Can't Have It Both Ways

If you are forced to participate in a competition that's reserved for adults only, doesn't that mean you should be considered an adult? Harry gets some much needed help and advice before having some fun by allowing his marauder heritage out to play. H/Hr


4. Chapter 4

Dan Granger was again rudely awakened, but this time by an owl delivering the latest edition of the Quibbler. Luna had added their name to the newspaper's subscription list. He unrolled the issue to find that Professor McGonagall was indeed correct, Hermione's betrothal to Harry was front-page news.

Lord Who Lived Betrothed to Best Friend

In a move that caught the magical world by surprise, Lord Harry James Potter became betrothed to long time best friend Hermione Jane Granger. There was no hint of surprise in his choice of young lady who'd clearly captured his heart but rather in Harry taking on the mantle of Lord Potter at age fourteen. When asked why he had taken this unusual step Lord Potter's reply was, to say the least, thought provoking.

"The 'responsible' adults controlling my life have failed me for the last time, recently my name was entered into a dangerous competition reserved for adults by some unknown person who wishes me harm. Ministry officials and Headmaster Dumbledore proclaimed I must compete, even though the rules allowed a time for the outcome to be declared void and the names redrawn. The side effect of this is that both ministry and school have recognised Harry James Potter as an adult by forcing me to compete, therefore I claimed my inheritance and will stand on my own two feet from now on. Miss Granger has been my constant companion through my troubled times in the magical world Hermione, along with myself, has been attacked by a troll, giant three-headed dog, an enormous basilisk and Dementors while attending Hogwarts. In not one of these instances were either myself or my betrothed saved by a member of the Hogwarts staff. This tournament will at least give my betrothed and myself a chance to see first hand what other magical schools have to offer while we consider our future."

This reporter can confirm the pictures that appear here are totally genuine as she was included in a large party of students, staff and goblins Lord Potter lead down into Salazar Slytherin's fabled chamber of secrets. He had claimed the carcass by right of conquest and sold it to the goblins, Lord Potter then divided the gold he received equally amongst those who had been attacked by the beast.

Lord Potter has moved out of Hogwarts, as the school cannot have two champions, into accommodation provided by his sponsors, Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

Gringotts will also be involved with serving a number of writs today as Lord Potter exercises his legal rights.

"Too many unscrupulous people are making gold of my name and image by selling products un-associated and unendorsed by me. They are cheating and lying to the public and it stops now, from this day onward the only place you will see my name or image printed will be in the Quibbler. I have signed a contract giving them exclusive rights and anyone breaking this will face the wrath of goblin financial law."

We at the quibbler are understandably delighted with this arrangement and believe the financial cost incurred was gold well spent.

Luna had eventually sent all the pictures and let her father decided which ones to use. He'd chosen a close-up with Harry, Hermione and the basilisk's head as background and another group picture of all the students who were allowed down there. This gave a better indication of just how big the beast was.

Dan was reading the inside of the paper which gave a review of Harry's history and some of the things he'd been involved in since attending Hogwarts, they would certainly be having a talk with Hermione when they visited their new accommodation module this weekend. At no time when she was describing her rescue from the girl's bathroom was a twelve foot mountain troll mentioned, Dan was sure he would have remembered and continued reading to see what else had been left unsaid. He was also hoping for a definition of what a dementor was though even the name sounded scary.


Molly Weasley received the Quibbler almost at the same time as a letter from Ginny. The paper's headline led the fearful witch to tear open her daughter's note, expecting to have to console her 'Harry Potter obsessed' daughter. To her astonishment she found Ginny's letter to be incredibly upbeat, though Molly had to sit down when she discovered her daughter had returned to the chamber, the fifty thousand galleons left her feeling dizzy as well.

When she read the part about Ron being incredibly jealous and throwing a temper tantrum Molly expected to be hearing from Minerva soon, the Hogwarts owl arrived less than ten minutes later. It carried a request for Arthur and her to visit the school concerning their youngest son's behaviour. This was bad, even the twins never had them summoned to Hogwarts.


Luna lay in her lovely new room trying to figure out how her life got so complicated so quickly, and also so good! She'd almost passed out with fright when the big dog Harry was play-wrestling with on the floor transformed into Sirius Black, only the sight of Hermione still laughing and Professor Lupin standing there with a massive grin on his face kept her from screaming in panic. Harry also appeared delighted to see the most hunted wizard in Britain who supposedly was responsible for seeing his parents murdered, Harry said this was the Quibblers next story and she couldn't wait to hear it.

With all thoughts of an early night now forgotten Luna got to hear it, and proceeded to curse profusely at the shocking hand fate had dealt her friend. Shocking could also describe her friend's attitude to her outburst.

"Luna if you reacted like that to some of those bullying Ravenclaws I'm willing to bet they would soon leave you alone, you can be one scary girl when you want to be."

Harry's arm around her shoulder and beaming smile completely removed any vestige of hurt or reprimand, all she felt was friendship and even respect. These were completely new experiences for Luna but ones that she was certain could become terribly addictive with a little more exposure.

Luna was aware that the Quibbler printing Sirius Black's story would place them squarely in direct opposition to the ministry, this was something they had went to great lengths to avoid in the past but perhaps it was time to take a stand.

She would have to speak to Harry about allowing her father to visit here, he had always encouraged her to write however Luna recognised this story was far too big for her to handle. This story would redefine the Quibbler in people's minds forever, there would be no turning back to concocting articles on crumple horned snorkack's after documenting the injustices heaped upon Sirius. Revealing ministry incompetence would be bad enough for the paper yet the way certain things had to happen in a specific order for an innocent man to be vilified and locked away without even being questioned reeked of conspiracy. Exposing that could be very bad and extremely dangerous.

They had talked last night and decided to wait until lunchtime before entering the castle, this would give her Quibbler article time to be absorbed without their presence adding to the commotion it would undoubtedly cause. All three weren't worried about missing some classes, with the facilities they had here and now a live-in professor, catching up with anything they missed would be a breeze.


Draco Malfoy was not a happy puppy, he'd been delighted when the whole school had turned against Potter and there weren't words to describe how good he felt when the weasel's hand exploded into mush. While the highs were wonderful, the downturn had been traumatic for the blond Slytherin.

Potter's stance against Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape had won him plaudits for sheer guts, while pronouncing Diggory as Hogwarts champion and taking the magical oath were moves worthy of a Slytherin. Davis and Greengrass became instant celebrities at being the only two members of their house ever to set foot in their founder's secret chamber.

Their revelations that Potter held no ill will for their house, in fact would have been a Slytherin if not for his demand that the sorting hat not place him with Draco signalled the end of any good mood he had. This revelation effectively caused a split in the house with quite a few Slytherins openly expressing the view that Gryffindor got the better of the barter. With no sign of Snape to put an abrupt halt to these anarchistic views, Draco was in danger of finding himself marginalised in a house he'd hoped to rule.

Sitting at breakfast he couldn't fail to notice the stir beginning to grip the hall, nor that its source exuded from students reading that rag the Quibbler. Some very worried looking Ravenclaws soon approached Draco. "We managed to produce six badges so far but we've changed our minds. You can keep your money, we don't want paid."

Draco was left with half a dozen badges and his plan for flooding the school with them in tatters. He had to somehow turn this flow of people taking Potter's side around otherwise it would become a tidal wave that swept everything before its path, including his own house. Now it would have to be a small protest and Draco hoped that Potter turned up in the castle soon, if he waited much longer there may not be five other students in the castle willing to wear them.


Harry came down to breakfast to find his godfather and girlfriend waiting on him. He gave Hermione a good morning kiss and any blush on his cheeks was purely down to remembering the way she had kissed him last night before going to bed. This had been her way of expressing how pleased she was with the manner he handled her parents. If this was her reward scheme, then Harry intended to ensure that Hermione was pleased with him as often as possible.

"Ok you two, my breakfast cereal doesn't need anymore sweetness so let's just stop it there." Sirius joked, actually he was delighted these two had become a couple as they fitted together perfectly. He was slightly shocked at the betrothal aspect though, when the reason behind it became clear, Sirius earned a smile from Harry by saying his father would have done exactly the same.

Sirius wanted to know what Harry's plan was for winning the competition but couldn't understand his answer. "Don't you see though, winning the tournament would be the biggest prank of all! Imagine their faces when Harry Potter gets his hands on the trophy, can you think of anything better than that?"

Harry just glanced towards Hermione and the expression on his face displayed quite clearly that the young wizard definitely could think of things better than some piece of tin.

Remus arrived, closely followed by Luna as the conversations switched from subject to subject until Luna asked the question she needed to. "Harry, could my dad come here and interview Sirius? We may not be able to force the ministry to grant him a trial however, at least it will have people asking questions and throw some light onto his imprisonment."

It was Remus who answered, "Luna if your father printed that he'd met with Sirius then the ministry would arrest him, he would be questioned under truth serum as they're desperate to see the end to this problem."

Hermione attempted to offer a solution. "What if it was written as an interview with Harry and I? We reported what happened that night but no one wanted to listen, anything else can be put down to research we've done since."

"I think that is a great idea Hermione, would your dad go along with it Luna?"

"Well we can only ask him Harry, but I'm sure he will." Winky was called and a meeting set up for later this morning.


Albus had spent the morning with Severus trying to discover why the castle wouldn't allow him access, every scan he ran on his potions professor came back normal yet even the portkey he made to his office wouldn't activate when the Slytherin touched it.

"It must be the castle wards Albus, the same thing that happened to deny us access to the chamber. Potter is somehow responsible, I just know it!"

"Severus you really need to make your mind up. One moment you portray Harry as an attention seeking, mediocre at best wizard, then you want to blame him for a feat that neither of us can discover how it's being carried out. You've allowed your hatred of his father to colour your behaviour towards the boy since he set foot in Hogwarts. If this is Harry's doing, can you really blame him?" Albus managed to stop the tirade that Severus was about to unleash to his stupid question, knowing full well the Slytherin irrationally blamed Harry for everything. "If it was Harry then I fear we will soon know as I might need to move in with Abe!"

After exhausting every idea they had Albus was forced in part to agree with Severus, the castle wards were the only reasonable explanation they had left. The thought of someone else controlling the castle terrified the Hogwarts headmaster. When a serving headmaster lost control of the wards it signified he was judged no longer fit for purpose, he actually might end up staying with his brother. Albus had expected to spend his final years here in the castle and had even chosen his final resting place on the school grounds, he couldn't let that be taken away from him because of a few misunderstandings with a student.

Albus noticed the student in question leave the large vault / cube with two girls and head towards the castle. Here was the opportunity to begin some repair work, he hurried his pace to catch them up while making sure his injured hand was clearly visible. Albus was not above using a bit of guilt-trip to get his way, Albus Dumbledore was not above using any means at his disposal.

"Ah! Harry my boy, so pleased to see you heading into the castle. All three of you have missed classes but I suppose I can overlook it this time, I'm afraid I can't overlook Miss Lovegood leaving the Ravenclaw dorms to live in your accommodation though. You may be able to claim responsibility for your betrothed and even appoint Miss Lovegood to assist you but I can't allow her to leave the castle. She is my responsibility after all."

"Not according to the letter I have in my pocket from Mr Lovegood, he is very happy for Luna to be living with us and is withdrawing her from Ravenclaw house."

Hermione could hardly contain her anger at the old man. "Did you also overlook the fact that it is illegal to cast spells on muggles and that interfering in the betrothal of Lord Potter carries a sentence of time in Azkaban, where was your sense of responsibility there?"

Luna was also angry for his attempt at putting her back in the Ravenclaw dorm that had caused her so much hurt. "Apparently you also overlooked the illegality of placing Harry in this competition. Wasn't that your responsibility as headmaster of Hogwarts and head of the Wizengamot to ensure things like that don't occur."

Harry drove their point's home. "It would seem to me that you pick and choose which responsibilities you wish to honour. Let me be perfectly clear here, you no longer have responsibilities for any of us three."

Dumbledore was unprepared for the venom in both girl's remarks but it was the coldness towards him in Harry's that worried the old wizard a lot more. "But Harry surely you can see the benefit of having advisers to assist …" Albus was abruptly cut off, not something he was used to.

"I have a full team of advisors looking out for my interests, and to be perfectly frank they're currently advising me to contact the DMLE concerning your attempt to use Hermione's parents to break our betrothal. I am still trying to work out your motive for that though, combined with the burnt hand, the evidence against you is pretty compelling."

Albus didn't want to get onto the subject of Harry considering him evil so attempted to change the conversation slightly. "Harry there is so much going on at the moment, professor Snape has even found himself barred from accessing the castle. I feel we could benefit from sitting down and having a clear the air talk."

"I have nothing to say and have no wish to listen to you talk for an hour without actually saying anything. As to your potions teacher. I think that may be contagious as Hogwarts appears to have had enough of people using her for their own ends." They had reached the castle doors now, "If you don't mind we will wait here and let you enter, it wouldn't do for us to be seen together and have people assuming we're on friendly terms. I find your name has re-appeared very near the top of my people who wish me harm list. You may not have personally entered me in the competition but it was your responsibility to make sure nobody else did, you failed to protect me again sir!"

The sarcasm on the 'sir' just rounded off Dumbledore's morning, he would be mending no fences today and had better be ready to call in quite a few favours to keep his arse out of Azkaban if Harry carried out his threat. It was still being denied Hogwarts though that really scared him, he actually hesitated as he crossed the threshold into the castle and gave out a sigh of relief as Hogwarts let him enter. He needed something big to get Harry to once more at the very least respect him, that final 'sir' was the only form of courtesy shown towards him the entire time.


Draco watched the trio enter and instantly decided it was now or never, he hadn't even been able to find enough people to wear the five extra badges and badly needed a victory to reclaim some respect. He led his posse over to the Gryffindor table knowing all eyes were now on him, the natural order had been restored.

"Hey Potter, like the badges?"

Harry got up and turned to face Malfoy and his goons, the badge displayed 'Support Cedric Diggory' but then changed to reveal 'Potter Stinks!' He could see the blond Slytherin almost trembling with excitement in anticipation of his reaction.

Harry contemplated his response before answering. "Let me guess Malfoy, you paid a couple of Ravenclaws to make them because the charm work is way beyond your ability but you dictated the messages? Potter stinks is just about your level. Come to think of it, with the combined efforts of Crabbe, Goyle and Parkinson that's actually pretty good! Any seven-year-old would be proud of that slogan." Laughter began to break out in pockets around the hall as Malfoy's expression changed to that of a boy with his nuts trapped in a vice, Harry tightened the handle further. "Miss Bulstrode, the other three I expected but what have I done that deserves this from you?"

Millicent had been so glad for some people actually paying her attention she'd agreed with Draco. She'd thought being part of his group was better than no group at all, the lonely Slytherin was quickly realising how wrong she was. Millicent removed her badge. "You have done nothing to warrant this disrespect Lord Potter and I sincerely apologise, I made an error of judgement that I'm now ashamed off."

Harry was taken aback at this girl's bravery while Draco was left seething, "Apology accepted Miss Bulstrode, though my friends call me Harry. Thank you for your honesty, it's something that is in short supply in this place."

Millicent almost smiled, "Thank you Lord Potter but I don't think I've earned the right to call you Harry – yet!" With that she tossed the offending badge at Malfoy's feet before walking back to the Slytherin table with her head held high.

Harry wasn't sure if Malfoy was going to grab for his wand or burst into tears, with a final twist of the knife he sat down between Hermione and Luna with his back facing Draco. Harry didn't know which way Malfoy would go but it was tremendously reassuring to know the castle would protect them if he was stupid enough to pull his wand.

The outcome would never be known as McGonagall chose that moment to enter, she'd just had a meeting with the Weasley's and was in no mood to stand any nonsense. "Mr Malfoy, kindly explain why your group is at the Gryffindor table?"

Draco was tongue-tied but Pansy saved the day, though the words nearly choked her. "We were admiring Miss Granger's new ring, congratulations again you two."

Minerva knew there was more chance of Severus becoming a Gryffindor girls pin-up than Miss Parkinson congratulating Hermione, then she noticed the badges. "Support Cedric Diggory, well done Mr Malfoy. Five points to Slytherin for that display of house unity."

Harry was drinking pumpkin juice at the time this remark was made, trying to drink and laugh at the same time is not recommended as Hermione pounded on his back, attracting McGonagall's attention.

"Oh he's alright professor, it's just that new cologne of his. It's rather powerful and catches your throat." This started sniggers off around the hall until Luna delivered the coup de grace.

In her most child-like voice she proclaimed, "Yeah Potter, you stink!"

The laughter erupted around the hall with even a few at the staff table having a good chuckle, with the headmaster sitting there and neither head of the houses involved present, the rest of the staff had been powerless to intervene.

Albus had let the situation develop in an attempt to see if Harry had changed, the headmaster was sure that even last week the boy would have risen to the bait. Instead he had masterfully deflated the posturing peacock that was Malfoy. Watching the two boys only the colour of their robes indicated who was the Slytherin, without that you would have placed your gold on it being Harry. The only difference Albus could detect was an infusion of confidence, he wasn't strutting about the place but emitted an aura proclaiming he wasn't going to take crap from anyone. Whatever team the boy had around him was working wonders, Albus was going to have to restrain his manipulations and hope an opening presented itself.

Minerva meanwhile wasn't in on the joke and getting pretty peeved. "Miss Lovegood, I would like an explanation as to why you're sitting at the Gryffindor table?"

Harry had recovered enough to approach her, delivering the letter in his possession. "Miss Lovegood is no longer a member of Ravenclaw house, her father has placed her under my protection and she is here as our guest. We were still hoping to attend some lessons in the castle while our tutor's are organised, I'll understand if that's a problem and make other arrangements."

"I don't foresee any problems with that and would like to offer my services as a tutor."

"Thank you professor and I'd be a fool to turn that offer down so I most willingly accept."

Albus saw an opening and went for it. "Mr Potter, I would also like to offer my services as a tutor to you and your party." He became aware this was a mistake immediately as Harry's whole posture changed, it was so evident the whole hall couldn't fail to notice it.

"Yesterday you attempted to have my betrothed removed from Hogwarts, today you tried to place Luna back into an environment where she was mercilessly bullied by claiming you were responsible for her wellbeing. Why the hell would we want you anywhere near us?"

Harry's words and McGonagall's record-breaking scowl in the headmaster's direction confirmed the stories beyond a doubt

"Oh and headmaster, just to avoid any confusion, that's a no." Harry's attention was drawn to professor Flitwick who must have been standing on his chair.

"Lord Potter, I have begun an investigation into the matter and rest assured appropriate punishments have already begun being administered to the guilty."

Harry glanced towards the Ravenclaw table to see a group of girls sitting with there heads bowed. He couldn't help but notice that one of them was Cho and that her prized prefects badge was no longer on her robes, he was almost beginning to think whoever put his name in that goblet had done him a favour.

"Thank you Professor and may I say our door will always be open to you." Having administered the final slap to Dumbledore, Harry sat back down. It was oh so tempting to banish him from the castle but Barchoke had advised against it, at the moment Dumbledore was in plain sight and they wanted him where they could see him.

Fleur and a few of her friends were sitting at the Ravenclaw table. The paper had said Potter was looking for a new school so their headmistress dispatched them to the castle, bringing the boy who lived to France would be quite the coup. After hearing of the chamber incident she'd tried to apologise for her 'little boy' comment but he'd been with the other girl and quickly intercepted by the headmaster. Those pictures in the paper had impressed her, here was a wizard who was powerful, wealthy and younger than her so should be easy to control.

She had been awaiting an opportunity to approach when she was beaten again, this time by the blond haired boy, only to be really impressed with the way Potter had dealt with it. His standing-up to the headmaster once more had the Veela running Lady Fleur Potter through her brain, only to discover they were sitting at the wrong table as he was apparently in dispute with this house over mistreatment of his friend.

Wealth, power, a title, integrity, loyalty and, with the correct handling, he could even be handsome. Yes he would make a fine husband for her so the other girl was just going to have to prepare for a disappointment. Fleur ran her eyes over Hermione critically and didn't believe this girl would be any competition, she would be doing the poor girl a favour as she'd better get used to being dumped.


Ron was sitting in his bedroom at the Burrow unable to believe that both his parents and McGonagall had sided with Potter, was the whole world against him? It never entered his mind that he could be wrong and everyone else right. Somewhere inside Ronald Bilius Weasley there might have been a decent young wizard trying to break out but his rage at the perceived injustices life had heaped upon him prevented that wizard from seeing a hint of daylight.

Case in point was his hand. It was his jealousy and temper combined that caused the injury, Poppy Pomfrey had worked wonders to give him a fully functioning hand but all Ron saw was the scars and blamed everyone but himself for them being their.

Now he had his mother on his case while his dad tried to scrape enough gold together to buy him another new wand and he'd been sent home for the night to 'reflect on his actions'. Ron knew within himself that he was ages away from being able to ask a girl to be his girlfriend. The problem was he had expected Hermione to be there, patiently waiting on him when he finally plucked up the courage to ask her. The fact that someone else might beat him to it never crossed his mind, she was Hermione for Merlin's sake! That Harry would do this to him was just too much to take. His sense of betrayal had no basis anywhere other than in his own mind but that didn't matter to Ron. Lord Potter, the Ti-Wizard Champion had stolen his girl and not even his own family seemed to give a damn.

It wasn't as if Ron thought Hermione was beautiful or the love of his life, it was purely down to the fact she was the only girl in the castle that he was sure wouldn't say no if he asked her out. The thought of being rejected by a girl was not a thought he wished to dwell on.

Ron heard his name being shouted up the rickety stairwell by his mother and sighed, it was time for another 'try talk sense into Ron' session and his anger peaked. He'd just been hoping that his dad could scrounge up enough gold to buy him a new wand when Ron remembered his little sister now had a fortune, Potter had done wonderful job of turning his whole family against him.


Peter felt a bit better delivering this news to his master, he couldn't see any down side to this so should hopefully escape punishment.

"Master, the latest news from your servant indicates that Potter's relationship with the old fool has reached such a state that he no longer trusts him and they now argue in public. There is also news that Snape is no longer in the castle, he hasn't been seen since Sunday night."

The dry chuckle eased some of Peter's fears, his master in a good mood was still very dangerous but much preferable to him being in a bad one.

"So Potter finally stands up to the meddling old fool, it should make for an interesting year and will actually aid our plans. Do not have our agent search for Snape, he really is of no consequence and our plan takes priority over everything."

Peter was just beginning to count his blessings when the curse hit, thankfully it was only for a few seconds. "That was just a small reminder in case you get the idea to try bringing me just the good news, remember I will find out and then you will suffer my wrath."

Peter could only mutter, "Thank you master," as he backed out the room, silently wondering if it really was a good idea for his master to get a new body and his strength back.


The Weasleys entered Diagon Alley to find it busier than usual, this was due to the lawyers serving writs up and down the alley. Flourish and Blott's could no longer sell books with Harry's name in them and whether it was cakes or t- shirts, they all had to go. The real fireworks though were reserved for The Daily Prophet and drew quite a crowd as it spilled onto the street. The editor was trying to incite public opinion for his cause. "This is trying to muzzle the press and control the media, the wizarding public won't stand for it."

Unfortunately for the editor, the goblins had hired the best, "And just what did you do with this freedom of the press? Spent it fabricating stories to sell more papers! Today's edition of he Quibbler is the first time Lord Potter has ever spoken to the press yet your paper reports stories with supposed quotes from him on an almost weekly basis. Hearsay, rumours and downright lies constantly appear as banner headlines, Lord Potter has taken this action to preserve his image but reserves the right to take further action on some of the stories your paper has already printed. Our client is sick of people writing about his life as if they've been there, this is then sold to the public as the truth when it's nothing more than a pack of lies and a licence to mint money. That licence has now been revoked!"

The editor was turning grey at the thought of having to stand behind some of the Potter stories they had printed in the past but tried not to let that show. "The Daily Prophet will not back down on this matter, check our paper tomorrow and read our response to this outrage."

"Rest assured that's exactly what Lord Potter pays us for, break that edict and you'll have no paper by the weekend."

Ron Weasley was raging, even a visit to Diagon Alley ended up about bloody Harry Potter.


Hermione was trying to talk through her tears but Sirius was relentless, having Harry and Remus here seemed to be bringing out the mischievous boy in him. She couldn't ever remember having laughed so much. "Sirius the whole point of this is to poke fun at people without being offensive."

"But what's the point of that? Anyway, it's only Snivellus, how can we not be offensive? That git is a walking offensive target that we must hit at every opportunity. Ok how 'bout this, 'greasy stain removed from castle!' Surely there can't be anything wrong with that?"

Harry and Luna were holding on to each other as their laughter threatened to have them on the floor, Hermione was pretending to be serious but she loved seeing Harry laugh. She also suspected this was exactly why Sirius was doing it. "We're trying to keep the fact that Harry's involved in the greasy git no longer being able to access the castle a secret, while I personally think that's your best one yet I'm afraid it's still a no." This would perhaps have been more effective if she didn't have a case of the giggles at Sirius's pretend pout.

"Ok but I'm determined to get one of my sayings onto these badges so even you won't be able to object to this one…"

The new Potter dwelling once again reverberate to the sound of laughter as the three teens were now holding on to each other, Hermione finally lost it and dissolved into laughter as well. Breakfast in the great hall tomorrow was not one to be missed.

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