Poison Pen

Harry has had enough of seeing his reputation shredded in the Daily Prophet and decides to do something about it. Only he decides to embrace his Slytherin side to rectify matters.



22. Time for a History Lesson

Albus Dumbledore sat in his throne-like chair in the Wizengamot Chamber as the members filed in. Cornelius Fudge had called another session three days after the article in the Daily Prophet came out. Although Albus had been against the measure to issue an arrest warrant for Mr. Twist, he was curious to see what information had been gathered. If the aurors returned with Mr. Twist in tow, so much the better.

"Well Cornelius, get on with it," snapped Augusta Longbottom impatiently. "Two emergency sessions in a week is a bit extreme, even for you. So what has your knickers in a twist this time?"

A few nervous titters could be heard. Cornelius looked pained as he stood at the podium. Picking up a parchment scroll, he read:

"By royal decree the warrant for the arrest of Oliver Twist is declared null and void."

Several gasp and murmurs came from the seated members.

"The body known hereafter as the Wizengamot is not invested with the authority to call for the arrest of one of Our citizens for treason. Facts, as presented to Us, show no acts of treason but rather questions from a teenage minor concerning the rights of Our citizens.

Let it therefore be known...."

A low growl rumbled through the chamber as Cornelius paused. The scroll in his hands shook visibly. He licked his lips nervously as he glanced around. Never had he been so thankful for the protection charms on the chamber that prohibited spell casting by its members or spectators. In the past, several members had died due to hexing by irate constituents. After the last episode the chamber had been spelled to quell all magics cast by anyone save the aurors.

He gulped a quick sip of water and then continued: "Let it be known that We, Elizabeth the Second, Queen of the United Kingdom, House of Windsor are greatly displeased with the governing body of the Wizarding World.

"Equality, under the law, is granted to all subjects of Our Realm, not to a select few. That this body so promotes such prejudices as to deny Our citizens, fettered or free, legal rights under Our laws due to blood status, or heritage, is against the laws of Our Commonwealth, and the treaties signed by your forefathers. It shall cease forthwith lest you earn Our further displeasure.

The bodies of the Wizengamot and position of Minister of Magic are hereby apprised that if this situation is not corrected by the end of the year, then We will have no choice but to declare the magical portion of the Magna Carta, along with several other treaties, in abeyance. Should this become necessary, then the governing of the Wizarding World will be returned to Our proper rule and all Wizarding governing bodies will be disbanded."

Cornelius Fudge cringed as he read the royal signature. A deadly calm filled the chamber.

"Just who is this upstart muggle? What rights does she have over us?" shouted Lucius Malfoy as he and several other pure bloods stood in anger while others began to speak.

"By what right does she dictate to us?" shouted another.

"Are you mad?" shouted Madam Longbottom over the pandemonium. When the noise died enough, she went on to say, "Did not your tutors teach you about English Government? She is no mere muggle. She has been our Sovereign since 1952. You would do well to remember this."

"The royal family is from a long line of squibs!" sputtered Madam Marchbanks. "Every now and then, one of them has enough magic to get a letter from Hogwarts."

"But there are no royals at Hogwarts now?"

"No," Albus interjected. "None of the current royal family have shown any signs of active magic."

"So now what do we do? How did we get into this mess?"

A very pale-faced Cornelius opened his mouth, then closed it. He looked at a red-faced, sneering Lucius Malfoy.

Albus closed his eyes, and bowed his head, stroking his beard. It was all coming home to roost. He would not be surprised if he received a summons from the Prime Minister soon as well. After all, he did preside over the Wizagamot and it was his duty to keep Cornelius in check as much as possible.


Wizengamot Served Notice By Royal Decree!
By Emily Anderson

Today in front of the Wizengamot, and this reporter, Cornelius Fudge stood up and read a declaration from Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second. For those that don't know who this is, she is the Royal Sovereign that rules all of Great Britain, magical as well as muggle. The royal family is from a long line of squibs dating back to the time of King Arthur. However, it was King John in 1215 who signed a document called the Magna Carta granting certain rights and liberties to all citizens.

King John also signed a magical document granting the first of many concessions to the Wizarding World, provided that they did not go against British Law. To keep the Wizarding World free from muggle interference several treaties were put in place giving Wizards the right to self-rule so long as they honored the basic tenets of British Law.

By royal decree, we the Wizarding World, must come under proper compliance with muggle laws, or our world will cease to exist as we know it.

To keep our world a secret and to continue with self rule, we must comply.

Merlin help us all.


Lord Voldemort crumpled the newspaper in a towering rage. How dare they! Those, those muggles have no right to wipe away centuries of traditions just like that! He would not allow it! Lord Salazar Slytherin must be turning in his grave. He, as Slytherin's heir, would make them pay for their arrogance! After Dumbledore and the brat, of course.


Arthur Weasley wasn't a man to be rattled easily. After all, he was father to two very resourceful and mischievous boys that thought nothing of making their brothers miserable. Well, he wished he knew who Oliver Twist was.

The Weasley patriarch was torn with pride and dismay at the mayhem. In six months the boy had done what no one else had ever accomplished. He had served the Wizarding World notice that there was a problem and if they weren't going to fix it, some one else would!

The only good thing was the boy had managed to stop Molly from sending howlers. Merlin, that woman had a voice when she got going, but he still loved her dearly.

A memo made its way to Arthur's desk. It was a standard memo by all accounts. After he deciphered the hidden code, Arthur realized he was called to a meeting.


Deep in the heart of the Ministry was a department that few had little knowledge of.

The meeting room was narrow, with a long, well polished slab of marble for a table with many wooden high-backed chairs around it.

Eight hooded figures walked in. It was hard to tell how many were men and how many were women as they all wore long hooded grey robes. The voluminous robes had concealment,comfort, and anti tracking spells on them, as well as sticking and masking charms on the hoods.

Their leader sat at the head of the table. "Report."

Everyone gave a report on the current situation, but no one had any idea who Oliver Twist was. The clues were there but a key factor seemed missing.

One hooded figure reported that it was Amelia Bones who'd alerted the Prime Mister of their current situation. Many were pleased that she had done so, a few had hoped for a little more time to prepare.

"Enough," Croaker said. "If all are agreeable I would like to offer this Oliver Twist a position with us."


"For one, he is good at concealing himself. Even we can't find him. He's intelligent, cunning and thorough and it shows in his reporting."

"He most assuredly can keep secrets," one of them added to the approving nods of others. "Again, look how no one can flush him out, despite the Ministry's and Dumbledore's best efforts. We have given him a good deal more information than he has used."


"True, but you will note how carefully he chooses the information he does use," Croaker agreed. "There is an agent at Hogwarts?"

"There is and even he can't spot who Mr. Twist is. Although he does have some suspicions, he reported that he needs firm evidence first before saying anything."

"I would like to know how the editors are getting letters to and from Twist," another said.

"Owl postal drop within Gringotts?" came the reply.

"No, I don't believe he would send any sensitive mail by owl. To easy to intercept." An older woman muttered. "What does our contact in Hogwarts say?"

"Well, it is the only private way available for a student to send mail. But how is he getting his mail? According to our agent, Albus has the owlery watched and even he, according to all reports, is stumped on how it is done."

"Is it certain that Twist is a student?"

"Yes. The way the articles are worded shows it to be a young person writing and not an adult. Plus, look how he keeps coming back to problems within the school. An adult would have more concern for adult issues and pay less attention to school related matters."

"Speaking of Hogwarts, we need to get Potter in to hear the prophecy soon."

"There is time," Croaker said. "Dumbledore's playing his cards too closely to get Potter away just now. He's got the boy locked down tighter than a Gringott's vault."

"Maybe when Hogwarts breaks for the Christmas Holidays?"

"We will see."


Vernon Dursley groaned as he read the initial reports from the auditors. How could things go wrong so fast? As it stands, he's looking at repaying back about a quarter of a million pounds sterling, selling his stock portfolio and maybe even facing a term in prison.

To: Mr. Vernon Dursley

The final audit report should be completed by mid-December.

It has been noted that you have been receiving benefits for a minor child, Harry James Potter, since the death's of his parents in 1981. All records and receipts for said child's care will be handed over by the end of December. If any irregularities are found, you will be repaying all funds not spent for the welfare and care of said minor, plus interest, and possible criminal action will be discussed then.

Due to these factors, copies of this report are being sent to Inland Revenue and Grunnings Legal Retainer.


Director of Gringotts Bank


Lord Peter Flinchley-Addams

Inland Revenue


Ragnok cackled as he read the latest reports on the Wizengamot. The fools. They are only cutting their own throats if they anger the Crown.

"Overlord?" A small goblin broke into Ragnok's musing.

" The Keeper is here to see you again."

"Do not keep her waiting, youngling, show her in!" Ragnok snapped impatiently.

The small goblin ducked back with a squeak, holding the door respectfully for the robed and hooded figure that swept regally into the room. Ragnok rose, bowing courteously gesturing for the figure to be seated.

"Greetings unto you, Overlord," she said, lowering her hood. The door shut silently behind the figure as she, for it was indeed an elderly female goblin, sat in the chair before Ragnok's desk. "I have examined the papers and memories you have sent, and I agree. It would be to our advantage to help this wizarding youngling."

Ragnok nodded his head as he returned to his chair, acknowledging her decision. "It is good to know that I have chosen wisely, Mistress of Knowledge." His deep, gravely voice murmured. "He has many trials before him, what can you tell me of any aid we may give?"

"There are many ways open to us," her calm, soft voice replied. "The darkness within him, the piece of soul, the dark one planted, it must be removed."

"Soul? He carries a piece of the dark ones soul within him? Can it be done without harming the boy?" Ragnok gasped in shock.

"It will take a very ancient ritual, but it can be done." She nodded as she spoke. "But that is not the original purpose of this ritual," she continued calmly.

"What then . . .?"

"I viewed the memories the boy gave you about the return of this self styled Voldemort. I believe the Ritual of Renunciation, when used with two others, will solve many of his problems."

"And then," she continued, "there is the matter of the claim of . . ." her soft words droned on, leaving Ragnok in a daze.

He shuddered at her words. 'What in the seven hells had he gotten himself in to this time?' With a final shiver he looked into her strange, sightless eyes and listened intently.


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