Hashim Khail and Keeper of the Gates

In an attempt to please his father, Hashim Khail, a young prince finds himself in a dilemma after a great tragedy struck him. He wakes up in a foreign land, enslaved and at the mercy of a new king.


7. Chapter Seven: Arrivederci.


The next day, Hashim was crowned king. And after being found guilty of the late king’s murder among other things, Jamil was exiled. He is to stay away from the kingdom until dead or when his brother, Hashim, the new king of Tzuria decides to pardon him.
Nabil’s body was laid in the king’s garden, on an altar made from two mighty roots like two hands that emerged from the ground, holding her golden see-through casket. She was adorned with a beautiful white silk dress. She laid elegantly and smiled as though asleep.
Hashim stood with his crown and gazed upon her. King Yuri, and her sisters stood by his side.
“Hope it’s okay if I keep her here?” King Hashim said, “She’ll be treated with all the respects she deserve.”
“I have no problem with that.” King Yuri said, “And her sister’s wouldn’t mind either.” He turned to Vina and Shurriah. “I believe that if she was alive this is the one place she’d have loved to spend the rest of her life.” He tapped King Hashim on his back.
“Thank you,” said King Hashim.
They shook hands and hugged each other. King Yuri and the two sisters bid farewell to him and left the garden.
Twenty hefty men were ordered to deliver five big wooden boxes filled with gifts to the Therakanian camp that was set up outside the city.
The Therakanians and their King were set to leave, and as they were about to embark on their journey, they sighted king Hashim fast approaching on a horse.
“Yuri! Yuri!” He called, “Dear friend.”
King Yuri ordered his men to halt.
King Hashim arrived and came down from his horse as he smiled.
“I hope your queen’s heart delights in these gifts I offer.” He said.
“She loves shiny things!” King Yuri responded, “She’ll love it. Women,” he snorted, “You can’t blame them.”
 “Please, sorry to disturb you.” He added as he panted. “There is a man among your slaves, he goes by the name Brutus Boriah. He hails from Damarus, I’ll be more than thankful if you’d have him brought before me. He’s a nice man,” he nodded, “I can offer you twice what’s in those boxes just for his freedom, if you don’t mind.”
King Yuri nodded and smiled. “Anything for a friend!” He said, “My men and I should be home by nightfall, I’ll make sure he’s set free on my arrival and will have him escorted to your castle before sundown tomorrow.”
“Thank you very much, friend.” King Hashim said. “Oh, thank you so much! This means a lot to me.”
“You’re welcome,” he responded. “I hope you do not seek trouble, my men informed me of a slave that speaks to other slaves about freedom and a certain saviour. I am told of the things he does and says, and I think the name of this man sounds like the one you seek.”
“No,” King Hashim remarked. “I don’t think he is trouble to the kind of kingdoms you think. He was good to me while I was there, and I thought I should return the favour.”
“Well then, expect him by dusk tomorrow.” He said, “Oh, I almost forgot to ask; your brother, Jamil? Where do you think he’d go?”
“To the one man he adored the most?” King Hashim said.
“Arrazaq?” He asked, “Hmm! I guess it means a benighted season awaits our demesne hereafter.” He giggled.
“Good always prevails, my friend.” King Hashim said, “We shall pray and remain ever ready; besides, we’ve got each other!”
King Yuri smiled and bowed. He ordered his men to start moving.
Vina and Shurriah wove at King Hashim, he wove back with a smile.
The Therakanians rode off. King Hashim heaved a heavy sigh of relief then climbed his horse and went back to his city.
To be continued….










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