boy's fingers.

Luna had been so happy that she and Ginny just met the height requirements, now the terrified girl wasn't so sure. As the ride was coming to an end, the screams became cries of laughter, almost relief that they'd survived. Luna finally got the point of these rides. Although you were perfectly safe being strapped to your seat, it sure didn't feel safe as you were twisted and turned at breakneck speed. Luna was the first pureblood to grasp the concept of a thrill ride, she wouldn't be the last though.

Neville was delighted it was over only to discover there was further torture in store, Harry had just bought pictures of them all on their first roller coaster. Neville was at least pleased to see he wasn't the only one screaming though Millicent hadn't uttered a sound, she'd been too scared to scream. She also hadn't let go of Neville's hand since they got off the ride. Originally it was by way of an apology and to try to get the blood flowing back into his fingers again. Now it just felt nice.

Oliver Wood didn't think this day could get any better, seeing Penny in muggle clothing instead of Hogwarts robes was a real eye opener. He now had a full day of her company without even the professors to keep an eye on them. Fred and George thankfully took the hint early on and left the couple alone. Penny held on to his arm to steady herself after leaving a particularly wild ride and kept hold of it as they walked around the park, could this day get any better?

Oliver was forced to concede the answer to that was yes, going on the river rapids and seeing Penny in a wet T-shirt was a standout memory for him. Getting straight to the point he asked Penny to be his girlfriend before lunchtime, she happily said yes.

Susan, Hannah and Ernie were happy to let Justin guide them around the park, the rides were fabulous but what really impressed Susan was the brilliant organisation behind it all.

The park was massive and there must have been thousands of people all milling about yet everything ran so smoothly. She reckoned this one park must employ as many people as the entire ministry of magic which really imprinted on the young witch. That and the vending machines that gave you ice cold drinks and snacks at the press of a button, she wondered if there was a house elf inside them?

The twins loved the rides but it was the shops that really caught their attention. Their dream was to one day open one of their own and these were like nothing they had seen in the magical world. So bright and colourful, with an incredibly wide range of merchandise, both were drawn in like moths to a flame.

Even the way the stuff was presented to the customers was worthy of note, placing their own logo on goods not only provided free advertising but allowed them to increase the price as well. Charity would be pleased to know the twins were taking such an educational view of the outing.

Charity was currently living off her nerves, she'd placed her faith in the children and could now only hope they appeared for lunch. Her faith was rewarded though as they began to filter into the enclosed part of the restaurant that the Grangers had hired. She couldn't fail to notice the two prefects, especially since Miss Clearwater had a grinning Mr Wood on one arm and a large stuffed toy animal under her other. Apparently the groups of friends had been criss-crossing each other all over the park, swapping stories and rating attractions as they made their way to the next ride on their agenda.

All the tension left the Muggle Studies Professor as the last group entered their area and they all sat down to lunch, watching as the muggle born's explained what pizza and nachos were justified the entire trip as far as she was concerned.

Emma was awash with conflicting emotions as she watched her daughter interact with her friends for the first time. One the one hand she couldn't be happier to see this version of Hermione live such a different life, outwardly at least she appeared a radiantly happy young girl.

Hearing from Dan last night what they'd done to the Weasley lad had her in tears, Not for Percy but the fact her children had to take actions like this. Like almost everyone Emma had never taken someone's life, and the old Emma would have argued it was something she was incapable of. That was before hearing what happened to her daughter at the hands of the youngest Weasley boy.

In their timeline it was less than three weeks since they lay helpless as Hermione was abducted from their living room, Listening on the phone as both Hermione and Harry were basically sentenced to death had changed Emma Granger forever. This Emma Granger was not in a forgiving frame of mind and would kill to protect her loved ones. She just wished there was some way they could take the burden from Harry and Hermione, once again they were relegated to playing the role of support troops.

Both Grangers found themselves concentrating on the lives their children were determined to save, rather than those fated to meet their end by Harry and Hermione's hand. They now knew Sirius, Remus, Charity, Nymphadora and Ted Tonks, even some of the kids here today would hopefully change their ways. She glanced at the twins chatting with Ginny and tried to remember which one of them had originally died, not that it mattered since she couldn't tell them apart anyway.

Her children had now killed two people and planned for another three, four if you counted Voldemort. Strangely Emma found herself accepting that, if the youngest male Weasley had been here today she doubted if she could have prevented Dan murdering him, Emma probably would have helped!

It wasn't too difficult for Sirius to guess where Emma's thoughts were taking her, the three had spent a lot of time talking about the two most important people in the world to them. Sirius had tried to give the Grangers some insight into the pureblood opinions and their way of thinking. Just because he didn't agree with them didn't mean Sirius couldn't understand them or where they were coming from.

He would have to try to explain to Dan and Emma exactly how big a coup the kids had pulled off here. Sirius was vilified and eventually disowned after being sorted into Gryffindor, rejecting the dark lord's philosophies was the final straw for a family who were actually darker than their name. Here were children of all blood classifications and the four houses of Hogwarts sitting together as friends in a muggle establishment. This was ground breaking, this was momentous, this was so much fun!

Purebloods' wearing T-shirts and baseball caps with a muggle theme park logo on them was a prank worthy of the heir to the marauders. Harry and Hermione had began something here today that could literally change the British magical community, it was only a small first step but didn't all journeys start that way?

Hermione had asked that there not be another birthday cake or large fuss, like Harry she hated being the centre of attention and already had her fill this week. Being here with Harry, her parents and her friends was more than enough for the once lonely girl. They'd saved her favourite ride until after lunch, not wanting to spend the day wearing wet clothes. Her husband could easily perform a wandless drying charm on them though that was something they had no intention of advertising.

Charity was a lot calmer as she watched the children head back into the park, she was actually looking forward to going on some more rides herself. There was still a few hours before the park began to close and she intended to make the most of them.

Tracy Davis had been physically flung about, turned upside down on more than one occasion and nearly been sick three times, she'd just had one of the best days of her life! Heading back onto the bus she began to contemplate the letter she was going to be sending home, her father had asked Tracy to forward her impressions of the day as soon as possible.

She was aware her father was disturbed by the casual way Harry had dismissed the life debt, he actually planned on speaking to him about it when their proposed visit to the ministry was arranged. He was thinking like a pureblood and considering what it would have cost him if someone like Draco Malfoy had saved her instead.

Tracy was certain that Harry not only knew exactly what he'd done but actually thought her calling him Harry was a fair payment, there's was a whole different way of thinking and the Slytherin girl was beginning to understand why.

She had seen and experienced some wondrous things today, yes most of them could be replicated using magic but that wasn't the point. Tracy had been raised to think she was better than these people yet their ingenuity and inventiveness, not to mention their organisational skills were mind blowing. What they achieved without magic was truly awe inspiring, leaving Tracy thinking that perhaps in stead of better, different would be a more apt description. With that thought Harry and Hermione's hopes for the day were accomplished, for now.


As the occupants on the coach were enjoying their fish suppers while en route to the Leaky Cauldron, a very nervous Ron Weasley made his way toward the staff table as dinner ended. It was the head of Gryffindor he approached, "Excuse me Professor McGonagall but do you know where Percy is? I've been looking for him all day, he's missed breakfast, lunch and now dinner."

McGonagall's eyebrows shot up, she couldn't remember seeing Percy today either. Minerva called for Sir Nicolas who rapidly organised a search of the castle. Turning her attention back to Ronald she tried to offer the lad some encouragement, "With the ghosts, house elves and portraits all looking for him, your brother should soon be found."

McGonagall's reassurances proved to be hollow though, as neither hide nor hair had been seen of Percy Weasley since his last class yesterday. All that they could surmise at the moment was that the lad didn't appear to be in the castle. Whether he'd used today's outing as a cover to sneak out was something they were forced to wait on their returnees for more information.

It was a group of very happy, though extremely tired students who returned to Hogwarts. They were originally disconcerted to find there was a reception committee waiting on them.

Charity and Remus quickly confirmed that, not only was Percy not with them but they hadn't seen him at any point when leaving the castle. The twins also reported that they hadn't seen their brother since yesterday, all thoughts of joking pushed aside as they could see this was serious.

Oliver had to confess that he didn't see Percy in the dorm last night, McGonagall fixed him with a withering stare that demanded an explanation.

"Professor, since being made prefect, Percy has continually refused to recognise my authority. He has worked behind the scenes to usurp me and won't be satisfied until he gets this badge back. When he didn't show before I went to bed last night I assumed this was an attempt to disrupt today's outing. His jealousy over the badge dims in comparison to his rage over my association with Miss Clearwater. Since she has most graciously agreed to be my girlfriend, I fully expected I would need my wand to defend myself when he discovered the news."

McGonagall was unhappy, though forced to concede she'd placed Wood into this situation. If he'd went to bed before curfew then the prefect had done no wrong, he'd ensured the younger students had been accounted for so had done his job. This was the reason they had an earlier curfew.

"The school has been searched from top to bottom with no sign of him being found, I'm going to have to inform the DMLE and his guardian that he's missing." Her intimidating stare aligned onto new targets as she spoke to the Weasley twins, "Is there anything that you can tell me about this? Something that might seem unimportant yet provide the clue that we need."

George gave it a moment's thought before answering, "Percy didn't want to return to Hogwarts, he's actually called us a disgrace to our family for associating with the Potters. When he discovered Ginny was staying with them this weekend I thought he was going to explode."

McGonagall's eyebrows were once more heading into her hairline at the news Ginny Weasley was spending time with the Potters.

Fred agreed with his twin, "He took losing the badge very badly and has been giving Oliver a hard time, we also think he might have secretly fancied Penelope but didn't do anything about it." He seemed to think of something and then dismiss the idea, "It's a pity that mum's clock isn't working properly or it may have been some help."

McGonagall had heard of this timepiece and asked what the problem was.

"Ever since we got back from King's Cross, all the hands were pointing at mortal peril. Dad made her take it down and placed it in storage. It was frightening Ginny and Ron and there was no spare cash to get it repaired."

Something in his brother's words caused a spark of an idea to go off inside Fred's head. "Moony, Harry has something that could really help us out here. Do you think he would let us borrow it?"

Remus could have kicked himself for not thinking of it sooner, he supposed that's what happens when your thoughts turn to a beautiful smile, sexy laugh and spiky pink hair. "They would have to drive back from London so should still be up. I'll leave immediately and try not to alarm Ginny too much."

Albus had been allowing Minerva to deal with the situation until hearing Harry's name mentioned. "And just what may I ask has Mister Potter got to do with this situation?"

Fred and George glanced at one another quickly before answering, "Nothing sir, he has in his possession something he received from his father that will determine if Percy is actually in the castle."

Albus liked the sound of that, the minute Remus returned with the item he would be confiscating it. Something like that shouldn't be in the hands of a student, rather in the more experienced care of a certain headmaster.


Remus caught them having a cup of tea before bed, after explaining the situation the marauder's map was quickly spread on the kitchen table.

When Harry activated the parchment, Remus demonstrated how to use the map's search function, something Harry hadn't learned about the last time. When the search for Percy produced no results, Sirius suggested trying someone else to confirm the map was still functioning properly. It took less than a minute to pinpoint Argus Filch as he patrolled the corridors, proving the map was working and Percy wasn't in the castle.

"Do you think he's run away?" Ginny quietly asked.

Remus answered the girl as honestly as he could, "Ginny at the moment all we know is Percy's not in the castle, no one has seen or heard anything. The twins said he didn't want to return to Hogwarts and had been acting strangely lately. Percy doing a runner is the only explanation we have for now."

"I knew he didn't want to go back because of that bloody badge, I can't believe he'd do something this stupid."

Luna was hugging her best friend in support, Hermione was very grateful for Harry's arm around her waist. Only his strength and support kept her from breaking down.


The three Weasley's, Dumbledore and McGonagall were all awaiting his return but it was to the twins he addressed his comments, "Sorry guys, Percy isn't in the castle."

Minerva gave a tired sigh before heading toward the fireplace to Floo call the DMLE. She would then have to deal with Muriel Prewitt, not a task to be undertaken lightly.

The Weasleys left for their respective dorms as Albus made his move, "Remus, if there exists a method for keeping track of people inside Hogwarts then I must have it. I am the headmaster after all."

Remus couldn't believe the cheek of the old man, "I'm afraid you will find that it belongs to Harry, it's one of the few items he possesses that connects him to his father. I wish you luck in the task of trying to force him to surrender it. There is more chance of the goblins giving away free gold than Harry parting with a Potter family heirloom."

Dumbledore was getting pretty fed-up of people saying no to him, this never used to happen. He was about to remind Lupin that he actually was employed by Hogwarts, therefore Albus Dumbledore when Minerva returned from her floo calls.

"We will have aurors at the school before breakfast, Hagrid is sweeping through the forbidden forest as we speak, looking for traces of the boy. I have to inform you Albus that Muriel Prewett will also be here for breakfast, I got the impression that your entrails might be on her menu. She was very upset at getting dragged into the Pettigrew incident and is demanding to speak with you personally when she arrives tomorrow."

Minerva would have smiled at the headmaster's facial expression if the situation hadn't been so serious. There had been instances in the past where children had gone missing for a short time, though they had always turned up within a day or two. Minerva couldn't get rid of the feeling that this time it was going to be different.


Harry was lying in bed with his wife wrapped in his arms, running his fingers through her hair as he tried to comfort a crying Hermione.

"Oh Harry, I just keep seeing that expression of worry on Ginny's face, I don't know if I can do this again love."

"Hermione, we'll give him the same chance he gave you. He'll be in a bathroom when our rather large and smelly visitor comes 'trick or treating' to Hogwarts, let's see if any of his Slytherin friends come running to his rescue."

Hermione stopped crying for a moment, "You mean it Harry? You would do that for me?"

Harry held her tighter, "Hermione you are the most important person in my life, your happiness is everything to me. Percy never had a chance but I'm prepared to let fate play a part in deciding if Ron should have one."

Harry was a little disturbed at the passionate kiss this earned him, Hermione then spoke softly in his ear, "It's not that I don't want him to pay, I just don't think I would be able to face Ginny afterwards if we did the same to two of her brothers. Perhaps we should concentrate our efforts on getting rid of Riddle first."

Harry kissed her forehead, "Love, I've had some ideas about that. We could contact the goblins about buying the old Riddle place, that would save that caretaker's life as well. Purchase the Gaunt shack that's next to it and the goblins can rip it apart, disposing of the ring without us having to go anywhere near it. I was thinking of building a garden centre on the site, something really muggle to piss Tom off if he ever makes it back,"

The thought of Lord Voldemort travelling to Little Hangleton in search of his horcrux and leaving with a couple of hostas almost brought a smile to Hermione's face.

"If we get the Ravenclaw diadem next week then that would only leave the diary, Dumbledore was almost positive Nagini wasn't made into a horcrux until Riddle got his new body in the cemetery. Something we have no intention of allowing to happen this time."

Hermione snuggled in deeper, "Smart and considerate, how did I ever get so lucky as to marry you?"

"I'm the lucky one love!" He kissed his wife goodnight and held her until she'd calmed enough to sleep.

Harry understood she was upset and not thinking rationally here, being confronted with the aftermath of Percy and then having to spend the weekend with Ginny immediately after had thrown her for a loop. Hermione was unshakable in her belief that the Dursleys should be made to pay for the treatment of her husband. Yet in the same breath wanted Ronald Weasley to have a chance, Harry had no intention of letting the redhead avoid his date with the troll. This Harry Potter wasn't going to be anybody's golden boy, rather take out the problems before they affected his family. For those that harmed his Hermione there would be no escape and no remorse on his part.

Making sure the target was in the toilet should be fairly easy, the rest was simply ensuring his date didn't stand him up. Dousing Ronald in troll pheromones should ensure the big guy arrived, though with a club in his hand instead of flowers. Harry thought that Ronald being rogered to death by a randy rank troll was a fitting punishment for the animal who dared to touch his Hermione.


Muriel Prewett travelled down into her cellar and rummaged amongst the assembled junk that Arthur had stored there, looking until she found the famous Weasley clock. It only required a glance to discover it was obviously still not working properly, the hands for Fred and George were correctly pointing at school but Ginny's strangely indicated the child was at home. Charlie, Bill and Arthur were each pointing toward work though the hands representing Molly and Ronald were still stuck at mortal peril. The hand that represented Percy appeared to have been knocked off, probably when they stored it down here.

Molly's precious clock was every bit as worthless as the rest of the Weasley's junk, Muriel would have her talk with Dumbledore before sending an owl to Arthur. She headed off to bed, smiling in anticipation of her upcoming confrontation with Dumbledore and the pleasure obtained from ripping him a new one. It would so start her week off in the right vein.

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