“Not knowing where you are when you wake up in a strange place is like being lost in the world scared, being lost in your own mind is more terrifying. It’s like every thought is a battle, every breath is a war and trying to put together the battle pieces is more terrifying that i'm scared. The only thing I can do is just dream that I will find my past that's buried deep within me or someone can help me make sense of what's happening now. That they can help me find out what's going on because I sure don't now what's happening and that scares me but the worst part is hearing things I don't want to hear. I mean some words I hear are okay...”


1. The Holding Cell

Where am I? I don't recall coming here, in fact, I don't recall anything at all. Why is that? It’s so black, I can't see anything. I stand up in a pitch black, what seems to be a room of some sort and I start to pace back and forth trying to figure out where the hell I am. I'm surprised I remembered how to walk. It's not normal just waking up not knowing who you are or is it? A light switches on. I freak out from the light switching on so I run to the nearest corner and crouch in a ball. I want to cry or even better scream for some apparent reason, but I don''t. In my head I'm screaming, but nothing is coming out on the other side. Instead, I just sit there holding my knees with my head shoved in front of my hands. I find some courage from deep within my soul to pick my head up and when I do, there in the center of the room is a table. A sparkly looking silver table with two inky, colored chairs sitting opposite of each other. In my head I'm asking myself questions that I'm not sure if I should say out loud. What is this place? Why am I here? I put my head back down trying not to think of anymore questions, but one question stood out in my brain for some crazy reason.What lays beyond this room? Suddenly, I  hear a click and a door opens. I pick my head up really fast, curious on what well come in. A woman with red hair pulled back into a bun walks in the room. She's wearing a black dress with a necklace and some bracelets on her arm,  but her necklace stands out the most. She also has black high heels on. The woman walks over to the table. I notice that she is carrying something. A suitcase or something I'm not sure. She takes a seat in one of those black chairs and places the suitcase down on the table. Then, she takes out some papers and a pen.

“Brook can you come over and have a seat across from me please.” She says to me, like I'm going over there. She must be stupid or something to think I'm going to sit across from a stranger that I don't even know. And, who is Brook? Is that my name? I didn't expect my name to be Brook. At least I know my name now. Instead of going to the seat where the woman told me to go I simply just put my head back down.

“I won't harm you I just need to ask some questions.” She says to me while writing something on her paper.

“My name's Miss Sutton” She says to me.

“I don't talk to strangers I don't know.” I find myself saying.

“We don't have to be strangers we can get to know each other if you come over here and have a seat across from me Brook.” she replies back.

I'm not sure if I  should trust her or not. How does she know my name? And, why am I here? Maybe she can tell me why I'm here. I don't know what prison looks like or what it's like but it seems like I'm in a prison of some sort. I finally get up and walk slowly to the set across from Miss Sutton and take a seat. I didn't have the courage to look up at her so instead I stared down at the silver table.

“OK, shall we begin?” Miss Sutton says to me. I don't even know what she wants from me. What could she possibly want to begin with me.

“I know you don't know why you're here, so I could tell you if you'd like?” she asks me. I pick my head up to stare at her blue eyes.

“Please do” I say back.

“You were brought here by the people called “The Flyers.” They said you were almost to your death and alone out there. They don't know how you survived, but you did.” She says looking right back at me.

“What do you mean “they” don’t know how I survived, what's out there?” I ask curious.

“We aren't sure what they really........, we are still doing research.”

“So they're some kind of creatures of some sort living out there?” I say curious.

“I'm not allowed to say, but just know you're safe, we have walls on the outside so nothing can get in.” She says to me in a stern voice.

“I will arrange someone to come get you soon, so you can get settled.” She says while putting her papers and stuff away. After she finishes putting her things away, she stands up and says before she walked out the door, “You have a good day someone will be coming for you to take you to your room, I'll visit you tomorrow.” Then she walked out the door. What does she expect me to do in this monotonous, scary room? There's not that much to do besides walk and sleep. Which none of them I want to do. So, I stand up and look around the room which by the way, is mainly meaningless. After awhile I decided to take a seat. Then, I hear the door click and a woman comes in. A different woman, I never saw before. Will I never saw anyone before or it could just be that  I can't recall if I had or not. What really gets to me is not remembering anything. It's like I had my memory erased, but the only thing I can remember is how to talk and walk which I suppose is fine.

The women that walked into the room walks towards me at a leisurely pace. She's different from Miss Sutton. She doesn't have her hair up in a bun or have a suitcase like Miss Sutton did. She finally reaches me and stands right in front of me and says “ Hi my name is Mrs. Ellis I will be your Caretaker, so if you need anything I'm here.”

“So basically you're kind of my maid, or something right,” I say to her.

“Sure you can say that, I suppose,” she says.

“You can come with me now I will be taking you to your room.” Mrs. Ellis says with a tenderness voice.

I get up and we walk out the secure door and it clicks when the door closes.


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