The gay crossover

This is about a boy. This boy is bullied, hated, and everything always seem to go wrong for him. He is gay, but that's the best thing about him. He is crazy, fun, and has 2 amazing friends. The question is will he ever find love, or will he find it in the one place he never expected to find it? Read on to find out what happens. Also this will be a crossover, with all my favorite books in it, or movies, also this story might go off track from this summary.


2. Crossover Characters

          Anastasia and Christian- new sex ed teachers (funny right?)

          Bella and Edward- new P.E. teachers (they are strong)

           Elena, Damon, and Stefan- new students

          Katniss, Peeta, and Gale- new students

           Joker and Harley- new teachers (help I don't know which teachers to make them)

         Ron and Hermione- new students

        Four and Tris- new teachers (?)

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