Harsh Truths & Kind Lies

Tore, ripped, broke.

Harriet did it to her best friends ex's face.

Alex did it to her best friends heart.


7. Chapter 7: Harriet

That went well.

I fidgeted with the key in my hand. It was Alex's first year locker key. I knew because she had engraved a winky face on the metal with a little penknife she kept in her pencil case. Don't ask why. She was just weird. 

I sighed, dropping the key to the bedroom carpet and started out the door. I met Alex's mother's confused look with a smile and a shrug, motioning toward the front door. I left through it, emerging in the overgrown front yard, where Alex was crying with her head in her hands among the rosebushes. I walked over to her cautiously. She didn't look up.

I plucked a blossoming red rose from the bush, pricking my finger on the thorns of the stem by accident. 

'Alex.' I whispered, crouching on my hunkers and holding the rose in front of her. She glanced up, her eyes shimmering with tears. I offered a small smile, which she returned. 

'Look at this rose. You are this rose. You're beautiful. You have your flaws,' I motioned to the thorns. 'but you try your best to bloom anyway. But you know what? People have been plucking at your petals.' I picked a petal from the rose and it fell to the ground. 'Your gorgeous petals are falling. Every ex-boyfriend, every broken friendship, every heartbreak.' I picked petals until there was only one left. 'Now, you're on your last petal. You've lost all hope for happiness. Almost.' I touched the petal gently, then let my hand move to my side. 'I'm not gonna let you lose hope. I refuse to pick your final petal. I refuse to break your heart.'

I placed the rose in her hand.

And I walked away.

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