The Girl in Cell 3 (Triple Witching Hour)

Every day SABLE talks to her knight in shining armor, EREN. She says sweet words, tugging at his heart, hoping to steal it. But there is always a barrier between them - a prison cell door. EREN has struck a deal: keep her locked up and his little brother will be out of harms way.

Her cell is inescapable and her placement on death row rises fast. She aims to seduce him and have him break her out. But when truths and lies become one, can she deceive his heart without breaking her own?


23. Chapter 22 - Zofia

With her basket under her arms, Zofia strode into the barracks. She smiled at the knights and guards she walked past, greeting them by name and wishing them a “lovely” day. Each of the men believed that maybe, just maybe, she returned their affection, and this thought would keep them awake into the night, inspiring many intrepid dreams. 

She walked up the stairs and entered Officer Reinhard’s office without knocking. She set the basket down on his desk. He looked up from the scroll he was studying.

Zofia sat down on the other side of his desk. 

“These are the things you have requested,” she said. She skipped the usual greetings and her voice grew serious. “The Church of Valor wants to know how many witches you have collected down here.” 

“Are they growing anxious?” asked Officer Reinhard. 

“To put it simply...yes.” 

“They shouldn’t be,” Reinhard said. “King’s Pride troops have made recent advances into Eisen territory.” 

“Yes, but this advance took too much time. The Church of Valor wants to use the Champion of Light to punch a hole into the Eisen defenses and score a critical victory.” 

Zofia continued. “The Church wants to see the Champion of Light completed as soon as possible, and for that he needs every drop of magic we can squeeze from those witches.”

Reinhard sighed profoundly. Ever since the start of the war against the Eisen Kingdom, the Church of Valor had been increasing its meddling with the operations of the King’s Pride troops. But ironically it was the Church of Valor that proposed the creation of the Champion of Light to the king, and the king had approved it. At this point, to disobey the orders of the Church was to disobey the king. And if he did that, he could be hanged for treason.

But he was not entirely unhappy about the situation. Had it not been for the Church, he would have never met Zofia. 

“The number of captured witches have increased,” Reinhard said. “So there is no need to worry about magic resources. I will file a report and have it sent to the Church. Could you also please request a new order of gransia handcuffs. We anticipate a new shipment of witches.” 

Zofia nodded. 

Reinhard offered her wine and she obliged. There was a comfortable silence in the air. The silence of lovers. 

“I can never get used to these stone walls.” Zofia shivered slightly. “They are cold even in the summer.” 

Reinhard said nothing. Knights and guards almost always wore thick leather or metal armor. The cool temperatures of the barracks felt just right. 

“Give me these scrolls,” said Zofia and she grabbed some before Reinhard could tell her that he was still writing on them. She threw them into the air, snapped her fingers and the scrolls burst into flames. The lively fire danced in the air, held together by an invisible force. With a swipe of her hand, Zofia sent the little fire to the side of the desk. 

“There, that’s much better.” 

The room grew warm and then hot. Reinhard began to sweat under his armor. 

“Zofia, please, it’s too hot...” 

“Then why don’t you take your armor off?” 

There was a mischievous gleam in her eyes. She got up, crossed to this side of the desk, sat down on his lap and kissed him. He did not resist. It was a familiar kiss. He knew the softness of her lips, the alluring scent of her breath. They kissed with increasing fervor, drinking each other, tongues dancing. 

Reinhard felt her body. And just as he was about to take off her dress, did she push him back. Her face was flushed, her smooth hair disheveled, her lips were pulled into a confident smile. 

“Are you sure you have time to play around like this?” she asked. “Don’t you need to be guarding the witches.” 

Reinhard swallowed. This reminded him of the explosive breakout incident from a few weeks ago; the witch had almost escaped, but they captured her in time. He thought of Sable; the lying witch with those determined green eyes. He decided mention none of this to Zofia; the Church of Valor would only interfere even more with his business if they knew of this incident.

“I’ve hired a new Senior Officer to guard the witches.” 

“Oh.” Zofia raised a mocking eyebrow and tapped him on the nose. “How lazy you are—and what is his name?” 

Reinhard kissed her. She giggled. “I’ve hired him so that I might spend more time with you, love. His name is Eren Galloway.” 

“Eren Galloway...,” Zofia murmured. That name felt familiar. “A handsome name.”

She laughed gently and poked his forehead. “There is no need to be jealous.” 

They kissed. 

“I would like to meet this Eren Galloway. If he is responsible for guarding the witches, then I need to make sure that he is up to the task.” 

Reinhard sighed. He did not like to bring business into such an intimate moment, but he could hear in her voice that she had already made up her mind, and once she had made up her mind, Reinhard had learned the hard way that it was best not to oppose her.  

Zofia got off his lab and Reinhard summoned a guard. 

“Tell Senior Officer Galloway that there is a guest who wants to meet him.” 




A/N: I made a day trip to Startfort-upon-Avon - the birthplace of the one and only William Shakespeare. A historian there told me that he might have been a criminal. Holy crap. I posted a few pictures and wrote down the full story about Shakespeare’s lesser known activities in a blog post on TWHstory :) 


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