The Stranger in the Forest

A strange deer has come into Bambi's forest. Who is he? What does he want. Why does he not even have a name and just how does he know all about Man? He is big, he is powerful, and he is unlike any deer in the herd. With what this deer knows, he may save or doom all the deer in the herd.


11. Epilogue




“Push back harder,” Bambi told him.

They were locked at the shoulder in mock combat. He tried pushing with all his might, but his left rear leg was still not as strong as his right rear leg. He could not push back hard enough to move Bambi. He felt Bambi give slightly before he applied more strength to his healthy rear legs and pushed past him. They came apart, Bambi looking at him.

“You are getting stronger, but your back leg is still weak,” Bambi told him.

“I know,” he said with frustration. “Another deer could use it against me,” he realized. “I still need to be careful about fighting with deer.”

“I would not worry,” Bambi said. “Other than me, no other deer in this herd could challenge you. Especially with those tricks you have been teaching me and our doe.”

“Thank you for helping me,” he said rubbing the big deer’s side.

“I enjoy it, and so do our doe. Even little Gena and been trying to kick the way you showed Faline and Claris.”

“Doe need protection too, especially from males,” he said.

“Stabo is learning too,” Bambi added. “Did you see him with Ronno in the meadow?”

“Claris told me,” he said with a grin, “He was playing with Ronno.  Ronno tied to push Stabo back. Stabo slid around Ronno and hit him from the side.”

“He did not hit Ronno hard,” Bambi said with a smile, “I think Ronno was more shocked than hurt. I think it gave him pause to think he will not be the leader of the herd males much longer.”

He stood up straight and faced the herd leader. “I have been thinking about that too. You know I plan to have more fawns with Claris. I think you will have more fawns with Faline. I am thinking of training them all. I also think we should start with Veron. One day he may have to take over the herd from you. “

“I just wish he was bigger,” Bambi said shaking his head.

Stranger nodded his head. Veron was a bit small, but he was strong. “He will not be as big as you, but he is made of solid muscle. He will be as strong as you. In fact, next spring, he will almost be as strong as you,” he told Bambi. “He needs to learn from his father just like you learned from your father.”

“My father was the wisest deer I ever knew,” Bambi said. He could hear his voice chocking up.  “I could never match him or be like him,”

He stopped, and looked right into Bambi’s deep black eyes. “The other deer like Ate who knew you and your father say different. They tell me you are just like your father and that is why you are so respected.”

Bambi turned away from him for a moment. “Thank you,” he muttered. “That means a lot to me.”

“Unlike Claris and me with the herd males,” he went on.

“That is also getting better,” Bambi mentioned. “Yes, they ignore you both, but even the senior males no longer pester me to throw you out. Many have accepted you and Claris and many more will do so.”

“That is good,” he said with relief.

“So how do we do this?” Bambi asked.

 “You will start to teach Veron and Gena, and I will teach Stabo. After a while we will start teaching all of them together. Stabo could also learn a lot from you while you are teaching Veron.”

“And Veron could also learn from what you know,” Bambi went on. “I had hoped Geno would come over here, but he and Gurri must have decided to remain in our old forest. I have heard nothing from them since we left.”

“All the more reason to train our children,” he said and then stopped. “I know our doe do not like when I talk like this, but you and I will only last a few more seasons, and that is only if we are lucky enough to avoid Man and his killing sticks. Someone had to take our place or we give the herd of to those like Ronno, or Kragus.”

“And you think Veron and Stabo should follow us,” Bambi said looking at him cautiously. “You know that is up to the herd, not us, to decide that.”

“It will the same as with you and your father,” he explained. “You took over the herd because you were the best deer available when your father died. The other deer knew it. When the time comes, either through our old age or our deaths, they will be the best deer. The herd will accept them because of that. Besides, what other choices do we have, try and teach the herd males?”

Bambi shook his head in disgust at the idea of trying to teach the herd males anything. “I suppose so,” Bambi said with resignation. “When do we start?”

“Now,” he said,” Because we do not know what will come tomorrow.”

The End

For Now


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