Don't look back in Anger

Can some angry words change everything?


3. Trapped in Amber

Hermione clearly felt the concern in Harry's voice as he enquired after her health, it was doing funny things to her insides. "I'm fine Harry, I've just not been sleeping well." She opened her eyes and didn't see his mesmerising green ones looking down at her. Instead, Hermione found herself flat on the floor, with her head laying on Luna Lovegood's lap.

"I think maybe I should have warned you first, Hermione. Then again, you probably wouldn't have believed me anyway."

She shot out of Luna's lap as what had happened came rushing back. "Harry?"

"I'm here Hermione, with you."

Looking around the room for her best friend, Hermione was reaching for her wand as she asked Luna a question. "How is this possible?"

Luna reached out and gently stopped Hermione drawing her wand. "Harry, let me try and explain it. You can shown Hermione anything that will help her understand. Like me, Hermione, Harry is a spirit rover."

"Harry's a dog?"

"No, Hermione, it has nothing to do with his godfather - and yes I know about Sirius. Also, like me, Harry didn't know he was a rover until he actually did it. Spirit roving allows your spirit, some would say your soul, to leave your body and go wandering. I found Harry wandering the corridors last night and invited him in, he spent the night with me..."

Seeing Harry's memories was a much faster process than listening to Luna's explanation. Hermione had seen his journey to and then from Azkaban, also his two disastrous attempts at making contact in the castle. She was about to enlighten him on a few points when Luna's last phrase struck home.

"You spent the night with Luna..." More memories added to her tirade. "...and had a shower with her this morning too?"

Luna decided to put a stop to this at once. "Hermione, did you have a shower this morning?"

"Of course I did, what has that got to do with anything?"

"Well, you will have just thought about it - and Harry will have seen your memory too - so we're now even." Hermione was blushing and spluttering but Luna wouldn't let up.

"You were the last thing your boyfriend thought of last night before I fell asleep, and the first person he thought of this morning when I woke up. He loves you very much. Harry offered to be my friend. Since that would make him my only friend, I am more than happy with that."

Luna could see Hermione having a conversation with Harry, even heard her verbally apologise to him repeatedly, she needed the couple to quickly get past this phase though. "I need you to help Harry, Hermione, his life is in very real danger. At the moment, I hope we all agree that saving Harry is the most important thing here. You might have to pass him back to me to allow you to think clearly."

From the time she'd set Snape's robes on fire back in her first year, saving Harry was the most important thing to Hermione too. She felt rather than heard a chuckle as Harry spoke to Hermione in her mind.

"Watching that memory was brilliant, thanks again Hermione. Eh, you do know I'm talking about the one where you set Snape's robes on fire? There are simply no words to describe how beautiful the other memory was I just saw."

While Hermione might have been blushing, she also wore a large smile. Harry found he could let Hermione view memories of Luna's he'd seen. Seeing the little blonde locked out of her dorm on a cold winter's night meant Hermione was always going to help Luna as well. She was still sitting on the floor, facing the somewhat strange girl.

"You might be right, Luna. As much as I love having Harry here with me, I certainly can't think straight and talk to him at the same time. How do we do this, and can I have him back later?"

Luna's smile was as genuine as any Hermione had ever seen. She was getting the impression from Harry that Luna didn't usually have much to smile about inside the castle. Luna leaned forward and kissed Hermione, the older witch felt the loss immediately.


"I know, I can't believe how quickly I got used to having Harry with me, or how much I missed him when he was gone. We may have to ration him out between us until the end of term, we really need a plan for getting him in and out of Azkaban first though."

Hermione almost had to give herself a shake to get her mind back on the problem Harry had already told her about. "I will happily watch over your body while both of you go to Azkaban, and you now have two friends Luna. This throws up a lot of other questions though. How often will Harry need to make the trip? What happens on Saturday when we all go home?"

"Ideally, Harry should make the trip back every night. Once Harry gets the hang of roving, he should be able to visit either of us whenever he wants."

At that, Hermione had an idea. "Luna, how would you like to come home and stay with me for part of the holidays? I'll need to help my parents with decisions on our leaving Britain, I wouldn't want Harry not to be able to find me."

"Now that Harry has visited us, he'll be able to find us again no matter where we are. That was why he was able to find his way to Hogwarts, Harry thought of this as home. I'd still love to spend some of the holidays with you, I'll write to my dad tonight." Both girls and Harry were delighted with that, Luna had more to say though.

"You're taking this well, Hermione, Harry was worried you would want to run straight to Dumbledore with the news."

Her blush was back again. "That was my first thought when Harry was with me, I was soon persuaded otherwise. Harry forgiving me for him being dragged off by Fudge meant I was always going to agree with whatever he wanted. You're wrong about Ron however, Harry, he's been very supportive of me. Ron was trying to crack a joke, I almost cracked his jaw. I feel terrible about it now. Dumbledore too is trying to help, I just wish I could shake the feeling he has his own motives for doing so."

"Harry agrees with that, and also hopes you never get mad at him. He also thinks it's time to leave Britain... Can I come with both of you too?"

Seeing her face break out into a beautiful smile, Hermione reached out and took Luna's hand. "Of course you can, Luna. I'm guessing Harry just told you the exact same?"

Luna was nodding, tears of happiness welling in the corners of her eyes - she wasn't used to people wanting her company. Hermione gave her hand a squeeze before putting forward her plan. "You keep Harry until lunchtime, that might give me some time to get ready for having someone else inside my mind. I'll take him to dinnertime, then we'll head for this room Dobby showed you and Harry. There we can prepare for Harry to pay his own body in Azkaban a visit."

As all three agreed to that schedule, it was time to begin their day. Hermione wasn't sure if it was because she knew Harry was inside Luna but she just had to hug the little blonde before they parted. Hermione's 'see you for lunch' had Luna happily skipping to her first class. Hermione had decided she was finished with classes in Hogwarts, she would self-study in the library until they headed home on Saturday. Suddenly there was a lot of work to do before then. She would write to her parents and ask Hedwig to take that letter today, hoping the clever owl could do a quick turnaround by tomorrow.


It was an excited Hermione who was heading off to lunch, that excitement was due to knowing Luna and Harry would be waiting on her. She was going to spend the afternoon with Harry, a Harry who had forgiven her for those angry words in the infirmary. This was also a Harry who seemed to want her to be his girlfriend. This being Harry though, Hermione would probably have to do the asking. Letting him see a few of her memories might just be enough to give him the confidence to ask first, knowing she was never going to say no should help.

She found herself needing help as Pansy Parkinson led a group of Slytherin witches across her path, blocking the corridor. Davies and Greengrass appeared as if they would rather be somewhere else but Bulstrode was clearly spoiling for a fight.

"You think you're something special, Granger, we're going to show you what happens to mudbloods with ideas above their station..."

"Did someone write that out for you, Bulstrode? I can almost see Draco pulling the strings to make your mouth move..."

"You leave my Draco out of this, bitch. He wouldn't sully himself with the likes of you." Pansy was so angry, she'd practically spat that at Hermione.

This drew a sarcastic laugh from the lone Gryffindor in the otherwise deserted corridor. "So that's what this is about, Pansy. The only time I've touched your boyfriend was when I smacked him one last year. You're more than welcome to the little shit, he disgusts me."

The entire thing was about to kick off when a voice came from behind the Slytherins. "I've got your back, Hermione."

The five witches looked to see Luna Lovegood standing with her wand in her hand, the Slitherin quartet weren't impressed - and certainly not intimidated.

"Loony, piss off. This has nothing to do with you." Millicent turned back to face Hermione but Luna wasn't backing down.

"You start with Hermione, you'll need to deal with me too. She's my friend..."

"If you say so." Millicent charged at Luna, though didn't get very far.

A Petrificus Totalus was followed by an Expelliarmus and an Incarcerous. The trio of spells spat out of Luna's wand at incredible speed, and all hit their target. Millicent was in a full body bind before her wand then shot out her hand, the ropes tied her up as she was falling to the floor like a felled tree.

Luna deftly snatched Bulstrode's wand out of the air and had it tucked behind her ear before the large Slytherin smacked into the ground with bone shattering force. Luna's own wand still covered the three Slytherins who remained standing. "Anyone else want to try?"

While that might be Luna standing there, her actions were pure Harry. Something Hermione recognised straight off. With Harry/Luna now backing her up, Hermione was ready to face anything.

"What's the matter, Parkinson, odds not in your favour anymore? Personally I prefer two against three, rather than the one on four from a moment ago. Those are death eater tactics. They don't fight, just gang up and murder people. Is that what you lot are aspiring to be? Who wants to be first to show this mudblood what her station is? Greengrass? Davies?"

They couldn't even look at Hermione, far less answer her. "It would seem it's up to you, Parkinson. Whenever you're ready..."

"You're not worth bothering about, Granger..."

Hermione was now right in her face. "Then why did you try to ambush me in the corridor? Come near me again Parkinson and you'll find out what I learned training with Harry all year, a Harry who fought Voldemort to a draw before escaping. If you don't believe me, look your fathers in the eye and ask them that question. After all, most of them were there that night in the graveyard and witnessed what happened."

Pansy's mouth was moving but no sound was coming out, Hermione had one last thing to say though. "After Saturday, you'll never see me again. Stay out of my way, Parkinson, I'm done taking shit from the likes of you."

Hermione and Luna then walked off down the corridor, leaving the three Slytherins to deal with the prostrate Bulstrode.

"Oh, that actually felt good."

"You were brilliant Luna, I was in trouble for a moment there."

"That wasn't me, Hermione, I let Harry take control. To be honest, when he saw what was happening, I don't think I could have stopped him." Luna then seemed to have an internal debate but Hermione knew exactly what was happening, Harry would be apologising.

"You did the right thing... No, that's fine... I think it's my turn to stir the cauldron. That felt good watching you but I need to do this for myself."

Entering the great hall, Luna asked Hermione to keep a seat for her as she headed for the staff table. Her target was McGonagall.

"Yes Miss Lovegood, can I help you?"

"I would like a copy of the form to leave Hogwarts. I'm tired of all the bullying here, it's time to give somewhere else a try." Luna casually removed Millicent's wand from behind her ear and placed it on the table. "This belongs to Miss Bulstrode, she and three other Slytherins thought it was okay to ambush my friend in the corridors."

"That will be fifty points from Ravenclaw, and detention with me for the rest of the week."

Luna looked right at Snape, fighting down Harry's indignation. "I won't be doing any detentions, expel me if you like. As for the points, Ravenclaw never wanted me anyway so why should I care if you take points off them."

McGonagall tried to get the situation back under control, there were Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students present who would be leaving Hogwarts with a very bad impression of the school. "Miss Lovegood, if you were having problems you should have approached a member of staff for help..."

"Like you helped Harry Potter, straight into Azkaban. No thanks, Professor, I'm just going to leave Hogwarts. It has been made plain to me I'm not wanted here, why should I stay? I would advise anyone in the same position to get a form too. Voldemort is back and Fudge is an idiot, things are going to get a lot worse soon."

With that, Luna went back and sat for lunch beside Hermione. Dumbledore wasn't there and McGonagall was having to rein Severus in. When house points and detentions meant nothing to a student, they didn't really have any sanctions left. Expelling someone who intended to leave in four days anyway seemed a waste of time and effort - and was also a black mark Hogwarts didn't need.

It was barely a minute later when an enraged Millicent Bulstrode crashed into the great hall. The other three girls with her were clearly unable to dissuade the large Slytherin from her chosen course of action, far less hold her back.

Spotting her blonde target, she headed straight for the Gryffindor table. "Loony, you've got something of mine. Give it back before I break both your arms."

"Bulstrode, you couldn't take me with a wand, why should I be scared of you now?"

"Because I underestimated you before. Next time, I won't give you a chance..."

McGonagall had been moving from the instant the four Slytherin girls had entered the great hall, she now made her presence known. "There will not be a next time, Miss Bulstrode. You have detention with me every night until the express takes you home. That will also be fifty points from Slytherin, for each of the girls involved in this attack."

The Slytherin gem counter dropping two hundred points just made Millicent madder. "This little bitch has my wand, I want it back!"

"I have your wand, Miss Bulstrode, and it will be staying with me. I shall hand it to your professor for classes where it is required, they will collect it at the end of the period. That will also be another fifty points from Slytherin, and I'm prepared to keep docking Slytherin House points until you return to your own table."

Millicent was reluctantly moving but her anger stayed, forcing a retort from the large Slytherin. "Enjoy your power when you can, you won't have it much longer."

This outburst cost Slytherin another hundred points before McGonagall spoke to Luna. "Come to my office after lunch and I will supply you with the required form." That she then had three more requests for leaver forms just from her Gryffindors meant Minerva would have to take this problem to Albus.

With Luna losing fifty points from Ravenclaw, and then Slytherin dropping from first to last, Gryffindor was now in the lead for the House Cup. That not one of her cubs seemed to care about that was what really worried Minerva. Hogwarts could end up losing quite a few students before September the first. That the students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were witnessing this too wasn't helping Hogwarts' reputation either.


Hermione was sitting in the library when Ron found her. She'd managed to stop verbalising her end of the conversation with Harry but hadn't yet realised her facial expressions still acted as if she was talking with someone.

"Eh, Hermione, are you okay?"

"I'm fine Ron, don't look so nervous. I'm sorry about yesterday and promise never to do that again. I wish I could make it up to you..."

"Well, it did bloody hurt - getting me Viktor Krum's autograph would certainly ease the pain."

This actually got a chuckle from Hermione. "I'll bet it would, but sorry I can't help you. Viktor was put under the imperius curse for the last task, attacking Fleur and then Cedric - before Harry took him down. We all know he wasn't responsible for his actions but he can't even look at either me, Cho or Fleur now. It would be a lot less embarrassing for him if you went up and asked, rather than me."

"Not for me it wouldn't..." That this drew another chuckle from Hermione surprised Ron, and gave him the confidence to ask the next question. "So, no you and Viktor Krum then?" He was ready to beat a hasty retreat but her smile totally disarmed Ron.

"All this has made me realise I'm Harry's girl, I think I have been since first year. Now all I've got to do is get my hands on Harry before explaining that to him." Harry confirming that was something he was looking forward to just widened her smile.

Ron now wore a smile of his own. "The first part of that might be difficult but I'm sure you'll easily manage the second. When did you and Loony become friends?"

"Her name is Luna, Ron, and she's trying to help me get Harry out of Azkaban. She also covered my back when those four Slytherins had me cornered in a corridor."

"Her dad might own the Quibbler but no one believes a word of what's printed in there..."

Hermione and Harry hadn't even got that far in their planning, sorting their relationship out had kinda taken over. That would have to stop now - there was work to be done. "They might believe it, if the Quibbler had a letter from Harry."

"That would be impossible, he's in Azkaban - remember. If you could get a letter from Harry out of there, it would be far better having it sent to Madam Bones. She's head of the D.M.L.E. and my dad says not someone you would want to mess with. She was also the one who released that statement on Fudge and his under-whatever."

"Okay, so we need two letters. Thanks Ron, for all your help."

This had him laughing at his friend's determination, doing the impossible didn't seem to phase Hermione. "You know you're mental, right? Harry's in the most secure prison in the world but you're gonna get him to write letters, that is surely mental."

"Not mental, Ron, just difficult. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it. Can you ask Colin if he has a photo of Harry that we could use for this? It should preferably be recent, and one not seen by people before. Telling him it's to help Harry should get Colin moving."

He left Hermione looking better than she had in weeks, there was her old determination back in her eyes too. Ron wouldn't be shocked if his friend pulled this off. After all, the three of them had been doing the impossible together since first year.

"Why didn't you tell Ron about me?" Feeling her blush, Harry clearly saw the answer in Hermione's mind. "You're right. He wouldn't have believed you unless I transferred over there, and you don't want to kiss Ron. How is that different from kissing Luna?"

"Luna is our friend, Harry, Ron is too of course. She can tell the difference between transferring you and a kiss though, I don't think Ron could or would. I'm your girlfriend now, and I have no intention of kissing anyone else." She could feel his satisfaction at her last statement and Hermione pushed on with her idea.

"You took control of Luna to put Bulstrode down on her face in that corridor, can you take control of me to write a letter?"

"That's a brilliant idea. It would be in my handwriting, and you would still be able to help me word it."

They were just finishing up when Luna arrived. Rather than try and explain everything, and making sure no one was looking first, Hermione simply passed Harry over. It was only seconds later that Luna's eyes practically lit up.

"Oh Hermione, that's a fantastic idea. We need to keep it quiet though, the ministry might try and stop my dad printing it. Do you want to send yours off to Madam Bones now, or wait and owl both when Harry and I get the version for my dad written?"

"I think we'll wait and owl both together. I also think I should see Colin before we go down to dinner. You're right about keeping this a secret, something I forgot to mention to Ron."

"Let's just miss dinner and have Dobby bring us something in the room. That way we can get the letters owled quicker, and be ready to do what needs done tonight."


Albus stood helpless as two of his heads of house verbally went for each other in his office.

"That was a ludicrous amount of points to remove, you don't even know what happened..."

"That didn't stop you docking Miss Lovegood fifty points..."

"The girl is well-named - Looney. They were probably just chatting and she attacked, Miss Bulstrode had every right to be angry at having her wand taken..."

"Bulstrode practically threatened me with the dark lord, in front of the entire school too. What was I supposed to do? I won't kiss that bastard's robes, or kiss any of his followers' arses either..."

"Minerva, Severus, enough! Severus, if you don't rein in your Slytherins, there's no telling how many students we will lose from Hogwarts..."

"...and why is that a bad thing?" Both Dumbledore and McGonagall just stared at him, forcing Severus to explain.

"Miss Granger, in her own infuriating style, is actually correct. The way things stand at the moment, for her own safety she really has no other option but to leave Hogwarts - and the country. How many others in this school are in the same position? Isn't it better that they see that now, and use their summer holidays to do something about it."

This left Minerva flabbergasted, and intrigued Albus. Severus epitomised the values of his house, the headmaster wanted to hear details of what he was proposing.

"I will have words with my house, and tell them to tone down their behaviour. I shall point out that other students having to make trips to the infirmary are a lot harder to cover up - and will be punished because they will be caught. This should relegate any further attacks to little more than verbal skirmishes. I fully intend to hammer the other three houses with points removals however, whilst rewarding my Slytherins for knowing their own names. With Crabbe and Goyle, that is actually an achievement for them."

Seeing Minerva didn't appreciate his sense of humour, Severus pushed on. "It should drive home the message to those who would be in danger from the dark lord's return that the British Wizarding society is not a fair one, Potter currently languishing in Azkaban certainly lends credence to that belief. We know the dark lord has returned, and Fudge is blocking the ministry doing anything about it. Isn't it better they get a small taste of what that means in a somewhat controlled environment, rather than one day soon meeting the real thing head on."

"Severus, that is nothing short of brilliant. Don't you agree, Minerva?"

Before she could answer, Severus cut in. "Minerva, I need you to be angry with me when we're in public. You can see what's happening inside Hogwarts but are powerless to stop it. Slytherin needs to beat Gryffindor for the House Cup to send out the message that we want, also to cement my position with the children of the death eaters. Draco will take great delight in describing to his father how Slytherin won, and that Professor McGonagall was livid about it."

The headmaster agreed with that tactic. "It also puts out the message we are powerless to help. As Miss Granger so eloquently yet forcefully pointed out, something Harry has unfortunately firsthand experience of."

It went against everything Minerva McGonagall believed in, against the very founding values of Gryffindor House, but she was forced to agree. As Deputy Headmistress of a boarding school, her first duty was to the safety of her charges. With Fudge maintaining the ministry's 'he's not back' stance, the best way to ensure some of those students' safety was for them not to be in Hogwarts. She wouldn't have to act to be livid about the current situation, it would all be so very real anger she displayed.

This really hit home to Albus and Minerva just how helpless they really were, even inside their own school.


Hermione watched as Luna/Harry sat at the writing desk and worked on his letter for the Quibbler. Rather than the more factual version that would soon be winging its way to Madam Bones, they wanted this one to read somewhat like a newspaper article - something Luna was more able to help Harry with.

Hermione was concentrating more on the pictures they had received from Colin, that boy really had talent. The picture they chose to accompany the letter was taken just after the first task. Harry entering the Griffindor common room to a hero's welcome, still dressed in his torn tournament robes. It was quite the pose, Firebolt in one hand with a golden egg tucked under his other arm. He may be battered and bruised but the smile on his face was genuine. Only a few of his close friends would recognise that Harry's smile was more in relief than happiness.

The picture she really liked however was one of Harry and her, sitting on the floor of the common room with a book between them. Ron was on the sofa behind, though far more interested in the snacks he had next to him than any book. Hermione was sitting on Luna's bed and also admiring the picture of Luna and her late mother when the room provided an identical silver frame for the photograph currently in Hermione's hand. She slipped it into the frame and placed that picture beside Luna's.

Glancing over, Hermione could tell Harry was in control. She recognised the concentration on Luna's face as he/she wrote, along with the way he would casually move her hair to cover that famous scar - a scar that was on another forehead. Watching Luna with Harry's mannerisms would once have freaked Hermione out. After a day like today, it was going to take a lot more than that.

She had Harry with her for over four hours earlier, and what absolutely wonderful yet excruciatingly embarrassing hours they were. After her small taste this morning, she had at least some idea of what to expect this time.

There are thoughts and experiences inside everyone's mind that they never want another soul to see or hear, that all changes when you're sharing that same space with someone else. Thinking 'I don't want them to see that' immediately brought that thought/memory to the front of your mind - making it available for the other to view. Privacy simply wasn't an option, for either of them. Neither she nor Harry had any experience at shielding their thoughts, hence the excruciating embarrassment for both of them.

The up-side though was that she and Harry now knew more about each other than many couples who had been together for decades. Not only was their friendship still intact, Hermione actually thought it was now stronger than it had ever been. Both of them were also still very keen to pursue a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship when Harry physically got out of Azkaban. That relationship would hopefully begin soon, and certainly take place away from Hogwarts.

One thing was also certain, Luna would be coming with them as well. The little blonde Ravenclaw had impressed Harry, Hermione too after the memories she'd seen from her boyfriend to be. By anyone's reckoning, Luna had led a hard life since her mother died. Her father clearly loved her but, even without the debilitating grief of losing his wife, Xeno Lovegood seemed ill-equipped to raise his daughter on his own.

The bullying of Luna at Hogwarts was way worse than Hermione's experiences, even probably worse than what Harry had suffered while at primary school. What impressed Harry though was that Luna didn't seem to have one bitter thought in her head about what had happened to her. Luna's attitude was not to look back in anger, rather to look forward in hope. For someone like Harry, who's had so little to look forward to in his life, this was not just a totally new way of seeing your life - this was a revelation.

Hermione was drawn out of her musing by Luna sitting on the bed beside her, and then passing Harry over. "This is quicker than explaining what we wrote. It also gives you both time together until Harry and I need to head to Azkaban."

"Luna, Harry says you're worried about this trip?"

"Travelling well over two hundred miles on your first rove is unheard of. That a good part of that journey was over the sea too just makes it all the more extraordinary..."

"First time ever on a broom, McGonagall made Harry the Gryffindor seeker. Now he outflies dragons. That's just Harry, Luna. Stick around Harry long enough and you'll get used to it."

"We're still facing a round trip of about five hundred miles tonight. Before this, my furthest rove was about ten."

Harry was informing Hermione how nervous Luna was about this journey tonight, she also wasn't used to people depending on her. Hermione put her arm around their younger friend while they got ready to head for the owlery. "You'll be fine, Luna. Trust Harry to look after you, I know I trust you to do your best for him. You've been brilliant all through this, neither Harry nor I would have coped without you. I hope to hear back from my parents tomorrow, then the three of us can start to plan our summer together."

It was a much happier Luna who left the room to owlpost her father.


Luna's fears had disappeared before they had even crossed the Black Lake. She had never roved with someone else before, and roving with Harry was exhilarating. He was moving as speeds she didn't know were possible, and Harry's enthusiasm was simply towing her alongside him too. Even crossing the North Sea held no fears. As long as Luna was with Harry, she simply knew she would be fine.

She was actually glad the sun had gone down by the time they reached Azkaban, Luna only knew they had arrived when Harry began slowing down - his enthusiasm bleeding away the closer they got to the island prison. The jet black high walls of Azkaban seemed to fade into total darkness, as if even light couldn't escape from its possessive clutches.

Passing through the cell walls, Luna got a chance to glimpse real despair up close. Prisoners with no escape or relief from the relentless pressure of horrors visited on them by the ever present dementors. Most were curled into balls, all moaned in some degree of pain. Luna's anger also kicked in at seeing this, that the ministry had dared to do the same to an innocent Harry.

The pair were soon in the cell that contained Harry's physical self. Just as she'd guided him on how to leave hers, Luna now coached Harry's spirit back into his own body. She looked on as pain then contorted Harry's facial features. Between muscles cramping from the way he'd been lying, feeling the dementor effects and needing to use the bucket, Harry was in severe physical discomfort as soon as he became whole again.

He managed to hobble off the bed and relieve one part of his problem, which was the main reason Luna was currently holding back. Harry really got embarrassed at what Luna considered perfectly normal bodily functions. She knew that Harry's embarrassment would be off the scale if she was sharing his body while he was peeing into the bucket. With that task over, he flopped back down on the bed. It would take at least another ten minutes to work the kinks out of his muscles enough for him to move around the cell, and partake of the delicacies that passed for food and drink in this place.

There was some kind of slop in a wooden bowl, another similar bowl held what was presumably drinking water - they were really pulling no punches with their mistreatment of Harry. She was almost in tears at their very deliberate attempt to break her friend, Luna knew she would probably have a good cry about it later. After she noticed Harry was beginning to relax, it was only a moment later when he invited Luna in.

Luna spotted at once that Harry was again using happy memories to fight off the worst effects of the dementors. She would have to tell Hermione that the one of her in the shower really helped her boyfriend in his time of need. She was set to gently tease Harry about this when Luna felt another presence, something that wasn't a dementor. Whatever this was, its intentions were clear - to cause Harry as much harm as possible. She could actually see the tentacles of malicious evil reaching out for Harry's memories and trying to pervert them into something horrible.

Rather than helping Harry fight this attack, Luna tried to trace those tentacles back to their source. She found a part of Harry's mind that appeared crystallised - Luna couldn't think of any other word for it. The real shock though was when she spotted movement inside this malicious crystal. Like a creature trapped in amber, a pair of angry red eyes were focusing in on Harry's happy memories of Hermione.

Luna had never seen such evil in her life, it also took a moment to realise that the terrified screams she was hearing were actually coming from herself.

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