The Girl in Cell 3 (Triple Witching Hour)

Every day SABLE talks to her knight in shining armor, EREN. She says sweet words, tugging at his heart, hoping to steal it. But there is always a barrier between them - a prison cell door. EREN has struck a deal: keep her locked up and his little brother will be out of harms way.

Her cell is inescapable and her placement on death row rises fast. She aims to seduce him and have him break her out. But when truths and lies become one, can she deceive his heart without breaking her own?


35. Chapter 34 - Eren

Eren stopped before one particular cell. Her cell. He immediately felt her green gaze on him, reading him, scrutinizing him. What was she thinking, he wondered. This witch who went out of her own way to nurse a dying witch back to health. This witch who gave him the recipe for the medicine that cured Kolin when she could have so easily given him poison. 

“How is Kolin?” she asked. 

Eren sat down at the cell door. He was tired but did not show it. Weakness in the face of the enemy meant death. But he allowed his expression to show her his real feelings. 

“Your was full of  ingredients that only a witch would know of.” 

Sable said nothing. 

“And it would take a witch merchant to find all of these ingredients, but there are no witch merchants in the city.” 

At the mention of witch merchants, he saw something flash across her face. A painful memory. A point of regret. 

“But I managed to get all the ingredients together and now Kolin is better.” 

She smiled. The corners of her eyes crinkled. “That is very good.” 

Eren opened his mouth, but then closed it again. He wanted to say that perhaps she could meet Kolin one day, maybe they’d get along, but then he remembered that such a meeting was impossible. He had to make sure that Sable never set foot outside of this prison and Kolin had announced that he wanted to train to become a witch hunter. 

Such a meeting would result only in bloodshed. 

Instead, he reached into his basket and took out the last remaining apple. “Here.” His hand was just inches away from the cell door. 

There was utter surprise written on her face. No words came. She reached through the bars and for the first time, their fingers touched. Neither withdrew. Eren forgot to breathe. Her hand was unbelievably soft. Her fingers were thin and delicate, making him wonder how they could harbor the power to destroy entire villages. His heart beat faster. 

Sable took the apple. She did not take a bite, but held it close to her chest. She eyed him with a mixture of suspicion and furtive embarrassment. 

Eren averted his eyes and stared at the ground. His breathing was shallow, uncontrollable excitement was rising in his throat. What was this sensation? He couldn’t remember the last time he felt like this. 

Crunch. Sable took a bite out of the apple. She swallowed. For a moment, Eren simply sat there, watching her eat. A smile played at the corner of his lips. He felt a strange sense of peace. He made a note to bring more food next time—perhaps they’d be able to share a meal together. 

Elina. Claire.


He remembered the questions that the hunchback had asked him. Why had he asked about Sable? Why would anyone outside the prison know her name? And Claire. Sable had mentioned her several times, but never told him exactly where she was or anything that might make her stand out from the other witches that roamed the lands. 

Which left Elina. 

“Tell me,” Eren began. “Do you know a witch by the name of Elina?” 

Sable shook her head. “There are many witches with many names. I only know a few by name...but no one by the name of Elina.” 

Eren anticipated that even if she knew, she wouldn’t tell him—but he’d be able to detect her lie in her voice and expression. 

He noticed Alisa. She sat in the back of the cell, hidden in the shadows. A look of knowing dread was in her eyes. 

“Alisa,” Eren said. “Do you know who Elina is?” 

She turned her back to him and said nothing. 

Eren took a deep breath. He had to handle this situation very carefully; he knew that the witches in the other cells were listening. If he allowed Alisa to defy him, then the witches might feel emboldened to act with greater impunity and that might lead to break out. But if he treated Alisa too harshly, then that might create even greater resentment that could equally lead to more breakout attempts. 


At the end of the corridor, the door opened. Urgent footsteps traveled down the corridor. 

Eren turned. It was Marcus. 

Eren stood and together they walked out of the prison. Once the door was closed, Eren motioned for Marcus to speak. 

“What is it?” asked Eren. 

“Officer Reinhard wants to speak to you.” 


“He says it is about the witches.” 




A/N: A big announcement will come in chapter 36!


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