Grayson and I

Grayson walked closer and stopped when he was only a few inches away from me. My heart was beating faster. "No... It's just, you could get hurt." "I've tried this a million times before." He took a step back, chuckling. He was already unbottoning his shirt and flinging it to the ground.


To say his body was a work of art was fitting. I had to use all of my self control, not to gaze. His hands went down to belt buckle and then-

He's the badass player, with girls chasing him. Partying, being popular and breaking girls hearts is second nature to him.

She is the stereotypical good girl, who's almost invisble to guys.


3. Three




I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face. All though, my first party wasn't a success, I still had fun last night when Grayson walked me home. I stood up, made my bed and put on some clothes. I checked the time, I still had one hour left to get ready in. I walked out in to the hallway and ran in to Calum. "You're up early." He said. I nodded. "Hey.. Where were you last night?" I looked down at my bare feet so he couldn't se that I was smiling. "Home, doing homework." He raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. "I know Grayson was here. But he didn't came to visit me, so what was he doing here?" "Eh, he wanted to take me to a party. His party." "Did you go?" I nodded. My brother looked at me with wide eyes and clapped my shoulder. "Did you get drunk?" "No Calum. I haven't changed my personality or anything, just because I went to one party and left after 10 minutes." "Why did you leave?" "It was kinda boring." Calum laughed and went to the bathroom.

"Hey." I turned around. "Grayson..?" "You want company?" He smirked. "Fine." "You don't talk much, do you?" I shook my head and Grayson grinned. "Did you have fun last night Caylee?" "Not really." "You owe me." "What?" "I saved you're life last night." "No you didn't Grayson. He was just drunk." "You don't know him like I do." "I don't care. I don't owe you anything."


At the end of the day I ran into Grayson. "Hey! Caylee!" Grayson grabbed my shoulder to turn me around. "Why are you ignoring me?" "'Cause you're an annoying jerk." "What did I do wrong?" I shook my head. He just doesn't get it, does he? I'm not letting him talk to me, 'cause I know he'll win my heart and then eventually break it. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Grayson raised an eyebrow and took a step back.

"Did you hear what I said?"
I nodded. "Yes."
"Then why aren't you answering me?"
"I was thinking unlike you." "I do think. I do have a brain. And I am smarter than you. And I don't even have to be a nerd, and I'm still a straight A student." How could he be so confident?
"I have to go." "Should I walk you home?" I glared at him. "It's okay. You know you don't have to, right?" He nodded. "I'll see you around then." Grayson turned around and walked over to his friends. I saw them staring at me so I hurried to the parking lot and walked home.


"Caylee?" I was laying on my bed reading the last pages of my book when Calum came in. "I won't be able to pick you up tomorrow. Is it okay if a friend of my do it?" "I can just walk?" "No, he's really sweet. I think you'll like him." My brother grinned. "Fine." He nodded and walked out.
When I was done reading my book I opened my laptop and logged in on Facebook. None notifications, what a shock. I did have one friends request from Grayson Puth. I was just about to click delete when he sent me a message.

Grayson Puth:
Wanna start over as friends?:P

Caylee Miller:
Sure, but friends are supposed to know each other;)

Grayson Puth:
We don't have to. At least not in the beginning. You could be my weird friend?:D

Caylee Miller:
Did u just call me weird? Well that's not very friend-ish:O

Grayson Puth:
You're weird and you know it babe.

Caylee Miller:
Dont. Call. Me. That.

Grayson Puth:
Sorry Angel;P

Caylee Miller:
Do u hate my name or something? Since you're calling me that?

Grayson Puth:
The opposite. I kinda like your name.
I gtg, but it was fun talking to you=D 

Caylee Miller:
Fun talking to u too:)

I closed my laptop and started smiling. Was I starting to like him? No I couldn't.
I immediately pushed that thought away. I shook my head in frustration and went downstairs.
"Do you want something to eat sweetie?" My mom was standing in the kitchen baking. "What's with all those cookies?" "I thought you could give them to your friend." My mom turned her head, smiling. "What friend?" I raised an eyebrow. "Grayson. You said he liked them? Right?" "I'm not giving him cookies!" I joined her in the kitchen. "Why not?" I looked at her with wide eyes. "'Cause it's weird. Can't you just give them the cookies yourself?" I gave her puppy eyes and she nodded. I smiled and went upstairs again.


When I woke up the next morning I had a text.

Looking forward to see u 2day angel. Remember, u owe me a favour:P

How the hell did he get my number?

How did u get my number? And no, I don't owe u anything. And don't call me angel!!

Your brother gave it to me. He thought you might wanted me to text u.
And yes, u do.
I'll call u what I want.

"Calum!" I yelled.
Calum came in. "What?" "Why does Grayson have my number?" Calum started to laugh. "It's not funny Calum." "I think it is. Did he really text you?" I nodded and he laughed again. "Just go. You're annoying." He walked out, still laughing.
I texted Grayson back.

Well I don't want u to text me! You're annoying. My name is Caylee, not angel!
What do u want then?

You'll see:P

I put my head in my hands. I stood up and put on some clothes and went to school.
I hadn't seen Grayson all day. And to be honest, I missed him... He just made my day. He made me laugh, he made me feel like I was worth it.
How could I think like that? He was annoying, so full of him self and he was clearly a jerk. And he didn't really like me. I was just another one of his girls.

All though, I wasn't really his girl.
I laughed at my self, walking down the hallways at the school school, heading towards my locker.

Authors note:
I'm sorry for the slow opdates!
But I hope you liked this one too!
Bye for now sweeties.


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