Poison Pen

Harry has had enough of seeing his reputation shredded in the Daily Prophet and decides to do something about it. Only he decides to embrace his Slytherin side to rectify matters.



16. Repercussions

It was well after midnight when an exhausted Harry Potter port-keyed back into his curtained bed. A whispered

"Dobby", brought his friend with a soft 'pop'.

Within seconds, the golem was gone and with a snap of his fingers Dobby had Harry pajama clad and ready for bed. " Thanks Dobby. Did anyone check on me tonight?"

"No master Harry, sir."

"Brill. Night Dobby," he muttered as he slid beneath the covers, asleep before his head hit the pillow.

"You's sleep, Harry Potter sir, Dobby be sleepin' right here too." The small creature whispered as he curled up at the foot of the bed, pulling a small throw over himself. " I's keepin' nightmares away."


Two days after Harry's full diagnostic healer Edward Atwaters was looking over his notes and the files he was able to collect on his newest patient. Thankfully, with the help of Mr. Potter's barrister Lord Peter Flinchley-Addams and Madam Bones, he was able to get a copy of Harry's school health records from Madam Pomphrey, without Albus Dumbledore's knowledge.

The file was more extensive than the typical student record, yet several reports seemed to be missing. He had questioned the school mediwitch quite extensively on the omissions.

When he inquired, the school nurse sighed that her hands had been tied. Albus Dumbldore said the boy's relatives refused to give consent for a full medical scan, or for her to go beyond normal clinical procedures. She had tried citing possible abuse as a means of performing a deep scan but Albus would not hear of it. He'd claimed that the boy's relatives were strict, and not abusive.

She quietly informed the healer that she had her suspicions and made notes in a separate folder which she had passed over to him. "Anything for that poor boy," she said.

She informed the healer that Albus claimed that any contact with the Wizarding World might cause his relatives to refuse him a place in their home, such had been the conditions set when they took him in.

Albus had then told her that it was in Harry's best interest to stay with his relatives, as only there could he be assured protection from any Death Eaters who might try to hunt him down. Only with his Aunt was he protected by formidable blood wards and hence, safe.

Atwaters knew any healer worth their oath would've sensed an oblivation spell used on them. So the headmaster hadn't resorted to that. The good madam would've undoubtedly quit then and there, and she would have definitely reported it to the Ministry.

With a weary sigh he continued reading. Harry's file read like some sort of macabre story to frighten children with and Healer Atwaters shuddered as he leafed through it.

"Edward?" Lord Peter asked as he knocked on the healer's office door.

"Peter! Come in, come in," Edward smiled, waving his cousin in. When Lord Peter Flinchly-Addams had come to him with a concern about a client of his, Edward had been disinclined to take on a new patient. His patient load was already horrendous with all the Death Eater activities that were starting up. That was until his cousin let drop Harry Potter's name.

The healers had all been itching to get a close-up look at Potter's famous scar. Papers had been written on it, but with no real examination of said scar and with no real data, they couldn't prove the validity of any of the theories floating around.

"So how is it going with the files?" Peter asked, taking a seat.

Edward stood and poured out two glasses of port. "It's rough reading. You were right, the case has all the earmarks of child endangerment, child abuse, child neglect and verbal abuse. Thankfully," Edward turned to hand off one of the glasses. "There is no evidence of sexual abuse. Unless you want to call mind rape a sexual charge."

Lord Peter closed his eyes. "Then Severus Snape isn't teaching Harry anything?"

"No. The boy's natural defenses are too weak to keep the man out and they are being eroded as we speak. If this keeps up, Harry won't be able to keep a flea out of his mind. I just don't know what Dumbledore is thinking allowing that . . . that monster anywhere near the boy."

"Have you been reading that new columnist that the Prophet is running? Oliver Twist?" Lord Peter asked, changing the subject.

"Why yes, I have," Edward replied, with a questioning look towards his cousin. "And you are changing the subject."

"Actually, I'm not," Peter said, looking into his glass. "Since you are under secrecy oaths and are repairing the damage in Harry's mind, have you had a chance to see any of his memories?"

"You know as well as I do, I can't discuss anything I see. Even if the patient is one of your clients," Edward said.

"What if I told you Oliver is Harry? He has given permission for me to share some of his secrets. You will need to be fully briefed," Peter said, pulling out a legal parchment, handing it to Edward.

Edward straightened in his chair, taking the parchment. "That would explain it, then. Look Peter, I can't tell you what I see in Harry's memories, but I can tell you that I've noticed a few glaring gaps. I know the boy has been abused but I can't find the memories. What if. . ." Edward closed his mouth. "Out! Out! I have research to do."


The Gryffindor Common Room was in an uproar. Harry sat in a corner trying to study, refusing to join in the chaos. The other two thirds of the Golden Trio were in a shouting match. Ginny Weasley was trying to calm them both down.

"Harry do something!" Ginny begged.

Harry held up both hands. "Sorry. I learned a long time ago to never get between them. When they get like that, they are vicious," he replied over their angry voices.

Hermione stopped. She turned to Harry. "What did you say?" she asked in a cold voice.

Harry stood up. "I said, I learned about the third time I was kicked out of the library because of you two arguing, that it's foolish to get in between you. The few times I have tried, you both turn on me for not taking your side. Sorry. I'm not crazy, taking sides between you two is a losing battle and one I will no longer fight." He turned and walked out through the portrait.

Neville shook his head as he followed Harry out of the Common room.

Ginny glared at both her brother and Hermione, throwing up her hands in disgust. "He is so freakin' right. Grow up, both of you!" She snarled before stomping off as well.


Harry made it half way down the first flight of stairs when Neville shouted to him.

"Harry! Wait up."

"Sure Neville?"

"Why aren't you more upset with all this? I mean it's your life that's being . . ." Neville asked when he joined up with Harry.

Harry shrugged. "Story of my life, actually. I mean I have been the butt of so many articles on me, that it just doesn't faze me any more, you know? I mean, one minute I'm the media darling, then next I'm an attention-seeking prat, then I'm the next Dark Lord and then the Chosen One. I'm just numb, Neville. I'm just waiting for the next shoe to drop."

"I can see that, Harry," Neville muttered, as they walked to the library.

"Ron and Hermione just don't get it. On one hand, they keep after me to tell them everything, like they have the right to know. Then they turn around and ignore me, when I need them most. They haven't seen what I've seen," Harry sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. "I just can't trust them any more. It's like I'm growing up, but they aren't, you know?"

"Oh Harry," Neville reassured, stopping in front of the library. "They'll figure it out soon enough. Look, if you want to contact a barrister, I can ask Gran for a reference."

"Thanks Neville, but I've already got one. He was recommended that day they questioned us about Umbridge. He's been brilliant," Harry said, turning to go into the library. "You won't say anything, will you?"

"No, Harry. You have my word."


Albus sat in the weekly staff meeting pondering, not the report that Moaning Myrtle had once again over flooded her loo, or the report on one of the hippogriffs that had gotten loose in one of the greenhouses.

No, he had bigger problems. One was pondering on how to respond to the latest Twist article and how to keep Harry away from any barrister that might take up his cause. The other was finding the records to justify his use of the heir account funds. The Goblins were demanding he account for those monies for their books and he only had two more weeks to do so.

"Albus! Are you listening to what I am saying?" demanded Minerva. "We have to do something about this Mr. Twist. We just can't have him making a mockery of our school."

"I quite agree," Severus stated, looking a bit haggard. Albus knew that the poor man hadn't taken the article about the Potter's murders well. Lily's death still haunted him. It brought up too many painful memories for the temperamental professor.

"So Mr. Twist was right? No one has ever asked Mr. Potter about that night?" Filius asked.

Pomona Sprout asked. "How did Mr. Twist know that Mr. Potter has never been interviewed?"

Albus shook his head, bringing his thoughts back to the meeting. He would worry about the Goblins later. "No, I deliberately kept the press from contacting Mr. Potter. As you can see, these authors only used speculation and second hand hearsay. Mr. Potter, to my knowledge, has not been interviewed about that dreadful night."

"Is there any chance that Mr. Potter is this Mr. Twist?" Pomona asked.

Severus snorted. "I thought we covered this. Potter hates the press. After last year, he just doesn't trust them."

Albus' eyes twinkled as he stroked his beard. "It has been my experience that the press will write whatever they deem most interesting despite what they may learn in an interview."

"Do you think he will contact a barrister, like Mr. Twist advised?" asked Filius, changing the subject.

"His mail is being monitored as we speak," Albus reassured them. "So far, he hasn't tried to send any mail out."

"But that's illegal!" Minerva screeched.



"Yes Harry?"

"I got a letter the other day from the Unspeakables," the teen said, fishing out a folded letter and handing it over. "They have been following my articles with interest and wish for me to continue. They've also offered help and suggestions."

"Do they know who you are? Are they connecting Harry Potter to Oliver Twist? It isn't wise to accept mail from them without checking for tracing spells," Prof. Flitwick asked. Taking the letter, he did a quick read as he scanned it magically.

Harry shook his head. "Mr. Lovegood wouldn't have sent it on if they had. Plus, Dobby would not have given it to me."

"Ah yes. That is one very loyal and crazy house elf."

Harry laughed. "Dobby is the best."

"So are you going to take them up on their offer?"

Harry shrugged. "Maybe. I have to be careful though. I really don't want to give out clues leading back to me."

"I am sure, Mr. Potter, that you'll manage. As you had this in your pocket, weren't you a bit concerned about someone finding it?" the professor asked, holding up the folded letter.

Harry shook his head. "If you look closely, you will see a touch of house elf magic. Unless I personally hand this note to someone, like I just did, they couldn't read it. Dobby and I worked this out months ago."

"Clever, Mr. Potter, very clever," Filius Flitwick smiled, handing it back. "So now what?"

Harry grinned.


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