The Girl in Cell 3 (Triple Witching Hour)

Every day SABLE talks to her knight in shining armor, EREN. She says sweet words, tugging at his heart, hoping to steal it. But there is always a barrier between them - a prison cell door. EREN has struck a deal: keep her locked up and his little brother will be out of harms way.

Her cell is inescapable and her placement on death row rises fast. She aims to seduce him and have him break her out. But when truths and lies become one, can she deceive his heart without breaking her own?


52. Chapter 51 - Sable

Sable watched with shock as Zofia grabbed Reinhard’s hands and they began to bleed. 

“You are lucky that my magic is sealed,” Zofia snarled. 

She had never seen anyone move so fast and inflict damage without even the slightest moment of hesitation. Zofia’s eyes and voice were one of fierce hate and for a moment, Sable was frightened to the core. 

Reinhard withdrew and ordered the guards to keep watch. 

“You damn witch!” the guards said and drew their swords. They thrust their swords forward between the bars, aiming at stabbing Zofia. 

“Careful!” Sable cried and pulled Zofia back. The swords grazed the ends of her black hair. 

“I will kill them,” Zofia murmured, her face torn with fury. “I will kill them — every single last one...” 

“It’s all right, it’s all right,” Sable said soothingly and put her arms around her. 

Sable felt Zofia take a few breaths. Then the witch turned to her. Sable was shocked. All anger had vanished from her and her expression was one of kindness and serenity. 

“As you were saying,” Zofia said, with a sliver of urgency. “The witch from before...Alisa, said that you had a demon magic in you?” 

“Y-yes...,” Sable said, startled. Zofia was a rather strange one, Sable concluded. But maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. She was different from Alisa, but Sable felt that they could become friends. She took breath and told a tale she had not allowed herself to remember in many years. “About four years ago, my sister Claire and I sought greater power…we needed greater magic to save our grandmother. But in our search for power, we summoned a demon instead and…” 

“And now that demon has taken part of your body?” 

“Yes…some of the demon is in me, some of it is in Claire and some of it is…somewhere.” 

Zofia lowered her head in contemplation and Sable could not see her expression. This worried her. What was Zofia thinking? Sable knew that summoning a demon was the wrong thing to do, a taboo among witches — but at that time, desperate times called for desperate measures. 

Finally, Zofia raised her head. She was smiling. “I’ll need to talk to the demon.” 





Eren opened the door and found Kolin cooking a stew. He let out a sigh of relief. The boy was fine. The sickness was not coming back. 

The hut was filled with the delicious scent of the stew. Or rather, it was less of a stew and more a pot of whatever Kolin found at the market with whatever budget he could find. 

Eren sat down. This hut was a good home, but he wondered if they should move somewhere closer to where the barracks were. Like where Marcus lived. The space would be more cramped, but they would have real stone floors rather than the hard packed dirt floor they had now. There would be more work for Kolin and the time to get to the barracks would be shorter. 

“How was your day?” Eren asked. 

Kolin beamed. Clearly something good had happened. 

“I went to work...,” he began and told Eren about all the usual things that happened at the mill. The master of the mill asked him if he was better and sends his regards to Eren. But that was not the end of it. Eren could sense it. Kolin was holding something back. Saving the best for last.  

“And then?” Eren asked. 

Kolin took a deep breath. He was as excited as a little boy who got to ride a horse for the first time. “On my way back, I got to talk to a witch hunter.” 

Eren froze. He almost dropped his spoon. “Go on?” 

“His name is Sven and I asked him if I could become his apprentice. That way, I can become a witch hunter too and take revenge on the witches.” 

“And what did he say?” 

Kolin’s excitement grew damped. “He said that he was here for a job and couldn’t take me on as an apprentice right now...”

Eren let out a silent sigh of relief. 

But Kolin continued, “He said that he would come back during the next harvest and then — ” 

Eren smiled slightly. The witch hunter was a smart man. He was testing Kolin’s determination. If Kolin was not mature enough, then within a year he would forget about the witch hunter. A temporary dream. A fleeting fancy. 

Kolin stared into his bowl of stew, seeing not the food, but his memories. “Eren, do you remember that day?” 

There was no need to ask what day he was referring to. 

“I remember everything,” Kolin said. “I remember how they laughed as they burned our village and killed every person who tried to escape. How they were sitting on their brooms, watching us burn...” 

Kolin gritted his teeth. “They laughed and watched them, we are just entertainment. Our suffering is just something for them to keep boredom away. I will never forgive them for that.” 

After a pause he added: “There was one witch I remember.” 

“You remember a witch?” Eren asked. He himself could not remember any specific witch. He only remembered their laughter and the cries of agony. The heat of the flames. The recreation of hell. 

Kolin nodded. “There was that one witch...with green eyes and blonde hair. I will always remember her...” 

Eren dropped his spoon. 

“Is something wrong?” Kolin asked. 

Eren said nothing. 

Just as Kolin was about to ask again, there was a knock on the door. Eren got up and opened it. It was the hunchback. 



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