13 Days & Counting

This is roughly based around my media AS-Level film opening sequence script for the one-shot competition.
"It's been thirteen days since you've disappeared, Lettie, thirteen days. And it still isn't long enough."
When Lettie Wynters disappears under mysterious circumstances, her best friends seems to know more than she lets on. But everything doesn't seem quite right with Jess, and it's all a matter of time before the days count down to something awful. Something sinister.


1. Jess

It has been fifteen days since I last saw, and spoke to you, in person.
It has been fourteen days since you sent me that last text and it has been thirteen days since the police issued a missing persons report.
I'm dreading the day the somebody tells me your body has been found in the bottom of a river, or you died foaming at the mouth in an alleyway, if I'm completely honest.
It was a few years ago that I made best friends with you, Lettie Wynters, my partner-in-crime for procrastination and class bunking queen of our year. Still amazes me how you managed to pass those exams.
I've been questioned, of course, why wouldn't I be? The same old questions-when was the last time we spoke to each other, what we said, if you gave any clue as to why you left, all that kind of stuff.
Ha, they even asked me how I got the bruises on my face-thing is, I didn't really want to tell them it was because of you I got them. Got stopped by the people you just had to be involved with. They thought I'd had something to do with you leaving and they just...Punched me. Beat me up and called me a liar. 
I don't blame them because I refuse to tell anyone the truth. If anyone found out what happened that day...Well. I wouldn't be here to do this, would I?
You're thinking 'why are you doing this if I'm not going to see it,' I know. It hurts, because I can hear the way you would've said it, can see the shrug of your shoulders, how you would have rolled your eyes at me like I was stupid.
Truth is, I'm doing this because I'm terrified. Not knowing if you are currently dead in a ditch or walking alive. Terrified of what I admitted fifteen days ago, the way we threatened each other to spill each others secrets, terrified of what you sent in that text fourteen days ago, terrified of the fact that I pushed you to go. What kind of 'best friends' are we if we did that instead of encouraging each other to get help?
I can't bear knowing you could tell at any moment if you're alive. Make up your mind soon. For my sake, for ours. Because there is nothing stopping me turning this so it lies on your shoulders instead.
It's been thirteen days since you've disappeared, Lettie, thirteen days. And it still isn't long enough.

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