Grayson and I

Grayson walked closer and stopped when he was only a few inches away from me. My heart was beating faster. "No... It's just, you could get hurt." "I've tried this a million times before." He took a step back, chuckling. He was already unbottoning his shirt and flinging it to the ground.


To say his body was a work of art was fitting. I had to use all of my self control, not to gaze. His hands went down to belt buckle and then-

He's the badass player, with girls chasing him. Partying, being popular and breaking girls hearts is second nature to him.

She is the stereotypical good girl, who's almost invisble to guys.


2. Two




"Caylee?" I opened my eyes and looked up at my brother. "Are you going to school today or what?" I stood up. "What do you mean?" "You're late?" "What? Get out Calum." He hurried out while he was grinning. I noticed that I fell asleep with my clothes on. I replaced the dark green hoddie with a thin cardigan, and ran downstairs. "Aren't you going to eat?" My mom yelled. I shook my head and took my bag pack and hurried out the door.


I hurried to my locker to take my books when I ran in to Grayson. "Why are you running? You look ridiculous when you run, you know that right?" "Get out of my way Grayson. I'm late." "I figured. You've never been late before have you?" I shook my head. "You really need to get a life." "I have one. Now, move." Grayson took a step back so I could get to class.


When school was over I walked to my locker. "Caylee." I turned around, getting a heart attack. "Do you have to scare me like that?" "Yeah. It's only fun that way." "What do you want?" "You're coming with me to a party tonight." I took my biology book from my bag and put it in the locker. "First of all, it's a school night, and I have homework. Second, I don't want to hang out with you. Ever." I closed my locker and started walking. "Why do you hate me so much?" Grayson caught up to me, walking only a few inches beside me. My heart skipped a beat and my palms was starting get sweaty.

"I just don't like your personality. Your ego is bigger than your head." "You're the most difficult and stubborn girl I've ever met. I'm walking you home." "What? No. I can walk perfectly by my self!" Grayson smirked, and even though he knew I wanted him to, he didn't leave my side.
We were walking I silence until I tried to break the ice. "I thought you never talked to softmores ?" "Well, I can make an exception once in a while."


"You're not coming inside Grayson! Go home." He just smiled and followed me to my front door. I opened it and before Grayson could get in I closed it. I grinned and walked upstairs.
"Caylee? Someone wants to see you." My mom came in to my room, with Grayson by her side. He smiled at me and thanked my mother. She walked out smiling and closed the door.
"Can't you just leave me alone?" "Nope." He walked around looking at my stuff. "Don't look in the drawers!" He closed my underwear drawer and smirked at me. "I didn't expect you walking around with that." "You've been in here before, you remember last night, right?" He nodded. "But I didn't have time to look around," he joined me on my bed. "I like your hair colour though." I stopped breathing for a moment and my heartbeat raised. "Why? It's just brown." "So what? Can't I give you a compliment?" Grayson looked at my paperwork. "You're pretty bad at math." "I'm sorry. Not everyone is good at everything like you!" "Do you want me to help you?" "Why would I want your help?" He grinned at me and showed me my papers.


"Don't you have a party to go to? Instead of helping me, you should get ready." "You should to." I shook my head in frustration. "If I go to that stupid party with you, will you then leave me alone?" "Maybe..." He smiled at me. "Dress nicely. Short, maybe red." "I would never ever wear a short dress. And I am ready." "But... Your clothes... At least change your shirt. You've been wearing that for 2 days now." Wow he was observant. "Fine." I took a white T-shirt, but Grayson stopped me. "Not that one." He took it and threw it in the closet. "Just sit down." I did as he said and sat on my bed. A moment after he came over to me with a tight black top and a short light grey cardigan. "Can you please wear a skirt? I found one you might like." Did I even have a skirt? I nodded and Grayson smirked. He gave me the top and cardigan together with at short black skirt. "Your shoes..." "I'm not wearing heels!"


"You look good. Except the shoes though." "Can't we just go?" He nodded and followed me to his house. "Wait, is it your party?" He nodded and opened the door. The air was thick, there were loud music and there was smoke everywhere.
"You want a drink?" "No thanks." He raised an eyebrow. "You've never had a drink before have you?" I shook my head. "Wait here angel."
When he came back he had two glasses in his hands. I took one sip and grimaced. Grayson grinned and took my hand. "Where are we going?" "Just wait." He yelled.


I took her out to the garden, and we sat on a bench.
I  just looked at her, smiling in the moonlight. A lock of her curled dark  brown hair fell down on her face. I removed it behind her ear.
What was wrong with me? Why did I want her so badly? I even begged her to come to my party... I've never done that before. There was just something special about her.
"Grayson?  What are you smiling at?" "Nothing." I grinned and took her hand. She  removed it immediately and looked down. God she was beautiful. What was I  doing? I stood up and walked awkwardly back inside.


Did he just leave me?  And what was happening with me? I hated him, but every time he left I  felt an emptiness. I laughed at my self. I was just being ridiculous. I  walked back inside to look for him. And of course, I found him standing  next to a pretty blonde, smirking at her. All of a sudden a guy walked  in, in front of me. "Hey! I'm Gabe." I faked a smile. "Caylee." He  grinned. "Pretty name. Caylee... You  wanna dance?" "I don't think so Gabe." "Come on, just one dance babe." I shook  my head. "What about a drink then?" "No thanks." I tried to move but he  grabbed my shoulders and moved closer. I could smell his alcoholic  breath. "Get out of my way!" I yelled. He didn't listen and kept moving  closer.


I looked over my  shoulder and saw Caylee standing close with Gabe. I heard her yelling  at him and stopped the kiss with Keisha. I grabbed Gabe and pushed him  to the ground and turned to face Caylee. "What are you doing? I had it  under control Grayson!" "Oh yeah, sure!" I walked away with clenched  fists. She could at least be a little thankful. I practically saved her  life!

"Graaaay!" Keisha came  over and grabbed my arm. "Not now." I walked upstairs and closed the  door to my room. I sat on my bed, thinking about Caylee. "Grayson?" "I  said not now!" I looked up and saw Caylee standing in the doorway looking down.  "Sorry, I thought you were someone else..." "It's okay. I just wanted to  say thank you. I actually didn't have it under control." I grinned. "You're welcome," I drove my fingers through my hair. "Are you allright Caylee?" "Yeah, I just have a little headache." "Do you want to go home?" Caylee nodded. I faked a smile, and stood up. "Come. I'll walk you home." "You don't have to Grayson." "It's okay, I want to. Keisha won't leave me alone so..." She just looked at me. "Fine." What did I do wrong now?

Authors note:
So, this is the second chapter.
I hoped you liked it!
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