The Girl in Cell 3 (Triple Witching Hour)

Every day SABLE talks to her knight in shining armor, EREN. She says sweet words, tugging at his heart, hoping to steal it. But there is always a barrier between them - a prison cell door. EREN has struck a deal: keep her locked up and his little brother will be out of harms way.

Her cell is inescapable and her placement on death row rises fast. She aims to seduce him and have him break her out. But when truths and lies become one, can she deceive his heart without breaking her own?


64. Chapter 63 - Eren


Silence. Eren wandered into the hut, looking in every room, his heart dropping with every step he took.

He is working at the mill, Eren reasoned. Yes, that must be right. Perhaps the boss had an urgent request and Kolin had to stay. He was a good boy — he’d always want to help those who were good to him. 

Eren cut up some vegetables, got out the last of the salted pork they had saved and boiled some water. Dinner. He let out a disappointed sigh. Kolin was the one who always cooked and talked to the servants, maids and wives at the market about recipes and tricks in the kitchen. 

He sat down and began to eat. With every bite, he expected the door to open, for Kolin to come in, make apologies and talk about his day and how exhausting it was — but no one ever came in. 

After he was done eating, with stones in his gut, Eren went out. He walked to the mill and requested to see the master. The old man came and his face filled with worry when he saw the insignia of King’s Pride on Eren’s uniform and relaxed when Eren said he only wanted to know about Kolin. 

The master shrugged, said, “The boy went home at sundown, didn’t you see him?” and that was all. 

Eren ran back. His suspicions had been right — the dark ideas that had been lurking in the corner of his mind, slowly sinking their hooks into every thought and breath. The trepidation he felt when he left the barracks. Something was wrong.

He searched every room of the little hut again. Nothing. Then he went through Kolin’s belongings, but the boy didn’t own much to begin with — neither of them did. He opened the chest that contained Kolin’s clothes. It was empty. Instead, he found a note inside it. 

His heart in his throat, Eren picked up the note. Kolin had never been to school and therefore couldn’t read or write. Who had written this? 

He opened the note. It was a drafting order for Kolin Galloway carrying the insignia of King’s Pride. 

It was signed by Commanding Officer Reinhard. 




Eren stomped through King’s Pride, shocking many drinkers who were drowning their misery at the bottom of a pint. He walked as though he were heading into battle, his eyes focused only on what was ahead of him, his mind clouded by a single emotion. 


He did not stop to acknowledge the guards who saluted him. He did not stop to greet the knights he knew or notice the startled looks on every face he passed by. 

He stormed into Reinhard’s office. 


The superior and friend was sitting behind his desk, his fingers folded together, as though he had been waiting for Eren to make his appearance. 

Eren slammed the drafting order on his desk. “What is this?” 

“The commanding officers of the front line have issued an order for more men to be supplied to the front,” Reinhard answered, his voice even, his face stoic, “and it is my duty to honor these commands and make sure that the front line receives the resources it needs to defeat the scourge that is the Eisen Kingdom.” 

“And you’ve sent Kolin?” 

The corner of Reinhard’s mouth twitched with the shadow of satisfaction. “I have gone through my records and discovered a grave oversight on my part,” said Reinhard. “Kolin is of proper fighting age and he must fulfill the duty he owes to the kingdom.” 

Eren’s nostrils flared. He had his hand on his sword hilt. “That isn’t what you promised!” 

“There was no promise,” Reinhard said, his voice cool, his eyes glittering with a smile. “You are out of line! Attention!” 

Eren balled his hands into fists. He gritted his teeth. Reinhard’s answer was enough; he had made it very clear what their current relationship was. Eren frowned. It was the first time his friend had pulled rank when they were alone. 

Eren clicked his heels. 

Reinhard reached into his chest and pulled out an order. He handed it to Eren. He smiled. “It is time to go see your favorite witch.” 


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