Harsh Truths & Kind Lies

Tore, ripped, broke.

Harriet did it to her best friends ex's face.

Alex did it to her best friends heart.


5. Chapter 5: Harriet

I sighed, smiling sadly at Alex. ‘I know you did. And he let you down. I know how it feels.’ I felt tears prick the back of my eyes, but I blinked, and the feeling washed away the waves that were threatening to overtake me. I tried to smile, but I couldn’t muster it. I turned back to the bin bag, piling photographs into it.

‘What do you mean? You’ve never even had a boyfriend.’  She laughed, the sharp edges of her giggle stabbing through my heart.

‘Maybe because I don’t like boys?’ I replied. ‘How many times do I have to tell you that I’m into girls?’ I mumbled, and she laughed again.

‘Fine. You’ve never had a girlfriend then. Why is that?’ She was smiling, the attention averted from her to me. I cringed.

‘Because… I guess the girls I know are not my type.’ I smiled shyly. ‘Most of them, anyway.’ I said under my breath. Then the shock of her forgetting our kiss hit me with full force again, making my lip curl.

‘What’s with the pout?’ Her voice sounded sympathetic. It disgusted me. I should be the on helping her, not wallowing in my own self-pity.

‘Nothing. It’s just a shame that we’re throwing out this picture.’ I held up the photo of Alex’s dog, Marley, giving Alex a lick on the cheek. Dylan is mock-frowning at Marley. I smile just looking at it. It’s so pure Alex. She was wearing a sunshine yellow tank top, her straight red hair falling in soft waves over her shoulders. Her face was scrunched up, but she was smiling. I let a single tear slip down my cheek. I felt Alex lean on my shoulders, and I swiped the tear away as quickly as Alex swiped left on ugly Tinder guys.

‘No, we should keep that one. I look adorable.’ Alex said. I turned to face her, and our noses bumped. I stared into her eyes, daring her to remember.

And you know what she said next?

‘Wait a second… this is like déjà vu. I didn’t… kiss you last night, did I?’

That’s what she fucking said next.

She remembered.

I’m fucking dead.

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