Blazing - Book One: Into the Wild

Seasons ago, Bluefur refused to give up her kits, and Thistleclaw became deputy in her place. Thistlestar leads his clan cruelly, greedy for land. In his territorial rage, he chases away and injures young kittypet Rusty. RiverClan rescues Rusty and accepts him into their clan, but while he just wants to learn the ways of his clan, he finds himself in the middle of a desperate war.




Leader: Thistlestar- well-muscled, spiky-furred, dark gray-and-white tabby tom with gray patches mottling his white face (Father of Whitestorm.)

Deputy: Tigerclaw- big dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws

Apprentice, Ravenpaw

Medicine Cat: Spottedleaf- pretty tortoiseshell she-cat


Bluefur- blue-gray she-cat with a graying muzzle (Mother of Stonefur, Mistyfoot, and Mosstail.)

Whitestorm- big white tom

Apprentice, Sandpaw

Lionheart- golden tabby tom with fur like a lion's mane

Apprentice, Graypaw

Redtail– small tortoiseshell tom with a distinctive ginger tail (Father of Sandpaw.)

Apprentice, Dustpaw

Darkstripe- sleek black-and-gray tabby tom

Willowpelt- slender, very pale silver-gray she-cat

Stonefur- stocky, thick-furred, blue-gray tom with battle-scarred ears

Mistyfoot- glossy blue-gray she-cat

Mosstail- brown tabby she-cat

Longtail- pale silver tabby tom with black stripes

Runningwind- slender, light brown tabby tom

Mousefur- small dusky brown she-cat


Ravenpaw- sleek black tom with a white tail-tip

Graypaw- long-haired gray tom with a darker stripe running down his back

Sandpaw- slender, pale ginger tabby she-cat

Dustpaw- dark brown tabby tom


Brindleface- pretty brown tabby she-cat

Frostfur- beautiful white she-cat with blue eyes (Mother of Cinderkit, Brackenkit, Brightkit, and Thornkit)

Goldenflower- sleek, pale ginger tabby she-cat (Mother of Swiftkit)

Speckletail- old, pale tabby she-cat (Mother of Snowkit)


Halftail– big dark brown tabby tom with part of his tail missing

Smallear– gray tom with small ears, eldest ThunderClan tom

Rosetail– light ginger she-cat with a pinkish-orange tail

Patchpelt– small black-and-white tom

One-eye– pale gray she-cat, eldest cat in ThunderClan; virtually blind and deaf

Dappletail– once-pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with a lovely dappled coat


Leader: Crookedstar- huge light-colored tabby tom with a twisted jaw

Deputy: Leopardfur- dappled, golden tabby she-cat with unusual golden spots

Medicine Cat: Mudfur- long-haired light brown tom


Skyheart- pale brown tabby she-cat

Blackclaw- broad-shouldered, long-legged smoky black tom with a long tail

Apprentice, Heavypaw

Voleclaw- gray tom

Apprentice, Vixenpaw

Beetlenose- broad-shouldered black tom (Sunfish's mate.)

Apprentice, Shadepaw

Petaldust- tortoiseshell she-cat

Apprentice, Mosspaw

Loudbelly- dark brown tom

Apprentice, Silverpaw

Whiteclaw- white tom

Dawnbright- ginger-and-white she-cat

Sedgecreek- mottled ginger-brown tabby she-cat

Sunfish- light golden she-cat (Mother of Vixenpaw and Grasspaw)

Frogleap- brown tom with dark striped tail

Silverstream- silver-gray she-cat with black tabby stripes


Grasspaw- small, brown-striped tabby tom

Vixenpaw- thick-furred black she-cat

Shadepaw- very dark gray she-cat

Mosspaw- slim tortoiseshell she-cat

Silverpaw- silver tom

Heavypaw- stocky brown tom


Mallowtail- dark ginger-and-white she-cat (Expecting Whiteclaw's kits)


Graypool- old, thin gray she-cat with patchy fur and a scarred muzzle


Leader: Brokenstar- massive, very dark brown tabby tom with long, ragged fur, and a thick, bent tail

Deputy: Blackfoot- large white tom with jet-black paws

Medicine Cats: Runningnose- small gray-and-white tom

Barkface- short-tailed brown tom


Flintfang- gray tom

Fernshade- tortoiseshell she-cat

Clawface- battle-scarred brown tom (Father of Stumpytail and Cinderfur.)

Rowanberry- cream-and-brown she-cat (Mother of Stumpytail and Cinderfur)

Nutwhisker- brown tom with amber eyes

Cinderfur- gray tom

Stumpytail- brown tom with darker stripes and a short, stumpy tail

Apprentice, Whitepaw

Boulder- silver tabby tom

Russetfur- small, sleek dark ginger she-cat

Wetfoot- gray tabby tom

Apprentice, Oakpaw

Tangleburr- gray and brown she-cat

Apprentice, Littlepaw

Applefur-mottled brown she-cat

Ratscar-scarred dark brown tom

Snowbird- pretty white she-cat


Oakpaw- small, brown tom

Littlepaw- very small tabby tom

Whitepaw- black tom with white chest and paws


Dawncloud- small, pale ginger she-cat

Darkflower- black she-cat

Tallpoppy- long-legged, light-brown tabby she-cat (Expecting Flintfang's kits)

Brightflower- black-and-white she-cat


Nightfur- sickly, sleek black tom

Ashfur- thin gray tom


Leader: Leader: Tallstar– black and white tom with a very long tail

Deputy: Deadfoot– solid black tom with a twisted paw

Medicine Cat: Barkface– short-tailed brown tom


Doespring- light brown she-cat

Sorrelleap- gray and brown she-cat

Pigeonwing- short-legged dark gray-and-white patched tom

Flywhisker- tall, skinny white tom

Bristlefur- black tom with a thick, messy pelt

Rabbitwing- pale brown she-cat with a white belly

Wrenflight- brown she-cat (Mother of Onewhisker)

Mudclaw- wiry dark brown mottled tabby tom

Apprentice, Webpaw

Tornear- wiry, lithe gray tabby tom

Apprentice, Runningpaw

Onewhisker- small, lean, mottled pale brown tabby tom

Apprentice, Whitepaw


Webpaw- wiry, dark gray tabby tom

Runningpaw- sleek brown she-cat

Whitepaw- white tom


Ashfoot- skinny gray she-cat (Mother of Eaglekit, a gray tom)

Morningflower- light tortoiseshell she-cat (Mother of Gorsekit, a gray tom)


Stagleap- dark brown tom

Ryestalk- gray tabby she-cat

Crowfur- dark gray tom

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