The Girl in Cell 3 (Triple Witching Hour)

Every day SABLE talks to her knight in shining armor, EREN. She says sweet words, tugging at his heart, hoping to steal it. But there is always a barrier between them - a prison cell door. EREN has struck a deal: keep her locked up and his little brother will be out of harms way.

Her cell is inescapable and her placement on death row rises fast. She aims to seduce him and have him break her out. But when truths and lies become one, can she deceive his heart without breaking her own?


32. Chapter 31 - Eren

Kolin woke up. He took a deep breath. The sickness had been beaten—he could feel it. Every breath was a pleasure rather than a burden. His sight was clear. His body felt light. 

He saw Eren crumpled together next to the bed. 

“Eren,” Kolin croaked, his throat dry like the summer. “Brother.” He touched Eren’s head and ruffled his hair. It was a gesture he had never tried before but experienced many times himself. He wondered if he would ever surpass Eren in height.

Eren stirred and awoke. He slowly opened his eyes, part of him still asleep. Then he saw Kolin sitting up and immediately he was fully awake. 


“I’m much better,” Kolin said. “Still weak...but much better.” 

Eren breathed out with relief. Now he was absolutely sure of it; the medicine had worked and he owed two people a great debt. 

The hunchback and the witch.

“Let me get you some water.” 

Eren went to the well to draw some water and for the first time in a long time, he saw a line. The wives and servants asked him how Kolin was doing, expecting only news of the grim reaper, but Eren smiled and said that Kolin was thirsty and was on his way to a full recovery. 

Some of the people were glad, some were secretly disappointed. They allowed him to step to the front of the line, draw water and rush back to Kolin. 

When he returned home, Eren found Kolin sitting on the bed, his gaze lost in deep contemplation. 

“What are you thinking about?” Eren poured him a cup of water. 

“While I was asleep...I had many dreams, but I only remember some of them.”

“And what did you dream of?” 

Kolin took a breath. He closed his eyes for a moment, as though he were afraid that the fragile memory of a dream might vanish with the slightest careless utterance. 

“I saw mother and father,” Kolin said. “I saw their faces and heard their voices.” 

Eren shifted his gaze to the ground. He wished he could dream of mother and father. But when he did, all he saw was nightmares. 

“I dreamt that I was working with father in the fields,” Kolin said. “I remember...he told me that I should be careful at night because witches might roam the land. He said: ’The day belongs to us, the night belongs to them.’” 

Eren’s eyes widened with astonishment. Their father did say those words, but he did not expect Kolin to remember. The boy was barely old enough to walk on his own—and to remember such a specific phrase...

Kolin continued. “And then after we were done working, we returned to the village and I saw mother waiting for us. She gave me a hug and there was fresh bread in the hut...and...” 

His voice faded, his eyes lost in the memories of his dreams. 

Eren waited for him to speak again. 

“And then mother told me that you and I have to stay together, that we have to protect each other no matter what.” 

Eren said nothing. He was far too bewildered by this; he remembered that mother did say that to him during the time when the witches attacked their village, and that she made him promise to always protect Kolin. And then she rushed out of the hut, with an ax in her hands...and then she vanished in the flames cast by a witch. 

At that time, Kolin was unconscious, but somehow he remembered her last words. 

“And then mother kissed me on the forehead, I felt her warmth, and then she  vanished in a sea of flames...and I felt heat...intense fire—and I heard the laughter of witches and then I woke up.” 

Kolin’s voice broke and he cried. His body shook violently, his tears bitter. 

“We must avenge mother,” Kolin said. “We must kill those witches. When I get older, I will become a witch hunter.” 

Eren said nothing. 

And then after a while, Kolin asked: “What was that medicine that you gave me?” 

“It was just some medicine.” 

“Who gave it to you?” 

Eren considered his answer for a moment. “A girl in the tavern...she gave me the recipe for it after I told her about you.” 

Kolin smiled. “Then you must make sure to thank her properly.” 

“I will.” 

The sun set and it was time for Eren to go back to work. After making sure that Kolin had everything he could need within arms reach, Eren went off to the marketplace to buy a basketful of apples at Grandma Morai’s stall and then headed to the barracks. 

He had to thank her properly. 




A/N: Chapter 31! On to the next arc! Thank you for all your support :) 


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