When the last line is said

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  • Published: 5 Feb 2017
  • Updated: 5 Feb 2017
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Jeg er skuespiller. Og dette digt tror jeg langt de fleste af den slags kan bekræfte med deres egne ord. Dette er jo blot mine ord, som jeg har sat på den stærke følelse før, under og efter du står på scenen.


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In the moment I stand on a scene, I am completely myself and still not. That is why I enjoy it. I fell everything that lives, everything that dies and everything in between. I see a herd of expectant eyes and I try to take a deep breath to control my hand, which is shaking, not because I am afraid, but because I am so enormous happy. I must concentrate to keep my ungovernable child-soul from flying away. I have a vision that always visit me in those moments. I go along a cheerful and wild river. The sound of the running water is like coursed and forbidden songs with tacit words. Sometimes I remember the words, but I never say them out loud. I close my eyes, smile silent and fell the world change me a little bit. Just a little, but enough. In the moment I am a part of everything. A part of me. I am liberated.   

But when the end is coming. When the last line is said. It will never come again. I look in their eyes, deep into their souls. I fell my heart stop beating. I fell the time is running to quick. I want the moment to be forever. But the days ran from us, we know that. The human we all have been together is slowly gone. It collapsed when we hit the realty. The sound will stay in our hearts, and make the happy memories in one way sad. So sad that you can not even cry. A dark gap will open in your head. It will fell so empty as the hollow death. I will smile melancholic to myself. I will miss the feeling of being us, a part of our hunt of longing dreams. 

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