Don't look back in Anger

Can some angry words change everything?


17. Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight

Claire wasn't sure if this was a late lunch or an early dinner, the newly married Blacks weren't exactly keeping to any sort of timetable. Sitting here as the yacht cruised along the Devon coast was wonderful, doing so with her husband though was simply perfect. Suddenly their perfect world was shattered.

Sirius stopped talking mid-sentence, his face taking on a horrified expression.

A now concerned Claire asked the obvious question. "What's the matter?"

"Sorry love, I forgot you couldn't see or hear the message spell. Remus just told me Luna's been kidnapped from Hogwarts, they snatched her right from under their noses. We need to get to our room and lock the door, then head to Grimmauld. This could get very ugly, Harry will go after her and Hermione will be in bits - Emma won't be much better."

Claire was out of her seat at once, both she and Sirius practically racing back to their private suite. This may have raised a few chuckles amongst the crew but the Blacks weren't bothered about that, their family were now in a deadly situation.


Ginny was helped to her feet while telling her brothers her version of what just happened. "They came out of nowhere, I didn't even get a chance to shout for help..." Ginny's words died in her throat at the sight in front of her. A distraught Hermione was sitting on the ground, cradling a lifeless Harry's head in her lap. The thought that this could all have been for naught had Ginny pushing her way toward her downed love.

"What happened? Harry was never supposed to be hurt..." Ginny suddenly realised she'd said too much, Hermione's wand in her face may have been her first clue.

"What have you done?"

Looking into those expressive brown eyes terrified Ginny, there seemed to be so much barely contained rage behind them.

"Nothing, I..."

"Ginny, I love Harry and Luna with everything that I am. You, I don't give a shit about. Please believe me when I say I would take you apart as painfully as necessary to save those two. You'll get no help from anyone here either, so the only way to stop that happening is for you to tell me everything you know. As you can see I'm not exactly at my best at the moment so I suggest you be fucking quick about it!" Hermione's voice had started off almost at a conversational level but she was screaming at the stupid redhead by the end.

Remus had immediately messaged Sirius but then hesitated, he would give this a moment or two to play out before contacting McGonagall.

Looking around for support, Ginny realised there was none coming her way. Her three brothers were looking at her as if she was a stranger while their friends couldn't hide their disgust. It was Harry who made her mind up though. Not because he would be unable to rescue her this time but more she'd been promised he wouldn't be hurt. The tip of Hermione's wand was glowing with power by the time Ginny answered.

"It was Bulstrode. She wanted to get back at Luna, but Harry wasn't supposed to get hurt..."

As Ginny spilled her sorry tale, Ron staggered away a few steps before throwing up. Susan was soon at his side, rubbing his back and trying to offer whatever support she could. Like everyone else, she was shocked at what they had just heard. "I can't believe Ginny would be so stupid. Of course they're trying to hurt Harry by targeting Luna. I never saw what they did to Harry though, he just slumped to the ground."

Using his wand to cast aquamenti and rinse his mouth out, it took a moment before a now terrified Ron gave Susan part of the secret. "They didn't touch Harry, he's gone to find Luna. If they've done anything to her..."

Susan wasn't sure if Ron was looking at his two best friends or his sister as he said that, the shiver of dread that passed through him however was unmistakable. While Susan was digesting what Ron had said, Ginny finished her tale of woe. Hermione then stunned and restrained the stupid little bitch in ropes as Remus sent a message spell to summon McGonagall.

Susan now shared her boyfriend's dread. While Luna's fate may still hang in the balance, she thought whatever else happened Ginny was totally screwed.


It had happened so fast, Luna just didn't have time to react. Getting smacked on the side of the head with a beater's bat, being hauled up into the air and then having to endure a portkey left her totally disorientated. Her abductors however were now confident enough to cancel their disillusionment charms, they had Luna exactly where they wanted her. Bulstrode just couldn't help crowing about her success.

"Did you really think you would get away with making a fool of me? I always get my revenge. Theo, get the bitch's wand."

Luna felt Theo Nott's hands begin pawing over her body but Millicent's fist smashed powerfully into her face before she could do anything about it. Blood was now pouring out of her nose and then that same meaty fist struck again, leaving Luna tasting blood in her mouth too.

"I could do this all day, Loony, and I'm loving the chance to rearrange your face. I think Theo here is enjoying searching for your wand even more. You either hand your wand over from where you've got it hidden or we can keep this up..."

When Theo's hand started travelling up her dress, Luna's wand shot into her hand - only for the bastard to snatch it right off her. She was about to try and give both of them a shock they would never forget when a hated voice cut across that desperate idea.

"Did you have any problems?"

"Piece of cake, Professor Snape. The stupid Weasley slut played her part perfectly."

"Good, bring her along then - our master is waiting. You deserved your dark marks for this."

From Harry's shared memories, Luna knew exactly where she'd been taken. They were in the same cemetery that Cedric had been so casually murdered, and Voldemort was then reborn. Even with three wands covering her, and one of them belonging to Snape, Luna was still considering whether it might be better to transform and let Moonlight take her chances.

What stopped Luna, and almost had a grin appearing on her battered face, was the sight of Harry streaking toward her like a missile. Only his lack of mass stopped there being a sonic boom because he must have been travelling beyond mach one. As she was marched toward Riddle Manor, her love joined Luna for the trip.

They were so used to sharing now, in mere seconds Harry knew exactly what had happened to Luna. "It's not your fault, Love. It takes concentration to transform, something not possible when your getting hit by beater bats and punched in the face. Snape is a bastard but he's also a dangerous bastard, save Moonlight until she can do us the most good. We'll get through this, Hermione's waiting on us so we can all go home."

Spotting another two death eaters flanking the group left them no other option but to continue walking where they were being led. Snape clearly had a reception party waiting for Luna in the graveyard, he really was a dangerous bastard.

The Riddle house was obviously muggle in origin, with none of the eccentricities magical folk seemed to think their buildings needed. No weird shapes or bits sticking out at odd angles, just a solid built brick building of suitable size and ostentatiousness for a country squire to occupy.

Luna was led up the path and in the front door, another two guards were added to their procession toward meeting their dark master. Harry suggesting that seven of them with wands drawn for a fifteen year old girl still wasn't enough kept Luna's spirits up. Neither of them were underestimating just how much trouble they were in though.

They stopped at a set of double doors just off the entrance hall, Snape respectfully knocked and waited for an answer. After being bade to enter, Snape opened the doors and led the procession inside.

What once might have been an elegant ballroom had suffered from years of neglect and decay. The room was bare, save for a raised floor at the other end that held a large chair. Sitting there like a red eyed reptile on his wooden throne was the self proclaimed Lord Voldemort.

Snape stopped about five paces from the platform and dropped down onto one knee, respectfully bowing his head as he did so. The other six followed his lead, leaving Luna the only one still standing.

This drew a comment from the Dark Lord. "It is customary to bow to your betters, especially in their house. Don't they teach you youngsters anything these days."

Glancing down at her engagement ring, Luna looked Voldemort squarely in those red eyes before answering. "The wizard who placed that ring on my finger would never bow to you, I can do no less than try to be worthy of my future husband."

At that insult, an enraged Theo Nott stood and grabbed Luna with the intention of physically forcing her to bow. This time however he was dealing with a Luna who was neither already physically stunned or caught by surprise at his actions. She spun on her left foot, adding more speed and force to the right knee that crashed painfully into Theo's groin. Her right hand also moved like lightning, forming a fist that viciously caught him squarely in the throat. Theo was down on the ground before anyone else could even react, leaving Luna free to turn back around and once more defiantly face the Dark Lord.

Voldemort's laugh was a terrible thing, there was no joy in it at all. "Oh you have spirit, girl, I'll give you that. You're boldly standing there, your face a bloody mess, and knowing what else is in your immediate future - yet still you fight. Then again, Potter would not be interested in you otherwise. I might send him back your hand, with his ring still on your finger, after my servants are finished with you of course. Trust me, Potter won't want anything to do with his future Lady Black by the time my death eaters have had their fun with you."

Leaving the girl to think about that for a few moments, he turned his attention onto his group of followers. "Severus, heal your student. Makes sure Nott knows the next time he acts without orders in my presence, I'll let him die - or kill him myself."

Nodding before drawing his wand, Severus began casting spells to repair Nott's trachea. The Lovegood girl obviously fully realised the seriousness of her situation and wasn't holding anything back. She still stood there, defiantly facing down the Dark Lord, while Theo was literally dying at her feet.

Stretching the silence had no affect on Luna, she had Harry with her. He was offering support while both of them were trying to figure a way out of this. The flush of love and pride that passed through Luna as she answered the Dark Lord kept her head held high. Harry's claim that he was the one who wasn't worthy went unanswered by Luna.

Seeing the girl still defiantly standing there, Voldemort began losing what little patience he had. "Now girl, we didn't go to all this trouble just to provide my followers with a little entertainment. My spy Severus here discovered Potter can make his soul leave his body. The mystery of how he survived my killing curse and then a dementor's kiss is explained. You are going to tell me how he does it, and how I can fight against it. Will killing his body destroy his soul, or do I need to perform some type of ritual to finally make the troublesome brat cross over?"

Both Luna and Harry were shocked at that information being known. It wasn't too hard thought to figure out how he knew, since Voldemort basically gave them the answer. There was only one person who had that information and would possibly hand it on to Snape - Albus Dumbledore.


Claire and Sirius arriving back in Grimmauld was a surprise, discovering the reason behind their arrival however was shocking. Dan was attempting to comfort his distraught wife while being in tears himself. Sirius however really couldn't stay.

"We all know what Harry will do, I need to get to Hogwarts and see how I can help..."

"You can't leave us here, we'll go nuts not knowing what's happening."

"Dan, muggles can't even see Hogwarts..." Suddenly realising that Emma and Dan had been there before saw Sirius shouting for their elves.


They were now in the Headmistresses office, Harry lying on a sofa with Hermione at his side. Ginny was still stunned and wrapped in ropes. McGonagall's objections to this state of affairs ended when Hermione declared that the stupid bitch saying the wrong word could see her die. Not one person present doubted Hermione meant exactly what she just said, it simply wasn't worth the risk to revive Ginny. McGonagall was currently using her floo to contact the ministry.

The dog patronus that headed straight for Remus passed on a message that had him running and Hermione in tears again.

"Our little friends brought the Blacks and Grangers to Hogwarts, same way as they did the last time. Meet us so we can get to Hermione and Harry as quickly as possible."

The group hurried in the door just as Albus and Amelia stepped out the floo. Hermione was soon wrapped in her parents' loving embrace while Sirius was kneeling beside Harry. Claire stood beside her husband as Remus told everyone what had happened earlier.

As was his usual modus operandi, Dumbledore began trying to take over. "We can't have Miss Weasley left lying there like that. Yes she appears to have made a silly mistake but this is excessive..."

Hermione butted right in. "She knew exactly what she was doing. Ginny wanted Luna out of the way, specifically so she could be the next Lady Black. Madam Bones, everyone knew Luna was going to be Harry's Lady Black, She was wearing his ring. Planning to have Luna abducted so Ginny could take her place must break multiple laws?"

"Yes it does, Miss Granger. Some of those laws also come with very severe penalties for those who break them."

" As Harry's fiancee, I want to press all possible charges against Ginevra Weasley for her role in Luna Potter's abduction."

Forgetting that Luna was now a Potter, and her engagement gave Miss Granger that legal right, Albus attempted to intervene before this went too far. "I think we should wait until Harry gets here and let him make that decision. Amelia, I also think your time would be better spent getting a force of aurors ready to attack Voldemort. Once Harry returns, he will be able to give us the Dark Lord's location."

Hermione wasn't for being deflected or defeated over this. "Madam Bones, I want those charges filed. I will swear out an official complaint here, and in front of witnesses, if that's what it takes. This will not be swept under the carpet as some misdemeanour that results in detentions for Ginny and Gryffindor losing house points."

She then turned her building ire onto Dumbledore. "Harry won't get here, not without Luna. He'll never leave her."

Lacing his voice with all the sympathy he could muster, Albus tried to reason with the understandably distraught witch. "I know Mister Potter is a very loyal person, Miss Granger, but Voldemort may not give him a choice about leaving Miss Potter."

With tears running down her cheeks, Hermione got to tell the great Albus Dumbledore why he was so wrong. "There is always a choice, and all his family know what choice Harry will make. He will not leave Luna to be alone..."

Her mother's arms tightened around Hermione as Amelia tried to make sense of that last statement. "Do you realise what you're saying?"

"I know exactly what I'm saying, Harry won't leave Luna alone. If Voldemort murders Luna, Harry will cross over with her. Voldemort will effectively be killing them both, and I want that little bitch charged with helping to make that a possibility!"

"Surely Harry wouldn't do that?" It was a shocked Dumbledore who now asked, unable to believe what he just heard.

"You may think you know Harry, only his family really do. Ask Remus or Sirius what they think, I know who they'll agree with."

It was actually Ron who answered. "If it was Hermione Voldemort had, I know Harry would never, ever leave her. That he treats Luna exactly the same as Hermione answers that question for me. That my sister was involved in this, a sister Harry nearly died while saving, makes me feel dirty and ashamed."

Hermione stepped over and fiercely hugged her friend, causing Susan to smile. She knew these two were best friends, both had their hearts firmly set on others.

As everyone was watching the friends embracing, Amelia thought she might be the only one who noticed Albus needing to sit down. Something about Hermione's revelation had really shocked him.


Watching as Voldemort rose from his large chair and slowly walked toward her, Luna was sure she would have been a blubbering wreck if it wasn't for Harry being right here with her.

"I'm not going anywhere love, and that's exactly what he wants you to become. Voldemort is an expert at intimidation, he hones those skills every day on his delusional followers. Look at them all, cowering down on their knees in fear while my beautiful Luna stands tall. I'm so proud of you. Now we need to try and throw him off his usual stride - just the way we practice mind games against Remus and Sirius."

"They don't have red eyes and are not missing a nose. Oh and that foul breath, Dan and Emma would surely give Voldemort hell about his lack of oral hygiene..."

Their mental conversation was rudely interrupted by their host, it was time.

The Dark Lord was amazed at the control this young witch was displaying. Yes she was frightened, she was after all a smart enough witch to understand her position was hopeless, but she wasn't letting her fear control her. It was almost like facing Potter again. He wasn't able to intimidate that brat in the graveyard last year either. The Dark Lord was determined to break Potter's witch though, first mentally and then physically.

"Potter appears to like his witches smart, I think we can do some work on that today. You obviously have no intention of voluntarily telling me what I need to know so I'm just going to have to take that information straight from your head. This will of course leave you nothing more than a mindless drooling husk." He ran his cold boney fingers down Luna's smooth cheek, the one Bulstrode hadn't yet struck.

"Now my followers, they're not too choosy. They don't care about a female who they're raping's intellect, your drooling won't matter at all to them. I might even send you back to Potter after a couple of weeks, they do like their fun but the novelty should have worn off by then. You could save yourself all of that..."

He was now right in her face, almost as if Voldemort was getting ready to lovingly kiss her. That just made Luna's mind up. "I thought about it, but don't see the point. Kneeing you in the balls isn't really worth the effort. Harry saw you naked in the graveyard, and he says you don't have any balls. How does it feel to be in a body that's got no balls, made from part of your muggle father and is also part Wormtail? I think I'd rather be a drooling imbecile than live with everyone knowing that..."

The sharp intakes of breath from his kneeling followers spread around them just fanned the flames of Voldemort's temper. The time for subtlety had just past, he would simply take the information he wanted from the blonde bitch.

Casting Ligilimens, the Dark Lord dived right into Luna's mind.

He found himself standing on a beautiful and lush green hill. The longish green grass and abundant wild flowers were concealing some of the entrances to the rabbit warrens that riddled the hillside. After recovering from the shock of discovering this young witch had a full mindscape in place, he correctly surmised that her memories would be stored underground.

Before the Dark Lord could react to this assumption, he found himself being attacked by swarms of bees that had risen from the thousands of flowers surrounding him. As each bee that got past his defences managed to sting him, they released a particular memory. That these memories were actually his own saw the great Lord Voldemort stung into inaction. Here were things he'd never shared with another living soul now being paraded right in front of him. How was this possible?

Bombarding The Dark Lord with his own memories was so effective, he never even saw who or what finally hit him. What Voldemort did know though was that he had never been hit harder in all his life.

Severus watched in amazement as the Dark Lord's spell appeared to rebound off the girl and bounce back onto its caster, blasting his body clear off the ground. The Dark Lord flew across the floor like a child's rag doll being thrown out a cot. His momentum was only halted by smacking heavily into his chair. All the Death Eaters heard the cracking noises and hoped it was parts of the wooden chair that had just snapped.

The girl was breathing heavily but still proudly standing on her feet, staring defiantly at the now unconscious Dark Lord. Severus quickly stunned her, before anyone else decided to hit the blonde with something a lot stronger.

"Jacobson, you show Bulstrode and Nott where the cellar is. I want this bitch locked in there with those two guarding the door, but I want her unharmed. Our master will want to take his own revenge for this insult, woe betide anyone who denies him that revenge. The rest of you, wait there a moment until I can discover what's wrong with our lord. I may have to return to Hogwarts for any potions I'll need to help him heal." As everyone obeyed his orders, Severus was delighted that at least someone was listening to him,


Albus had again tried to exert his authority over the situation, making the suggestion to Minerva that they should clear the Hogwarts students out of her office. Hermione immediately countered by asking if their friends could remain.

It was back to condescending mode for the old wizard. "I understand Ronald remaining, since you three have been very close for years..."

This approach cut no ice with Hermione. "Ron and Neville are Harry's groomsmen at our wedding, whilst Susan is going to be one of my bridesmaids. Parvati was my dorm mate for four years while Fred and George have been our friends since we first walked into this school. They have each witnessed everything that has happened so far, I don't see any point in chucking them out now. Knowing they are here and offering their support is helping me to stay sane, I would like them to be allowed to stay - if they want to."

Neville was actually in first with his answer this time. "You want us here, then we're staying." This found total agreement from all their friends and, more importantly, McGonagall.

With Hermione adamant she was pressing charges, Amelia had no other choice but to take Ginny to the ministry. Amelia returned later with Augusta Longbottom and an emotional Arthur Weasley.

He couldn't even look at his sons, instead tried to apologise to Hermione. "I had to hear it from Ginny before I could believe a Weasley would act like that. I can't tell you how sorry we are. The whole family knew she had a crush on Harry, but we thought that's all it was - a harmless crush. If there is anything the Weasley family can do to help Harry and Luna, you don't even need to ask - we'll be there."

"Mister Weasley, the entire school - including us - knew about Ginny's crush. We never thought she would do something like this either. What she did can't be justified by any crush..."

"What she did can't be justified at all!" Every time Ron glanced at his best friend in the entire world, he was faced with the very real prospect that Harry might never return. That his sister played a vital role in that situation occurring left Ron not knowing what to do with his anger. He could certainly understand Hermione wanting to attack Ginny but that was just not something he could ever do.

That Ron's opinion clearly reflected the mood of the room destroyed what resolve Arthur had left, he found a seat in the corner and joined the almost silent vigil as they waited on any news.

Albus could see all his schemes going up in smoke. He had privately earmarked Arthur to replace him as Minister of Magic when Voldemort was finally finished. Arthur was a moderate who would still come to his mentor for advice, allowing Albus to retire but still keep his finger on magical Britain's pulse. Miss Granger pressing these charges on Arthur's youngest would destroy the wizard, emotionally and politically - especially if Ginny's actions led to Voldemort killing Harry Potter too.

Anyone who was involved in that scenario wouldn't survive unscathed, and that had him really worried. That Albus had cause to be worried was brought home to roost as a raging Severus burst into the office.

The first person Severus saw was Remus Lupin, and his anger now had a target. "What the hell were you doing, letting those dunderheads take her?"

Remus had been pretty much thinking the same for the last few hours, he offered up the only defence he had. "I was too busy guarding Harry, we didn't think the girls were in any danger. They caught us cold."

"Why were you guarding Potter? I told..." Severus may have stopped speaking, him turning around and glaring at Albus though said more than words.

Sirius was instantly right in Dumbledore's face. "You knew about this?"

Not giving Dumbledore a chance to concoct any half-truth excuses, Severus' anger saw him spilling it all out. "Of course he knew. I told him who was involved, who they were after and how they were going to do it. Dumbledore came up with the elaborate plan of embarrassing Potter at the ministry on Wednesday, getting him to leave Britain before this could happen. Then he seemed to change his mind. I thought Lupin was brought in to stop the girl being snatched. Dumbledore didn't warn you at all, did he?"

Having to just sit here and think about what could be happening to two people Dan certainly considered family had him on a knife edge. Hearing this bastard had known all about Luna's kidnapping, yet done nothing to stop it happening, pushed Dan over the edge. He sprang at Dumbledore, ready to punch his face in.

His daughter though was quicker, and hit her father with a full body-bind. "Sorry dad. A muggle striking the Minister of Magic, no matter how much he deserved it, could see you in a lot of trouble. Dumbledore could then use that as leverage to get us to do what he wants."

Her father didn't seem to mind Hermione's spell too much. As Remus grabbed the now rigid Dan to save him from hitting the floor, he had a perfect view of an even more enraged Arthur decking Dumbledore.

"You sick, twisted bastard! You knew my daughter was going to make a mistake that would ruin her life, ruin our family too, yet you did nothing. I demand to know why, Albus. I think I have that right."

Rage appeared to be contagious, Severus' certainly showed no signs of abating. He had reached the end of his tether as far as Albus was concerned. "As do I. Every time I step into the Dark Lord's presence, my life is at grave risk - and for what? Today could easily have been foiled, you deliberately decided not to do so. I risked my life for this information and then you don't use it..."

Ron and his twin brothers had pulled their father away from Dumbledore. As satisfying as beating the old wizard up might be, there were much more important things at stake here. The Minister of Magic had known Ginny was going to break the law, and deliberately let her. That people could lose their lives over this should see Dumbledore in serious trouble too. With three of the ministry's top officials here to witness what just happened, this wouldn't be getting swept under any rug.

Albus was struggling back to his feet, he was also struggling to explain his position. "I did use your information, Severus, I was using it to end this war. Voldemort's spell stops you revealing where he's hiding, and we haven't been able to find any way around that. By snatching the girl, Harry would be able to go right to her - and then lead us there. I planned on hitting Voldemort's lair with everything we had, ending this war and hopefully rescuing the girl too. It's only Harry's determination not to leave the girl that's stopping this plan from working."

Needing confirmation, Severus turned to the one person who would surely know. "Potter's with her? He's able to put his soul in there too?"

Seeing a hint of understanding in his eyes, Hermione answered - though she had some very important questions of her own. "Yes, Harry's with her. Have you seen Luna? How is she?"

"That might explain a few things. Yes I've seen her, she was alive when I left. Bulstrode punching her on the face was the extent of her injuries but she's put the Dark Lord out of action..."

Amelia had been trying to contain her disgust at Dumbledore's actions, silently promising to see the old wizard hauled up in front of the Wizengamot for this. Snape's words just altered her priorities. "Luna did what?"

"The Dark Lord wanted to know how Potter's soul could leave his body, the girl just stood there and refused him. Now I can clearly see Potter's impudence in her actions. When the Dark Lord cast legilimens to take that knowledge, there was a few seconds worth of fear in his eyes before he was blasted half way across the room. He's currently unconscious with multiple broken bones and some internal injuries. He was also bleeding from his ears, nose and mouth, I don't see him regaining consciousness for at least twenty four hours."

Hermione was almost afraid to ask but needed to. "And Luna?"

"I stunned her before anyone could cast something a tad more permanent. I gave orders she be locked up with Bulstrode and Nott as guards. That might give her a chance..." Severus never had a chance. Everyone then witnessed a sight few would have conceived possible, a relieved Hermione Granger hugged Severus Snape.

"Thank you, Professor. You've not only given them a chance but provided us with hope too. Madam Bones, please tell me there are charges we can bring against Dumbledore for this?"

"Being the sitting Minister of Magic would pretty much give him legal immunity in this situation. While the decisions he made disgust me, and will hopefully see his time as Minister come to an abrupt end, does anyone here seriously doubt Dumbledore could justify his actions as matters of state? Good decision with your father, Hermione, you really do know Dumbledore well."

Dan was of course now free from the curse and thought so too. The family were the only ones who knew the capabilities of the three teens, now they really did have some hope.

Albus was still trying to justify his actions by citing the greater good. What was risking one life when it could lead to the end of the war? Having never been a parent himself though, he wasn't making the emotional connection - that every parent in that room would rather die than see this happening to their child.

Minerva wasn't slow to let him know her opinion too. "Albus, when the ministry sack you, don't come to me looking for a job. Anyone who can make a decision like that doesn't deserve to be working with children."

Severus was still so angry, he was currently telling everything he knew to Madam Bones. He would soon have to decide whether to return to the Dark Lord's lair and try to help them escape. Either way, his days as a spy were now over. A conversation with Granger should provide a more realistic appraisal of Lovegood and Potter's chances of being able to escape on their own. From the way their attitudes had improved since he first entered, Severus decided they must think those chances were fair.


Luna was sitting with her back against the wall of a weird shaped room, a room bare of anything that could help their escape. There was only one way in or out, the thick door that was currently being guarded from the outside. The room had obviously been adapted to act as a cell, there were eyebolts on the floor and walls for passing chains through. There might also be some on the ceiling but it was too high to reach, and the cell was in total darkness.

Refusing point blank to leave her and go for help, Harry did rove for a minute or so to discover exactly what was beyond that door. If they were to get out of here, they needed to know the layout of the house. Harry quickly returned and they used what information he'd gathered to plan their possible escape route. If a chance presented itself, they needed to be ready.

Bulstrode was angry as she handed over guard duty to Theo. She was angry at this shitty duty but still supremely confident of their cause. This was a confidence Theo currently didn't share. He was honest enough to admit to himself that Loony had taken him down in a way he had no defence against. It was also clear she was quite prepared to stand there and let him die, Theo thought he was justified in losing a bit of confidence after that. What really terrified him though was the way she had faced down the Dark Lord, before tossing him across his own room - almost contemptuously too.

If the Loony was this powerful then he didn't want to know what Potter could do, or what Potter would do to whoever abducted his fiancee. Professor Snape wouldn't be able to cover the fact they were missing from school, so everyone would soon know both he and Bulstrode had been involved. It was only now, after watching the Dark Lord seemingly rather easily bested, the fact Potter and everyone else would know who snatched Loony really bothered him.

He slid open the little inspection hatch on the door, seeing the blonde witch immediately move into the rectangle of light that flooded into her cell. She had obviously used her dress to wipe most of the blood off her face, a face that was now bruised and swollen. Theo was sliding the little hatch back into the closed position when she spoke, though it was more like pleading.

"No, wait. Please don't close the hatch."

"Why, you afraid of the dark?" Theo was chuckling at his own wit so he barely heard the whispered 'yes'.

"Are you shitting me? After seeing what you can do, you expect me to believe you're afraid of the dark?"

"It's not something I can help, I've been like this since I was a little girl. At home, I can fight it by cuddling into Hermione every night. She's not here. Please, just leave it open a little. As long as I can see a little light I can cope."

"After what you did to me, you expect me to help? You are well named Loony."

"Hey, you kidnapped me, then felt me up while that troll Bulstrode used me as a punching bag. Fair's fair."

Theo was shutting the hatch when something about her pleading reached him. He opened the hatch wide and stared at his prisoner. Ignoring Bulstrode's modifications to her face, Loony had a knock-out body. A plan began to form in Theo's head, or should that be further south from that location.

"I might be persuaded to leave this open, if there was something worth looking at."

"I don't know what you mean?"

"You were a Ravenclaw, I'm sure you'll figure it out." Slowly, almost teasingly, he began to close the hatch.

"Wait. Please, don't make me do this."

"Hey, I'm not making you do anything. For this hatch to be open, I need to be standing here. If you want me to stand here then I suggest you give me something worth looking at."

"The hatch is only a couple of inches wide, no one is gonna get out of that..."

"Hey, I don't make the rules here. Now, do I shut the hatch?"

Standing with her head down, Luna forlornly gave it a shake of submission. Her hands reached behind her and slowly pulled the zip of her dress down. She then reluctantly pushed her dress off each shoulder.

Theo stood transfixed as that dress slid down this gorgeous body to reveal what it had been hiding. The Dark Lord had promised to turn Loony into a drooling idiot but it was Theo who was now standing here with drool running down his chin.

While not having a lot of experience to base his findings on, Theo was confident in his assumption that this was the finest body he had ever - or would ever - see. The mint green bra and panties were exquisite examples of beauty enhancing beauty, matched only by what lay tantalisingly under them. They certainly weren't bought in any wizarding store, even Playwizard didn't feature anything this fine.

He had no idea how long he stood there transfixed, it felt like a while though. As wonderful this was however, Theo now wanted more. "Very nice, now let's see the rest."

This had Luna's head shooting back up. "What? Oh I couldn't. Even Harry hasn't seen me..."

The mere thought of seeing what Potter had so far been denied took Theo's excitement to a whole different level. He just had to see those hidden delights for himself and changed tactics. His success rate at charming witches out of their knickers was pretty dismal, the circumstances here though left him confident of achieving his goals.

"Hey, do you want to be alone in the dark again? Anyway, I'm only looking. There's a ruddy great door between me and you so you're perfectly safe. C'mon, I'll keep the hatch open and talk to you. Isn't that better than being back in the dark?"

When her head went back down Theo thought he'd won. Once her hands reached behind to unclip her bra, he knew he had - only to be denied as she stepped out of the rectangle of light. "Hey!"

"Sorry, I'm not comfortable undressing in front of someone else." At that, her hand appeared from the shadows and dropped her bra onto the portion of illuminated floor.

He was lightheaded by the time her hand appeared again, this time it was those delicious panties that hit the floor. Theo waited, and waited, and waited some more. "Come out where I can see you."

"I... I can't. I've never..."

He was not about to be denied now. "Step into the light, or I take the light away."

"I just can't"

Theo slammed the hatch shut. He decided to count to a hundred before opening it again, let the bitch know he wasn't messing around here. Theo reached twenty three before he had the hatch open again. That bundle of clothes were still there, those panties tantalisingly lying on top.

He thought about casting lumos to light the cell but the viewing hatch was so small he couldn't do that and look through it at the same time. Slamming the hatch shut again, Theo paced up and down outside the door. It was no use, he simply had to see her. This time his wand would already be in his hand, Theo had no intention of letting her get close enough to try anything.

He opened the hatch and tried coaxing her back into the light once more. Theo didn't expect this to work, it was more to discover exactly where she was. Hearing her voice coming from the deepest, darkest corner made his mind up. Theo opened the door and quickly slipped inside. He cast lumos but the spell didn't quite reach right into the far corner of the former basement.

His spell did reflect light of those silvery grey eyes and, from the height of them, Theo drew confidence from thinking she was sitting cowering naked in the corner.

That confidence saw Theo step away from the door. "Hey, I'm not going to hurt you. I only want to look."

As his spell eventually illuminated the corner, the sight that greeted him took Theo's breath away. He was expecting to see a beautiful naked witch, one who had nowhere else to go. What he found instead was Moonlight - a silver grey dire wolf who was more than ready to play her part in the dance of death with this devil.

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