Please Stay

The school year of 2020 everyone is excited or is it just Emily? Emily is the 17-year-old who justs wants to graduate high school and have this be the best senior year ever. Gabe, on the other hand, wants to drop out and join the military. What happens if Emily wants him to stay will he or does he move on.


1. What do You Want to do?


Gabes Point of View 

I haven't even told her yet and we are going on a date tonight. It's February 14th Valentines day 4 days before her birthday and I have to tell her the biggest news that we have both heard and I have shared. I feel like there is a big weight on my shoulders that I have been carrying for so long. So I think tonight during our date I am going to tell her. If I keep this secret any longer I feel like our relationship will be ruined. She is walking this way toward me. The way she walks it's like everything falls into place. I am surely going to miss her but I have to do it for myself and for other people.

"Hey, you!" Emily says as she kisses me on the cheek. 

"Hi," I say pulling her closer into my arms.

"So are you ready for that big date you were talking about."


"Are you okay you seem distracted..."

"Yeah I'm fine I'm just worried about that big test in Calc today if I don't pass you know my mom is going to kill me."

"Yeah I know but guess what we studied. So we are going to kick this test in the butt." 

"I know we will." I kiss her on the forehead and hug her.

"Okay, seriously what is wrong with you today you have been acting weird all week."

"Nothing I swear."

"Okay I'll drop it for now but you better but you better tell me on that big date you've got planned."

"Don't worry I will." I kiss her on the cheek and give her the biggest hug I have ever given her. Emily is so special she is the one person in my life I can tell anything and she wouldn't judge me or be upset. One time while I was babysitting her dog for Christmas when we first started dating and I lost it so I called her and I actually cried and she told me that her dog runs away all the time just look at the neighbors across the street house they have a poodle that he's in love with while she was telling me this she was laughing I have never been so embarrassed in my whole life but she told me it's okay and why her dog doesn't like babysitters. 

"You ready for that calc test lets go," Emily says snapping me out of my memory I can already tell this day is going to be a long one. 


Emily's Point of View 

After Gabe and I are done with the calc test we both head to our separate classes he has some kind of work out class and I have Band. I sit down in my usual spot next to my best friend Grace, we are both flute players and we're kind of competitive.

"So please tell me Gabe is taking you somewhere for Valentine's day because Jared is going to a concert tonight and he said that girls are not on his mind tonight can you believe that!" Grace said 

"Grace we are talking about Jared and a matter of fact yes Gabe is taking me on a "romantic" date he keeps telling me he's been planning this for weeks and keeps telling me what to do like what to wear, what to bring, and stuff like that." 

"Awe! He is such a romantic I wish Jared had half of what Gabe has." 

"Yeah, I'm lucky I don't have a Jared." We both die of laughter the school day goes by pretty normal except for the fact that Gabe is acting weird like really weird and I have no idea why he said he'll tell me on the date but I don't know if he will. When I look at the clock it's finally time to get ready so I put on Gabes favorite flower dress and my favorite heels even though it's the dead of winter I think some people need a little color. I curl my hair and do my makeup and I hear a knock at the door and before I can get up from my chair my mom opens it.

"Oh, Gabe honey you look so handsome! Then I hear my father

"So Gabe you know the rules be back by midnight and wear are you taking my daughter exactly?" Then Gabe whispers something into my dad's ear and he whispers into my mother's ear and they both give an approving nod. As I walk down the stairs I just see Gabe's mouth drop and his eyes widen I feel my face warm up and I smile to distract from the redness of my face.

"You look amazing," Gabe says with a daze 

"Yeah, you clean up nice too." I say wiping his suit off. Gabe takes my hand and he takes me to his car and we drive off to our secret destination. 

Gabe's Point of View

As we walk towards the restaurant I see Emily's eyes light up I'm taking her to the restaurant called The Eclipse It's the biggest restaurant in town and Emily has always wanted to go to it and I've always promised her I would take her and now I have achieved that promise. We take our table and sit down and order our food, of course, Emily got the shrimp pasta and of course, I got the steak and we both got side salads. 

"You're eating healthy," Emily says in a concerned tone 

"Yeah, about that I want to talk to you about why I've been acting weird... you know that college fair we had back in September" 

"Yeah, of course, that was two months before your birthday we tried to stick together but I was like a kid in a candy shop and you just let me have fun with Grace."

"Yeah, so while you were looking at all of the colleges I went to the military booth and I talked to a representative there and since I wasn't old enough to join and still in high school I just wanted to see what my options were. Well ever since then I've been wanting to join the military but I don't know what branch. Also I don't know if I'm going to finish high school or not. I mean, what's the point I've already turned 18 so I just need to figure out what branch I want to go into."

"How long have you been keeping this from me?" Emily says in a hurt voice

"Ever since September I've been talking to people from the military to see if I should join. Emily, I would be saving my country." 

"Yeah, Gabe or you could die and leave me." She put cash on the table and left 






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