The gay crossover

This is about a boy. This boy is bullied, hated, and everything always seem to go wrong for him. He is gay, but that's the best thing about him. He is crazy, fun, and has 2 amazing friends. The question is will he ever find love, or will he find it in the one place he never expected to find it? Read on to find out what happens. Also this will be a crossover, with all my favorite books in it, or movies, also this story might go off track from this summary.


3. 1


           "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" I sat up screaming. Wtf, that was so weird, no you do not get to know what it was. I got out of bed and threw on a white t-shirt and skinny jeans, plus ym varsity jacket from my old school. I was about to walk out the door when I heard a groan. "why did you scream like that?" my friend Mindy asked from my bed. Don't get that idea. "Oh..sorry forgot you stayed the night." I apologized. "Where's Tyler?" she asked again, what's with all the questions. "I'm not asking that many," Mindy exclaimed. Opp's said that out loud, dammit mouth trying to get me in trouble. "I'm right here," Tyler said popping up in the bed scaring Mindy, which made me laugh, which made both of them glare at me. I think the like each other or something. "We do not like each other, I like someone else," Mindy yelled, or ,more like squeaked, she's a mouse. "She's not a mouse, she's just quiet and I like someone else too." Tyler said defending both him and Mindy. "Sorry, you both know my mouth likes to say what it wants when I don't want it to." I explained, for like the 50th time. "Ok, well let us get ready and we will be down in a minute." Tyler said. "Fine, but Mindy you might want to go in the bathroom and change so Tyler doesn't eye rape you." I tell her laughing and the horrified face she had.

           I got downstairs after almost falling 3 times and got myself breakfast. Once I finished they still weren't down here. I smirked as a thought came to my mind, "Hey I'm leaving so stop making out and come down because I will leave you here, just don't make babies!!" I yell up to them and just as I finished my sentence they both came tumbling out of my room tripping over one another. I started laughing and then started walking out the door almost falling from laughing. "Ok come on we have to get going or we will be late, well I will. You guy's get extra time." I said checking the clock. You're probably wondering, where are your parents? Well you see they kicked me out when they found out I was gay, so now I don't tell anyone. "Your gay?" Mindy asked in disbelief. "What?" Oh god no. "You just said you're gay, I thought your parents were on vacation." Mindy said almost crying. "I'm sorry I didn't want you to judge me. Does this change anything about us being friends?" I asked. She just looked away nodding no. Thank god. Tyler just looked at me smiling like a maniac. Then he just wiggled his eyebrows, but when he saw Mindy he started pouting then looked at me with a glare for making her sad, I think she's sad. I have to get to school, so I started walking away with my head down thinking about Tyler and why he wiggled his eyebrows. Oh wait he bi, duh. I was walking to my class when I bumped into someone. "Sorry, but I was running from the Asylum guards." Some dude said and then he picked me up and over his shoulder and started running. "Help!!!!!" I screamed to my friends. Mindy looked shocked and Tyler started running after me, but.......




             Hey, so cliffhanger, not really that much of a cliffhanger, but oh well. So i'm going to rant. This guy keeps asking me out to be his Valentine and I keep saying no, but he keeps coming back. I hate it but oh well, what am I going to do. Well bye, comment, like favorite. Whateve's. 

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