The Girl in Cell 3 (Triple Witching Hour)

Every day SABLE talks to her knight in shining armor, EREN. She says sweet words, tugging at his heart, hoping to steal it. But there is always a barrier between them - a prison cell door. EREN has struck a deal: keep her locked up and his little brother will be out of harms way.

Her cell is inescapable and her placement on death row rises fast. She aims to seduce him and have him break her out. But when truths and lies become one, can she deceive his heart without breaking her own?


56. Chapter 55 - Marcus

Marcus read the order. He was shocked and it showed on his face. Why would Commanding Officer Reinhard want Svenja transferred? What was the point? 

Was this a test?

“Is something wrong?” Reinhard asked. 

Marcus could feel the man’s eyes on him. Studying him. Watching for any signs. 

Marcus swallowed and wiped the expression away from his face. He knew what was going on. Reinhard himself had dropped plenty of clues. The fact that he played chess with Svenja seemed to be well known now. Commander Officer Reinhard must be testing him with his order. No doubt he would be watched as he executed the transfer. 

“No sir,” Marcus said and stood at attention. “Is there anything else? If not, I shall go and execute this order.” 

He felt Reinhard’s doubtful gaze on him. He kept his expression neutral. A moment of roaring silence. 

Then finally Reinhard said, “You may go.” 

Marcus saluted, turned and walked out of the office. As soon as the door was closed, he let out a deep breath. The situation had changed. He knew it. He could feel it. Although Reinhard has not said anything explicit, Marcus was sure that he was suspected of being a traitor — this transfer order was simply a test of loyalty. 

He walked down to the prison and presented the order to the guard. “Transfer order from Commanding Officer Reinhard,” he said. 


He was handed the keys. With his sword drawn, he opened the door to Svenja’s cell. She sat against the wall, knees against her chest. She peered up at him, surprise in her eyes. 

“Get up,” Marcus said. 

Wordless, Svenja complied.

The other witches watched with a mix of surprise and curiosity. They had just received a useful piece of information; the fact that Svenja was ordered to be transferred meant that she could be transferred at all. Which meant that there was another prison. 

Marcus grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of the cell. He slammed the door shut and locked it. It was the first time he had touched Svenja. Her skin was softer than he could have ever imagined. 

He felt his heart pound. 

His grip firm, he walked her out of the corridor and up the stairs. 

Their steps echoed against the stone walls. Every step came slower than the last. Marcus had a hundred different things he wanted to say, but ultimately, he said nothing. It was easier to say nothing when all he could hear was the galloping in his chest. 

It was Svenja who broke the silence. “Where are you taking me?” 

“A cell upstairs. A solitary cell.” 



Svenja turned her head to face him, her glowing golden eyes were forthright to the point where Marcus felt like he could read her mind. 

“Have you had a chance to consider my proposal?” 

Marcus began to sweat under his armor. It was the question that was on his mind and yet it was a question he didn’t want to hear or answer. He peered at Svenja. A life with a witch? With her? 

Svenja stopped. His grip on her loosened. She turned to face him and stood on her toes. There was no hesitation in her movements, not even the faintest flicker of doubt on her face. She knew what she wanted and would not stop until it was hers. 

Marcus felt her lips on his. They were softer than clouds. He could taste her warm breath and breathed in the sweet scent of her golden hair and silky skin. His mind was a complete blank. He forgot that he stood in a corridor. He couldn’t hear his heart beat for this moment felt longer than an eternity. 

Svenja pulled away, her lips glistening in the tawny glow of the torchlight. She peered up at him expectantly. 

Marcus swallowed. He stared down at her. What was he supposed to say? What was she expecting from him? Did she want him to break her out — right now? And then what? How would they flee? They would be surrounded within moments. To escape was to commit suicide. 

Marcus grabbed her by the arm and continued to walk up the stairs until they arrived at another metal plate reinforced wooden door. Marcus unlocked it and walked her inside. This stone corridor was wider and instead of large cells, it had many small cells equipped with narrow gransia doors. He opened the cell closest to the entrance. Svenja walked in without a word. 


A/N: Apologies for the late chapter! The Girl in Cell 3 is heading towards an incredible finale and I took some extra time to plan it out! That is why this week there will be only one chapter.


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