Darker| Andy Biersack fanfic

Andy Biersack's life is great until he meets his identical twin brother he didn't even know existed.
Andy's brother, Billy, is the opposite of him. Billy cares no one and nothing, but himself and he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Including eliminating those who are in his way.


1. Chapter One| You're Almost As Cute As Me

Andy's shoes thump loudly against the concrete sidewalk that runs along the lonely dark street. Shadows cast by the towering building stretch across the street. Andy zippers his leather jacket due to light chill in the air, a low breeze causes an almost eerie sounding wind to blow down the empty street. A full moon sits in the sky, casting a cheerful glow, but the buildings block most of the light and almost the whole street is engulfed by shadows.

"A good night to get murdered," Andy mutters, "It looks like the set of a horror film here." He complains, no one there to hear him, but himself. His deep voice echoes in silence that surrounds him. The only other noise being his shoes and the occasional sound of a car starting or going by.

He starts to hum as he walks. He stops suddenly as a large white and black cat runs across in front of him. Andy watches the cat run away until it's out of view and then continues on his way. The cat looked somewhat like Andy's cat, Crow. Which is the reason Andy had watched it until he no longer could.

The wind starts to pick up and Andy accelerates his pace. It isn't long before Andy gets the feeling he's being watched and soon after that, he hears footsteps just a little ways behind him. He stops and turns to see nothing, hell, if anything or anyone was there they were well hidden in the darkness.

Andy walks quicker yet. Then the footsteps accompany him once more. Andy stops.

"Who's there?" he calls out loudly. He waits a few minutes and get's no response. "I said who's there?"

He hears a voice reply, "I heard you the first time." Something about the voice sounded so familiar, the voice sounds much like his own.

"Well, are you going to come out where I can see you? Or are you going to stay hidden in the shadows like some sort of vampire?"

The man steps out and Andy can't believe what he's seeing. The man looks identical to him. His build and stature, even his sharp feature were exactly the same as Andy's. The only difference between them is their hair, Andy has dark hair and the man has blonde hair and the way they're dressed. Other than that, it's like Andy's looking in the mirror.

The man smirks, "You're almost as cute as me."

"Who are you?" Andy says in a shocked tone.

The man takes a step forward, "Thought you'd never ask. My name is Billy and I'm..." He takes another step, now making him only a few inches away from Andy, "...your twin brother." He finishes his sentence and smiles.



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