The gay crossover

This is about a boy. This boy is bullied, hated, and everything always seem to go wrong for him. He is gay, but that's the best thing about him. He is crazy, fun, and has 2 amazing friends. The question is will he ever find love, or will he find it in the one place he never expected to find it? Read on to find out what happens. Also this will be a crossover, with all my favorite books in it, or movies, also this story might go off track from this summary.


1. main characters

                   Name: Drew Book

                   Age: 14

                   Grade: Freshman, in some older classes

                   Sexuality: Gay

                   Stationed: His house (not for long)

                   About: He is cool, gay, was almost popular until he blew it. Has 2 bff's. He talks without thinking, and is just an amazing person.

                   Name: Tyler Caw

                   Age: 16

                  Grade: Suppose to be Sophomore

                  Sexuality: Gay

                  Stationed: Asulam 

                  About: He went into the asulam at a young age, because his mother thought something was really wrong with him, after her husband had left them. He is cute (duh), he is crazy (only because he was in that place, wait for his story though), he is cool though. 

                    Name: Mindy locks

                    Age: 17

                    Grade: Junior

                    Sexuality: Straight

                    Stationed: In foster care

                     About: She has a huge crush on Drew (before his stupid mouth opened), she is sweet, shy, and weird. Anyone who meets her and gets to know her, love her. Not many people look at her, but they started looking at her a little bit when Drew was almost popular and they became friends.

                      Name: Mark Light

                       Age: 17

                      Grade: Junior

                       Sexuality: Bisexual

                      Stationed: With Mindy in foster care

                       About: Likes Mindy and Drew (mindy more), he's funny and can make anyone smile, he is popular, so when he befriended Drew that's how Drew went up. Everyone know's he's bi, but they still love him.

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