The Girl in Cell 3 (Triple Witching Hour)

Every day SABLE talks to her knight in shining armor, EREN. She says sweet words, tugging at his heart, hoping to steal it. But there is always a barrier between them - a prison cell door. EREN has struck a deal: keep her locked up and his little brother will be out of harms way.

Her cell is inescapable and her placement on death row rises fast. She aims to seduce him and have him break her out. But when truths and lies become one, can she deceive his heart without breaking her own?


28. Chapter 27 - Sable

Sable had decided to use the same strategy against him. The same strategy spymasters, merchants and kings used in their negotiations.

He appeared so devastated, Sable was genuinely curious about what could destroy a man so quickly.

First show a little concern. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

Normally, she wouldn’t expect him to give her a real answer, but in this moment, he appeared so vulnerable, that if she reached out with a hand, he just might grasp it. She had seen his expression on many men before. The bottomless despair that a man had to face when disaster struck. The callous injustice of the world. It was usually in moments like these when a man renounced his faith in the Word of Light and accused the priests of tricking him, telling to anyone who would listen that the Church was a fraud and that the Light could not care less for any of them. 

And when a man had reached this point, even if he was a spymaster, his heart would be moved by a woman who showed concern. 

Kolin was sick. He was going to die. 

Sable had to stop herself before her real emotions could show on her face. At first she felt a tinge of joy; she was immediately able to see which pathway she could take this conversation, which words to utter to create a sense of trust. 

First, make clear that she could empathize with him. “Once when my sister Claire was sick like this, she wouldn’t get any better and I thought she was going to die, but my grandmother told me about a recipe that could cure it and sent me out to collect the herbs.” 

Yes, this was done well. Sable’s heart quivered with excitement. Show empathy, tell him that something similar had happened to her—and then offer a solution.

The prey was lured in. The bait was cast. Now—

“Where do I find the ingredients?” he asked. 

Behind Sable, Alisa took a sharp breath and her hands formed triumphant fists. Sable suppressed her own exhilaration.

“Show me a map of the surrounding area and I will show you,” she said. 

A moment of silence.

She could see Eren contemplating her proposal. His brows furrowed, but in the amber illumination of the torches, she could not fully read his expression. 

He finally spoke. “You really think I’m that stupid?” he sneered. “I show a map and you will find a way to break out of here.” 

Sable’s heart sank. She had hoped that he would be blind with desperation and latch onto any chance to save his brother. 

Sable said nothing. She was now on the defensive. Better to say nothing before she can make a blunder. Stay calm. There will be another chance depending on what he says next. 

“Why do you want to break out so badly?” Eren asked. “I thought witches lived freely and without concerns for anyone else. What is it that is out there that you want so badly?” 

Sable swallowed. Should she tell him? Yes. No. It would expose her too much. But at the same time it might inspire sympathy in him. She glanced back at Alisa. She sat in a corner of the cell. Her expression was a blank. She wasn’t sure either. 

“There is someone I need to find…someone who is important to me,” Sable answered. 

“Who is it?” 


“A lover? sister Claire, right?” 

A tiny nod. 

“And where is this Claire?” Eren wondered out loud. His eyes were trained on her, watching for the tiniest slip on her face. “Is she in King’s Pride? No. The Eisen Kingdom? Or perhaps Northend?” 

Sable frowned. She had enough. What a repugnant man. Even in his darkest hour he refused to be taken for a fool. Her expression hardened and her gaze became cold. “And would you help me if you knew where she was? I don’t think so.” 

Eren shrugged. “You are a witch and so must be your sister, Claire. If you tell me where she is, I can arrange to have her captured and put you two in the same cell.” 

Violent fury burned in her heart. Acid words were on her tongue, but she restrained herself. Even in her agitated state, Sable had become aware that Eren had taken control of the situation and that he was reading her. She had to tread carefully. There was still a chance. 

“You have a little brother,” Sable said. “At the very least you must must know what it feels like to be separated from someone you love.” 

Eren frowned. “Yes...I know, and I know what it feels like to see someone you love get killed by witches.” 

Sable gritted her teeth. This contemptuous man wasn’t making it easy. His sorrow had turned morose and he was taking it out on her. 

“Tell me about Kolin,” Sable said. 

Upon hearing that, Eren’s expression softened. Without realizing it, he began to talk about Kolin. He told her about his curly brown hair, his grey eyes, his disciplined nature and his frugality. 

Was he telling Sable or was he reliving his own memories. He wasn’t sure. He told of that time when they hunted frogs together in the river and how their father taught them how to swim. And then there was a grand adventure when both of them got lost in the forest for seven days, had almost starved to death and returned home with just the skin on their bones. Their parents were too glad to give them a scolding. The other children treated them as heroes. 

The other witches had stopped chatting and gradually, most of the cells began to listen to Eren’s tales. 

And by the end, when he had tired of talking, he saw a kind smile on Sable’s lips. 

“Get a scroll and quill,” Sable said. “I’ll tell you the recipe.”



A/N: Another day, another chapter 


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