The Girl in Cell 3 (Triple Witching Hour)

Every day SABLE talks to her knight in shining armor, EREN. She says sweet words, tugging at his heart, hoping to steal it. But there is always a barrier between them - a prison cell door. EREN has struck a deal: keep her locked up and his little brother will be out of harms way.

Her cell is inescapable and her placement on death row rises fast. She aims to seduce him and have him break her out. But when truths and lies become one, can she deceive his heart without breaking her own?


50. Chapter 49 - Eren

Chapter 49 - Eren


Eren was not a religious man. Before the witches had attacked his village, he simply focused on his work, taking care of his brother and helping his father earn the daily bread and milk. He believed in honest work and the fair fruits it should bring. He believed honest work would secure a good life — that there was order in this world to protect the hardworking honest folk. After the witches razed his village to the ground, this belief was shattered. Instead it was replaced with a new belief — or rather, a feeling. He hated witches blindly and passionately — like a religion. And now even that was being shaken to the core.

He left Grandma Morai’s stall and approached the preacher. The man was bald and dressed in dirty brown robes. In his hands he held a book with golden corners. An avid throng of faithful surrounded him, listening to his every word. 

“Listen to me! Listen to the Word of Light!” the preacher cried and he held up his book. “We are One Voice, One Mind and fight for One God.” 

Eren frowned. 

One Voice. One Mind. One Army. 

Many in the crowd raised their fists into the air and agreed earnestly. 

“The Word Light shines through our Church of Valor and it beseeches you to give all you have! We must win this fight! We must deliver victory to the true Word of Light! This is the final — “ 

Suddenly, a man broke through the crowd and pointed an accusatory finger at the preacher. “Lies!” he yelled. “Lies! This man is lying!” 

A moment of shocked silence. 

To Eren’s surprise, the preacher stayed calm and regarded the man with an expression of indignant indifference.  

“I speak the Word of Light,” the preacher said, his voice like the air of a meadow. “What do you accuse me of?” 

“You spread foul lies, you snake!” the man cried. “The Word of Light is one of solidarity. The true Word of Light would never say the things you said.” 

There were confused whispers and glances in the crowd. What did solidarity mean? They didn’t know what the man was trying to say. 

The preacher frowned and his gaze swept across the crowd. Then there was a mad sparkle in his eyes. He had an idea. 

The preacher said, “Then you say that the church which carries the true Word of Light is the Church of Deliverance?” 

The man gaped. What? But before he could speak, the preacher continued in a thunderous voice, “You traitor! You have not only betrayed the Word of Light, you have also betrayed King’s Pride!” 

Shocked murmurs spread through the crowd. Just as the preacher had intended. All attention was focused on the man now. 

Eren glanced about uneasily. He had a sense of where this was going — but what to do? The preacher had full control of this situation. 

“He is a member of the Church of Deliverance!” the preacher hollered and pointed at the man. “Traitor! The Church of Deliverance has decided to join the Eisen Kingdom! He’s a spy! A spy!” 

Eren stood at the side, watching the preacher’s performance with a sense of bewilderment; the man was absurdly hysterical and not very good at making an argument. But it didn’t matter. His words had served their purpose. The faithful turned to the man. He tried to escape, but he was surrounded on all sides. 

“Punish him!” the preacher cried. 

The man was shoved and punched from every side. “Help! Help!” People who were not part of the crowd looked away and sped up their steps. Curious onlookers retreated into dark alleys, hoping that they wouldn’t be noticed by the mob. The preacher clapped his hands and grinned with glee. Eren grimaced. He had his hand on his sword hilt. Right now he wore his uniform and if he drew his sword, then he could act with the full authority of the King’s Pride army. But there was one thing that worried him — the preacher. Right now, it was the preacher who had control of the mob and therefore the situation. For this brief moment, it was the preacher who was king. The Voice. The Mind. The Word of Light. 

The man eventually was pushed the ground and the mob began to kick him. At first there were cries of agony and then — a crunching sound, a low groan and then silence. A thousand kicks had broken his skull. His face was a mushed blank. There was no murderer. Just a thousand anonymous kicks. 

“Go now!” the preacher cried. “Go Children of the Light! Go and spread the Word of Light.” 

The mob dispersed. Eren saw his opportunity. He pushed past the people and approached the preacher. 


The preacher was about to go off, but froze when he saw the uniform. The crowd was already gone. He had lost his weapon. Eren still had his sword. 

There was a moment of uncertain silence between the two. Eren saw two possibilities. He could arrest the preacher for instigating violence. But if he did that, the preacher could make the counterargument that he did it for the sake of King’s Pride. Eren gritted his teeth. He sensed that the preacher was a slippery snake. No - he could not arrest him, not now at least. But there was something else Eren wanted. 

“Priest, tell me about the Word of Light.” 

“You don’t know about the Word of Light?” Righteous indignation spread across his face. 

“I’m not a religious man.” 

The preacher huffed and puffed, but eventually he settled down and began to tell the tale. The same tale he had told a thousand times. 

“The Word of Light is the word that came from the heavens,” the preacher said. “Thousands of years ago, the heavens sent down an angel made of Light who delivered a holy book to the First Prophet.” The preacher stroked the cover of his book. “The book that the angel gave to him was the Word of Light. The holy texts of the book have been transcribed to many other copies and I am holding one of these copies right here.” 

“Hmm,” Eren murmured. “Tell me priest, what is the Champion of Light?” 

The priest gasped with shocked outrage and slapped Eren across the face. Dazed, Eren blinked. What had just happened? 

“Don’t you dare utter this holy name!” 

Eren curled his lips and put his hand on the sword handle. “You better choose your next words carefully.”

The preacher swallowed the sharp words that were on his lips and considered his next utterance carefully. The uniform and sword were still a formidable enemy. 

He said in a low voice, “The Champion of Light is the name of the angel that came down to give the Word of Light to the First Prophet. One day, she will come down again and help us defeat the Eisen Kingdom.” 

Eren nodded. This was the most he could get out of this man. He turned and left. 

“Wait! Will you not hear the rest of this holy tale?” 

Eren didn’t stop walking. There were other things to attend to. 



A/N: Thank you for reading! Right now I'm reading Lee Child's "No Middle Name". What are you guys reading?

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